Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers of 2020

Best Fairway Drivers in Disc Golf

Fairway drivers are arguably the workhorse of the disc golf world. With their slower speeds, the can be handled, shaped, and used by beginners and professionals alike. Their stability range gives us the opportunity to shape shots and avoid obstacles. They are slightly more forgiving than distance driver and require less power to throw, fairway, or ‘control’ can more easily be used for technical shots. So, which is the most popular control driver? Let’s find out.

As usual, we will look at our sales records to see which control driver molds have sold the most this year. Then, we will look at the ratings that readers have contributed, including the star rating and the number of reviews. Then we will turn thing over to you to vote! We will give you a chance to vote on your favorite control driver, whether it’s on our list or not.

Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

Sales Rank Star Rating Fan Vote Average
Innova Teebird 2 1 1 1.3
Innova Firebird 1 4 2 2.3
Discraft Undertaker 5 6 3 4.7
Innova Thunderbird 6 2 6 4.7
Innova Valkyrie 3 9 4 5.3

Taking first in both the ratings and fan vote, the Teebird wins the title of the Best Fairway Driver. This mold has been around for a long time and has proven it’s worth. With a flight rating of 7, 5, 0, 2 the Teebird has won the admiration of many voters. Noe C. said that the Teebird is “Great out of the gate and gets better with age”. Click the link above to get yours!

The Evolution of Disc Golf Discs

For those of us relatively new to the sport, from our perspective the distance drivers that we know and love today have always been a part of the game. Ask a seasoned veteran what ‘high speed’ discs they threw in the nineties and they might reel off a list of molds you’ve never heard of, including molds from Wham-O. The discs we call ‘fairway drivers’ were the ‘high-speed drivers of yesteryear. Fairway drivers were the discs used to cover a lot of ground.

For this blog, we will define control drivers as discs with a speed of 6 through 9. As was mentioned in the blog about the best drivers, speed 9 discs are the ‘tweeners, with some people and manufacturers calling them high speed, and some control drivers.

Top Fairway Driver sales for 2020

Let’s start by checking out the best fairway driver in terms of sales. Here is a chart of our sales for fairway drivers for 2020. Innova holds a big chunk of the category, and takes the first four places.

Here is a list of the top 20 molds according to our sales data:

2020 Sales Rank Disc Mold
1 Innova Firebird
2 Innova Teebird
3 Innova Valkyrie
4 Innova Leopard
5 Discraft Undertaker
6 Innova Thunderbird
7 Discraft Heat
8 Discraft Anax
9 Innova Leopard3
10 Innova Roadrunner
11 Innova TeeBird3
12 Innova Sidewinder
13 Infinite Discs Sphinx
14 Discmania FD
15 Discraft Raptor
16 Latitude 64 Diamond
17 Latitude 64 River
18 Discraft Stalker
19 Latitude 64 Explorer
20 MVP Volt


The popular overstable mold, the Firebird, leads the way. In second is the straight-flying Teebird. In third and fourth spot are the Valkyrie and Leopard. These last two are very popular discs in starter packs, although starter pack sales were not included in this blog.

Although, once again, Innova and Discraft have the most molds represented, in this category there are three other companies with a mold on the list: Discmania, Latitude 64, and Infinite Discs. One of those three, Discmania, has the FD mold on the list. That molds was PDGA approved in 2011 and has had time to gain a fan base. The other two companies, represented by the Explorer and the Sphinx, are much newer molds, getting approved in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Rating Rankings

And here is the top 10 by ratings and reviews:

Rank Disc Mold Star Rating # of 2020 Reviews Weighted score
1 Innova Teebird 4.78 42 5.02
2 Innova Thunderbird 4.66 43 4.92
3 Infinite Discs Sphinx 4.9 22 4.86
4 Innova Firebird 4.64 38 4.83
5 Latitude 64 Explorer 4.83 22 4.79
6 Discraft Undertaker 4.77 25 4.77
7 Discmania FD 4.73 20 4.66
8 Discraft Raptor 4.76 16 4.63
9 Innova Valkyrie 4.52 31 4.61
10 Innova TeeBird3 4.74 14 4.58

How Old Is The Mold

Although discs in the 6-9 speed range have been around since the early years of disc golf, there have been many discs that have been discontinued or fallen out of favor in the disc golf world.  The list above contains discs whose approval date spans over two decades. From the ‘old school’ Innova Teebird, Leopard, Firebird, and Valkyrie, to the freshly minted Anax. The oldest discs on the list were approved in 1999 and 2000, with the newest member of the group getting approved in 2019. The average approval date is about 2011, the same year the Discmania FD was approved by the PDGA for sanctioned play.

Here is a list of the PDGA approval years:

Innova Teebird 1999
Innova Leopard 1999
Innova Firebird 2000
Innova Valkyrie 2000
Innova Roadrunner 2005
Discmania FD 2011
Innova Thunderbird 2014
Discraft Heat 2014
Discraft Undertaker 2016
Latitude 64 Explorer 2017
Innova Leopard3 2017
Innova Teebird3 2017
Discraft Raptor 2018
Infinite Discs Sphinx 2018
Discraft Anax 2019

2020 VS Last 8 Years

Out of curiosity, I pulled up the all-time sales for the discs on the list to see how the current year sales for the best fairway drivers compared with the sales for each mold since Infinite began in 2012. Here is the all-time top ten fairway drivers, compared with the top ten for 2020:


All-Time Sales Rank Mold 2020 Sales Rank Disc Mold
1 Innova Firebird 1 Innova Firebird
2 Innova Teebird 2 Innova Teebird
3 Innova Thunderbird 3 Innova Valkyrie
4 Innova Valkyrie 4 Innova Leopard
5 Innova Leopard 5 Discraft Undertaker
6 Discmania FD 6 Innova Thunderbird
7 Innova Leopard3 7 Discraft Heat
8 Innova Roadrunner 8 Discraft Anax
9 Innova Teebird3 9 Innova Leopard3
10 Discraft Undertaker 10 Innova Roadrunner

Averaging Sales With Age of Disc

Many of the molds on the top control driver list didn’t even exist when Infinite opened its doors. The older molds have had a lot more time to get accepted by disc golfers. That makes the newer mold’s place on the list a little more impressive. In an attempt to account for the age of the best control drivers, I took their total sales and divided it by the number of years that the mold has been around to get a sort-of average number of discs sold per year of existence.

For this list, the advantage goes to the much-hyped newer molds that might have short term boosts in sales, but that might fade after time. However, the fact that one of the oldest discs on the top sales list made this list shows the popularity of the Firebird.


Rank of Sales Divided by Age Mold Year Made
1 Discraft Anax 2019
2 Innova Leopard3 2017
3 Innova Thunderbird 2014
4 Innova Teebird3 2017
5 Infinite Discs Sphinx 2018
6 Discraft Undertaker 2016
7 Discraft Raptor 2018
8 Latitude 64 Explorer 2017
9 Discmania FD 2011
10 Innova Firebird 2000

Voting Results: Top Fairway Drivers

What amazing results for the best fairway driver of 2020! There were far and away more different molds chosen as people’s favorite than any other class of disc so far. A whopping 80 different molds received votes! The molds represented all of the larger manufacturers, and many smaller ones. One prototype mold even made the top five. We also received more total votes for this category than any other so far. Let’s jump into the results!

Rank Mold Percentage of Votes
1 Innova Teebird 8.6%
2 Innova Firebird 8.1%
3 Discraft Undertaker 6.5%
4 Innova Valkyrie 5.4%
5 AGL Locust 4.3%
6 Innova Thunderbird 3.8%
Latitude 64 River 3.8%
7 Dynamic Discs Explorer 3.6%
8 Infinite Discs Sphinx 3.4%
9 Discmania FD 3.2%
Innova Leopard3 3.2%
10 Innova Eagle 2.5%
Innova Sidewinder 2.5%
11 AGL Sycamore 2.3%
12 Innova Leopard 2.0%
13 Axiom Crave 1.8%
Discraft Heat 1.8%
MVP Volt 1.8%
14 Dynamic Discs Escape 1.6%
Innova Teebird3 1.6%
Dynamic Discs Getaway 1.6%

Voting Highlights

In some close voting the Teebird just edged out the Firebird as the favorite disc among voters. Many voters explained their choice for the Teebird:

  • Bryant V: I throw forehand 90% of the time and it is my most predictable disc. I can get it to go wherever I want it to go especially right to left.
  • David P: Does everything I need it to!
  • Colby: Best disc there is. Period.

Most of the top molds on the list also made the list for the top sales of 2020. A couple of notable exceptions are Above Ground Level’s Locust and Sycamore. The Sycamore has a flight rating that is slightly less overstable than a Teebird. While the prototype Locust sports a flight rating of 9, 4, -1, 3. The Locust even broke the top 5 for votes tallied. The disc was released as a prototype, but Infinite has ordered the disc and they will be available soon. Many voters heaped praise on the disc.

  • David D: The Locust from AGL Discs has been an absolute go to disc. Since getting my first one it has opened up my game so much. Definitely a disc that will always be in my bag.

Although Innova made up nearly have of the top voted molds, there was a total of nine different manufacturers that made the top 20 list. Quite a diverse bit of voting. In addition to the high number of different molds that were selected as people’s top choice, 56 molds received multiple votes.

As promised, we randomly selected a winner for the $50 gift card, and the winner is Drew P!


Let Us Know Your Favorite Fairway Driver


Now it’s your turn to let us know about your favorite fairway driver. Even if your disc didn’t make the list, let us know what it is, and why it is the best disc for you. Only comments with explanations of “why” will be eligible for the gift card. We will add the votes to our criteria for selecting the best fairway driver for 2020. This blog post will be updated next week with the final list of the top molds.


  • Star Teebird. Best disc there is. Period.

    • Have you tried the Teebird3?

      • Z Raptor gets the most use in my bag by far. Whether you want a forehand, backhand, flex, hyzer, or something to slide you out of trouble, it’s got it all covered. Want a little more over stable just get it in the titanium and you’re covered. I’m getting much more control with this disc than I ever did with the firebird.

  • The Discraft Anax has certainly changed my game significantly for the better. They have an immense amount of glide and yet retain the stability essential to a true utility fairway driver. I would recommend it for every intermediate or early beginner player. The Firebird is nice, but it’s too stable to truly be useful in many situations, whereas I believe I could throw an Anax for nearly any line you want.

  • My most thrown fairway is the Discmania Essence, so much confidence with that thing

  • Axiom Crave is something that needs to be on this list.

  • The Discraft Heat is my go to Fairway Driver. Definitely my #1.

  • I have an Innova Valkyrie that I’ve gotten some decent throws with, but I think it’s still a bit fast for my current skill level. The Leopard is the next disc I’d like to buy and try out.

  • I love the Dynamic Escape – can’t beat that glide.

  • The Sexton Firebird is my favorite disc.

    • Michael McCracken

      Kastaplast Lots K1.

      Such a consistent disc. This disc has the right amount of stability where it will pop up for you but won’t fully turn over. The fade at the end is smooth and predictable. Oh, and what could ever beat that smooth-as-butter K1 plastic? This disc was my gateway into Kastaplast, totally recommend this up and coming manufacturer. You need to get yourself one.

  • There is something really nice about the Firebird’s combination of speed, (lack of) glide, and overstability. There is also something really nice about the Teebird’s stability, glide, and versatility. 2 of my favorite fairway drivers that fill different roles, one stable and glidey, the other overstable and controllable.

  • Axiom Crave, MVP Volt.

  • The Explorer is my favorite fairway mold! I really like how much controllable distance this disc achieves when thrown at medium power. To me, the Explorer is similar to many popular “straight” fairway drivers, but it glides further. I carry a recycled (domey) and opto-X (flat, stiff, overstable).

  • There are only a couple of these discs that I don’t have (add others to shopping cart), and if you take away the sale stats, they’re all really excellent discs that are worthy of their accolades. I am still relatively new to disc golf, so I haven’t 100% settled into a set bag, but the TeeBird is probably the first disc to earn a permanent spot in my bag. That’s REALLY saying something considering it’s got the Explorer, Instinct, Exodus, and Eagle all vying for that spot, not one of which is anything short of an excellent disc themselves.

    Roadrunner is also looking like it will find a permanent home in my bag…possibly two between the very understable GStar and the super straight flying Champion. Then there’s the Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Heat and Stag also looking at that slot.

    Man I wanna go play now…

  • the teebird3 reigns supreme around these parts

  • No matter how many clones exist, nothing will ever be a Firebird. It’s a required staple in any player’s bag. When I lose one, I go straight to and buy another when I get home!

  • It didn’t make the list, but Discraft’s Mantis is my favorite fairway driver. It’s got a great balance of turn and fade, and it’s been my go-to since I first started until now. Great for beginners and more experienced players.

  • Champion gazelle is the best for all distances below 400. You can park it on a dime anytime

  • Star Thunderbird is my go-to control driver, especially in narrow fairways.

  • The Eagle is great for backhand and forehand shots.

  • Mvp Relay. Such a great disc

  • MVP Volt and the Discraft heat are my two favorite to use. Bolt for straight shots and heat for turnover. I have a champ tbird to be stable in windier days but typically go volt most throws!!

  • FD is the fairway driver I have used most often. I play mainly wooded courses and it works great for hyzer flips. I’ve mainly used S line FD’s but the C-line FD’s are great for holding the line you throw them on.

  • Oooh I have a few favourite ones here. And some that aren’t listed too. If I have to pick a favourite right now, it would be my Opto Air Maul, simply because as a beginner, striving for distance is important to me, and the Maul just goes and goes, further than my GStar Leopard3 and my Starlite Valkyrie. I also find the Maul to be pretty straight too. So in my fickle little mind, the Maul wins for me at the moment.
    Because I find the Opto Air a bit slippery in the wet weather though, the Maul is sometimes benched, being replaced at times by the reliable Starlite Valkyrie and the GStar Leopard3, as overall they give me good distance and are consistently straight, and are good in all weather. I know the Sting has the same flight numbers as the Leopard3, but I don’t throw it quite as far, so because anything I can throw to get some kind of distance is important to me, the Sting doesn’t always get a ride in the bag, but it does earn its place at times when I know I need a straight disc, because if it’s possible, it seems to fly straighter than the Leopard3.
    Venturing further, my Starlite Roadrunner follows the pack, as it gives me good distance too, but sometimes turns a bit more than I want it to, so that doesn’t always make the journey to the course.
    I’m surprised that the Sidewinder wasn’t mentioned, but I guess the Roadrunner is pretty similar. I find that my light weight I-blend Sphinx goes just as far as my Starlite Sidewinder, and perhaps a little straighter, so I rate the Sphinx higher than the Sidewinder.
    I’m also loving that my DX Archangel goes pretty straight and fairly far, only starting to throw it more recently, just to learn to throw something a bit different to the Starlite I own. Yes I do love Starlite!
    Finally, the little old Mongoose gets a rating for me, as surprisingly, I can manage to throw that one a semi decent distance, just not quite as far as the ones above. I like that I can manage to throw this disc a decent distance and it’s not a light weight disc.
    For me, it’s about trying to get some distance, and I find that understable discs are easier to do that, but when I have to throw a more stable disc, it tends to be the Thunderbird.
    I can’t wait to ramble on next week about the mid ranges too. Thanks Infinite, this was fun for me to write, probably too much rambling though!

  • Nathaniel Berens

    The MVP Amp is probably my most thrown disc of all time, though my (now lost) Pro Leopard is pretty close.

  • Color glow fd, hands down. It does everything you need a fairway driver to do.

  • The Kastaplast Kaxe Z and cousin Kaxe are the two best fairway drivers I throw. I discovered them early this year and they’ve replaced almost everything else. A close runner-up is the Exodus!

  • Charlie Rosendahl

    Been loving the Discmania Instinct. I bag a newer Instinct as an overstable compliment to my beat in Teebird.

  • I love the Innova Star Teebird

  • The star teebird by far. Its actually the only fairway driver I carry on a normal basis because of its reliability and precision

  • Ptoton Axiom crave and s blend infinite sphinx

  • The VIP Stag is my go to. I can hyzerflip a new one, get a nice S, and still have it fade. Even my noodle arm can get it out over 300ft. Now we have VIP-X Stags too! This guy doesn’t care about the wind. My beat Stag will hold anny, but finish flat. So good. I love Stag. Stag is life.

  • Drew Gibson signature Z Xtreme because it will not turn over when thrown on anhyzer into a 100 mph head wind

  • Innova Leopard3. I bag a light DX and medium weight G-Star and Champion. It’s the first disc I could bomb and remains one of my more versatile fairway drivers.

  • Axiom insanity in prism plastic.For my arm speed has a little bit of turn when thrown flat and decent amount of fade. Great for those holes where you need to get past a tree or through a gap and then Hook left to get near the basket while also going the distance

  • My River is very very handy for straight hyzer flips, long turnovers, and powered down approaches.

  • I have a westside discs northman that my buddies and I got in a misprint pack years ago. At this point it is fairly beat in and understable but it was the first fairway driver that I could throw and just watch it glide. It was a great disc to start with and now is turning into a turnover disc for me.

  • The firebird flies the same every time I throw it, forehand or backhand.

  • I have to go with my Innova factory Pro Teebird. Just love that darn disc. Runner up goes to my Opto River.

  • The Valkyrie is my pick for the best fairway driver. The DX version helped me transition from a beginner player to an intermediate player. As this disc got more beat-in, I noticed its tendencies to naturally hold a turnover line more. The slower speed but confident feeling in my hand allowed me to rip it far and accurate. It is currently my farthest thrown disc (444 ft massive downhill hyzer flip). It’s also my go-to for hitting long turnover gaps.

  • I’ve recently fell in love with my champion roadrunner. I forearm throw,so I been able to get a lot more accurate with my shots under 300 feet with this disc .I even got it from infinite. Thank you

  • Latitude 64 explorer. The first mold I bought multiple of. I only throw stand still forehand. It’s one of my furthest discs. It glides for days. And has a nice fade at the end.

  • The 2020 Sexton Firebird is my go-to for anything 325-375. As a power forehander, this disc holds up to as much as I can get behind it. After just a few rounds of tree hitting, the glide increased significantly and the disc went from what felt like a positive turn to a natural straight flight with a hard fade to finish.

  • Star Valkyrie. Got it because I lost my champion Valkyrie out of my starter set.

  • I bag 4 Depending on the shot – love and use all of them regularly:

    Favorite – Sphinx

  • My go-to is the Latitude 64 Diamond. I really just started playing this year, and I’m able to get it to fly very consistently. I can get drives over 200 feet with it now.

  • A 142g Champion Eagle is my favorite—was the first driver I could ever make fly like a driver. It taught me (as a 63-year-old slow-arm beginner) that a slight annie release would give me a long straight flight with a sharp fade at the end; and then a little more annie would give me an even longer flex shot (including a big forward skip). Three years later, I still use the same arm slot/release angle with 145g GStar Destroyers to get the same line but much longer distance.

    I routinely carry three field drivers: that same Champ Eagle for shots that would otherwise take a max-effort mid-range; a 139g DX Thunderbird for max field driver distance (wish they’d make that in GStar like they do the Destroyer); and a 156g Vibram Arch for headwinds or straight no-skip landings.

  • Innova sidewinder is my go-to!

  • Valkyrie is my go to. It seems the most responsive of any of my discs. Can make it go either way based on my throw. Though having lost my third Valkyrie now, maybe it doesn’t always do what I ask it to! Having currently lost my most recent Valkyrie and not having a replacement yet, I have been relying on the Dragon. Both the Valkyrie and the Dragon are great for me. They seem to be the most responsive and me being still a novice rank, neither are “too much” disc for me just yet.

  • Champion Teebird! Easy disc to control, simple predictable flight numbers, and feels great on the hand. You don’t need a monster arm to get good distance out of this disc.

  • The Leopard3. The most versatile disc in my bag by far! Rip it on anhyzer and you can roll it, rip on hyzer and it flips to flat. Any shot you want can be done with just a touch of angle and speed control.

  • Lat 64 saint. The only driver I’m confident with both forehand and backhand drives. For me it’s straight, with slight left fade at the end. I have trouble getting distance with high speed drivers, so the high glide/lower speed combo from the saint really helps me push down the fairway.

  • *Can’t go wrong with a Leopard*

    …or any of it’s various iterations. It’s a great place for beginners to start really controlling driver molds correctly. Also, certain to remain a valuable tool long into their dg future. I really can’t imagine heading out for a round without one in my bag…

  • For BH Kastaplast Lots. For FH Discmania Fd3.

  • I bought a few G-blend Sphinxes early on after getting one as a mystery disc. Loved it and it was my longest, straightest driver early on (living in Denver and often playing at even higher altitude). Now it’s an easy turnover, though I love the new Zoe Andyke signature version for the long, straight line flight. Shorter and more stable than that, I’ve been bagging the Stalker and I love the Teebird for even a little more overstability. All three are among the most thrown discs in my bag.

  • My favorite is the Discaft Mantis

  • Latitude 64 Striker just goes dead straight every time

  • WESTSIDE Stag. It’s the scalpel in my bag. Carves up the woods and is sneaky long.

  • Dynamic Discs Maverick. Been playing for a long time, used many. I like understable drivers. I can shape a lot of shot easily with this disc. It can handle a wide range of arm speeds. Feels very comfortable in my hand and seems effortless to throw accurately.

  • Fairway Drivers – I started playing 5 years ago with a leopard and this Covid summer I got a Leopard 3. It is the best fairway driver. You can control it with easy to go straight or fade left or even move to the right. I started throwing it around 180 ft and now I can throw 230 consistently. If fact yesterday I threw my first scratch game with it. Love this disc and I am on my way to 300′.

  • I’ve been trying out A LOT of molds in this slot recently. I’m trying to figure out what I want to make my bag. The one staple through this process has definitely been my Champion Leopard, though. I can get it out to about 300′ on a slight anhyzer line, although at this point in its life it has lost all ability to fade back in unless thrown on a hyzer. For straight shots, it stays pretty true. That versatility is very helpful for open shots or holes that bend right. Tons of other drivers can do meathook shots, but no stable to understable drivers have been this consistent for me yet. I’m looking forward to trying out some more, though.

  • Larry Willavize III

    My vote as a newbie that hasn’t tried most of these is the Discraft Heat. I have 2 of these. One that came in a starter pack that I use for laser straight backhand shots. The second one I bought from a friend that is pretty beat in that makes for an amazing lazer straight forehand shots that fade slightly at the end. One of my favorites overall.

  • The Discraft Undertaker is true to its flight numbers and extremely reliable. It is workable for most arm speeds and not borderline useless for newer/lower power players compared to some overstable fairway competitors.

  • Wow. Tougher decision for me vs. the Distance Drivers. Gotta mention the 3 I’ll throw almost every round:
    1. Star Valkyrie. My comfort disc. Released hard and hyzer it flips flat and is a laser. Released firm and flat I get a nice tight flex shot. Thrown anhyzer it’ll hold that line but fade back just enough at the end. Have one I have carried for years. Will be a sad day when I lose it.
    2. Star Sidewinder. Hyzer flips and sky anny’s. Yeah.
    3. Any Teebird. I know it’ll fade, no matter what, but it’s not a meathook. I use it when I need to finish left (RHBH), and for spike hyzers.

    If I could only have one of the above, I’d take the Valkyrie. And the only disc I’d take over a Valkyrie, of any type, would be a Buzzz.

  • I’d give the Innova teebird and Firebird a tie on this one.
    Teebird is the best placement fairway, and Firebird is the best utility fairway

  • Teebird has been my go to fairway. Plenty of glide for the open fairways yet reliable turn and fade for tight control. I prefer GStar plastic in my driver’s and fairways. A solid shout out for the Leopard 3 as my kids favorite disc! Very beginner friendly allowing for a satisfying shot even with a small arm. Great confidence builder.

  • My favorite fairway driver is the Innova Teebird DX. I just started disk golf last year and this was in my starter kit. A year later and it is still my go too disk. I am tossing this one consistently at around 325 feet forehand or backhand and it is probably the straightest flier in my bag.

  • Latitude 64 River! Great glide with relatively little turn or fade. Accurate and dependable. Good for forehands (95% of my drives). I’ll reach for a Valkyrie when I’ve misplaced my River. About the same, but doesn’t glide quite as much, so less distance.

    Latitude Saint is my second choice. A little more distance, but it has more turn and fade, so a little less versatile.

    Vibram Arch or a Latitude Calverin if I want something overstable.

  • Innova Thunderbird all the way. Picked my first one up early this year to see what the hype was about and it lived up to every bit of hype. For me, it’s my go to driver now. The courses in my hometown have very wooded front 9s and the Thunderbird has such a straight line for me for a long ways until the nice gentle fade at the end. Because of this, it’s made it so much easier to learn tons of different angles to alter the flight path. This has allowed me to use this disc for absolute control around all the trees on my home courses. And by throwing it so much, it’s become the disc I’m most comfortable with and can rip it further than a lot of my distance drivers when the back 9s open up.

  • Z flex nuke, hades and destroyer are my favorites for backhand. Sidearm flick is my 167g groove which I can throw just as far but when I have a narrow gap. I can also take less step with the groove to bomb it 🙂

  • Michael McLaskey

    G*Teebird. So smooth, buttery, and longer than you’d expect

  • Champion firebird or star teebird. Great discs they are. The firebird is sooo predictable. And the teebird has a excellent combination of glide and stability.

  • The Dynamic Discs Vandal has recently taken place in my bag as favorite fairway driver…its flight and speed are close to the Maverick (my previous favorite) in my opinion but something about the Vandal just flies better for me…i can put it on anny and it’ll hold that line with ease or I can hyzer flip it for those straight wooded shots, which are aplenty where I play, I have really stopped throwing other fairway drives since picking up the Vandal as it can literally do everything!!!!…glad to have come across this disc!

  • Discmania FD, no competition

  • My favorite go to for a strong sidearm throw is Champion Roadrunner. Always goes long and straight with a consistent right hand fade at the end

  • I’m a beginner to the game who (only started playing 2 months ago) who has only thrown the discs in my Innova starter pack (Valkyrie, Panther, Aviar) plus some discs that my more experienced friend has loaned me from his collection. While a Discmania FD is getting me the most consistent & straight results so far, my longest drives have been with the Latitude 64 Opto Air Diamond. Seems like what they say is true about the high glide rating and low weight adding distance for beginners.

  • I love the dynamic discs GETAWAY. It’s a disc I can throw hard against a decent wind and know it will go straight forever and then reliably fade at the end. This is my most used disc over the speed of 5.

  • This is a toss-up for me between the Infinite Discs Scepter or the Sphinx. It is a close race, but if I can only pick on, I am going Scepter for the dependability!

  • Discmania’s FD took my game to the next level several years ago and its still got a spot in my bag. I prefer the metal flake plastic. More recently I’ve fallen in love with the TI Undertaker. But the FD is truly one of the best fairway drivers on the market.

  • Griffin Benfield

    Westside Ahti

  • Streamline Drift. This is such a good disc that seems overlooked judging by this list.

  • Dynamic Discs Marverick. Been playing for a long time and this is my current favorite. I like that I can put this disc on any line and it is reliable and accurate and it is a hyper flip machine. It is really comfortable my hand. I throw it almost exclusively RHBH and it is effortless to get accuracy and distance.

  • MVP Volt. I can control this disc better than any other fairway in my bag. Probably my favourite disc I own outside my beat in M3.

  • My favorite is the Prodigy F1. I have found that the earlier runs are very stable, while the newer runs are straight-stable like a worn firebird. It’s nice and flat-topped but usually not quite as stable as a firebird so it goes farther and straighter for me. Y’all try an F1! You might like it!

  • My go to fairway driver is the TeeBird. I enjoy the ample glide it provides on open fairways but can be dialed in to take advantage of its consistent turn and fade in the woods. I prefer the Gstar plastic for its flex and feel. I would like to be able to recommend the TeeBird3 but I’ve owned 2 and lost them both. OBVIOUSLY a problem with that particular mold!
    Solid shout out to the Leopard3. My kids favorite disc. Very beginner friendly and produces a satisfying and confidence building throw with it’s very forgiving tendencies.

  • Discmania FD3. Perfect for those 300′ holes and ones when you want to avoid trouble parallel to the fairway. I use it exclusively for sidearm.

  • DGA Pipeline is the best fairway driver out there. Dead straight up the pipe!

  • Axiom Crave Forehand or Backhand great disc!!

  • The best fairway drivers (and together with my Yeti Aviar the discs that I could not live without, period) are the Champion Firebird, Star Teebird, and Star Leopard). The Leopard will stand up and glide forever. The Teebird will do anything I ask it to do, backhand, forehand, hyzer, flex, etc. And I can always count on the Firebird to knife around a corner and get the the ground fast. If really pressed and I could only take one, it would be the Leopard. It I got one in a starter pack when I was first starting back in the day. It got me my first ace. I love the way it flies.

  • I’m casting my vote for the star TeeBird. The disc is so versatile. The glide is what makes this disc “under par”. I can hyper flip it to flat and it’ll ride all day. Or I can put it on a turnover line and watch it coast the horizon.

  • I don’t have a particularly strong arm but have found the Splatter S-Blend Centurion to be the easiest disc to get a phenomenally straight flight from with minimal predictable fade. My Discraft ESP XL is similar in flight, but a little flippier making it less dependable.

    I have to give a vote also for the Discraft Big Z Vulture. Though mine is a bit beat in, this is the best sidearm disc and utility backhand for getting the flight pushed forward with a good fade. It’s been incredibly dependable for me as I highly doubt I could use anything more overstable.

    Sad to see no other love thus far in the comments for the Centurion and Vulture.

  • the discraft undertaker look where you want it to go an invisible string goes up and the undertaker follows it

  • The Heat is a fantastic thrower. Most people think of it as a roller because of the pros, but the Heat has a great understable flight to it that is indispensable in many situations.
    I find myself reaching for it probably more than any other disc in my bag.
    Bonus – it is fun to amaze your friends when you crank a hyzer line only to have it flip halfway down the fairway and all your friends wonder what was that sorcery of a shot.

  • Discraft Undertaker. I got it in the tour series and it’s one of my go to discs now.

  • My go to is the TeeBird. Excellent glide for open long shots yet predictable and consistent turn and fade for a powered down tunnel shot. I prefer the Gstar plastic for its feel and durability. A solid shout out to the Leopard3 as the favorite of my kids. This disc can produce very gratifying shots with its high level of forgiveness. Great confidence builder.
    I have tried the TeeBird3 but cannot recommend. I lost both that I had. OBVIOUSLY a problem with the mold :)!

  • My Vote would be the MVP Volt. I purchased a used one about 2 years ago after losing a Teebird (also a great disc). After 1 day in the field working on it and 1 round on the course, I ordered 2 more brand new ones.

    The MVP Volt keeps a straight tight line and I can trust it in any situation I need. I have since ordered another Teebird but I am still loyal to the MVP Volt throwing almost 10:1 over the Teebird. I have recommended the Volt to friends and they too have purchased and now carry one. Overall, a great disc and I would vote for it to be in the conversation for best Fairway driver.

  • Love the Leopard3, great control and stable in windy conditions. On a calm day, my Latitude 64 Jade, which is a lightweight, easy to throw, disc gets a lot of use. Love the combination of speed rating, high glide and low-weight for my aging arm

  • I would have to say that my favorite fairway drivers are the Latitude 64 Explorer, Latitude 64 Diamond, and the Infinite Discs Sphinx. They are all true flyers that follow the line of release and get great distance.

  • My go to fairway driver has to be my Infinite Disc Aztec!! Absolutely wonderful disc! Great control.

  • Pro Thunderbird. Period. Best Disc On The Planet. Hands Down. 175 grams. Yellow. With Blue Writing.

  • My lucid maverick by Dynamic discs is my go-to fairway. It is great for hyzer flips and I use it a lot to shape shots on technical courses.

  • The Eagle should certainly be up there. It’s a tad more versatile than the Teebird, with great turn and a nice, dependable fade.

  • My most used Fairway Driver is the Discmania Instinct. It has been to hell and back, with VERY minimal change in glide and flight. I can rip it off of the box, forehand or backhand and it does what it do. Shes even got an ace on under her belt.

  • Love throwing my GStar TeeBird. Such a reliable flight pattern. Holds a very straight line until that sure fire fade at the end. Good for flex shots too. Such a dependable and versatile disc.

  • Z Undertaker. I use this as my distance driver for backhands. It goes straight for a long time before it gently fades to the left. I highly recommend this for anybody struggling to get distance out of their backhands while staying in the 9-10 speed range

  • Teebird. It just flies exactly where I want it to no matter what. While I like and use other Innova discs at the same speed, such as the Leapord3 and Eagle, they lack that dead straight accuracy the Teebird boasts.

  • One of my favorite Fairway drivers had been the MPV Volt in Neutron plastic and that replaced my tee bird (which I was never able to throw all that well). It was easier to grip and fly down the fairway really nice. Recently I purchased an MVP Servo in the Plasma plastic and that one has now made the bag and is the only one I am really throwing when it comes to Fairway drivers. The servo is an excellent driver and if you never tried one, you should.

  • Dd escape, it’s so glidey and so versatile, I have about 7 of them haha

  • Hi All

    3 years ago April at the age of 69, I played 8 rounds of Disc Golf with my Son in Salt Lake City, went home to Fair Oaks and texted my Son that I was hooked, bought an Innova Starter Set, had a VALKYRIE and a LEOPARD which were extremely beneficial to my gradual growth in my skill levels, have progressed into obtaining a number of discs of varying speeds up to now, both the above mentioned discs from the starter set are still in my BAG with the VALKYRIE is my FAVORITE fairway driver because I realized the most from learning with it, it has been and remains dependable, needless to say it has solidified my initial hook on the game of Disc Golf and now can say “I Love Disc Golf”!

    Senior Disc Golfer

  • Mvp Tesla hands down. It can shap great lines with out much effort.

  • Discraft Vulture, goes straight and consistent

  • Star Teebird. Great out of the gate and get better with age.

  • Undertaker, the straightest most reliable disc in my bag has been a a staple for years!

  • Undertaker, the straightest most reliable disc in my bag has been a a staple for years! Have 3 in different plastics.

  • I’ve sworn by the Teebird for decades. Now a days I still bag a Teebird but find myself using a Valkerie and an Eagle more and more. Thst being said lately my favorite fairway driver is my Eagle but from this list I will stand by the classic Teebird as the best fairway drive on the market. So versatile it can be used in almost all situations.

  • This one is a toss up for me between the Discmania FD and Innova Valkyrie. The FD has quickly become my go-to when I need something fast and straight, but I’ve had a Valkyrie in my bag basically since day 1. Some of the best shots I’ve ever made have been with a Valkyrie, so I am going to have to go with that. The Innova Valkyrie is my favorite fairway driver.

  • The Above Ground Level Sycamore is my favorite, it can do it all, its not too flippy and not too overstable, the perfect middle.

  • A bunch of good ones made the list, but I’d have to go Teebird.

  • AGL Discs Sycamore is a great fairway driver. It feels great in the hand, very intuitive, and is very controllable. Not to mention they are imbued with love. As an owner/operator of a family business, I love supporting another family owned small (but growing) business. Give it a rip.

  • A beat in Crave will do whatever I want it to do. I love the flat profile and how consistent the disc is.

  • Chadwick Shawn Berezay

    I have fallen in love with Infinite Disc Sphinx, and I have fallen hard. I had over stepped this disc, like the hot girl that lives next door in every teen movie. This disc has provided great grip, consistent flight. Every time I throw this disc, it actually makes me feel like I belong out on the coarse:) It has saved my a** from a bad drive, to a great recovery Par. What recommend this disc any and every time to have in your bag

  • Innova Teebird for me

  • The Latitude 64 River is my favorite Fairway driver because if it’s crazy long glide and it’s ease of use, even for low arm speeds. It’s also great for a straight or late turning driver when beat in or with faster arm speeds.

  • The Westside Stag is the most versatile fairway I’ve ever owned. It’s complimented perfectly with the Storm Discs Abyss that has the perfect overstability when needed.

  • Honestly its a toss up between the Champion TeeBird and the ESP Stalker. Both my favorites but I tend to throw my teebird more

  • Love the Sidewinder, easy to get to flip to flat and goes a long way.

  • I’ll say the Latitude 64 River. It just fits a spot in the bag that is tough to find a solution for, between a high speed driver and mid. The River is so smooth out of the hand and glides forever, and I love its reliably late turn and fade. If I’m just looking for a 300” ace run, the River is my go to.

  • The Dynamic Discs Getaway is the best! It is fast enough and stable enough to rip huge lines with and versatile and controllable enough to power down and carve tight woods lines! It’s great to have a disc where I can throw holes with ranges from 500+ to sub 300 if needed. I have lived this disc since it was released and it comes in so many great plastic choices!

  • I’ll put in some praise for the Latitude 64 river. Very predictable straight flight. It’s glide let’s you find some distance without having to crank on it (and lose accuracy) that makes it great in many tight situations.

  • Color Glow FD3

    I love seeing the Firebird as the #1 driver and am a huge fan of the overstable fairway driver for both forehand and backhand. I am a pre-dominate forehand player who plays mostly in tight wooded courses and I love to manipulate the disc and utilize the strong stability of the firebird, but I was finding that the firebird was too overstable for most situations I was in. I want a reliable fade, ability to flex hard and come back, and hold steep anhyzers, and I found my color glow firebird was so overstable that if I was off slightly on power or angle that the disc would dump out hard or burn to the ground because I tried to overcompensate a flex.

    In comes the Color Glow FD3. My dream disc. It’s a less overstable firebird with a very similar feel, grippy plastic, and rim shape. And because it is less overstable it is less punishing if you mess up an angle or speed, and the disc also flies straight forever if you really crush it with a reliable fade at the end. It is the dream disc of a forehand player who likes to throw different angles. If you love the firebird but cant beat it in to what you want, buy an FD3!

  • I have to say I like the Discraft Undertaker the best. It flies so well for me, and I have just been throwing over a year. Speed 9 is my highest speed I feel like I can get a disc out to, and I can get this one to fly straight lines. It works like a longer Buzz for me. Z-FLX plastic is my most fav plasic for this disc.

  • Sycamore because it’s the most trusted fairway you could have in your bag

  • Innova champion savant! It is used so often on straight shots. It has a slight fade at the end but it is so long and straight.

  • The Westside Hatchet is my go to for max distance as well as powered down straight line shots in the woods.

  • Volt is an amazing mold. The more ppl that give it an honest shot the more ppl will fall in love with it. Only gyro in my bag btw.

  • I’m torn here between two tightly different speeds. My Kaxe Z in K2 plastic at the 6 speed is so versatile that I feel like I can use it on almost any typeof shot I need approaching the green from 220-280 and land it close to the basket. Love the way it feels too. Also a really big fan of my VIP Westside Stag. I use it for those slightly longer shots into the green. But it has as consistent a flight as I could ask for while still allowing you to try different shots as needed. So those are my two most used fairway drivers. That said, I did just get a new Halo Star TL3 and have only played once with it. I have a feeling it will start to see a lot of action here soon too!

  • My current favourite fairway driver is the dynamic disc maverick. As a newer player the River is my furthest flying disc, but the maverick is a close second. What makes it better is that I can forehand it with control. I’ve thrown a thunderbird, teebird, and a getaway in that slot as well but they all fell shot of being truly versatile like the maverick. And versatility is what makes a great fairway disc.

  • Bag Firebird, Teebird, and FD. Instinct is also a great fairway (very similar to Teebird). My Night Strike 2 is one of my most unique and straight flying discs. Highly recommend.

  • Innova Champion Viking all day. It has a little bit of turn and fade to get around obstacles, but not so much that it is not controllable. The low glide helps me to keep it under control.

  • Latitude 64 Spark, or Zion (RIP).For a long time I didn’t carry a “Fairway” Driver. I was always more comfortable with powering up on a midrange, or letting up on a distance driver. Also because with my bigger hands, I wasn’t finding a fairway driver that fit my hand to where I was comfortable. After trial and error, the Spark and Zion have found a place in my bag, by far the most comfortable fairway discs I have thrown both as a back or forehand throw.

  • Leopard will always be a staple for me usually in Star plastic. It is very dependable and I can get it in the 150’s weight to fit my senior slower arm speeds. Shot shaping ability with turnover shots, annys, hyzer flips, etc is excellent for forested courses where I often play.

    There are others that make my bag like the terrific Infinite Exodus, Infinite Sphinx, Innova Thunderbird. One that may surprise you is the Vibram Valley which seems to last forever–really too bad they dropped out of the DG world.

  • I’m surprised the Eagle is not on this list. One of the OG “distance drivers” that is a bit overshadowed by the TeeBird. Great disc for both forehands and backhands.

  • Valkyrie – Why? — matches my arm speed for distance with control

  • Mint Discs Alpha – super reliable and will go where you put it.

  • Best fairway is the escape. Holds lines well glides like a distance driver but more control.

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