Best Disc Golf Overhead Discs

What exactly is an overhead disc some of you may ask? These are discs used for specialty shots including ones often called the tomahawk or the thumber. I’ve also heard people call them the baseball shot you throw the disc over your head like a baseball. This shot is often executed in order to get over a tall obstacle like a tree. Some also use an overhead throw to try and get a skip in a certain direction after making a low straight throw.

For our purposes, the discs we nominate are all going to be very overstable discs. For some specialty overhead throws, some disc golfers prefer an understable disc, but for the most part this type of shot requires a very overstable driver that completes its rotation in a wider flight path and carries for more distance than an understable disc.

As always, our two keywords are popularity and utility. The utility part for this category isn’t so much about beginner disc golfers since the overhead throw is more popular with experienced disc golfers. But we still tried to choose discs that are good choices for learning how to throw overhead shots.

Now, here are the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Overhead Disc.

Axiom Fireball

Now, the Axiom Fireball might be one of the worst selling discs for Axiom nationwide, but it is one of our top sellers in our Idaho shop where the overhead throw is very popular. The Fireball is a flat and very overstable fairway driver featuring the gyro technology overmold that all Axiom and MVP discs have. If you have tried other discs for the overhead but didn’t like them, give the Fireball a try.

Innova Firebird

I have already talked about this disc in a few recent nominee posts, which speaks to the Firebird‘s great versatility. It is a disc that can be thrown for so many shots, and the overhead shot is one of them. It offers a nice overstable flight and minimal glide that is great for overhead throws. The Firebird isn’t as overstable as the other nominees in this post, but it is still a popular choice that deserves another nomination in this category.

Discraft Flick

The Discraft Flick has always been a popular choice for overhead shots. It is a unique disc designed to be a very overstable forehand disc (if you couldn’t tell by the disc name). The Discraft Flick offers a thicker rim and a very flat flight plate. And to say that this disc is overstable is quite the understatement. It is one of those discs that wants to start fading as soon as it leaves your hand. It is a great choice for overhead shots.

Latitude 64 Stiletto

The Latitude 64 Stiletto is basically the distance driver version of a lot of the other discs nominated here. It features a very flat top, a thicker rim, and a crazy overstable flight that works great for long overhead shots. Some may find that the thicker rim isn’t as comfortable to grip for a thumber shot because their thumb doesn’t fit well under the rim of the Stiletto, but if you can make it work, it is a great option for overhead throws.

Latitude 64 XXX

The Latitude 64 XXX has been a long time staple in the Trilogy lineup. It is a very overstable fairway driver that has been a popular disc to throw in the wind. In recent years it has grown as a popular disc for overhead shots. It is a similar shape, but offers a little more stability than the Innova Firebird.

Your Opinion: Win a disc of your choice!

What is your favorite disc for thumbers and tomahawks? We had less nominees this round, do you think there is one we missed? Tell us your favorite overhead disc (nominated, or not nominated) in the comments. We will select three people who leave comments to receive their favorite overhand disc for free from Infinite Discs!



  • Latitude 64 XXX is a great choice

  • I love my Aerobie Epic for these kinds of shots!

  • It’s not on the list, but discmania fd3!

  • I have tried the Flick, XXX, Fireball, and the Firebird for RH Thumbers.

    Flick- seemed to cut hard to the left and fought back hard to the riguy rather quickly. After a few weeks it seems like it loses some glide.Easily getting to 325ft.

    XXX-Lower speed so it moved quickly left to right as well but I found I was getting the same distance as the Flick.

    Fireball- Same as the Flick and XXX but the rim is definitely easier to grip. Not as durable as the others in terms of plastic.

    Winner= Firebird- I find the firebird very comfortable to grip, it doesn’t fight as hard to the left, it has a nice dependable hard right skip at the end, and its very durable. I get more distance with the Firebird and can consistently predict where its going.

  • The Z Flick is a mandatory utility disc for me in my bag. Whether forehand, backhand, or thumber, anything from drives to approaches, this disc can do it all! I’d say the Innova Max should also be considered if it were not for it being OOP.

  • I started playing disc golf in Pocatello and I believe Bengal Ridge has a lot to do with the popularity of the overhand shot in that area. There are a lot of times you find yourself pinched under a tree with a long way to go up a narrow gap up hill. The Firebird was always my go to there and still is, but this article makes me really curious about the Fireball.

  • Nuke os does a fantastic job on thumbers and almost always gets a little bounce then sits.

  • out of the nominated list i prefer the Discraft Flick but overall i would have to say for me its a Discraft Undertaker is my overall favorite for tomahawks

  • When I am in the rhubarb, my go to disc is the firebird. Like a utility knife, it cuts its way out of the jams I get into.

    The stability of this popular disc gives me the feel and confidence I need in those not so pleasant situations.

  • I like throwing he Innova boss overhand.

  • When I started out I would throw my roadrunner as an overhead disc. After playing for a few years I noticed that it was over-rotating and either ending up short or skipping in the wrong direction. Now I overhead with my GStar Firebird, and love it!

  • I just started throwing the Kastaplast Rask as an overhead/get out of trouble disc and it has been great. The woods of NC give me a chance to use it a few times each round!

  • Gonna go with the Innova firebird

  • I use an X1 personally. Beefiest disc ever

  • 150 class Discraft Flick is thumber magic. Light enough for full-power throws, but still stable.

  • Discraft Flick is my go to overhand disc but I got a mystery box from infinite and received a latitude xxx and I think I’m going to be putting that in my bag because it’s more reliable

  • Stephen Sederquest

    While I do like my fireball for thumbers nothing is going to beat the MVP Phase. This disc takes thimbers to a whole new level. And if you need proof just watch Matt Dollar throw them.

  • If you are talking about throwing a disc where the top of the disc is on the bottom when thrown I have a couple of discs. (also known as tomatoes, or UD) For short shots over a tall tree I use a Roc. For longer shots I used to use a Viper. Now I use like a Crank or Krait. I use whatever disc is currently in my bag. Discs are in my bag for these reasons. They accommodate various shots. They have zero turn. They thrown equally well into the wind as well with a tailwind. I don’t use discs that only accommodate one type if throw.

  • Innova Firebird is my favorite.

  • You missed the best overland disc made, a Kastaplast K1 Rask. Thrown on a vertical line, it will hold said line all the way to the ground. There is nothing better for sniping holes in the canopy above if one gets into the deep rough.

  • My shoulder still pops from the amount of overhead throws I did in my first few years. An overhead shot will make a “U” shape in mid-air and the stability of the disc determines how quickly it goes through that “U” before spiking into the ground. The more overstable the disc, the longer it takes. So if you want anything that resembles glide you have to use a beefy disc.

    My all-time-favorite overhead disc is an Innova Xcaliber but depending on the shape of the shot, my other choice would be an Innova Max. I haven’t thrown an overhead shot in over 10 years because my body just can’t handle them any more, but when I started I only threw Innova, so other disc makers might have better options, but I never tried them.

  • I like a lucid Felon for thumbers

  • Since there are tons of options in the “very overstable” category, I think it comes down to personal comfort with a disc’s rim width. If you can get your thumb around it, the DGA Hellfire is a great disc for distance thumbers. For more control, I prefer the accidental meathook that is the Tracker 3.5. It makes even the Flick look straight!

  • Vibram notch. As a thumber it will travel very straight with a tight slow pan out, as a tomahawk it will pan out slowly usually landing on its flight plate and sliding for roughly an additional 20-25 feet.

  • Since we are dealing with overstable discs, preference becomes a question of rim width. For maximum distance, the DGA Hellfire is superb as long as you can get your thumb around it. For more control, I prefer the infamous Tracker 3.5 and its narrower rim.

  • I don’t have the power or technique to get much distance off the tee with overhand shots. However, my champion color glow Thunderbird has been my go to for years in terms of get out of trouble shots in the 150′ and under range. Seems to have a nice slow turn at that distance/power and consistently lands face down for a nice little slide right up to the basket. Can’t count how many times it’s saved me getting out of brush or through dense trees.

    My buddy, as a former baseball player, has a lot of power with thumbers and tomahawks off the tee and gets admirable distance and accuracy with an XXX.

  • The innova max or the innova ape depending on distance

    • Innova GStar Prototype Daedalus – of all the discs I have ever thrown this one took the tomahawk throw the best without a doubt. It was so good that I thought about using this shot as my drive on all holes that I could throw a tomahawk, obviously that isn’t reality, but I still use it today.

  • Prodiscus Ultrium Respecti (“Ray-spect-ee”)… lots of left to right or right to left travel on short shots and By far my favorite plastic to boot… nailed a thumber where I was in dense rough from about 60′ about a month ago… very predictable overhand disc and lots of side to side movement on the drop which makes it my go to get out of trouble disc when the only option is up!

  • Definitely the Latitude 64 XXX gets the nod from me. It is overstable, flat, and the smaller rim makes it easier to throw and feels great in the hand.

  • H1v2 – nicely replaced the H1 I was using and is a bit more reliable.

  • The Fireball is the key one for me. Consistent and predictable flight.

  • Hyzerbomb MOAB!

  • I throw predominantly OH from my baseball background and i’ve tried lots of discs out. I prefer several of the ones listed for many skippy or spiky approaches thru drives up to 350 or so. xxx, stiletto, and especially the nuke os and flick are all outstanding OH discs, even for small hands like me, and they can hit diff laser tight or long swooping lines, depending on if the shot requires a throw equivalent of 45-50mph baseball up to 85-90mph. The plastics, i will mention, are remarkable these days from all these brands, as OH discs take an absolute beating and mine always seem to hold up pretty well. But if you’re asking what the BEST OH disc is, you left it off the list: the now discontinued(?) aerobie epic. Most write it off, but you can thumber or tommy with great accuracy and i can reach up to 480-500 with a good toss, which is, not surprisingly, more than my standard forehand/backhand. Nothing touches the epic. The overhand is meant to go over stuff, and the epic goes over absolutely everything.

  • Westside Lonbowman. I’m a senior, so don’t have enough strength to really accelerate a faster disc. The Longbowman works well when I need to get up and over obstacles, it has a dependable flight and finish.

  • My fave for a tomahawk thumber bummer bomb is the Felon by Dynamic Discs in Fusion Burst plastic. The one I have is from Infinite Discs with their name stamp on it in a pinwheel like fashion. This disc helps get me back on the fairway with ninja star like accuracy.

  • My go to overhand is my Fireball. I started using it because I had the Amy Anderson dragon stamp Fireball and didn’t want to lose it, it’s been a staple in my bag since.

  • I love to tomahawk a Lucid Sheriff off the tee, and a DGA Breaker for upshots through obstacles.

  • Latitude moonshine frost line spark, my favorite thumber disc….ever. Axiom Fireball155gm in proton…easier on the shoulder.

  • For thumbers where I’m going for distance, I like my frost line XXX or lucid Felon. For going over obstacles/get out of trouble/high-in-the-air shots, I a neutron Deflector.

  • Firebird is the gold Standard. Flips really slowly and you can make it stick or skip with the angle. Don’t sleep on the C blend Slab either though!

  • Legacy Fighter. OS= better for overhand throws. Fighter=super OS

  • If you’re throwing a thumber, you have to try out the MVP Resistor. The flat top combined with the overstableness. It’s mint.

  • Definitely a Star Firebird or a S-line FD2. But it really depends on how i want to shape the shot

  • I think the Star Firebird has to be one of the best “overhead” discs ever! It starts out as super stable and dumps hard. As it beats in, more shots become available like long flex shots. Love that disc!

  • I go for the Innova Teedevil on tomahawks and thumbers. Incredibly underrated disc, in my opinion. Flips over nicely for my arm speed and completes its flight every time!

  • I do not have a strong overhand shot as far as throwing with distance but I will not hesitate to go to it when I need to get myself out of a tricky spot, I have tried different ones out and for me the esp nuke rarely lets me down, it stays nice and straight with a slight finish to the right

  • Right now I love the champion mamba for overhands since it flips easy and fits in tight gaps and is also great for rollers though im probably going to upgrade to a star instead

  • We always called the overhead throw a hammer shot or throw. Always like using my max weight Katana to hammer with. Very predictable and great even in windy conditions. Good for uphill shots.

  • For me the XXX is such a magical disc. Overhand, underhand, sideways, thumber, and even makes for a great dinner plate! 🙂 The greatest disc/mold in my bag, I have close to 40 aces with this mold, all in Frost Line plastic. RIP Frost Line, luckily I have (6 new) (4 beat in) in reserve, ready to rock. I was born without a right hand, birth defect. I am primarily a lefty fore hander. I finally found a disc and a sport that allows me to have fun and succeed. I told my wife to bury me with a XXX on the way out the door. 🙂

  • I have religiously carried a Fireball for forehand placement and upshots for the last four years. I believe it is a highly under appreciated disc in general, but I have had no success trying to use it to learn how to throw a thumber. Then, literally 3 days ago, in a tourney, I had to get out of jail 3 times, and I turned to a XXX that I bought less than a month ago (based on its reputation as a thumber disc). Each shot was longer, through and over more trees, and was more ridiculous than the last, and each time my disc parked itself within 12 feet of an unseen pin for an easy par clean up. I’ve never practiced thumbers, let alone had enough experience with the XXX to really warrant its use in the tourney for any throw. So basically I bought a XXX and miraculously used it for the first 3 successful thumbers in my life. Now that I’m thinking about it, the slightly narrower rim and domey top of the XXX feels better in my hand for the thumber shot than the rim and flat top of the Fireball that I love some much for forehands. So…XXX gets my vote for best overhand disc.

  • I have religiously carried a Fireball for forehand placement and upshots for the last four years. I believe it is a highly under appreciated disc in general, but I have had no success trying to use it to learn how to throw a thumber. Then, literally 3 days ago, at a tourney, I bought a XXX and then miraculously used it for the first 3 successful thumbers in my life. Now that I’m thinking about it, the slightly narrower rim and domey top of the XXX feels better in my hand for the thumber shot than the rim and flat top of the Fireball that I love some much for forehands. So…XXX gets my vote for best overhand disc.

  • I like to use an Innova Monster as my overhand disc. It might not be the best disc but I’ve gotten used to it.

  • I’m a huge fan of either a Star Firebird or a Tour Series Big Jerm Thunderbird!

  • I have been using a westside northman for my go to overhand shots. Kind of a non traditional disc selection but it works very good for me

  • Lucid Verdict is my go to for overhands. Generally, I am throwing them to get out of trouble or on short tunnel shots off the tee. Verdict has the stability needed for overhands but is slow enough for my 50 year old arm to get good snap on it and make it pan the right way. Lucid is important because a lot of times I am playing a low thumber with an angled release so the disc gets on its face quickly and slides toward the basket and slick plastic is important for that.

  • I absolutely love the Firebird for overhead shots. It has that slow pan around with a very predictable finish. Cannot recommend enough. It is also my first ace disk so I am a little biased.

  • One of our locals swore by the Aerobie Epic, that disc with the elliptical rim that was supposed to be the only one you needed to carry (once you figured out which rim ‘width’ made it fly which way). If you stood 50′ in front of him when he threw, it sounded like a helicopter taking off and going by just over your head. The disc would literally corkscrew out of his hand out about 100′ and up nearly the same; then it would flatten off, swoop down, and fly straight down the fairway another 250′-300′. For HIM. I tried it once, and the disc almost came back and hit me right in the face.
    I stick with a beat in first run Z Flick, myself.

  • Star Firebird is definitely the way to go. Not sure why it took me so long to add one to my bag. It’s a staple for sure.

  • Charles L. Graves

    Although I am not very proficient with overhand throws when I do throw overhand I prefer the XXX!

  • Give me a Star Firebird any day . It is a swiss army knife of overstable discs .Forehands , Tomahawks , thumbers as well as backhands, it is useful .

  • My go to is an axiom wrath! I bag a fireball for some shots but unless I can throw my whole arm into it the fireball is just a bit too much.

  • For the first year I played I threw almost nothing but thumbers with an Aerobie Epic. These days I throw an MVP Motion or Shock.

  • Felon is my go to

  • I have always used a Z nuke max weight, its flight is predictable and the lip isnt bad out of the hand. I used to pitch so some discs cant handle the exit velo

  • I love the Legacy enemy in icon and sparkle for my overhead throws.

  • I use Fireball, Stiletto and Firebirds. A forgotten one is the Enforcer and Banshee. Sexton Glow Firebirds are more overstable than the regular ones. I use Fireball for a line drive short range shot that needs a big skip right. Stiletto used to be my go to overhand bomber but after I ran out of First Runs I changed to Enforcer.

  • I like using a Ballista at about 174-5 g. It usually gets to where I want to be.

  • I use for that MVP neutron Limit

  • Best on the list=firebird
    What I currently use=nuke os

  • In my younger days, I used to throw a lot of thumbers. Tried every OS disc, and my favorite was the Ape. Get a good flat top one, and you could bomb one accurately, eat a banana, high five your group, and walk up to tap in your bird with that same stinking Ape. Got a lot of “Holy Craps” from others on the card. Oh, to be young again. I think I hurt my shoulder and back typing this.

  • Christopher Lehmann

    Axiom Fireball is my goto overhand disc!

  • Not to discount all of the wonderful overhand discs but, the Aerobie Epic is still my favorite! Once you learn to throw it properly…. Oh, the things you can do!

  • I don’t really throw a lot of overhand shots but this article makes me want to go focus on it more. I’ll have to try with my Firebird!

  • Hyzerbomb MOAB!!!

  • From my experience anything that is overstable works best for thumbers and tomahawks. With that being said, I have great success with Discraft’s Z-line Nuke OS. It’s similar to the Flick, but for me feels way better in the hand because it is not as sharp of an edge. You want consistent accurate overhead shots, try this disc out.

  • MVP Volt is pretty good for shorter overhead shots.

  • Discraft Predator is the perfect mix of stability and speed for controllable thumbers.

  • Infinite discs Pharoah travels far, cuts the wind, has to be max weight though.

  • I use two discs for overhead. For max distance I use the fireball, which is also easy to control. For shorter range shots I use an H1, which is a little easier to control distance on

  • I throw a lot of overhand shots while I am playing. In doing so I primarily use two discs, the Fireball and an H1.
    I use the fireball as my max distance disc, ranging from 300-350. It is also easy to control despite it being used for max distance. I use the H1 for everything around 300 and below. I find that it is easier to control distance with the H1 more so than the fireball and just as easy to control the flight path.

  • I don’t have a ton of power and I like the Axiom Wrath. Mine is very flat with a shallow rim depth which helps me get a good grip on it. I have messed around with an Aerobie Epic too but haven’t figured that disc out yet.

  • Hands down its got to be XXX. For me it is the best thumber or tomahawk that I have thrown. It is consistent, with a much slower turn than other discs which means I can get it to weave through trees. I play GG and on hole 13 position B I can reliable park it with my XXX through the trees.

  • XXX!!! Those who haven’t thrown it Overhand/Tomahawk are missing out! Unlike most overstable discs thrown overhand, the XXX has a long, smooth, gradual turn, with unparalleled accuracy. You can land this on a dime 300 feet and in. Don’t believe? Try it, you won’t regret it.

    Max weight Deco-dye seems to be the best of the XXX plastics for Overhand, IMO.

  • Hands down the best THUMBER control disc is the LATTITUDE 64 MOONSHINE FROST GLOW LINE SPARK. It has an incredibly reliable turnover because of its overstability and it glides out nicely after the turn. It is a very easy disc to throw because of its comfortable thin rim and no other thumber disc has better consistency through head winds.

  • I don’t really throw a lot of thumbers but since you all talked about the Firebird I got to go to the field and try it out now.

  • Definitely the Elite Z Flick. When I need to get great distance and control out of an overhead shot, this thing launches.

  • Innova KC Banshee – very underrated disc and has a very comfortable rim size for an overhand grip. Great for thumbers.

  • I use the Star Firebird and the DD Lucid Felon interchangeably for any overhead shot I may need they each have a similar flight pattern and are like throwing darts once dialed in.

  • Actually the westside Northman does a great job with over hands. Keeps a nice line and glides enough to get u what u need for distance.

    • Shawn Christophersen

      150g Discraft Flick. Perfect for thumbers. Its more overstable than a firebird and has such a great predictable flight path for a thumber.

  • My favorite thumber disc is a very flat sparkle FLX Predator. It’s just as overstable as a flat Firebird, the plastic seems indestructible, that infamous Predator “lip” combined with the moderate rim width fits in my thumb perfectly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the slightly larger diameter helps it glide out- something I’ve also considered might be an advantage with the XXX on thumbers.

    For a tomahawk, which I don’t use often and can’t get as much power/spin/distance with, anything along the lines of a PD/Thunderbird/Orc works great and is very accurate.

  • I throw a ton of thumbers and my favorite overhand disc has always been the Discraft Nuke as I love the wide rim of these discs. I use the Nuke OS to get more distance with it’s slower turn. Also the Epic is a great disc if you get some practice with them, only way I can throw 450-500′ shots these days.

  • This is a very helpful post for me, as overhand throws are still foreign to me. Trying with the right disc is a good place to start. I’ll give the Fireball a try as I don’t throw it much except when I need instant fade. Now to find some good video tutorials!

  • Love Tomahawking my Tesla disc!! Consistent straightened & high speed!