Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).


  • I’ve actually thrown more than 50 different putters. For short putts I like the ABC Money putter in Gold Plastic. It’s soft, but not too soft, and is a big thick putter that fits nicely in my hand.

    For longer putts, I reach for a Proton MVP Anode. This is a putter that stays straight and hardly fades at all.

    • I love my Arobie Arrow…..Many state it throws like a brick but it on the spot not a bit of fade. . . (unless level toss is not done. Sinkd right on the hole.

      I knocked 5 off my score with this so called rock.
      Don’t move in the wind either A++ for me.

  • I am always trying to find that perfect disc, usually that magic driver that gets me to the basket in one, and I am still looking… In the last year that search has also included putters. I came across a 2009 Ace Race disc at Play It Again over the winter. A relatively soft disc with a bead. It’s profile is very similar to the Challenger that I used in the wind and a Magic I used when it was calm. Both of which felt the same in the hand. Since then I have Focused on it as being my primary putter. So much so that I bought another Ace Race disc to stow away, another used production run from Play It Again, and a brand new X Soft Focus from Infinite Discs. What a difference these putters have made on my short game. The Focus can consistently hold a lofted anny until the very end of it’s flight. It is dead nuts straight on snap drives and upshots. The putter holds a Hyzer and sticks to the chains well. I love this disc and have relegated all my other putters to the practice basket for the kids and visitors.

    I do like the Zone for flicks and strong winds. It is a great disc that cuts through winds and always always comes back, whether thrown RHBH or RHFH. I am getting a Premium Jokeri to see how it compares to the Z Zone. I am hoping to rid my bag of hard plastics in exchange for consistent grip and chain grabbing stickiness…

    I will continue my search for the ultimate discs. With Focus and determination my game will continue to improve!

  • Discmania’s P2 is my putter to go. No matter what, it will fly deadstraight, well, at least when I am throwing it!

  • Tried many putters in the last three years and have found gateways sss Caicos to be can handle a power drive and are lasers from 80′ and in. The sss plastic really grabs the chains and allows you to float your putt in or power it, either way it sticks

  • I used to be a big fan of the Innova Aviars, but after throwing a Wizard, I quickly changed my mind. Then I purchased an MVP Anode. The Anode is by far the best putter I’ve thrown. Great straight putts. And, for me, 200-250′ drives, this thing is great. I want to try the prodigy putters because i want something i can drive 300′ easily. I’m just hoping these putters are what im looking for.

  • I love my X Putter for nice close putts, and I like my Innova Pig for longer spin putts or in the wind. It’s got great stability.

  • The Innova Aviar is the best putting putter because it works as a putter without having to put spin on it. Every other putter i have thrown seemed to need spin to keep it on course. The Aviars float to the chains with a push. That being said, they work well when thrown in other ways too. From a short drive, to a long putt, they are consistently effective. So, in conclusion, the disc that can be thrown as as driver, mid-range, or putter, is the choice. Not only is it the best putting putter, it is the hardest working disc in the game.

  • yeti pro ….just like the way it feels and flys

  • Love the judge for its versatility and the feel of it. Good for short drives and putting in the circle. It has a lower profile then most putters and flies straight with a lot of glide.

  • Richard Parsons

    Wizard is the best putter. By far. All other putters i’ve thrown would alter their course slightly to the left or right of where i was aiming. Wizards, however…”are never too far left or too far right, they land precisely where they mean to.” [Pretty sure Gandalf would’ve stated that had he played Disc Golf]

    Anyway, the Wizard always lands where i intend, never changing direction regardless of how far/short i throw it.

    I recommend, strongly, to anyone looking for a putter, to choose the Wizard.

    That is all.

    • I got a Wizard you can have. It turns left too much, foats away in the wind and the light hard plastic likes to bounce off the chains and away from the basket. It probably rolls away from the basket too. Sorry I had a bad experience with the only one I’ve thrown.

  • i’ve been through a good bit of putters since i started playing 4 years ago (from aviars all the way through wizards), but over the past year, the ion has found its way into my bag as my go to putter. i prefer a beaded putter, and the ion adds to that with the rubber outer rim that catches the chains better than the standard plastic seen with most putters. the flight path is dependable, and the disc seems to correct minor release flaws when thrown properly. this is something i haven’t seen with other putters. and the ion is the only putter i’ve been able to trust with a hyzer putt, an anhyzer putt, a straddle putt, and your standard push putt. put the line on it, and it will hold it. all in all, the perfect putter.

  • Discraft magnet is the best putter out there. I have tried many different putters but the magnet feels great and flies even better. The lip on the magnet is a perfect feel for your fingerif you are a spin putter like me

  • Ive tried so many putters, but the Pure is my jam. It does everything you could ever need a putter to do. I also bag Ions and a Jokeri for specific shots, but nothing…nothing!…putts like a Pure!

  • I am a turbo putter… Pretty accurate with it too. For longer shots, anything over 30 feet I’ll use my buzz or a driver depending on how far out I am, but within 30 feet I’ll use either an innova birdie or aviar. I like the birdie because it has a huge rim and its easy to grip the only bad thing is it has the potential to roll.
    Good Luck in the contest everyone.

  • The Aviar is my new putter its just has the float without as much effort as some discs such as the rhyno. those long approaches can really be a killer without a disc that flies and drops quickly

  • Always been a fan of the broken in Pro plastic Aviars. They take a hard snap well enough to be accurate for longer putts, but have enough touch to make shorter technical putts also. They seem to fly heavier than their DX counterpart so wind is much less of an issue.

  • I like the P2 because it just works for me.. I really can’t explain why.

  • My best putters are the Aviars and the Wizards. I really liked the Wizard but someone stole it.

  • Right now the Warlock is my go to putter… stable but not too overstable. A versatile disc for a plethora of putting situations.

  • The Gateway Wizard is quickly becoming my favorite putter. The sheer amount of different variations is amazing. I have a G9i for driving and long approach shots and a SS chakly for anything inside 40 feet or so. The Disc goes on any line I put it on and has plenty of grip, especially the chalky, which feels amazing. Basically if you do your job with this disc it will do its….

  • Tricia Lafferty

    I have really grown to love my MVP Anodes. They seem like the black rim is made out of magnets that go straight into the chains. I love them not only for putting, but for short drives and approach shots. They hold whatever line you put on them perfectly. They respond well to the amount of power and spin you put on them. More and more I’m finding more uses for it. I have 3 of them currently that each have their own place. I wouldn’t be without them in my bag!

  • For the longest time I used jk aviars but recently I took the aviars out of my bag and switched to the Gateway super soft wizard. The wizard is an awesome straight flying putter that holds any line extremely well even in the wind. The wizard is so versatile it is even a great driving putter of the tee pad. I use mine in any situation where I need a dependable shot under 200 ft.

  • By far my favorite putter is my P1- Maniac by Discmania. It flies true every time and allows me to whoop on my coworkers/buddies every time I’m out on the course. A couple of them like the disc and are thinking of getting one. But I sure would to try the Prodigy PA-4.

  • My legacy protege’ closer. Good for long approaches, short shots push putts and everything on between, improved my game by at least 3 strokes!

  • I love the old soft tacky Aviar putters! Now, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t liked other soft tacky putters as well! It’s just something about how they grab the chains and NEVER seem to let go. I’m hoping that the new MVP soft Neutron Ions are just as good if not better!!

  • Right now it’s my soft magnet.
    But after an upcoming Vibram Birdie Bash, I might have a new fave.

  • dylan malczewski

    Any thing innova is the putter of my choice

  • Brittany Welborn

    I’ve only thrown a handful of putters, but I do LOVE my Judges. It was the first putter I started making my longer putts with and now seems like the only one I need. The best part about it is that you get to stay, “And the verdict is….” right before you putt 🙂

  • Chris Pappadackis

    I have used many types of putters from Aviars to Banger GT’s to MVP proton. I found that those putters for me didn’t hold their lines too well. Then I threw a Gateway Wizard and felt like I was meant to throw it. I love my Wizard. I use it for all my putts. It has excellent glide and flies exactly where I aim with no surprises. It works well for my anhyzer, hyzer, and straight ahead putts. I would be lost with out it.

  • Kenny Luckenbill

    I love the anode by MVP awesome off the tee, inside the circle and everywhere in between!!

  • My favorite putter is the Latitude 64 Zero Line Spike. I’ve tried a few other putters from other companies and the Spike is the best for me. It has a shallower grip that doesn’t catch on my fingers after the release. The traction zones on the top add to the uniqueness of this disc. It gives additional grip when you need it most.

    Other people that I play with have also gained increased interest in this putter. Just today one of my friends asked if I could go online and pick one up for him.

    I can’t say enough about this disc. Ever since I’ve purchased my Spike, my putting has improved drastically!

  • I say with full 100% confidence that the Gateway Wizard is by far the best putter on the market. Nothing beats this putter. I have tried every manufacturer and nothing comes close to my SS Wizards. I prefer the SS because it is the perfect blend of stiff and softness. It’s easy to grip and comes out of the hand like butter. When these discs break in, putting will be the number 1 part of your game. Even broken in, the SS Wizard is great for approach shots as well. It’s at the perfect place where it’s not overstable or understable. They will hold whatever you give it. Prodigy’s putters are going to be interesting and good competition. I would like to see if they can replace my beloved SS wizards. It’s going to be tough to beat it!

  • I’ve only thrown Innova putters because locally that is what is available. I have been thinking about ordering off the net. I have three classic Avairs, a Dart and 2 Birdies. I typically throw all six from a spot, then from a new spot and so on in a practice session. The Birdies are the only putters that consistently end up in the basket. They fly straight and usually don’t go far if I miss. When I need to make a putt, I reach for a Birdie because I can count on it and that’s what I have.

  • Love the challenger soft! Why is it better than all other discs for putting? The way the disc fits in my hand and the grip I get from the plastic is comfortable and gives me confidence as I throw. It flies straight and within putting range really does not fade. Also, it fights head winds well, and performs well in most winds (disclaimer: gale force winds are a little above this disc’s pay grade!) Ultimately, the fact that the challenger grabs the chains and stays in the basket, once again, love this disc!

  • Carter connolly

    I love infinite discs! You guys are awesome! I use the Anode MVP and I love it. I’ve been playin for only 6 months but once I got the MVP my putting has majorly improved. It’s a smooth straight disk that hits nothin but chains. Plus it’s cool look makes all the other disc golfers look twice. You want my opinion? The Anode MVP is the disk to take your putting to the next level! But don’t just take my word for it! Get yours at !!!

  • I as well have tried many putters and I loved the Yeti Pro as well as the Wizard for a long time. It wasn’t until I got a few Discmania P-2’s for free that I started using them and haven’t put them down since. They fly very straight with minimal fade. They work great off the tee (although I still prefer a Wizard), they are beautiful for some short approach shots and are money for the closers… I also just really like the feel of the D-line P-2, what else can I say?

  • Is this really worth arguing about?! Hands down the Gateway Wizard is the best chain banger out there! I just ordered another one off of infinitediscs in the super stupid sticky slimey soft smasher style and love it!!
    The slight fade at the end is just what I’m looking for. I have tried many putters in my frolf days and this is the one that will grab chains and give you birdies.
    Putt your way into heaven!!

  • Phillip Rincones

    The Innova Aviar is my preferred putt and approach disc. It’s a must have in your disc bag. Easy to manage when first starting off. Always reliable.

  • Brent MacDonald

    Love me some Gateway Evo Warlock!

    Feels great in the hand in all weather conditions – it gets pretty cold up here in Canada! Holds any line and grabs the chains well.

  • I love my soft Vibram Ridge. When it hits chains, it sticks. No questions.

  • Isaiah Washington

    Gateway the best putter on the market. With the best design for overall flight, whether its throwing off the tee or throwing an upshot. Or actual putting from inside or outside the circle. I can’t seem to find a putter that can do every throw as well as the Gateway Wizard does. For flat top putters, a ringer from discraft or any rhino is great. And the mcpro aviars especially the 1132 magenta ones are dead on straight putters. Challengers are great for throwing up shots. And I see a lot of nice broke in aviars flyng real nice for a perfect anhyzer off the tee. But get a Wizard and you can put all those other putters in the used disc bin at play it again. Because whether its a g9i, organic, hpp, medium, soft, supersoft, super stupid soft, ssss, rff, medium stiff or super glow wizard, you’ll be finding the chains a whole lot more with them in your bag. Guaranteed. And if you don’t believe me, try one out. I dare you!:-)

  • I have been DGing for about 2 years. In that time, I have experimented with a variety of discs, from a variety of companies. I have tried the following: Innova Aviar (Star and DX), Millennium Omega super soft, MVP Anode and Ion, Gateway Wizard, and Vibram VP, Sole, Ridge and Summit.

    My favorite one, and the one I pull out the most is the Vibram VP. I like how overstable it is, and with my butting style (snake-strike putt) I am able to release the VP with a slight anhyzer in order to hit longer putts. I also like the gummy feeling that the disc has so that when it hits the chains it has a minimal chance of slipping out of the basket.

    I have never used a Prodigy before, but I would be interested in checking it out.

  • The MVP Ion is my go to putter. It is stable enough to always fade back on the long putts amd it just seems to love going in the basket. I can drive with this disc very consistently as well. It feels great in my hand and looks sexy as all get out. LOVE my MVP Ion!

  • I started of probablylike most people with an Aviar and it was fine for years. One day I found a Rhino with no ink on it so I put it in my bag to try and that had become my long range putter. A year ago I bought some discs from a guy who couldn’t play anymore and in the discs I got from him was a Gateway Warlock SS and I know it is an Aviar copy but this is by far my best disc for putting at any range and on short holes I use it as my driver. I own eleven of them in different weights and plastics.

  • My favorite putter is the Money Putter in Bronze plastic, but I really like the Wizard/Voodoo combo for all different types of putts. Anode is my favorite driving putter.

  • I personally love the aviar. Im a relatively new player that would use a flipped driver to putt. With the aviar my game has improved drastically. Im looking forward to expanding and trying other putters to improve my game. But for now an aviar is all a beginner needs.

  • I voted for, and rely on, Innova’s Rhyno. I throw the Special Edition soft version because it’s predictable in any conditions, holds whatever turn you slap on it, and really doesn’t have much fade. The soft edition has that slightly rubbery texture to it that helps it grab the chains and, if you do miss, stick right where it lands. For me, it’s been one of those rare discs that as it takes more hits and dings it just seems to become more an extension of my mind and arm, rather than lose any of its flight characteristics. SE soft Rhyno- scorecutter!

  • the gateway wizard has helped my game by not changing putters often. sticking with the wizard to stick it in the hole ss or medium is fine

  • I have to give my vote to the MVP Anode. Mine is in soft Proton plastic. It fits in my hand as if it were designed for me, and I know where it’s going as soon as it leaves my hand. It’s got just enough glide that I can trust it when my putt is a little lengthy, but not so much that I worry about sailing past the basket. If you haven’t found a putter you love, give an Anode a shot!

  • I gotta give it to Aviar. Just a nice beat in DX aviar.ion is a close second. Tryin the anode this spring.

  • Gateway magic for all my birdie needs.

  • I love Joker coz it is stable in every conditions. I love to use it on windy condition. Joker can be used approaching and even opening shot. Joker is one of the best putter for Finlands weather (even winter).

  • I like a lot of the Gateway putters…. the Voodoo and the Wizard feel really good in my hand. But my favorite has to be the Magic…. it’s a bit understable and I can make it turn right or left. Its a little floaty in the wind but small adjustments are easy with the Magic.

  • I like Banger GTs. If I had to pick just one, that would probably be my choice. But I also carry an Aerobie Arrow, which is excellent as well. And if floats in water. : -)

  • Aerobie Arrow for the win! 😀

  • My putter of choice is the Gateway Warlock. I have 3 in my back. A beat in warlock for approach shots provides a great disc that is slightly understable, but provides a nice hyzer flip if not thrown too hard. The other two are my putters, one is a newer putter that is less warn that has a nice glide turn finish for longer putts, and a older, more worn warlock that is a nice stable putter that I can bang into the chains and can count on it to stick~ it is a grippy, soft plastic that loves the chains.

  • Obviously the #1 putter in disc golf is the Innova Aviar P&A. I have more than one in my bag in different plastics. This is due to the stiffness difference between the plastics. If it’s windy, I have to throw something a little more rigid. I tend to only put with my putters, but when an occasional approach shot is necessary and I don’t feel comfortable throwing a midrange.
    This was my first putter and will probably be my last. I have thrown a few other types, such as a voodoo, a dart, and a soft-banger. None of these other discs compare to the Aviar.

    Well, that’s my opinion on all things putters. Now if only my body would let the disc do what it’s made to do… GO IN THE BASKET!!

  • Brian "Salsa" Street

    By far the best putter to use is the 3x JK Pro Aviar. I have tried many other putters in the past such as a Champion Aviar, a Polecat, a Whamo 69, just to name a few. The 3x JK feels like butter and I have noticed that a lot of players are using them. I do want to try the Prodigy putter, it just may replace my gem.

  • Love the Innova Aavair “Yetti”. I have hit several long putts with it as well as using it as a nice set up.

    Its soft and grips the chains while being stiff enough to use as a mid-range “get me closer” disc.

    I am playing in the Vibram birdie baash so I will get to try out the sole and see how it stacks up, but it would have to be a super disc to change my mind!

  • I’d have to give it to MVP and their putter line up. Both Ion and Anode have their uses. I used to be a firm believer in the Aviar line up but switched to MVP and haven’t been back since. Consistent in both quality and intended flight. Best putters out there that can be used for a ton of different shots.

  • It’s gotta be the ion/anode. Specifically the new soft neutron blend of ions.

    I loved the wizard…and the soft magnet…and the Omega SS…and the soft focus…but could never find one that transcended that group. When I picked up an ion, it felt right. It felt like the perfect mixture between glorious older soft magnet plastic and a wizard. (later learned it was designed after the wizard, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised).

    For those who love wizards…I’d definitely recommend trying out an ion. I picked one up and haven’t looked back…except to pick more of them up out of the basket.

  • Mostly all I have thrown is my R-Pro Aviar. Love how it will just stick. Eager to get my hands on some more putters.

  • I voted the Challenger because I use it the most. I also use the MVP anode for days with no wind. For headwind puts I use Innova Rhyno.

  • While I love, love, love the Wizard for many shots, I can’t help but vote for the MVP Ion. Not only is it a sweet look and concept, but I absolutely appreciate its versatility. I like the Wizard for shorter, calmer shots, but the Ion I find much more accurate in windier conditions. Add that to its fair amount of accuracy in the other shots, and I think you have a better all-around putter.

  • I have tried many putters, as I feel putting is the most important aspect of anyone’s game. To take the next step from any level, Rec to Am or Am to Pro, putting is a key factor in that process. The absolutely most important aspect of a good putter, is what feels right and gives you the most confidence to make the putt. If there is any doubt about how your putter will fly, or how you need to change your form to make the putter fly how you want it to, then that isn’t the putter for you. In my experience more so with any other discs in the bag, the putter has the greatest variance from player to player. Some like a soft and tacky, to stick the landing, grab chains, and reduce roll aways. Others like a Firm disc to prevent wobbles, and feel more like a driver for cleaner release. For me, like most, I used to putt with a Aviar, as it is the most popular disc on the market. However constantly fighting the over stableness of the mold being a less powerful player, and lack of glide, I found myself looking for the next best thing. What I settled on is the P1 in P-line from Discmania. I originally was drawn to the absolute neutral flight characteristics. Finding a disc that let me throw any throw, anny, straight, or hyzers to get around trees to get at the chains was paramount. P-Line grabs chains, and prevents roll aways and produces great grip even in wet conditions. That is where the P1 shines. Also it is great for beginners, as it does not fade hard at the end of the flight, if you do not throw as hard as others. Even a great disc for my 2 year old son ! It is a great all around disc and feel that everyone should give a chance. Plus it never is a bad thing that the first time out with it, you hit a putt from outside the circle, shooting a tiny window through trees

  • Stephen Volbruck (lizard)

    I have thrown all of the wizards. the s, ss, sss, and now my wizard of choice is the RFF really f@%king floppy wizard. this thing sticks to the chains like peanut butter toast sticks to the floor, like super glue sticks to your fingers every time you use it. I swear one time I threw a putt that was 3 feet from the chains and a hand reached out from the putter and pulled it’s self back into the basket. This putter is so Tacky it makes your slutty ex-girlfriend look good. If you don’t have one of these RFF wizards in your bag you probably didn’t cash in league yesterday.

  • Vinny Fonderico

    love my innova hydra – heavy ,consistant and floats !!!

  • The challenged is the best straight putter aviars are nothing compared to the challanger

  • Metal chains and a disc called a Magnet nuff said

  • I throw a soft magnet because when it hits chains its like MONEY!!! I also have a ABC $ putter which I like the softness it has as well.

  • The Gateway wizard eraser is the best putter I have ever felt in the hand. Solid in wind, great close in or outside the circle. The wizard is quite versatile of the tee pad also. If I had a short to medium length course and could only take one disc this would be the one I would be carrying.
    Just plain fantastic, predictably fantastic.

  • I have had my best results using a max weight Innova Aviar in Star plastic. The grip is excellent in all conditions and I get a consistent motion as well. I’ve only tried about five different putters, but the this is the best for me so far.

  • I fell in love with my new Evolution Voodoos by Gateway last weekend! Tried a Judge before that, and I use a Magic for shorter upshots.

  • The aviar kc pro so versatile and controllable

  • Do you believe in magic? In a young girls heart…wait sorry thats a song we are talking about putters. I have two or three putters put none more important than my Wizard. This disc is the only one you should have in your bag. Here is why. Within ten feet it falls nicely into the chains. Outside of ten feet, well thats where the wizard works his magic. With a nice toss it holds its line with a more than predictable fade at the end of its flight. After using this disc once you will see that all the good reviews of this disc are not just hocus pocus.

  • Im a really big fan of the Aviar and the Soft Magnet when i want a nice straight shot. When i need a little more hyzer or shoot into a headwind I go to my Champion Rhyno.

  • The pro Rhyno has a great feel and grip. It is stable, so it is great in the wind and for hyzers. It is very unlikely to skip or slide far, so it will sit near the basket if you miss or need to lay up.

    NO skips

  • SSS Voodoo by Gateway. My home course (San Ramon) always has high winds so a firm, grippy putter with a small bead has put me sinking crucial putts on even the windiest of days. With or without wind it flies straight with little fade with enough spin. With such a small bead rarely do I botch a shot from it catching my fingers wrong. I started with an Aviar, moved to an SS wizard, and instantly felt at home after purchasing the SSS Voodoo by Gateway. It’s been in my bag for close to a year now and will keep its spot as my main putter. Hyzer or pro putt it’s my main choice. It will always follow the line I put it to.

  • I have chosen the Innova Aviar because there is such a variety of them. You have so many different speeds and flight patterns to choose from. You also have the option to choose a more stiff putter, like the Yeti Pro or one that you can fold up and put in your pocket, like a beat in R Pro or JK Pro. You can also throw them in many different ways. You can flick them, backhand them, roll them, and I have even seen someone tomahawk them. It also is not a bad putter to drive with considering they do have an aviar driver that is semi over stable so that it won’t flip over as soon as you release the disc. So all things considering with the variety, the best putter is the Innova Aviar.

  • SS Wizards all day. Some may argue that Gateway is inconsistent with their production due to the feel of each putter being so different.. but that’s half the fun. Finding some that feel perfect to you. To me, I use my Wizards like I use my Rocs. I have multiple in the bag in different stages of wear for every kind of up shot possible. I have a really really beat in Wizard for up shot hyzer flips or anny shots, a somewhat beat in Wizard for those dead straight stable shots, and a fresh one for when I need a good amount of fade at the end. I have turned so many people on to the Wizard by letting them use one of mine, and to me that says something. Plus you can’t really beat Gateway’s 5 putters for $47 shipped. Amazing deal.

  • RFF (REALLY FREAKIN’ FLEXIBLE) Wizard by Gateway is hands down the best putter I’ve ever freakin’ used.

    My 175g RFF Wizard grabs the freakin’ chains and doesn’t let go.

    It beats in nicely and is straight as a freakin’ arrow.

    I have two in my bag and two in the freakin’ trunk of my car ready to go.

  • Gateway Wizard SSS or Eraser.

    The Wizard has the perfect path for my awkward anhyzer backhand. Whether I am 10 ft out or 100 ft out. Just put the line on and watch the pretty S come out of that Wizard.

  • TM2 Pure from Latitude 64. CHAIN SEEKER. Perfect stability for controlling shots whether wind is dead or blowing like no tomorrow, can turn it left, right or fly dead straight. Glide for days, smooth/sleek rim that fits, for lack of a better word, “pure” in the hand! I LOVE THIS PUTTER IN THIS MATERIAL. Super tacky and not slick at all to boot!

  • I started playing disc golf last year w/friends from work. We only got out about 15 or 20 times tops, but I had a lot of fun. I only had a Soft Magnet all last year, but before my first games this year, I picked up a Wizard Eraser and loved it. Saw a SSS Voodoo used and snagged it as well, then picked up an Aviar for my oldest daughter to have her own disc. After trying all these, I want to buy several more Wizards. Heck, it even thumbed pretty well 🙂

  • Wizard is my go to putter. Feels great coming out of my hand, flies super straight and just drops into the basket. Definitely changed my putting game!

  • Since I started playing a few years ago, I have experimented with various putters. Initially I purchased a birdie, thinking it must be the right putter because all of my friends were using them. However, I was sadly mistaken. Although it is an expensive option, it was clearly not the best. Shortly after, I lost this putter, to a lake, due to an errant throw by a friend. Good riddance! To replace this disc I purchase an aviar and a rhino. Although I love the consistency I have with the aviar and the predictable flight that is found in the rhino, neither have struck my fancy as the end all be all putter I need. So, bring in the wedge… The worst putter ever made. I literally cannot figure this disc out. One throw it looks perfect, the next it had a mind of its own. Do yourself a favor and avoid this disc at all costs. Finally I was introduced to the ss wizard. I quickly saw an improvement in my jump putting, straddle putting, and regular putting. The feel of the disc is as perfect as I have found and look forward to adding more wizards into my already diverse bag. Hope this helps!

  • Aviar, was my first disc, and will be my last.

  • I use a gateway E wizard for all my putting. It flies straight and finds chains well. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than anything else I’ve tried. This is what I can say about it: Gateway plastic is inconsistent. I purchased 2 more to practice with and they have a very different feel than my main wizard. That said, they all fly the same. I have tried to replace my wizard multiple times now because it has one major downside: It rolls… a lot. I have had more shots than I can count that hit the basket, fell out, and rolled 30 or 40 feet so I miss the next shot as well. Despite this, I cannot find another putter that flies as well on putts. I have started using a ridge on outside the circle putts because they are more likely to hit and roll, but it doesn’t stay in the basket as well as my wizard.

    Ultimately, I have tried a banger GT, a 150 DX aviar (I don’t like the light weight), a zone, and a ridge to replace my wizard to try to eliminate the rolls. My conclusion with all of them so far is I miss more putts that I would have made with my wizard than the strokes they save by eliminating roll aways. One day I hope to find one that works better, but so far, the wizard is my putter.

  • My current putter of choice is the Vibram Ridge. I have it in the Firm X-Link, and the compressed rubber compound feels great in the hand! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get a little rain to say the least. This Vibram rubber feels no different soaking wet than completely dry! Complete confidence in wind, snow and rain. (Which we experience all in one day often)

    This putter is so flat it almost appears inverted from where I grip it. Shot-putt it, give it spin, hyzer, anny, jump-putt, it goes where you tell it everytime! My favorite is a nice spin and straight away it goes! Nothing like watching that perfectly flat profile as it slims out and slaps chains!

    I have a Meduim on its way from Vibram and can’t wait to throw the softer rubber. My Firm is already a chain-grabber, but it does like to slide on a blow-by so I know the Medium X-Link will eliminate that! Happy putting to all, bang those chains!

  • My favorite putter is the Innova Wedge! It took several strokes off my game, and is very consistent for me. I can throw it a long way on a straight line and bang my putts! I read that it’s best for people with small fingers, and being a female I guess that’s why it works so great for me! I recommend it for all the ladies!

  • At this point in my game my favorite putter is the MVP Ion. After using Innova Aviar for almost all of my putts leading up to the purchase of the Ion, I found it much easier to putt with the Ion. One of the things I noticed immediately was the ease of release. Every shot that I took with it came off my hand with no strain. As most putters are, it’s extremely true to it’s line. This disc is comfortable in your hand, extremely flexible, and water resistant. After reading other testimonials I definitely want to try some of these others, but so far the MVP Ion is my favorite.

  • I’ve used more putters than I can count, but the Rhyno has been the most reliable, both for long and short putts. Nice and flexxy, holds it’s line like a champ, with very little roll out if it doinks the side of the basket. Also works great for shorter drives.

  • every aviar ive used has been amazing! i have the xd and regular one and i love them both

  • i didnt realize the the review had to be good… i thought it just had to be a regular review but here i go…

    The aviar seems to have this magnet built into it. it just loves to get into the chains or just hit the basket. no matter how hard the shot. this thing curves just right into the basket. i have this in the xd which is supposed to fly further and such but.. im not that big of a fan of my xd. i ended up giving it away to my dad. he loves it but the thing between me and my aviar can never be changed. its as if this gift from god was placed in my hands, and i used it to excelence. my aviar has takken a bit of a bitting but the awesome thing about the aviar is that it’s just a confidence boost to have while putting. i have a friend who tee’s off with his aviar and he can just rip it and make it fly in a sraight path. he carrys around 5 at all times! its crazy the love he has for his aviar. anyways. this is the disc that everyone should own, pro to begginer! alas even if i win this thing, i still might use my aviar all the time

  • Unfortunate Name,Great Plastic

    OK, I voted for the Latitude 64 Sinus SP, but not the new plastic. The original plastic is where it’s at. I use to have 2 original Sinus SPs, but my father-in-law’s rottweiler got ahold of one. 🙁

    Why I like them:

    Plastic – It sticks in my hand and the added grip patches make it feel like soft split leather on the tips of my fingers. It is rubbery (I feel the need to say again this is the original SP plastic not the new stuff) just enough to give to the chains, but not so much that it will bounce back out and onto the ground.

    Shape – The edge is similar to a ROC only without the bead on the bottom rim and the inside of the rim is straight up and down, so it doesn’t feel like the disc is going to slide out of my hand prematurely. This causes the thrower to be more deliberate about their putt/up shot.

    Flight – Bottom line Stable, I feel comfortable throwing this disc from the tee on a short (200-250′) hole or doing a 75′ jump putt and know exactly what it is going to do. Give it some wrist snap and it will have a nice ‘S’ curve and fade right in with minimal hop, skip or jump. Power putt this disc and it will stay on the line solid and true.

    Granted I have had my share of frustrations with the disc and not all of them can be blamed on the disc itself. I have hit the rim of the basket several times and for some reason that Sinus just loves to roll down hills….and keep rolling. But that still does not detract from it enough not to make it my favorite Putter.

  • I use the INNOVA Birdie a.k.a the tupperware lid. It isn’t the best putter but what I really like about it that it is easy to hold and to throw like a regular frisbee. I can get a lot of spin on it and get it to float into the basket really easily. It isn’t one for fast putting shots but it can be lobbed into the basket pretty well.

  • I used to be a Wizard-only guy, and while I still use them, a medium Summit has become my go-to putter in almost every situation. There’s not a single disc I throw with more confidence.

  • The Anode. It flies very straight with little fade, and that soft rim grips the chains very well.

  • I like to use the discraft soft magnet and soft challenger , the magnet on less windy days and the challenger for when it gets really windy .

  • The Jokeri has such a nice feel too it, like it wanna grab them chains, it fights the wind very well, and my putting has been taken to a new level

  • I prefer the McPro Aviar. I had never liked Aviars until this mold came out. It won me over, and I converted from a Gateway Voodoo to the McPro. I love how stiff it is, that it’s beadless, and that it has good glide.

    • I like this putter for all ranges of putts, but I absolutely do not prefer it off the tee or for approaches.

  • Russ B Throwing Disc'

    I have not thrown every disc on the market and just started play about 2 years ago at a serious pace. At this point my favorite putter is the medium compound Vibram Ridge. It is excellent as a driver putter and has a great stable flight path. I also have a Gateway Wizard (Med-Comp),a Innova Aviar and even an Aerobie Arrow. If get my hands on something better I’ll let you know. I have a friend that really likes his MVP Ion and said Prodigy is good stuff too. Just haven’t got my hands on any to try out. So far I’m in love with the Ridge though.

  • I voted Magic because of its versatility. Thrown high or low, close or far it will hold course. All my longest puts have been with the Magic. It’s easy to grip and I can’t remember having it fall out of the basket when it got a decent amount of chain.

  • tony Portacio

    the judge is great for all aspects of the game, but the new PA1 is a game changer.

  • Matt Friedman

    I go to the wizard for putting anywhere inside the circle, it just feels the best and is the most consistent for me. I also like the soft anode for anny putts.

  • Jorey McComas

    I love the Gateway Wizard SSS. I feels good in the hand in the rain and hot weather. It holds a straight line with a predictable fade at the end of flight.

  • keith armstrong

    I prefer the Gateway Wizard soft plastic 170 grams. The disc has a nice rounded lip that fits snug in the palm of my hand. I like my putter a little heavier to cut through the wind. The Wizard holds a nice line and I can depend on it in the windiest days. Being from upstate New York it is snowy half the year and I can putt the wizard with a lightweight glove on. The Wizard is dependable and my go-to putter

  • I like my MVP soft anode for its all around stability. I live in a windy area that gets really gusty and open areas not much trees but sage brush. It can handle the head wind and not turn on me. Love the amount of glide for drives and approaches it flies solid and far if I need it too. Only complaint is its a straight shooter even on hyzer it doesn’t make it around coarners very well but in or out of the circle puts it is perfect for me. Looking at the prodigy p1 I would try that as it would make the corners the anoad can’t and still handle the headwinds

  • Daniel George

    I’m enjoying the sss warlock right now. I have putted with magnets, aviars, soft and stiff judges. The sss warlock has them all beat right now. It flies straight out of my hand and just sticks to the chains.

  • Putting for me, it’s the SSS Wizard by Gateway.
    A putter out of the tee box it’s the Sinus by Latitude 64.
    40 to 100 feet to the basket with little to no head wind it’s a stiff SSS Wizard, with head wind its the Sinus.

  • I think I’ve tried nearly every putter available to me since I started playing in 2008-2009. My first putter ever was a DX aviar that I received from my father’s old neighborhood friend’s sons. To list what I have not putted with would be any of DGA putters other than the Gumbputt, the Jokeri, none of Legacy’s putters, Prodigy, Rattler, or the Putt’r. I’m sure I have missed some, but I am currently using the Sole AND the Summit for putting, both in Soft X-Link and they are awesome. The Sole is better for longer putts. HOWEVER, I believe my favorite putter so far has to be Latitiude 64 Pure.

  • MVP soft Anode is the one for me. After trying a lot of putters I like how straight it flys and has plenty of glide. I would like to try a zone or a pa1 for drives.

  • My 750 PA-1 roars out of my hand on drives. I prefer a retro Pure for circle putting– the nicely-defined lip releases from my index finger cleanly and consistently. My 400 plastic PA-4s are fantastic for annie upshots.

  • To whom this may concern,

    My name is Tanner Brodess and I am a writer for the website I am currently doing a piece on “disc golf putting tips”, and your article “disc golf putting” fit in with what I was writing about. I linked it in my article, and was wondering if I could have your permission to link it? Also, once the article is up, I can send it to you, and I was wondering if you could share it on your site as well? Thanks for your time!

    Tanner Brodess

  • I’ve never liked the Innova putters for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the deep dome.. `\(o_0)/’ I dunno. I have recently seen the Yeti sig putter for the first time and I may have to get one. I have frequently used the DD Warden in classic soft, classic blend, and Lucid plastics. I like them for push putting at roughly <45 feet.
    For further putts I've been relying on the Latitude 64 Pure in zero soft (favorite), zero medium, optimo retro/zero hard(great but not against rocks) plastics. I like how with an adjustment to my wrist release that the helix feels consistent. So I thought to myself that I just wanted to use one putter so I shelfved the Wardens.
    Today I picked up a Mercy in zero soft and I'm so far finding​ it to be like a slower Pure in all the sense of its flight patterns. I love it so far, defenetly going to putt around with this disc more. I feel that the Pure can often feel like it's maybe too fast for close putts. Wonder if the Mercy can be my do it all putter.
    Bagged the Caltrop as well for situational putts. You know it doesn't say PDGA approved on my Caltrop!? I find that zero soft withstands the rugged TX environment and basket hits better for when putting than other plastics. I did try the McPro, and while I dig the plastic texture, I wasn't feeling it as being confident in my hand as my other putters. That being said, the trilogy'd lat 64 premium plastic, gold line, is extremely grippy in my hand more so than any other plastic mold that I've tried. Optimo and Lucid plastic are amazing toobi should say. All the trilogies top plastics are very top notch really… That Sun is cooking and while I have some Innova discs that I'll never probably take out of my bag, the champion plastic doesn't grip well sometimes. Especially if it is a bit wet. From my sweat. Star plastic is still not as grippy as the trilogies blend, but that doesn't mean I think Innova doesn't make great discs or that their plastics aren't any good. G Star teebird and tl is another few I bag. Great plastic feel grip and can take the abuse.