Best Disc Golf Overhead Discs

What exactly is an overhead disc some of you may ask? These are discs used for specialty shots including ones often called the tomahawk or the thumber. I’ve also heard people call them the baseball shot you throw the disc over your head like a baseball. This shot is often executed in order to get over a tall obstacle like a tree. Some also use an overhead throw to try and get a skip in a certain direction after making a low straight throw.

For our purposes, the discs we nominate are all going to be very overstable discs. For some specialty overhead throws, some disc golfers prefer an understable disc, but for the most part this type of shot requires a very overstable driver that completes its rotation in a wider flight path and carries for more distance than an understable disc.

As always, our two keywords are popularity and utility. The utility part for this category isn’t so much about beginner disc golfers since the overhead throw is more popular with experienced disc golfers. But we still tried to choose discs that are good choices for learning how to throw overhead shots.

Now, here are the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Overhead Disc.

Axiom Fireball

Now, the Axiom Fireball might be one of the worst selling discs for Axiom nationwide, but it is one of our top sellers in our Idaho shop where the overhead throw is very popular. The Fireball is a flat and very overstable fairway driver featuring the gyro technology overmold that all Axiom and MVP discs have. If you have tried other discs for the overhead but didn’t like them, give the Fireball a try.

Innova Firebird

I have already talked about this disc in a few recent nominee posts, which speaks to the Firebird‘s great versatility. It is a disc that can be thrown for so many shots, and the overhead shot is one of them. It offers a nice overstable flight and minimal glide that is great for overhead throws. The Firebird isn’t as overstable as the other nominees in this post, but it is still a popular choice that deserves another nomination in this category.

Discraft Flick

The Discraft Flick has always been a popular choice for overhead shots. It is a unique disc designed to be a very overstable forehand disc (if you couldn’t tell by the disc name). The Discraft Flick offers a thicker rim and a very flat flight plate. And to say that this disc is overstable is quite the understatement. It is one of those discs that wants to start fading as soon as it leaves your hand. It is a great choice for overhead shots.

Latitude 64 Stiletto

The Latitude 64 Stiletto is basically the distance driver version of a lot of the other discs nominated here. It features a very flat top, a thicker rim, and a crazy overstable flight that works great for long overhead shots. Some may find that the thicker rim isn’t as comfortable to grip for a thumber shot because their thumb doesn’t fit well under the rim of the Stiletto, but if you can make it work, it is a great option for overhead throws.

Latitude 64 XXX

The Latitude 64 XXX has been a long time staple in the Trilogy lineup. It is a very overstable fairway driver that has been a popular disc to throw in the wind. In recent years it has grown as a popular disc for overhead shots. It is a similar shape, but offers a little more stability than the Innova Firebird.

Your Opinion: Win a disc of your choice!

What is your favorite disc for thumbers and tomahawks? We had less nominees this round, do you think there is one we missed? Tell us your favorite overhead disc (nominated, or not nominated) in the comments. We will select three people who leave comments to receive their favorite overhand disc for free from Infinite Discs!



  • My go to is an axiom wrath! I bag a fireball for some shots but unless I can throw my whole arm into it the fireball is just a bit too much.

  • For the first year I played I threw almost nothing but thumbers with an Aerobie Epic. These days I throw an MVP Motion or Shock.

  • Felon is my go to

  • I have always used a Z nuke max weight, its flight is predictable and the lip isnt bad out of the hand. I used to pitch so some discs cant handle the exit velo

  • I love the Legacy enemy in icon and sparkle for my overhead throws.

  • I use Fireball, Stiletto and Firebirds. A forgotten one is the Enforcer and Banshee. Sexton Glow Firebirds are more overstable than the regular ones. I use Fireball for a line drive short range shot that needs a big skip right. Stiletto used to be my go to overhand bomber but after I ran out of First Runs I changed to Enforcer.

  • I like using a Ballista at about 174-5 g. It usually gets to where I want to be.

  • I use for that MVP neutron Limit

  • Best on the list=firebird
    What I currently use=nuke os

  • In my younger days, I used to throw a lot of thumbers. Tried every OS disc, and my favorite was the Ape. Get a good flat top one, and you could bomb one accurately, eat a banana, high five your group, and walk up to tap in your bird with that same stinking Ape. Got a lot of “Holy Craps” from others on the card. Oh, to be young again. I think I hurt my shoulder and back typing this.

  • Christopher Lehmann

    Axiom Fireball is my goto overhand disc!

  • Not to discount all of the wonderful overhand discs but, the Aerobie Epic is still my favorite! Once you learn to throw it properly…. Oh, the things you can do!

  • I don’t really throw a lot of overhand shots but this article makes me want to go focus on it more. I’ll have to try with my Firebird!

  • Hyzerbomb MOAB!!!

  • From my experience anything that is overstable works best for thumbers and tomahawks. With that being said, I have great success with Discraft’s Z-line Nuke OS. It’s similar to the Flick, but for me feels way better in the hand because it is not as sharp of an edge. You want consistent accurate overhead shots, try this disc out.

  • MVP Volt is pretty good for shorter overhead shots.

  • Discraft Predator is the perfect mix of stability and speed for controllable thumbers.

  • Infinite discs Pharoah travels far, cuts the wind, has to be max weight though.

  • I use two discs for overhead. For max distance I use the fireball, which is also easy to control. For shorter range shots I use an H1, which is a little easier to control distance on

  • I throw a lot of overhand shots while I am playing. In doing so I primarily use two discs, the Fireball and an H1.
    I use the fireball as my max distance disc, ranging from 300-350. It is also easy to control despite it being used for max distance. I use the H1 for everything around 300 and below. I find that it is easier to control distance with the H1 more so than the fireball and just as easy to control the flight path.