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Welcome to December disc golfers! Hopefully these best disc golf discs posts are helping you survive the off-season! And today we have a category that may cause some fights. We all have our favorites, but today we at Infinite Discs are going to try to select one disc golf putter as the best!

Before listing the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Putter, let’s break down what we are looking for when making our selection. The two words I always come back to are popularity and utility. We want to choose a popular putter that is utilized by disc golfers of every skill level. Also, please note that this category is titled “Putter” and not “Putt and Approach.” We will be splitting those categories. For our purposes today, we are naming discs that are most commonly used as the disc inside 50 feet or so when you are trying to hole out. So for example, the Westside Harp which is an overstable Putt and Approach disc that is most commonly known for approaching will not be nominated in this category.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best selling Putt and Approach discs of 2018 so far:

Top sellers of 2018:

  1. Discmania P2
  2. Innova Aviar
  3. Dynamic Discs Judge
  4. Westside Harp
  5. Dynamic Discs Warden
  6. Axiom Envy
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Innova Nova
  9. Innova Sonic
  10. Latitude 64 Pure

Some of you might be surprised to see the Innova Sonic make the top 10, but there were some special editions released during this year that helped to boost those sells. Beyond that, these are all very familiar names that those who are close to disc golf shouldn’t be surprised to see make the top 10.

Now, here are our nominees for the best putter!

MVP Atom

The Putt and Approach category is what helped put MVP on the map, but the MVP Atom wasn’t released until a few years later and has become the most popular putter in their lineup. It has a very comfortable rim that seems to be the perfect middle ground between their two original putters, the Anode and Ion. The Atom offers a flight that is straight and reliable, and of course, MVP gives you its signature Gyro technology with the overmold on all of their discs.

Innova Aviar

This disc is a common first putter to own with the DX Aviar available at most sporting goods stores, but it is the McPro Aviar that has kept this mold at the top of the sales chart. It will be interesting to see how Innova brands that plastic blend next year with Paul McBeth leaving. Either way, the Aviar is a beadless putter that offers a straight and reliable flight that is great for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Latitude 64 Dagger

The Latitude 64 Dagger is the tallest putter on the market, which allows for a nice glide. The large bead and “deep dish” might make the Dagger a little harder for smaller hands, and it is an adjustment for golfers used to pretty much any other putter, but those who learn to use it can be lethal with long range putts (just ask Raptor Legs Ricky…).

Axiom Envy

The Axiom Envy is a slightly overstable putter that flirts with the line between approach and putting putters, this putter has a flatter top and of course the gyro technology overmold. The Envy like the Dagger, is not your typical putter, but those who take the time to practice with it enjoy the way it feels in their hand and the way it performs on the course.

Dynamic Discs Judge

The Dynamic Discs Judge has become one of the standards of the Putt and Approach category since its release in 2012. The Judge is a beaded putter that has a comfortable height that is perfect for all hand sizes and ages. The Judge is a straight flying putter that is very predictable and easy to learn to use.

Discmania P2

The Discmania P2 has been on the market for over 10 years, but recently it has become one of the best selling discs in the world regardless of category. The P2 is a popular approach putter as well as putting putter. It is a tall, beadless disc that offers a very comfortable grip and predictable, straight flight. Discmania does a good job as well of differentiating the different plastic blends and the benefits of each blend. But regardless of plastic type, the P2 offers a flight that offers something for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Latitude 64 Pure

The Latitude 64 Pure is another unique putter that has a strong following among those who use it. It is a shallow, beadless, and understable putter that feels just a bit different when compared to other putters. The small and short rim might be uncomfortable for players with larger hands, and the understable flight is not ideal for the wind, but in the right conditions this disc flies true to its name–pure. The Pure goes straight for a long time, making it great for longer putts.

Dynamic Discs Warden

The Warden is another standard in the Dynamic Discs family. The Warden‘s mold is basically a beadless Judge that flies just as straight and just as consistently. If you have tried the Judge and decided you like it but the bead isn’t for you, then you shouldn’t skip a beat switching to the Warden. And of course, vice-versa.

Gateway Wizard

The Wizard has been doing it for over 15 years, and has become the “old reliable” in the putters category. It has an average to slightly taller height and a beaded rim that fits great for all ages and hand sizes. The Wizard is a straight flying putter that can be lethal from distance as well. Gateway has also done a great job of making the Wizard available in LOTS of plastic blends. So from Firm to Really Freakin’ Flexible or anywhere in between, you should be able to find a Wizard that is right for you.



This might be our most debatable selection so far, but the Wizard has been a popular choice for disc golfers for years. The Wizard is a great disc that covers just about everything you need in a putter, and when you add in the fact that it is available in a plethora of plastic blends, there is a Wizard for just about everyone. You don’t see the top sponsored pros throwing the Wizard much due to Gateway being a smaller fish in the sponsorship market, but when you take a look back in time to what some of the big names were throwing before they got manufacturer’s sponsorship, a lot of them were putting with the Wizard. For example, Kevin Jones, who just announced he will be throwing Prodigy Disc equipment in 2019, was a big proponent of the Pure White Wizard during the 2018 season.

What are your favorite disc golf putters?

Which putt and approach discs do you like for different weather conditions, wind, rain, cold etc? Share your opinion by commenting below!


  • Axiom envy is the best putter on the market

  • I putt with a harp but that is not on the list as a candidate do to it being an approach disc. I would like to try a Warden sometime.

  • It may be to similar to the Aviar, but the Aviar3 has become one of my favorite Circle 1 putters. The rim has a nice, deep, beadless feel that allows my long fingers to grip comfortably! The flat top cuts through the wind like no other, giving it a reliable finish. The only downside of the Aviar3 is the glide, or lack of glide that is!

  • Judges and Wardens, Wardens and Judges. I keep them both in the bag. Both are straight as an arrow. I use both for driving as they have tremendous glide. Of the two though, I think the Warden has a better feel (no bead). So, gotta go with the Warden.

  • I use the Pure as my “put only” disk and the Viking Rune as my approach disc.

  • I am a HUGE fan of the Lat 64 Dagger! I went through several putters until I found the Dagger and it was love at first grip! LOL! As soon as I picked it up, I knew I was gonna love it!! I have never looked back or second guessed it!

  • Gateway wizard for sure. Huge variety of plastics and superstraight

  • Envy. Best driving putter on market.

  • I settled on the d-p2 after trying many putters. The most versatile disc to minimize your bag. It can handle every shot up to an FD. I have tried to work in some MD line but have found I can get the same shots with p2 n fd without mids minimzing molds. Now i bag 2 of each: p2 dline, fd,cd2,pd all sline. 4 molds 8 disc with backups. Dont have the speed for pd2.

  • I really like the warden but I have recently switched to the west side maiden and love it.

  • The P2 is my go-to putter now. I searched around for a while trying multiple putters on this list. The Envy almost took the top spot, but the reliability of the P2 really cemented it in my bag. I’ve got large palms and short sausage fingers that have a hard time with a bead. I also transitioned to a more firm plastic that has upped my stability and consistency within 30. I bought 2 more after my first and haven’t looked back since. P2 FTW.

  • I like the classic warden.

  • The pure is my go to. I honestly don’t know why its not promoted more as the best disc to use for single rounds, or as the best disc for beginners. This disc is dead straight, can be used to putt with or drive with. Its fantastic!

  • I am hooked on the soft judge. Like the feel in the hand and it just grabs the chains for me.

  • Axiom Envy ftw! Also Aviar.

  • Nothing can come between me and my drug bugs (discraft roach) I went through 4 or 5 putters looking for the one that really tickled my fancy, magnets, aviars, voodoos, daggers, zones. Used voodoos for a good while with great success, until I found my roaches, my perfect putter. Straight flying, super comfortable in my hand, beadless, and hungry for chains! I kept the zone around as well. Obviously the zone is more of an approach disc which is why I still bag it, but I also like it for short turbo puts when I’m below the basket. I’ll just have to vote for it next time in the putt and approach category!

  • Christopher Lehmann

    Aviar is totally dependable for putts and up shots. Have 12 of them for putting practice.

  • I’m a big fan of the P2.

  • The p2 is the just perfect for me, I love how it feels in my hand and how it flys for putting or driving!

  • Loved the Warden from the moment I got one in my hands. Previously putted with Classic Grid Aviars. The Warden has an excellent predictable flight with a tiny finish as it slows.

  • The Warden is like the the perfect platonic form of a putter–perfectly round, medium depth, straight at low speeds but handles high power like a champ. I prefer classic blend for the grip and flat top, but I hope Dynamic comes out with some flat-topped premium ones soon to use off the tee.

  • Jamieson McCaffity

    Judges are awesome. Reliable and great throwers as well. consistent Everytime. I have 1 lucid and 1 classic soft

  • I’ve been putting with the Innova AVIAR since I started playing disc golf 28 years ago. Over the last year, I decided to try a few other molds, but none of them made it out of the backyard practice basket except for the JUDGE. I carry both the JUDGE and AVIAR in my bag, but 95% of my putts are with the AVIAR. It’s just a super consistent, straight flying putter that releases well from my hands. I do love the feel of the JUDGE, but it’s just not quite enough to dethrone the AVIAR . . . yet.

  • I still bag my black Wizard putter from 4 years ago, when I first started disc golf. This was the first disc I ever bought. Stupid Super Soft plastic is the way to go, great plastic for all seasons. Straight flyer, and durable has held up through everyday play. Over a 1000 rounds on this one disc. My best scoring rounds are with this putter. Took a tour of Gateway this year, and got to meet David Mac the owner of Gateway Disc Sports. He treated my family and I, to a wonderful tour and we got to see how Gateway discs are made and stamped. The employees at Gateway in St. Louis are awesome!!! I will be a Gateway customer 4 life!!!

  • I have had the luxury of trying many putters over the 15 yrs of playing but the one that has become the staple in my bag is the KC pro Aviar. It’s comfortable in my hand, releases smooth, and has the predictable flight path I like.

  • MVP Atom in Electron firm and soft is freaking fire!!!

    Best putter, hands down!!!

  • The McPro Aviar is the best putter in my opinion. I’ve been putting with these for 2 years now and they are the most consistent putters. I get such a clean release with the McPros. I can always count on them even in the wind. Unfortunately they won’t be produced anymore but thankfully I have a good stock of them.

  • It’s a tough choice for me between the MVP Ion and the Infinite Discs tomb, the electron plastic of the ion is better, but the tomb glides a little better and is better off the tee. Right now I give the tomb the best putter in my book.

  • The dart is personally my favorite. The champion dart is extremely reliable and flys straight every time.

  • I have tried virtually every top rated putter in the last year. None of them stuck with me or felt great until I tried the P2. I tried the P2 in each of the plastics and have been continually impressed. I have thrown more 100 ft putts into the basket with the P2 than I would believe. It flys straight with a very small and predictable fade, the S plastic feels the most slippery, yet grabs the chains from almost any angle. When I locked on the P2, my putter search ended. I use the c line P2 for long shots and the S line for short putts. This putter is money in the bag, and even fights wind well. Stop searching, bag the P2.

  • Aviar all the way. I tried a number of different putter when I first got into disc golf but the Aviar has consistently felt the best and performed well for me. I like the DX for grip.

  • I’m a judge man… but I also love the Legacy Clozer

  • My favorite putter is the Pure. I have a couple in zero soft plastic, and I use them for putts, approached, and sometimes drives. And if I really need to, I can whip it with a forehand. Great disc

  • Axiom envy is fantastic as both a putter and an approach disc! Comfortably stable, it gets the job done while looking so much better than the competition!

  • I remember the day I met her…

    I’m still young in the game (aren’t we all), and I’d spent most of my time trying to find THAT putter, the one that felt right in my hand and out of my hand; you know, the One.

    I tried overmolds like the MVP Ion and Anode, the Innova Nova; I tried the more normal putters like the Judge, and the Aviar; I even tried an Inova Hydra and a Lat 64 Sarek (overmold). The overmolds felt best IN my hand, and the Marshall that I had for a week felt best OUT of my hand.

    And then I met her… The Lat 64 Pure.

    Oh my Heavens! She was incredible… Zero Hard plastic, white as the driven snow, and gorgeous as my drive is long. What a disc! She took some getting used to, and she definitely had to warm up to me as well, but once I got my game in gear we were tearing up the course. From the first awkward moments in my hands, to the growing confidence our relationship gives me on the course, I think.. no… I know that I am in love!

    Ever since she came my way, my short game’s never been the same!
    I’m over the moon and in the chains, in sun and shine, in wind and rain
    She holds her course so steadily, and never rolls away.
    She leaves my hand so beadlessly, she’s more than I can say!
    I will never leave her, and I tell her so quite oft’!
    (Though I’m told she has a little sis, and her name is Zero Soft…)

  • I bought an MVP Spin in Electron plastic this year and it’s incredible – it quickly became my favorite putter. It’s grippy and heavy rimmed, exactly what I want in a putter. It flies into the chains way not reliably than anything else I’ve played with.

  • Not mentioned above us the Discraft Roach. This putter has been a game changer for me. It’s laser straight and had a smooth release. My putting has majorly improved. Bonus is that it is also an amazing approach disc and throws great off the teebox. Totally underrated putter and belongs on this list. I have a feeling it may be next year…

  • Can’t wait to see which Discraft putter makes the list next year.

  • I just found an Axiom Envy and forced myself to play a round with it. Lo and behold, the putter rocks! Very flat top, that I wouldn’t normally go for, but it has a great tactile feel to it, and the darn thing finds the chains every time. Highly recommend it. A very straight path, with a slight RHBH fade at the end.

  • I have to say the Atom being mentioned makes me happy. It’s a great spin putter and if you like to throw it off the tee they go super far as well.

    I will toss a Swan2 in the bag in the winter when my hands don’t seem to grip as well, the more understable nature makes it straighter when it’s hard to generate spin.

  • Started off putting with yeti aviars loved the concave top, didn’t like the bead it seemed to always catch on my fingers while putting. Moved over to classic aviars as they were slightly more comfortable but they had a high shoulder that Didn’t fit right in my hand. Behold the warden beadless straight as an arrow low shoulder & flat top immediately loved the disc. can handle most any torque when thrown right. Love it off the tee on short straight shots & use it as my putting putter.

  • I had been using Discraft Magnets but recently switched it up. So far I’ve been liking the Innova Polecat and the Infinite Tomb. Been using the Tomb most.

  • I used to put with the Warden but during a DD Trilogy Challenge I received the Maiden and I have switched over. The maiden is not as deep and I get a cleaner release. It was released late in the year but can’t wait to see what next year sales bring for this disc.

  • I can never decide between my P2 and my Dagger. I switch them out all the time depending on which one is working for me at the time.
    I used a deputy for a long time but they became too under stable and unpredictable after some time and after improving on my form.
    Right now though, the Dagger is in my bag. Zero Soft plastic for the win during these colder winter months. It’s easier to grip in the cold. Especially with the bead. Plus, I got long fingers so it being super deep is comfortable in my hand.
    Dagger has my vote.

  • The JK Aviar-X is the putter for me, both off the pad and into the basket. I like the bead for an accurate release, but the material is what is so fantastic.

  • Kastaplast Reko rocks. I was lucky enough to get one for an ace-race event and have never turned back. Dead straight putt and approach disc that lands flat.

  • I’ve learned that putting is all about confidence, and trusting your putter leads to that confidence! I’m still looking for a good winter putter, but for the warmer months it’s all about the Aviar Classic.

    The plastic Innova uses for the Classic is a fair bit firmer than standard Dx. It feels strong & durable. I can’t explain it, but when I have a 175g Aviar Classic in my hand, I trust that I’ll sink those putts!

  • I’ve been putting (and approaching, and sometimes driving….) with a Wizard for almost 10 years. It’s easily my favorite disc in any category. Great feel in the hand, consistent flight that you can easily shape, plus a huge variety of plastics to choose from make the Wizard a winner. Be careful if you’ve never tried a Wizard – you won’t be able to break out of its spell!

  • The Dynamic Discs Deputy!
    Straight to understable, with a fairly shallow rim. I think this is the perfect putter for new and experienced players.

  • I have been using a Innova Dart for a while and I just picked up an Innova Aviar. They seem similar to me. They have both been great to prilactice in The back yard.

  • Aviars are my favorite. Stable enough to throw straight, straight enough to putt well. They also come in a ton of plastics so you can use them for many different things. The feel is great, not too tall, not too narrow, just perfect, and beadless.

  • The MVP Atom was my first putter, and I haven’t looked back since. I use an electron soft Atom for close putts and an Atom in neutron for my approach shots. I’ll even throw the neutron one off the tee on occasion as well. That disc can fly. With my slower arm speed (I just started a few months ago) I can throw my atom farther than some of my drivers: consistently getting it 200+ ft off the tee. It flies super straight with predictable, gentle fade near the end. It holds anhyzer and hyzer lines as well for shaped shots and putts when needed. I could easily play a course with just an Atom.

  • For me I throw the voodoo, the sss plastic is some of the best on the market and it is so reliable I cant give it up. I have thrown the judge, the warden, the dagger, and the axiom, in and envy, but the best disc for putting for me has got to be my voodoo.

  • The Caltrop is my personal favorite putter. I love the feel of the zero hard plastic. The rim has the perfect angle on it for my putting style. It glides just enough for circle 1 to mid circle 2. It is good on the windy days also. I use the Opto Caltrop for all 100-250 upshots. This putter has improved my game by several strokes.

  • I have to say the Innova XD has the nod for best disc golf putter. It definitely can be used for approach but its ability to hold any line and its small profile allows for such an effortless consistent flight that can get any golfer out of any jam. Its slightly more stable than a sonic without sacrificing too much of the frisbee glide and less stable and thinner than the nova so the really tough anhyzer lines are still attackable.

  • Classic Grid Aviar.

  • Prime Judges have been great. Switched from Wizards. Liked them alot too. Just feel like the Judge is straighter so it works for my putting style.

  • I throw and putt with Envys. There is no other putter I have used that is as consistent, comfortable, and good off the tee. And in neutron plastic, that consistency lasts for a long long time.

  • The Lat64 pure is my go to putter. I keep a hard, med and a soft in my bag. Super straight and reliable. Only time I grab anything else is if it’s really windy!

  • I started out with the JK aviar, I soon moved onto the yeti aviar. I really like the bead as it helps with my grip. The concave also helps with making the disc seem sooner than the JK aviar.

  • I started using the Axiom Envy (neutron soft and regular) and had very good results right away… been with these putters for a year now, and they have served me well in all kinds of conditions…

  • Everyone talks about the the Discmania P2, but no one talks about the P3. It is a great throwing putter. Its taken the place of my straight and understable mid ranges because it’s lower profile. Id recommend anyone a P3 from a seasoned pro, down to someone’s first disc.

  • Of the one’s listed, judges. But that’s because their close to the best putter ever, the Westside Crown.

  • If I had to choose from this list I’d say the p2. My go to putters are the Vibram Summit (RIP) and the Reko from Kastaplast.

  • Christopher Martinez

    Aviar xxl. So gummy, but stiff enough to drive. Putts don’t spit out. Just grab them chains and hold. Perfect jump putt disc in my opinion. I mean come on. It’s the aviar. There’s a reason it’s been around for so long.

  • My go to is usually a jawbreaker zone or a soft magnet, but out of this list I prefer the prime judge

  • Marvin Prasayasith

    Harp! Best approach and to putt with.

  • I love the gateway wizard

  • I carry 4 of those putters in my bag and for me the Envy is my go-to putter. The smaller rim fits great in my hand and i always feel confident that i will hit chains.

  • Warden right now. Low profile, no bead. A tad understable. Feels great in the hand.

  • stuck between a pure and a warden right now.

  • The Gateway Wizard is hands down the best putting putter on the market. This disc can be used for push or spin putts because of it’s extremely straight, predictable flight path. It is even overstable enough to fight back on an anhyzer release. No matter the plastic type, when I pick up a Wizard, I have full confidence I can make the putt! That being said, my preferred plastic type for putting is organic or special blend.

  • Of the ones posted in this blog:

  • I use zero medium gauntlets for putting. I started out with a kc pro aviar, but one day i decided to swap it up to my megasoft gauntlet because it was cold wintery weather. I’ve not looked back since. Zero med gauntlet all day. It just works.

  • Judge. After a long break I decided to try another brand. The first disc I picked up was a judge and I quickly started to trust it not only on the green but with upshots and drives off the tee.

  • Made the switch from wizards to now using P2’s.

  • Aviar! Nova for short upshots though.

  • It’s the dagger for me. I find myself hitting more circle two putts with it than anything else I’ve tried.

  • Love my nova, but one that’s not on the list and is probably underrated is the dart. Good freakin putter!!!!

  • The Deputy is the best putter in my opinion. It is a straight flying putter and works well with my spin putt. Plus, it feels great in my hand.

  • My favorite putter is currently the soft glo roach. It is pretty shallow, not beaded, and just the right softness. It is easy for my to hold and release to allow those straight flights with a touch of finish.

  • The judge is best

  • The Judge without a doubt is my favorite putter!

  • I have two different putters that I use. The warden and the envy both are great putters. My warden is max weight and is my putting putter and my envy is 172 weight it is my throwing putter. My warden is very grippy which I like in a putter. My envy is a little bit less grippy but fits my hand better as a throwing putter. So it is very hard to choose just 1 putter for me.

  • The mvp atom is my go to

  • Love the Streamline Pilot. Small profile which is great for people with smaller hands like me. Also love the Electron plastic.

  • Wizard all the way

  • I love the warden but just switched recently to deputies

  • The Glow P-Line P2 is the best putter. It is stiff enough to put a ton of power behind. The plastic nice and grippy to keep your confidence high from any distance.

  • Challenger in Jawbreaker

  • I love the Westside Harp. Good throwing and putting putter.

  • Innova Colt 🙂
    (Not really, just didn’t see any love for it)

  • Aviar, the classics never die.

  • I have to say Wizard. I’ve bounced between a few in the list and I’m ready to go back to my Wizards! I’m a Wizard, Harry!

  • The Judge is a super money thrower, but no love for my mercy’s?

  • Have to go with the gateway wizzard, I’ve seen that one and it actually works really well.

  • Gateway Wizards all the way!

  • Judge feels good coming out of the hand and flies nice

    • Pure for me!

      Love the Grip Line Pure as a putting putter but also use an Opto Pure for approach shots.

  • The Wizard is my go to!

  • Atom is money!!!

  • I cant get enough P2s

  • P2 has been my go to lately.

  • I love my Judge! Use Classics for putting and a Dyemax one for driving and upshots. So versatile for me and provides consistency throughout my game.

  • MVP Ion. The unique feel of the inner core is the biggest draw for me. Next would be the glide.

  • The JK Pro Aviar, hands down. Super feel, and mine is beat in just enough to read my mind on approach shots.

  • Cameron Gruenberg

    If I had to pick from these 10 it would be the Judge I have one in the bag for more putter up shots. My favorite putter is the Millennium Omega Super Soft ET!

  • discmania p-2, solid, reliable and fun to throw. I carry 3 different plastics,

  • I’m still on the search for a new putter. I’ve heard really good things about the dynamic putters.

  • Judge All Day …

  • Streamline Pilots turned my putting game around!

  • Judge for me all day!!!

  • If there can only be one putter in my bag, the P2 would be my choice. With a very fitting and comfortable grip, Discmania’s different blends of plastics just offers more options for any discer, regardless of skill level. The P2 is my putter.

  • Atom for me. I Like the short smaller rim.

  • I got my 1st wizard this summer and it is my go to

  • Love the Aviar, it’s my go to.

  • WIZARD!!! I’ve tried the Aviar Judge Warden Atom and a few others not listed but the first time I threw a wizard I knew she was the one. They have lots of glide and overstable to keep that glide straight. They also handle the headwind well and you can throw them off the tee!!! Very versatile and with the different plastics your sure to find one that’s right for you.

  • I use an Aviar but I really want to try the pure. Sounds just right, shallow with no bead!

  • I would say the Judge with an atom close behind

  • The warrden is my go to. Need it in a more stiff plastic for mid to longer ranges, otherwise very other year I get a new super soft.

  • For me…. I love the Deputy! Finally a putter that will hold a straight line even as I slide outside the circle. Now if I could aim that would help lol.

  • Axiom Envy is probably he beat putter in my bag, I do love the MVP Atom as well.

  • No stud love? Dx studs for life!

  • I’ve been using Atoms for a couple years, not only do they feel great in the hand, they are fantastic putters. Oh, did I mention that they are great for short drives? I nailed my first two and only aces with an Atom this year!

  • Dynamic Discs Deputy (Prime burst), feels really good in the hand and super versatile; super straight for “splush putting” and a great turnover putter for tricky putting situations.

  • Absolutely the envy, low profile comfortable and controllable.

  • RFF wizard is one of my favorites

  • I love my Gateway Wizards!

  • Wizard all day!!

  • I like the Envy

  • Wizard is where it’s at.

  • If I’m choosing from the nominees I pick the atom. But my personal favorite is the Deputy! Straight glide for days!

  • Judge all day!!!

  • I am really liking the PA-3 from Prodigy for putting. Just has a really comfortable feel.

  • I think the Yeti Pro Aviar is really good. Overstable, but still has some good glide so you don’t have to give it too much force.

  • I have a Fuzion Judge that I’d never trade, but my moonshine Harp has a solid place in my bag. The Judge is my go to.

  • I’ve been using judges for a while now and I absolutely love them! They are my main putting and throwing putter. However I would suggest a warden as a throwing putter. It is a beadless judge and flies amazing.

  • Classic Blend Deputy

  • I use switch on and off with my whale and ryhno.
    Would love to try a wizard.

  • I have to go with Judge, though I use my wizard almost equally as much.

  • I’m a fan of the judge,I’ve made a lot of putts beyond the 50’ range and love the way it holds its line

  • The envy is my putter. I have glow for night golf. I have a envy for approach. And an emvy for turbo (i only putt turbo)

  • I’m gonna go with the Discmania P2! My favorite for sure, especially in P-line!

  • Personally I LOVE the p2!

    • The absolute best putter on the market, and this cannot be disputed, is the one that works for you.

      Personally tried wizards, aviars, anodes, and p2s (in three different plastics) but they never really felt quite right, never really came ot of my hand consistently. So much wanted to like wizards then p2s, just weren’t the ones.

      Then i tried the pure. Perfect disc for me at this point. Feel great in the hand, consistent release. Just works well for my hand and putting style. Not so good for driving though – mcpro aviar fills that slot. Zone is my finesse flick disc.

  • DD warden is the best. Any kind of plastic!

  • The envy is a great putter, great for driving and putting.

  • From the first time I threw it, it’s always been the P2.

  • I’m putting with the Infinite Myth right now but I also have to throw some love out for the Black Zombie Chainsaw! A wizard top with a modified bottom. It has a great mix of stability and glide for hyzer putting. The only problem was the expense and difficulty in getting them.

  • OG Wizard is my go to putter and driving putter!

  • Personally, I love the Envy.

  • I use the Judge in diff plastics and weights, love it! I am starting to think I should switch though, thanks for the list. Lucid Plastic is my fav, not a fan of the Classic at all.

  • Warden for sure. I was using 2 then tried to switch to another beaded putter. Had to go back to the Warden.

  • Buffy Householder

    I was using the Avair3 until I found the judge. It became money for me. Never looking back on my decision to change

  • Wizard, can cover everything from putting to driving with whatever plastic feel you are looking for.

  • P2 hands down. I’m still between d-line and p-line but the beadless putter has improved my game tremendously.

  • The Innova Aviar. The Aviar comes in just about any plastic Innova makes and is a stable disc that all levels of Disc Golfers can benefit from.

  • Judge hands down. Recently switched from Warden’s and am not looking back!

  • I love the DD WARDEN. Straight as a string for upshots 100 ft and in

  • I use the envy off the tee, but for putting it’s the eraser wizard all day.

  • I have 5 putters in my bag.

    Classic Soft Judge
    Prime Warden x2
    Prime Deputy
    DX Sonic

    I use all of them regularly but when putting from the circle I favor one of my Wardens. I have really been interested to try one of the Banger GT though.

  • Discmania D-Line P2

  • I’m my opinion the aviar is the best putter no matter what your skill level is.

  • I’m Team Dagger all the way! Happy to see it on this list.

  • I love the Shield.

  • I would have to say the Judge. It has just enough glide and stability to scream off your hand into the basket! It’s money on flick putts. And also great for approaches and drives. Easily the best all around putter out there.

  • I like James Conrad Glow Aviar. It just a JK Aviar-X but with the glow plastic it has great grip. I bought the disc to support James Conrad and it quickly became my go to putter.

  • I’m a big fan and spokesperson for Innova Aviars

  • I love the way the Judge feels in my hand.

  • I’ve just recently found MVP and have since started using the Atom over my Aviar. They fly very similar for me, but I trust the Atom more which gives me confidence. A confident game, is a game I can win.

  • The judge is where it’s at.

    My Supreme Court consists of a Fusion, Fusion Burst, Classic, Classic Blend, Lucid, and Fluid.

    Feels great for forehand approach shots, turbo putts when the need arises, and regular unleaded putts from any range.

  • Partial to the plasma envy.
    Not so much as a putter but as a thrower off the tee. New has an overstablity that is always on point. As they wear they become dead straight. Perfect for those shots under 300′.
    I bag 3. 1 heavy use, medium use, and light use. I wouldnt feel right without an envy in the bag.

  • Kc pro aviar. Best putter on the market

  • McPro Aviar. Feels great in the hands which is paramount for a putting putter, and it’s hard to argue with the results that paul has had with them

  • For me it’s the Gateway Wizard, it has greatly improved my short game

  • P2, it has helped me improve my short game.

  • The RFF Wizard was my go to putter for years. Straight flyer and supper grippy. Unlike other disc types the putter is all about how they feel to you personally. With that in mind the only putter I use now is the Jawbreaker Roach. Rounded edges, a unique grippy feeling, just holding it improves my game.

  • Innova Aero is the best putter.

  • Yeti aviar, concave top is just too nice to grip

  • Have to go wizard, great for beginners all the way to pros. Plus no other putter has that wizard feel…

  • The best putting putter
    Is the Kastaplast Reko k3 plastic
    Its a flat top slightly overstable
    Beauty. Best feeling plastic around.
    Great grip wet or dry,hot or cold. The rim isnt as deep as some putters so it doesn’t snag your fingers as you release helping keep the flight true.
    The older they get the better they fly.
    No matter the wind, spin it up and
    Ching,ching. Using the Reko for 2 years now, tried some other putters and had to come back.

  • I’m going to go with the judge.

  • I am using the swan!

  • Putters are the most personal disc in a bag. I’ve tried a few but settled on the MVP Ion/Atom in the Electron Plastic. Like the feel and flight

  • I use the swan!

  • Wizard is the standard for beaded putters. Great glide with a predictable fade.

  • The MVP Atom is my favorite putter, although I’m not opposed to trying a few from off this list.

  • P2s are a staple here in Austin.

  • All about the judge here!

  • Legacy Gravity Clozer. Perfect stability and feel for inside the circle.

  • The JK Pro Aviar-X is by far the best putter I’ve ever used. Grippy yet stable, it’s a chain grabber from all distances.

  • Judge. It’s the final word in putters, grip, stability, durability, and dependability. Case closed. Pay the bailiff.

  • The P2 is such a well rounded putter. Love that disc.

  • The best pure putter on the market is the Kastaplast Berg, but for purposes of this contest I will pick the Envy.

  • Currently putt with the Classic Warden but really want to get an Aviar to try.

  • I have putted with around 4 or 5 if the styles above and thrown a few as well. I honestly could use the p2 or the judge all day as my go to putter.

  • Atom is by far the best Putter I’ve used

  • The RFF Wizard was my go to putter for a long time. It is grippy and straight as an arrow. Now my only putter is the Jawbreaker Roach. Love the rounded rim and unique feel of the plastic.

  • The best putter on the market has to be the Westside discs maiden. Its such a great straight putter. I know if I miss a putt it is because of the fact that I either rolled my wrist or did something flukey. It is just super reliable.

  • Discmania P2 all day! Incredible glide and flight. Always comfortable in the hand.

  • Envy. Drive with it, approach with it, putt with it.

  • The P2 is a great disc but I am inclined to say my favorite is the Innova McPro Aviar.

  • I’m thankful for my MVP Atom.
    I finally found a putter that is comfortable in my little hand. I lake to take it to my backyard and bang chains from various distances with it.

  • Judge for me was Marshall guy but switched to the judge

  • MVP Atom fits well in my hand and is a straight shooter.

  • Gotta go warden. Very neutral flight and feels great with no bead

  • The Wizard is my choice for Putter. I have been using it after I started disc golf in June 2017. I tried a few different ones, Pole Cat, Nova, and Aviar. Then I stayed with an MVP spin, and then eventually paired it with a Wizard a couple months later. I grew to like the feel and fit in my hand. Wizard has a nice grippy eraser feel and playing in a tourney in down pour rain, my trusty putter was the only thing not slipping out of my hand. I went on to salvage the rest of my first round with just the Wizard and ended up winning the tourney after round 2, erasing a 7 stoke deficit, and winning by 5 strokes. From that point, the Wizard became my go to Putter.

  • The Pure hands down! Been my favorite disc period for years. A deadly weapon fir those that need a laser straight flight and finish!

  • The latitude 64 dagger has a very different feel to it, but after getting used to it, it can be extremely reliable. I prefer the medium blend.

  • Envy. It may be the greatest disc ever made, let alone putter.

  • MVP Atom is THE best putter and electron plastic is THE best putter plastic.

  • I’ve been putting with Voodoos for years – it’s still my putting putter. I love to throw MVP Anodes and Axiom Envys.

  • I throw strictly innova because it feels the best to me but when my club I run did a starter pack challenge I ordered the dynamic discs prime Burst starter pack (because we all know about innovas starter pack ) and I FELL IN LOVE with the prime Burst judges and I now swapped my mcpros for judges and my game has improved a lot!

  • I just started using a Latitude 64 Pure and I already love that disc! It just feels so right in my hand.

  • I just started using a Latitude 64 Pure and I am loving that disc. It just feels so good in my hand and it has made me more confident in my short game.

  • I use a judge as my putter, but I am always flirting with making a hard switch to the atom, I feel as if the atom can simplify my bag. It is better in the mountain winds, and is great as an approach disc

  • I’m not a fan of the rhyno… but man can I put with it. I hit more with that than any other putter.

  • aviar is probably the most common putter but seeing i use the warden im gonna say its the best…

  • I really like the soft plastic Atom.

  • Electron soft Envy is one of the best feeling putters out there.

  • I fell in love with wardens a couple of years ago. Have never looked back!

  • The Maiden is my putter of choice for long straight flights and a great feel in the hand. Love the shallow rim! If I had to choose pa putter from above it would be the Warden.

  • I love the Maiden for its flat top and straight flight.

  • Banger GT! The groove top let’s me stop thinking about my grip and let her fly.

  • P2 just clicked with me. They’re great putting and driving, comfy, available in nearly every plastic.

  • Soft Deputy for putting and Moonshine Deputy for the short approach!

  • Aviary putter is the best

  • Nice article. I like using the P2 but with so many blends it’s hard to pick my go to plastic. Kinda leaning to x line but want to try the soft p line

  • I have a Warden and I love it. Great all around putter.

  • I went through many of the putters mentioned in this list. However, I now use 2 main putters… over 50 ft I grab moonshine burst maiden, under 50 ft I am #TEAMDEPUTY. If I win I would love another Maiden. It is a great up shot disc.

  • I’d have to say the Atom

  • Nothing better in the hand than a brand new avair.

  • I throw both an Aviar and a Judge.

  • Eraser wizard is the best from the list. I prefer my rhino

  • Discmania P2 is a beast

  • Albert Sölvi Óskarsson

    P2 is my favourite putter. I mainly use it for putting but it is also really good for layup shots. Feels really good in the hand.

    • I’ve got to go with the MVP Atom. Outside of 30’ it’s one of the most reliable putters I’ve used, nice straight flight with just a bit of fade at the end. The mold is very comfortable in my hand as well.

  • Challenger is my go to now!

  • Love my envy! Best putter I’ve had!

  • McPro aviar!! I get 2 new ones at the beginning of each season! Now what am I gonna do?!?!?

  • Christopher Reese

    Envy is best! Can putt, approach, and drive with it.

  • My favorite putting putter is the Swan 1 Reborn. Harp is my favorite throwing putter and for putting in the wind.

  • Started with an Aviar but quickly fell in love with an Envy. Love that disc!

  • I’ve been using the dagger for a while know and it works well. The judge is good too.

  • The MVP Atom is my choice!

  • Warden!! Great for turbo putts too!!

  • I love my Pure.

  • I’ve thrown several of these and I like the Judge best

  • I have gone from the wizard to the judge to the warden, deputy, crown, but always back where I started. The wizard is one of a kind and will continue to be my go to for all putts inside 100 feet!!

  • DX aviar, cheap and trusty.

  • For me it is the Deputy. Love the feel of the disc and it is laser straight for me. Has boosted my confidence in my putting game and my scores have showed it. Great in all plastics and is awesome off the Tee and for upshots as well. It covers a ton of shots for and am grateful it made it’s way into my life.

  • From the list, aviar, but want a whale. Looks great for a putter.

  • I love my latitude 64 Dagger

  • I started 20 years ago and quickly settled on the DX Aviar over the Soft Magnet, and have mainly used the DX Aviar until recent years where I’ve added the McPro plastic into rotation, though that’s never really stuck.

    With my putting game needing the most work after all these years playing, I finally decided to branch out this year and try out other putters.

    Long story slightly shorter: I think I’m gonna join #TeamWarden in the Classic Blend Burst. It’s not a huge change from the Aviar (and I’ll always bag at least one), but I’ve regained confidence in my putting which had upped both my C1 and C2 percentages.

  • I have switch from my arsenal of wizards this year to a Glow P2 and im not looking back. Using a beaded putter for years and then going to headless has me shooting lazers.

  • I’ll never give up my $$ Wizards. Definitely the best putters, for putting. The grip flex and flight are fantastic. The only real issue I have is with durability, but I buy stacks of them at a time, so there are always replacements waiting.

  • I’ve gone through a few putters and feel the Wizard has helped my putting game the most.

  • My favorite putter by far is my BlowFly I. Of those listed, I like the Wizard in the most flexible plastics. MVP ATOM in electron plastic is great! In 2017 I threw in pouring rain at Bluegill DGC one entire round of 24 with only my since LOST Atom 155g. HAVE NOT REPLACED IT YET

  • The Warden is it for me!!!

  • Classic blend Judge

  • I use a soft Magnet. Easy to grip and sticks to the chains.

  • Pure White Wizard

  • MVP Atom is the putter that helped my gain confidence, developing a form that makes putts.

  • Having used 8 out of 9 (the Atom is the lone holdout) listed I much prefer the Wizard, though I’m in the process of transitioning from Rhynos to Focuses (which are similar to Wizards), so I really don’t have a horse in the race. I had a stint of varying times, from a couple putts with a Warden, to putting a couple rounds with a DX Classic Aviar, to using a P2 for half a season, I’ve found what works for me. I’m surprised the Discraft Challenger or Roach didn’t make the list, I’ve putted with both and they both stuck for a while, the Challenger eventually found its way to a FH approach putter. I think I need to FOCUS more on my putting and less on disc choice.

  • Aviar is the best

  • I use an RFF Wizard

  • Just started using Jawbreaker Zones for putting this year. The combination of low profile and overstability guarantees it’s not gonna fly past the basket. I can aim at the same spot on the chains for pretty much all inside the circle putts. This disc has improved my putting primarily from the mental side because of its reliability.

  • Discmania X-line P2

  • Putting: Warlock. Gateway’s Aviar…

    Driving: Axiom Proxy. It is so straight and consistent. Best Thrower.

  • I’ve tried many, and finally settled on the warden. It feels perfect in my hand. Confidence is up and more chains are being hit!

  • Rafael Rökkvi Freysson

    Innova aviar is best putter in the world

  • I use the Axiom Ion but the Judge is my favorite on this list.

  • Love my atom. Keep two different plastics in my bag at all times!

  • I have a few putters but my always trusty and go to is the aviar.

  • P2 is my fave. Oldie but a goodie.

  • Considering I lost my go to dagger, if love to put one back in the bag

  • The Judge is my disc of choice.

  • P2 is my tried and true putter

  • hard Mercy all the way!

  • I like my Daggers. They have been my putter of choice for over a year. They are even pretty good for upshots.

  • Discraft Challenger. In jawbreaker plastic. Hands down.

  • The Envy is definitely my favorite, but the P2 is a close second.

  • Love the warden. Perfect amount of stability and when thrown flat, turns a little and has that fight out fade to it.
    Nice straight putter

  • Classic Blend Wardens are the best putter of all time. Change my mind

  • I’m a Judge/Warden guy ( Because sometimes you feel like a bead, sometimes you don’t) but I’ve recently discovered the Maiden which I’m loving for longer putts. If I had to pick one though, I’m definitely a Warden guy.

  • Switched from the Pilot to the Maiden and absolutely love the Maiden!

  • I haven’t thrown that many putters, but I like my Wizards!

  • The Discmania P2 is the most reliable, consistent putter you can get. I prefer X-Line plastic, which gives me that extra grip for my spin putt.

  • Call me judgey Mcjudgerton cause it seems the judge is my go to putter.

  • Shawn Christophersen

    Nothing better than a wizard!

  • I’ve played around with a lot of putters over the years, but the D-line P2 is what I like the best. It has stability and is really workable. I like how they season, and I can really cover all my needs with three in the bag.

  • Gotta go Judge on this one!

  • Wizards are my favorite putter for sure.

  • McPro aviar was the first time that I really settled into a putter, super consistent, firm, but not slick. Only thing I would change is to make it beat in a little quicker.

  • The P2 is the best hands down. I use Glow P-Line for putting. They have great grip and fly very true. I use a Swirly S-Line for driving off the tee up to 280ft. Then there is the Sky God if you are looking for an even more overstable version. I personally do not bag one but I friend of mine does and he can put as much power as he wants on it. I have seen him throw it at least 320ft if not a little further.

  • Team warden! I use a fuzion warden and I love the way it feels!

  • ENVY is my go to for so many shots it’s not even funny

  • I’m voting for the Envy due to coming out with two new plastic runs in 2018, Axiom Electron and Eclipse Glow. In electron the Envy is a velvety matte putter with reliable stability, in the premium plastics the Envy is a more stable putter that flirts between a putter and midrange and is a fantastic throwing putter. Always my go-to disc for one disc rounds.

  • Have tried many putters over the years, but I keep going back to the Omega SS. Most consistent putter I have tried. I do use these only for putting. As for driving putters, use either the Judge or Pure.

  • Dynamic Disc Judge. Classic blend burst plastic. Stable enough for a hard putter but also flies very straight. It comes in a lot of different plastics but I have found the classic blend burst to be the perfect combination of grip and looks.

  • Jacqueline L Kirkpatrick

    Started with Wizards so they feel like home to me. <3

  • I’ve been putting with Electron Firm Atoms now for the last two years and I love them. I like the shallow rim that allows me to get a good grip and add a little pop on the release. The stability allows me to play with angles on putts around obstacles. And for me it’s super controllable for jump putts.

  • You just can’t miss with the Aviar. I love the Wizard but just like the feel and consistency of my kc pro Aviar better. Both great choices