Best Distance Drivers of 2020

Best Distance Drivers of 2020

This week we will continue to examine the sales numbers and ratings to determine the best distance drivers for 2020. Last week we looked at all drivers, (check out those results here) but this week we will narrow the criteria and limit the candidates to speed 10 and higher discs. And like last week we will look at the sales numbers and the user submitted ratings to determine which distance driver is the best. Then we will consider your votes for a week, and declare the winner.

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Sales Rank Star Rating Fan Vote Average
Innova Destroyer 1 1 2 1.3
Innova Wraith 2 2 1 1.7
Discraft Hades 3 6 4 4.3
Discraft Zeus 4 4 7 5.0
Innova Beast 5 12 3 6.7
Innova Shryke 7 8 5 6.7

Despite taking the number 2 spot in the fan voting, the Destroyer maintained the number one spot, taking first in sales and ratings. According to O’Connor G., “Destroyer is number 1 for a good reason! I love the variation in the flight patterns of the different molds. You can bag 5 destroyers that all feel the same in the hand (a good size for my hand as well) but have drastically different flights.”

How We Chose the Best Disc Golf Driver For 2020?

There are several different components to our rating system that we used to determine the best disc golf distance drivers for 2020:

  • First, we counted the sales volume and made a list of the top sellers of 2020.
  • Second we look at both how you have rated the discs, and how many reviews you have made for the top drivers to date on Infinite Discs website. A high rating and a lot of reviews translates into a desirable disc.
  • And finally, we considered what you our blog readers and social media followers said when asked the question: What do you think is the best disc golf driver?

In The Beginning

When I started playing disc golf, I did what so many of us did before we understood the flight numbers on the discs, I went for the high speed discs. “Super Long Distance Driver”? Yes, please! “High Speed Driver”? Of course I want my disc to fly fast! It was as if we expected our drivers to jump out of our hands the moment we quit holding them tight.

Most of us have since come to understand that higher speeds mean that we have to be able to throw faster in order for them to fly the way they were designed. Although that may limit the speed of the disc that we choose, with a variety of lighter weight plastic types available today, even less experienced players can generate enough speed to be able to throw the faster discs. That creates a much larger audience for higher speed discs. Today we are going to take a look at how that audience fills their bags with those long distance drivers.

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers by Sales

We already know from last week’s blog about several of the top high speed drivers. Since they made the list for the best overall drivers, obviously they are going to make the list for the best high speed drivers. Those include the Innova Destroyer and Wraith, the Discraft Zeus and Hades, and the Infinite Discs Emperor and Pharaoh.


Also like last week, there are a few discs that made the list for top sales, but not for the top ten in reviews. And a couple that made the top ten for reviews, but not the top ten for sales. Let’s start by looking at the top selling distance drivers for 2020:

2020 Sales Rank Disc Mold
1 Innova Destroyer
2 Innova Wraith
3 Discraft Hades
4 Discraft Zeus
5 Innova Beast
6 Discraft Force
7 Innova Shryke
8 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
9 Discraft Avenger SS
10 Infinite Discs Emperor
11 Discraft Thrasher
12 Innova Boss
13 Innova Mamba
14 Innova Tern
15 Discraft Nuke
16 Infinite Discs Aztec
17 Innova Katana
18 Inova Corvette
19 Discraft Crank
20 Nuke SS


The Best Distance Drivers According to Star Ratings

These are the rankings based on reviews and ratings submitted by users on

Rank Disc Mold Star Rating # of 2020 Reviews Weighted score
1 Innova Destroyer 4.8 70 5.44
2 Innova Wraith 4.61 53 5.01
3 Infinite Discs Aztec 4.83 21 4.77
4 Discraft Zeus 4.69 22 4.65
5 Infinite Discs Pharaoh 4.72 18 4.62
6 Discraft Hades 4.77 14 4.61
7 Infinite Discs Emperor 4.7 16 4.57
8 Innova Shryke 4.58 19 4.49
9 Discraft Thrasher 4.65 13 4.48
10 Innova Tern 4.63 13 4.46


List of Top Distance Drivers

Click the links below to see check out the details of the mold.

Top Distance Drivers of 2020: Fan Choice!

We’ve shown you the total sales and reviews for the top drivers of 2020. Now it’s time to look at what YOU chose as your top distance driver. We added up the hundreds of votes and here is the top choices.

1 Innova Wraith 15.4%
2 Innova Destroyer 13.8%
3 Innova Beast 5.0%
4 Discraft Hades 5.0%
5 Innova Shryke 5.0%
6 Dynamic Discs Trespass 3.5%
7 Discraft Zeus 3.1%
8 Infinite Discs Pharaoh 3.1%
9 Discraft Thrasher 2.7%
10 MVP Wave 2.7%

Several companies crashed the Innova-Discraft party with this list. Although those two companies still dominated the top ten, and owned the top five, the fan vote showed interest in several other brands.

The Dynamic Discs Trespass just missed the top five by one place, and a percent-and-a-half. This distance driver has the same flight ratings as the Destroyer and Zeus. Infinite Discs made the list with their popular driver that has a ton of glide, the Pharaoh. And MVP made the list with the Wave.

The next ten spots include molds from seven different brands:

11 Mamba 2.3%
12 DD3 2.3%
13 Tern 2.3%
14 Boss 2.3%
15 AvengerSS 1.9%
16 Destiny 1.9%
17 Raider 1.5%
18 Ballista Pro 1.5%
19 Trace 1.2%
20 Mayhem 1.2%

Infinite Discs Aztec

The Aztec isn’t even a year old, but it already has the best star rating of any of the distance drivers. The only thing keeping the Aztec out of first place is the number of reviews. With a 10, 5, -1, 2 flight rating, the Aztec delivers surprisingly long drives, with a stable flight and a solid finish. The Aztec is available Metal Flake Glow C-Blend, which is more stable than the I-Blend or G-Blend plastics.

various infinite discs

Innova Shryke, Tern, and Beast

This high-speed distance driver has enough turn and fade to give you amazing s-curved distance drives. Once it is beat in, it becomes a shapeable disc while maintaining its long glide. Despite its speed 13 rating, the mold can still be used by less experienced players. However, with the right arm speed and room to throw, the Shryke can bomb down the fairway.

The Innova Tern has the same flight rating as the Shryke, only one speed slower. That combination makes the disc popular for throwing big flex shots. The Beast also has that flight rating, only it is a speed 10 disc. Also, the Beast takes the title of oldest disc in this group. It was approved in 2002

Discraft Thrasher

The Discraft Thrasher joins the Hades and Avenger SS as the most understable molds of our distance drivers. Those three molds edged out the Shryke, Tern, and Beast for the title of most flippy disc. Unlike our overall driver top ten list, there are a lot more understable discs on this list. Maybe the higher speeds allow a wider variety of skilled players to throw those molds, where the slower speed understable discs might be too flippy for the big arms.

Discraft Force

At the opposite end of the stability spectrum from the Hades is the Discraft Force. This overstable driver is popular among stronger players due its turn resistance and strong fade. It is a little too much disc for newer players. But, its brisk sales this year indicates that there are a lot of players skilled enough to handle the overstability.

Discraft Avenger SS

I’ve been bagging a near-max weight Avenger SS for a few months, and I love it. It is a shapeable mold that delivers nice s-curve shots when thrown fairly flat. Despite the flight numbers, the Avenger SS rarely gets away from me by turning too much.  I get long drives, with slightly more fade than the flight numbers indicate. As an intermediate player, the Avenger SS has served me well. Although the Avenger SS is already a popular mold, having the disc released with touring pro’s stamps on them, like so many of the top selling discs do, definitely boosts sales.

Average Flight Ratings of the Top Distance Drivers of 2020

Taking a look at the average flight of the discs on the list, we find the flight numbers round to the flight of the Tern, 12, 5, -2, 2. Naturally, the average speed will be higher than the overall driver average, since overall includes control drivers, but the turn and fade are different, too. The average turn for distance drivers on the list is flippier than the overall drivers, -2 vs -1. And there is less fade than the overall average, 2 vs 3.

With the Beast being the oldest disc, getting approved in 2002, the Hades is the newest disc, with a 2020 approval. Being only a couple of months old, the Hades came out with a bang. Five of the 13 discs on the list were approved in 2008 or before. The average approval year is 2013.

McBeth Prototype discs

A Small, Elite Group

One of the obvious facts that jumps out at us when we look at the top selling and top rated discs is that there is not a variety of brands represented. Three companies make up the list of 13 molds that made it to the top. It’s rarely a surprise to see Innova and Discraft battle it out for the most molds at the top of any list. Each company had five molds on our list. What may be more surprising is the new kid on the block, Infinite Discs, claiming three spots on the list. Infinite’s oldest mold is still only a couple of years old. With its lineup of desirable flights and unique plastic blends, Infinite may be sitting at the top of the sales and ratings lists for a long time.

Covid-19 and Sales

Since the Covid shutdowns that have occurred around the world have affected supply chains at all levels, it would be crazy to say that it didn’t affect the sales numbers. While different manufacturers were affected to varying degrees, our list would most certainly look slightly different had the pandemic not occurred. In addition to supply lines being affected, sales were also affected, with people snapping up discs in unprecedented numbers. However, rather than try to dissect how each brand was affected and whether or not they were hurt or helped by the pandemic, we just presented the sales numbers for the year and made our top selections from the those numbers.

Tell Us What You Think.

Now it’s time for you to tell us about your favorite distance driver. Which is your top choice? Are the older, classic molds going to continue to stay at the top? Are the newer discs just hype, eventually fading into obscurity while the latest, greatest discs move up the sales charts? What about the smaller brands that are fighting for their share of the disc golf pie? Please take a few minutes to let us know which distance driver is number one for you. If your go-to distance driver is not on the list, let us know what it is.

The winner of the random drawing among voters is Matt H. A $50 gift card code is on your Infinite Profile.


  • The Discraft Zeus is my #1 distance driver.

  • The Innova Beast looks like something I’d like to try out!

  • Innova Pro Destroyer! It is awesome. It goes exactly where I want it to go and stays in the air forever.
    I have not tried the halo one, but would love to give one a try.

    • The Pro Destroyer is probably the least overstable version you’re likely to find, while the Halo Destroyers are reputed to be amongst the most overstable available. I’m not saying you can’t handle it, but you’re likely to find the difference is so substantial that it’s a different disc entirely.

  • Would have to go innova destroyer as well. Big fan of the infinite discs maya thus far, but the destroyer has edge on consistency. Destroyer has been around for awhile and it still sells more than any other distance driver everywhere you look.

  • I’m a fairly new to disc golf, started in April. I’ve accumulated about 60 disc so far and haven’t thrown half of them… That being said, so far my favorite go to disc has been Innova Star Beast. Flies true and predictable, solid disc so far.

  • I really like the MVP Teleport. Even though the numbers suggest it is too much disc for my arm, it releases from my hand nicely every time and has a very predictable flight. I think MVP/Axiom/Streamline would have some discs on the list if they were able to sign a popular (male) pro. (Sarah Hokum rocks!)

  • I’m really surprised the Raider didn’t make the list! When the first run came out last summer, it was sold out quick! Then I guess people didn’t care for the 13 speed with it already being an overstable driver! From my experience, Dynamic Discs various premium plastics beat in real well and get the flight plate slightly domey to help it not be quite so overstable, but still stable enough to fight any wind! Plus forcing it over can get it a nice full flight! Under-rated disk for sure!!!

  • Of the Sales Rank Discs above, I love the Mamba, but mainly because I have a lovely light weight one and can manage it. I agree that the low weight discs make it easier for the slower arm beginners to throw. I’ve thrown a 139 and a 171 grams weight Mamba, and I can get the 139 to go further. I know there are a few, but I wish a lot more discs came in the lower 130-150 gram weights.

    • Agreed, it’s hard to find lighter weight discs. I’m surprised the manufacturers don’t offer more, because when ever light weight discs show up in stock, they sell out quickly. I have a 138g Roadrunner in Star Light plastic that goes crazy far! Farther than my Mamba. Latitude 64 has the Diamond and Jade available in Opto Air plastic which comes in the 140’s range. The Beast is available in Blizzard plastic at very light weights. Discmania FD comes in 140’s in D-Line plastic but it’s a fairway driver. Still gets great distance though. Some really nice discs available in the 150s are the DGA Sail and the Axiom Virus. The Virus used to go down to 150g, but sadly now it’s only available in 155 or higher. Get the exact “measured” weight before you buy “150 class” discs because they are often closer to 160g.

  • The Discraft Thrasher has been great for my beginner, over 50 years old arm.

  • Streamline Trace is my go to. Very consistent, similar to a Wraith but I like MVP/Axiom/Streamline plastic better than Innova. Honorable mention is the MVP Catalyst.

  • S Line dd3 is hands down my favorite distance driver. It feels great, and flies just stable enough to be reliable while still getting that gentle turnover to keep it gliding down the fairway.

  • I’m surprised that there were no Discmania drivers on this list. I have a couple Cloud Breakers that are too much for me, but I got an S-line DD3 as a mystery disc and it’s so much more manageable. I would have probably never tried the DD3 based on my experience with the Cloud Breakers, so I’ll definitely continue to add that $12 mystery disc to my orders in hopes that I’ll find more gems I might have otherwise missed. It’s got reliable fade, but it’s got enough turn to allow a slower arm like mine to get some good distance before it finishes.

    The Trespass is another disc that really surprised me. I’ve found that it has zero turn, but in a good way. With a flat release it just beelines in whatever direction you release it in for a long time, then has a little fade at the end. It behaves overstable in that I can’t turn it over, but it behaves understable in that it doesn’t try to get to the ground immediately. Very good disc that is unlike any others I’ve thrown.

  • I love my Innova Pro Wraith! It has been a consistent distance driver for long par 3s and par 4s. It carries really far in the air, and I think is a little easier for a beginner to pick up than the Destroyer. Of course, the Star Wraith is probably better than the pro wraith, but I’ve never been able to try that out.

  • I learned how to play throwing champion orcs. I can’t say enough good things about that disc. Also the star katana is currently the go too for many of my buddies.

  • Innova Champion thunderbird. Its great all around the course from tee shots to up shots. it flies very smooth on both fore and backhand. Probably one of the best disc in my bag

  • Colby Christophersen

    Star destroyer is the best disc ever s curve down the fairway!!

  • I am don’t have the arm for some of the faster discs. The Avenger SS is my distance driver of choice.

  • I’m gonna go with the Zeus, but the Hades is quickly climbing the ranks in my bag!

  • Innova Orc was my most reliable disc until I threw it into the water and lost it this past weekend. I went into retrieve it and nearly fell in. As always disc golf is a great experience. I look forward to getting a new Champion Orc soon.

  • Axiom Mayhem is greatly underrated!

  • Jonathan Israeli


  • Wraith for sure. It’s the everyman Destroyer.

  • I love my Innova Pro Destroyer! That thing is a beast! It does exactly what I want it too every time.

  • My favorite driver is the wraith because it is consistent for both forehands and backhands. I also really enjoy the feel of it in my hands.

  • I got the Innova Corvette as a mystery disc from Infinite when I first started playing. My only taste of a driver was a Destroyer and for my noob arm the disc would only go 200 feet and fade hard left..Tried the Corvette and this 14 speed driver just glided straight past 300 feet and wanted to keep going. Even with my experience level going up I still stick with the Corvette and now I’m up to over 400 all thanks to this one disc…Dont let the speed turn you off. All arms speeds can throw this one very far.

  • Discraft Z Force – overstable, but with lots of glide

  • I’m loving the Innova Tern!

  • At the moment, my Star Mamba is my favorite Distance Driver.

  • My go-to distance driver is the Innova Beast, specifically Blizzard Champion plastic. It is a better fit for my arm speed than the Blizzard Champion Destroyer, which is my second favorite. The Beast is reliable, hyzers great and I can get the longest drives with it, for me anyway! I usually throw 132-139g, and am very glad that Innova makes discs at the lower weight spectrum.

  • My favorite is the DDX; plastic Glow x. Disc is so good for forehands and backhands it’s crazy.

  • Tossing the Wave and Trace, just ordered a Vanish as well.

  • The Discraft Vulture won’t win, but it should. It gets all the distance of a 12 speed, but with the rim and reliability of the 10 speed that it is. New, it’s a deliciously stable powerhouse; beat in a bit, it’s a straight zinger with a fade you can bet your life on. Easily my favorite.

  • I have a nicely beat in Nuke that I like a lot. The Destroyer will be hard to take down based on the way it flies and the history of it.

  • The Crank is the most underrated distance driver on the market. I love the ESP plastic but lately that is extremely hard to find. The number one thing about the Crank is it’s glide. It has a super wide rim and low profile – if you throw it with emphasis on wrist spin it will carry further than anything you’ve ever seen. And that skip! Again due to the rim and profile this disc skips further than anything I’ve seen. You’ll get another 50ft easy on most surfaces. Ive seen 150ft skip on a dirt course. Would be the only disc I’d bag if I had to choose.

  • Love the Gateway Apex, it rips.

  • Innova Star Destroyer is the best!!!

  • Harrison Bradley

    Innova Wraith is 100% the best driver I own, I’ve had that disc for years and can get it to do anything I could possibly want, 400+ foot drives, rollers, control forehand’s, is just the all around best disc out there.

  • Love my Discraft Z flx Heat

  • O'Connor Griffith

    Destroyer is number 1 for a good reason! I love the variation in the flight patterns of the different molds. You can bag 5 destroyers that all feel the same in the hand (a good size for my hand as well) but have drastically different flights.

  • The best all around distant driver has to be the Innova Boss! It is my throw for almost all shots!

  • Pharaoh metal flake c-blend has been my best distance driver. It’s stable enough that I can throw it for a reasonable hyzer shot if it’s tilted down a ways, goes damn near straight with a slight hyzer release and I can get a good fade with a nearly level throw all while getting max distance. Additional bonus it does float on water.

  • Top spot has got to go to the Innova Tern for me! I love the versatility of the disc and feel comfortable throwing it to hold its line, give me an S-curve, or straight hyzer.

  • Sir Cloudy of the World (Andrew J Mulder)

    My top 3 would have to be innova G-star Corvette, Discmania Echo S-line DD3, and last but by far not least the Innova Jessica Weese 2018 tour series Shryke

  • Innova Star destroyer has been a long time favorite of mine. It was actually my first disc, well before I had any business throwing a disc that fast.

  • Destroyer and pharaoh for me. That covers what you need

  • The Thrasher is the best for my old arm

  • The wraith has been my goto distance driver for years. Very reliable, i bag 3 of different levels of wear that carry the load for atleast 50% of my drives.

  • Innova MAMBA
    In all conditions with a near flat, powerful whip crack release the MAMBA dances down the fairways with a pirouette S that demoralises opponents and inspires shock & awe

  • The SHRYKE! Specifically the Halo Shryke, this thing is an absolute monster! A 13 speed that glides for days. The Halo plastic is beefier (more stable) than the other plastics but still maintains a laser straight flight before fading left (RHBH) to finish.

  • Innova destroyer is my bet!

  • Infinite Discs Pharaoh (run2) is my #1 Distance Driver, and the Aztec would be my 2nd choise, both are great discs with my arm speed. They both also have great glide. I bag 4 Pharaohs and 2 Aztec at this time, different stabilities to handle different situations. Go out and get you some!

  • The infinite disc pharaoh took my game to the next level!! First distance driver I ever had and boy does this disc fly. I’ve bought 3 so far and all different plastics and I’d have to say the swirly s blend is my favorite

  • I know that it’s not a common one, but my go-to driver that’s in my bag is my Innova Monarch in the Champion plastic.

  • The MVP Fission Photon is awesome in lower weights, which is what I’ve built my long game around. Fission is the best bubble plastic around, and overmold makes lower weight discs work incredibly well. MVP drivers have literally doubled my drive length (200′-400′) in 18 months. Now if I could learn to putt I could get out of MA3 XD

  • Amazing that the Dynamic Discs Trespass hasn’t made it on any of the lists. I picked one up at WACO several years ago and flies like nothing I have ever thrown. Just a touch of turn and glide for days! It’s a hyzer flip bomber in the woods and great for huge flex shots in the open. Definitely pick one up and give it a try if you are looking for something between a Tern and Destroyer

  • Doesn’t get talked about enough I think, but the Shryke is the sneaky bomber. I’ve played for 3 years now and I still don’t throw very far, but the Shryke is what gets me farthest every time!

  • Michael McLaskey

    Star Wraith is the most dependable, consistent, feels good in your hand driver. I don’t bag anything over an 11 so this is my kind of distance driver

  • Lately my go to for pure distance has been the Zeus. But can’t believe the enforcer isn’t getting more love. It’s been a staple in my bag when I need distance and can’t risk it flipping over.

  • My favorite distance driver is the streamline Trace

  • Still has to be the Innova Wraith. I picked up a sweet one from last year’s stamp wars, the man and the frog in the bog, by far my favorite disk in my bag.

  • Favorite high speed distance driver is currently the Innova Mystere. Great flight path for me!

  • The Innova Pro Wraith has been my most dependable distance driver. Once it beat in, it has become easier for me to throw farther without fading too early. Yet it still has a consistent fade at the end.

  • Favorite driver currently in my Cosmos by Viking Discs.

  • The Wraith is my favorite from that list. It can be overstable in some plastics and flippy in others, which means that there are options from players of different skill levels. Since speed 12 is too fast for many players, the Wraith can be a great maximum distance driver for mere mortals.

  • Trenton Hochstetler

    For me my max distance is the Hades. It is such a nice disc if put on a hyzer and just ripped it flips up to flat and is just gone. In wind it is not the disc I would grab!

  • The wraith is so versatile. I can use it for back hand and fore hand and trust that it’s gonna come out. I mostly use fairways because I can control them and be more consistent with them but when I’m open and need more distance it’s the first driver out of my bag.

  • I just bought an Innova Champion Colossus and have been having great luck throwing it overhead & forearm. I bring it to every course I’ve played and used it each time.

  • Right now I’m really digging the Dynamic Discs Tresspass,

  • The shyrke is so good and a staple in the bag

  • Dynamic discs Raider

  • Innova Star SL is a massively underrated disc. Imagine the best parts of a star Destroyer mixed with the flexibility and straight qualities of a lightweight Star Wraith. The Star SL was my first disc that I could laser 400 ft with precision, but still have the power of a Destroyer. My pink mold is one of my favorite discs ever held because it feels so consistent every time it leaves my hand. This allowed me to really harness on my power and control it, to the point where I can now confidently make very slight adjustments. Another great driver by Innova designed to elevate a player’s game

  • Wraith. I throw mostly RHBH. I carry a very well 167g in Champion and a much less used 171g in Star. The former is my understable choice, the latter for headwinds and when I’ve got danger to the right. Not the fastest disc, but the comfortable grip and predictable flight provide control and confidence.

  • Wraith in 140-146 gm works well for my lower speed arm as a senior player. It flies further for me than any speed 9 discs.

    I get it in Blizzard so it is slightly less overstable but wish it also came in G-Star in those weights as I like that better for grip plus think it would be more durable plus work better in cold weather. I haven’t tried some of the Discraft and haven’t enjoyed the Infinite Pharaoh as much for the simple reason I couldn’t get them in a low enough weight.

    So I recommend the Wraith and Beast to my senior DG friends. But would like to huck the Discraft etc if were in lower weights.

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