Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs

It’s time to keep naming the absolute best disc golf discs in the world! At least, the best in our opinion! Today we will be naming our nominees for the best disc golf midrange discs on the market today.

Before I list the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Midrange Disc, lets break down what we are looking for when selecting these discs. Like with all of the discs in these posts, we are using two keywords for choosing our nominees: popularity and utility. We will choose popular midrange discs that can be utilized by disc golfers of all skill levels.

First, lets take a look at which midrange discs have been the best sellers so far in 2018.

Top sellers of 2018:

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Roc3
  3. Innova Mako3
  4. Innova Roc
  5. Dynamic Discs Emac Truth
  6. Discmania MD3
  7. Hyzerbomb Mortar
  8. Innova Gator
  9. Discraft Comet
  10. Innova Rat

It doesn’t look like there are too many surprises in the sales chart. The Innova Rat was released at the start of 2018, and it looks like it has been able to maintain positive sales numbers throughout the year. It will be interesting to see how this disc performs over the next few years as well.

Now, here are our nominees!

Discraft Buzzz

Far and away the most popular disc in the Discraft lineup, the Buzzz is a staple of the disc golf world. It has been part of the game since 2003. For many years disc golfers had two main choices for midranges, either the Buzzz or the Innova Roc. As the sales numbers show, both of these discs have proven to stand the test of time. The Buzzz offers a smooth, beadless profile that fits comfortably in the hand for all sizes and grips. It offers a very stable flight that can be used by disc golfers at all skill levels.

Discraft Comet

Another disc to show that age doesn’t matter, the Discraft Comet has been a part of the game for over 20 years. The Comet‘s mold is unique with a significant bead and more significant dome that offers a very understable flight with lots of glide. The Comet is great for beginners looking to get some distance out of their midrange, and perfect for more experienced throwers trying to navigate tight fairways.

Dynamic Discs Emac Truth

The Emac Truth is DD’s third effort at crafting a midrange with a “true” straight flight pattern after the disc now named the Verdict was too overstable and the original Truth was just a bit too understable. But the Emac Truth was worth the wait, as it is an excellent midrange disc for all skill levels. It offers a flight that is right in between a Buzzz and a Roc in stability. Faster armspeeds shouldn’t have to worry about turning it over, and newer players who find the Roc fades out more than they’d like, the Emac Truth should be just the right fix.

Innova Gator

The Innova Gator is one of the original “utility” midrange discs. The Gator is designed to fight stiff winds and dive around tight corners on the course. It is a great approach disc for more experienced throwers who can master its very overstable flight. The Gator is not a beginners disc by any means, but it has its purpose on the course.

Dynamic Discs Justice

The Dynamic Discs Justice brought an entirely new meaning to the term, “overstable” when it was released in 2015. Take everything I just said about the Gator and multiply it 2 or 3 times. The Justice is a true “Meathook” designed to hold up to any kind of wind out on the course. Try to turn it over, I dare you. Again, not for beginners, but still a great disc that fulfills a great purpose for those who have learned how to throw it.

Prodigy M4

The Prodigy M4 is a midrange that hasn’t gotten a lot of hype recently in the disc golf world, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. The M4 is a straight flyer that is just a bit more understable than the Buzzz. Of all our nominees, it is one of the most beginner friendly midrange discs. It has a beadless rim design and is offered in a variety of Prodigy’s premium plastic blends.

Innova Mako3

The Innova Mako3 is another very beginner friendly midrange disc. More experienced throwers like to use the Mako3 for longer hyzer-flip shots and is great when you need a midrange to hold straight throughout the flight with very minimal fade.

Discmania MD3

The Discmania MD3 has grown in popularity as Discmania team members like Eagle McMahon have been throwing it all over the course. Probably the most comparable disc to the MD3 from this nominee list would be the Emac Truth. they both hit that sweet spot in stability that is right in between a Buzzz and a Roc.

Hyzerbomb Mortar

The Hyzerbomb Mortar is another utility midrange. It is very overstable, but not quite as much as the Gator. This is because of the only real difference between the two molds, which is that the Mortar is beadless. This makes the Mortar very popular for disc golfers who prefer to forehand their approach shots in the wind, as the beadless design allows for an easier and more consistent forehand grip and release.

Innova Roc

One of the original midranges in the game, the Roc has been flying around disc golf courses for now over 30 years. The Roc is a domey disc that has a comfortable beaded rim. This beaded rim makes the disc a bit more overstable than several of the other midranges on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beginner friendly. This disc flies straight for a long time and then has a reliable strong fade at the end.

Innova Roc3

Normally we wouldn’t give discs like the Roc and Roc3 their own individual nominations, but the Roc3 has shown that it has its own following that is seperate from its predecessor. They Both have very similar beaded rims, but the Roc3 is a bit flatter, and it is rated to be just a bit faster than the Roc, which allows for a little more distance in the air. Both discs have proven to be staples of the midrange category.

And the 2018 choice for best Midrange Disc Golf Disc is…..

Best Midrange of 2018: Discraft Buzzz

If you have been following these posts, you should know by know that we aren’t picking upsets. The Buzzz is the old standard for midrange discs. It is a pure, straight flyer that disc golfers of every skill level love to use. The old debate of Roc v. Buzzz will never die, but we had to choose the Buzzz because of its friendlier stability for newer players and the comfortable beadless rim that allows for the occasional forehand throw. The Discraft Buzzz is our choice for the best midrange on the market today.

What are your favorite midrange discs? Share your opinion in the comments below.


  • Im a prodigy guy, but the Comet is the best disc ever made. Bar none.

  • I REALLY, REALLY wanted to put the Harp as my favorite midrange/putter as I use it strictly for midrange shots and it is by far my favorite disc. However, I’m constantly reminded by my friends that it’s technically a P&A disc. Thus, I would regret not giving the Bard some love!!! I throw a VIP Bard that I picked up from a local shop and instantly fell in love with the consistent straight/overstable flight path. When I put some torque on my throw the Bard flies super straight before fading back to the right (LHBH). I hope to snag another Bard in some sort of Tournament Burst plastic.

  • I’d have to say that the compass is my go to midrange. Very dependable. Great for all the wooded courses here. Any line I throw, the compass flies great.

  • Been throwing a buzzz almost as long as I’ve been playing, which isn’t really that long but still, it’s the best! If I had to pick one disc for the rest of my life, it would be a buzzz. I use it for straight shots, long arching hyzers, rollers, force annys, long approaches, hell it’s not even that bad a putter. The buzzz is by far the most useful and consistent disc I’ve come ever come across. Cant wait o get my hands on a McBuzzz!!

  • I would go with the opto compass. For me its a true straight flyer. fresh out the box it was a little overstable, a few tree hits later (who am i kidding its more than a few.) It has become my go to midrange. It holds my anhyzer line, it will flip up to flat with not alot of effort. I reach for this mid more than anything.

  • I’ve been a huge fan of the Roc3 and Shark3 for about 5 years now. In the last year or so, I’ve fallen in love with the Truth. Sometimes a flippy Fuzion Truth, sometimes a more stable Lucid or Emac variety. I like throwing the Fuzion Truth into a tail wind. I can get about 260′-270′ out of it that way and it fades back nicely. I’ve also very recently discovered the Harp, which Kyle mentioned above. I love it as a headwind small-rim mid.

  • I have only been playing for about 2 years now and I have not thrown very many disc… with that said I have thrown the BUZZ and THE ROC3 I am impressed with them both as they fly straight for me in any conditions. Enjoy the fell in my hands of them and if I had to choose between them as my go to midrange disc it would just depend on where I was shooting at and the type of shot I would be taking. Both of these disc should be in everyone bag I believe..

  • The Mako3 is one of the best discs on the market period. It has a perfect combination of stability and turn that make it a do-everything disc. This disc should be in every players bag no matter what. Beginners can get Excellant distance and learn how to balance control and power as well as get a feel for different release angles, while pros like McBeth use (well, he used to) it often too. I really love mine for that dead straight 250-300 foot tunnel shot where I can see the pure line that the Mako3 produces so effortlessly. Now, what if that hole ends slightly to the right or left? No problem, the Mako3 can do it with ease. All you have to do is put it on a tiny hyzer or anhyzer and watch it hit the gap everytime (as long as you don’t shank it of course). If you throw it with a small hyzer, it will hyzer out and if you throw it with an anhyzer it will hold the line and it usually ends up hitting the ground flat. Admittedly, if the hole ends to the right, there is a very high chance I will throw forehand, but there are many players who might feel more comfortable putting the mako3 on a flat to anhyzer release for those shots. I still remember when I first getting into disc golf and I was learning the meaning of the numbers on the discs and I really wanted something I could throw straight. I found the mako3 to be a 5 5 0 0 and when I got it, I wasn’t the best, but it most definitely aided me in my developing my technique. I would certainly recommend the Mako3 to any player that is trying to learn control, because much like the nova, it will expose what type of release you put on it and make it a learning experience. Ever since I got a Mako3, I’ve always had one in the bag. I’ve gone through many, but this recent one I’ve had for a couple years now and I can say it is one of my favorites. In conclusion, I would never try to replace my Mako3 with a different disc because it will be superior to anything it is pitted against because it is just that good.

  • Even though I have multiple aces with a Buzz I now prefer the EMac Truth. It is a straight flyer. The Buzz would turn to quickly then fade. I asked another player at a tournament about the Pure. He recommended a Truth. It worked great and I still bag one. But the EMac Truth fit my throwing style. I use a regular Truth when I need a slight turn for my shot.

  • My vote goes hands down to the Comet. I have been playing disc golf for 28 years, and the Comet has been in my bag for at least 20 of those years. It goes where you throw it. Period. For me, it is the ultimate in control and accuracy. Short tunnel shot? No problem. Dog leg? Release with hyzer. CTP contest? Take home the prize. I bag three Comets and it will NEVER leave my bag. Heck, I may have one buried with me when I die!

  • I also want to vote for the Harp, which I only recently acquired, but I am like 70% forehand dominant and it has already been so useful for control mid range shots that it makes me want to try out a Gator real soon, because they seem to have similar applications at different speeds.

    I guess I really prefer an overstable mid-range, because my choice in this speed range is the Verdict, cousin of the Truth. I found one with no name on it, Lucid-176g, early in the summer. It will definitely fade a good deal from the backhand side, but it can really be straightened out with some torque from forehand, and will skip and stop. But you can also roll it over a bit, or get some wider hyzer curve on it. Awesome disc for the forehand midrange!

  • Buzzz. Still having my first ESP FLX plastic one in the bag. Solid.

  • I really enjoy my Lucid Justice and use it to its full potential. I use it for the obvious big hyzer and headwind shots, but I really enjoy putting a good forehand flex shot on it and see it navigate around trees. I can throw it as hard as I want on any anhyzer and not worry about it not fading back. I also strategically use it for skip shots, and I have skipped my Justice into the basket on occasion. It gives me a safe run to the basket from distance. My favorite use for it by far is a forehand roller. I use it to get out of the woods and for any shot where I am pinched in a tight spot. I trust my Justice to go about 200 feet on a roller, which has helped me save many strokes.

  • Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth has been my favorite mid for a while now. For me it flies on whatever line I put it on which is huge for improving my mind range game on the course.
    I also really like the infinite discs Chariot. A little less stable than a roc3 and feels super good in the hand!

  • In my opinion, the best disc golf mid-range is the Comet. I have been playing disc golf for over 28 years, and the Comet has been in my bag for nearly 20 of those years. For me, this disc is the most reliable mid-range in my bag, and is my go to disc if I need an accurate shot or avoid trouble. It goes where you throw it. Period. Tunnel shot? It’s money. Dog leg? Release on hyzer and watch it hold the line. CTP? Get ready to take home the prize. I carry 3 Comets in my bag, and they will NEVER be anywhere else. Heck, I may have one buried with me when I die!

  • HARD QUESTION. There really is no best midrange disc as there are so many factors that go into choosing which one you need depending on the line, wind, and distance.

    The champion Mako3 is by far the best midrange for most shots that are not into a headwind and less than 300 feet. The mako can be thrown on all types of lines with little effort. It has a soft hyzer line. It is great for anhyzer flex shots (I am not as confident in my forehand so I use it often for holes that finish to the right). You can hyzer flip it with ease to get it 300-320 feet dead straight. It stays pure to the line you put it on while exposing anything wrong in your form and release.

    The rim is especially smooth and rounded making it feels great in your hand. It is the perfect level of deepness and thickness. It is also generally flatter, which is also a preference of mine. 180 Gram champion Mako3 is hands down the best feeling and flying disc I have ever thrown. I have had mine in my bag for three years and no amount of beating in has affected its flight.

    The Mako3 has been an important disc to both my brother and I throughout our journey to become experienced and successful players. This disc is hands down the best midrange for all levels of play on all levels and types of courses.

  • Over the past summer I changed midranges from Innova Roc3 or the wombat3 to the Westside Warship and I haven’t looked back! What an amazing disc if you don’t have one in your bag you definitely should!

  • It’s the Buzzz all day for me. I’ve thrown most of the mids on this list and I really like them, but regardless of whichever new mid I try out I just can’t resist reaching for the Buzzz. I think that’s because it’s not a one trick pony. I can throw an anny, hyzer, or dead straight shot with it and feel good about my disc choice. I’d put the Emac Truth as my 2nd choice, but I traded mine away for another Buzzz

  • Star or Champion Atlas all day! So unloved and misunderstood by fellow golfers until I chuck it like a laser through a tight, wooded fairway. While their discs ricochet crazily off the trees, my trusty Atlas goes “Bonk!” and drops straight to the ground. The Atlas is the perfect discs for me and I love it!

  • I love the MF gator for approach shots, shorter drivers, and for putting on windy days.

  • The Dynamic Discs is an absolute workhorse of a disc. With a similar flight to a Roc3, this disc can offer a wide array of shots from straight to almost meathook stable. Fresh Verdicrs start off with a straight flight and then begin to fade the last 25% of it. They give good distance and predictability thanks to their stability. The verdict can beat into a dependably straight flyer that won’t turn over. Each plastic gives a slightly different form of a Verdict. Each amazing. The Verdict in Biofuzion goes incredibly far. And the prime plastic verdic, man oh man does that thing fade hard. It’s so overstable, they even ticked the fade up .5 on the stamp because they just fly so much more stable. A huge selection of shots can be made with the verdic, even forehands. They can handle the torque, especially the prime ones. Overall the verdict is an awesome mid range you can rip into to get far down the fairway with reliable accuracy.

  • Been meaning to try a Buzzz. Never really liked Discraft molds, but the Buzzz is so popular there must be something to it!

  • Glow KC Pro Roc. So many good drives with it, esp. on downhill bombs, it just seems to hold a laser line forever. Rocs in general – good stuff.

  • As I’m relatively new to the sport, my Mako3 has been my favorite and most-used Mid-Range, by far. I have been able to use it interchangeably for backhand and forehand shots and forehand it regularly for straight approach shots that I want to settle right next to the basket. I had on of my best shots so far with it by throwing it in from about 100 feet for birdie. I like it a lot and even able to recently give one to my brother as his first Mid-Range as well.

  • I have a variety of mids in my bag and each of them is really good but it seems like the only mid I ever throw is the star gator. I recently bought another because I just love the feel and flight of this disc. I have never played a round without throwing this disc numerous times. Short tee shot, upshots, scramble: Gator every time.

  • Absolutely love the DD Patrol. I hadn’t thrown a lot of understable mids and the second I threw it I knew it was a keeper.

  • My favorite mid is the Z Meteor (171-173g). I probably get more birdies with this disc than any other. I throw it on a slight anhyzer and it stays that way the whole flight. Or I throw it on a slight hyzer and it just goes straight. It’s also more comfortable in my hand than a Comet.

  • The Star Mako3 is a beautiful disc with an even better flight line. Definitely my absolute favorite. Good for beginners and lower arm speed players.

  • I go back and forth between the Roc3 and the MD3. Right now I’m totally loving the color glow MD3. It’s my go to disc for any mid-range shot.

  • My favorite mid range is the Innova mako3, I carry 3 of them in various stages of wear. It is my favorite because I can throw it very straight with little fade at the end or throw a straight to under stable shot, or I can try a hyzer flip. For me it is a versatile disc and covers multiple uses for me.

  • Westside Bard. Always reliable fade and who doesn’t love a good bard stamp.

  • The MVP Axis is the straightest disc I’ve ever thrown. Very usable for players at any skill level.

  • Champion Roc3. Great reliable disc with a comfortable profile. Can backhand or forehand. My only two aces are with my Champion Roc3!

  • Christopher J Foster

    I’m a beginner who loves my Champion Mako3. I can throw it with almost as much accuracy as a putter, but the Mako3 glides for days (and is no slouch for sliding on leaves or pine straw). I like that it tells me confidently if I misreleased—if I accidentally hyzer it, the Mako3 is going to hold that line while I stand there and mentally review my release technique for flaws. Finally, I can see that as I improve, the Mako3 may change roles somewhat, but will likely continue to be useful.

  • The M4 is my choice and has been in and out of my bag for a long time. You really have to watch how much power to put behind it but once you figure it out it’s a very versatile disc.

  • Discraft buzzz. Tried and true. Currently bag two. A z buzzz and a full foil super color buzzz. Super color buzzz is super straight, and the z holds any line. Love the different stamps and such on the buzzz too! A close second is the eMac truth. Got one from Eric Oakley with the hand eye stamp and it’s very nice in the stable spot.

  • I have been a huge buzzz fan for quite a while, but just threw a glow roc3 for the first time and am hooked! It fights back a bit more reliably than the buzzz for me, and it’s nice to be able to put some power o it without worrying about it standing up and carrying off.

  • The Vibram Obex is the best midrange I have ever used. The obex is the most consistent midrange I have ever thrown. It it so true to its flight no matter what. It is perfect on cold days because it is rubber. Not to mention how durrible it is. The obex is a perfect disc for new people and for more experianced players it is super consitent. The depth is fantastic and it can even be a decent forehand disc. The obex is super stright and I can get more disctance with it than the buzz or roc. I think it is the most underated disc ever. Its so sad more people cant experaince such an amazing disc since vibram stopped production.

  • My favorite 4

    Latitude 64 Core (Opto) – Understable/Tunnels
    Gateway Prophecy (Diamond) – Distance
    Discmania MD4 (Metal Flake) – Wind/Overstble
    Dynamic Discs Justice (Lucid) – Utility

  • I guess im the weirdo throwing legacy on the course… haha. I love the legacy ghost in pinnacle plastic.

  • Buzzz is my favorite mid-range

  • I’ve been missing my Comet for awhile now. I’d love to get another!

  • Marcelino salcedo

    eMac truth is a very reliable disc, I would like to win one

  • I love my mako3
    I use my champion and XT atlas more though

  • The Buzzz! I usually bag two of them, also bag a rocX3 and a drone as far as midranges go and the Buzzz is always the one I look to first. The z plastic is so stable! You throw it flat and it’ll go right where you want!

  • Buzz please if I am chosen as the winner. Thanks for the info and giveaway

  • Definitely the Comet. I’ve seen that disc bring so much good for all players.

  • I couldn’t live without my mako3. I know where it’s going everytime!

  • I believe the Discraft Buzz is spot on. It’s a great mid range and perfect for all skill levels. I have been using one since I started playing two years ago. Great choice.

  • Nice overview. I’m really loving the ESP Buzz. Feels great in my hand, I like the flat profile and it is a predictable flight with minimal fade.

  • My favorite mid is my gator3. Very overstable and feels great in my hand. Perfect no matter how strong the wind is.

  • I’ve been throwing the MVP Matrix ever since it was the midrange in the Circuit Challenge in 2016 when I was first introduced to MVP discs.. It’s unstable enough to hold an strong anny, but stable enough to come back from a flex line and fight mild wind.

  • Dynamic Discs Justice. It does exactly what you expect every time.

  • Well I bag 3 buzzz’s and 2 roc’s, but I just got my first Ace w with prodigy M4… So now I like that one!!! Lol

  • I fell in love with the MD3 the first time I threw it. Feels good in the hand and gets more distance then my previous miss.

  • I love my Chariot. I’ve been using a first run since March, and I use it for slight hyzers, straight shots, and right finishing shots. I use it more thamaybe any other disc.

  • Legacy Discs Pursuit
    Flat top, no bead, and OS. Great for FH shots and BH hyzer.

  • My favorite midrange currently is the Innova Caiman. It is similar to the gator and is very ovrtstable. It is an excellent disc for approaches on a windy day. I also bag a Rat and Roc3 but the Caiman is most favorite.

  • For me it the MD3. I love the rim on it. It fits so well in my hand, both for backhand and forehand. And the flight is amazing.

  • Best midrange is a flat top Z Wasp. Hard to find, but I hear the fly dye ones are the ones to get. If you’re lucky, you might find a regular flat one.

  • The titanium buzzz has been my best and favorite midrange disc so far. When I need something dependable that flies straight and flat, that’s my number one I pull from the bag.

  • Harp all the way. Best sidearm midrange out there.

  • Discmania MD3! It’s the most reliable midrange ever!

  • My favorite is my Tournament plastic Sling, and it’s not even close. It’s been more reliable than my EMac Truth. I can crush it for close to 300 on a good day.

  • The discraft buzzz is an absolute staple in my bag. It is very versatile disc and forms to my grip easily. Great for very technical courses and tight areas. I would love to have a swirly esp buzzz.

  • Gotta love the Buzzz!! It’s still #1 for a reason

  • Best midrange is the Md3

  • My favorite is probably the MVP Axis. Perfectly straight with a touch of fade when new, but beats in slowly to a sweet turnover. Also, Eclipse plastic is sweet looking.

  • The Buzzzzz is #1 for a reason!

  • My favorite is a lucid verdict. So dependable, but I haven’t tried en emac truth yet. So there is that.

  • Emac Truth is the mid range disc I’d like to win

  • Mvp Deflector all day!!

  • My favorite would have to be the Mako3. Straightest disc I’ve ever thrown. The definition of Point and Shoot.

  • Ever since I beat in my first ROC3 I’ve come to notice there is almost no shot it can’t be used for! game improved bagging a variety of plastics in this mold!

  • Definitely the Emac Truth. Been throwing one for a while, and it’s always a very predictable flight.

  • MD3 all day, I used to throw rocs till I got a crowned eagle MD3 and haven’t looked back since. Very predictable flight and comfortable in the hand in all conditions!

  • EMac Truth is the best and my favorite for sure. So versatile and can do just about anything you want with it.

  • Legacy blue icon ghosts are the best midranges I’ve found yet.

  • My favorite is a DGA glow Quake

  • Westside Tursas. Such an under-rated disc.

  • Got to love the trusty MVP Vector

  • Metal Flake Champion Roc3

  • My current mid-range is a shark, I’d love to try out a Roc3!

  • 180 gm 11x kc pro ROC!!!

  • The regular truth is my go to midrange. I also carry a MD4 and mortar if I need a stronger finish or forehand.

  • The Buzzz is king and nothing will ever change that, I’ve got a 3 year old Z that’s never leaving the bag and a fresh ESP that’s been getting me paid. Buzzz is love Buzzz is life.

  • This is a tough choice for me! I have only hit 3 aces in my 10 years of playing and they all happened pretty recently. The last 2 were with my lucid eMac truth and recon big jerm mortar. That being said, my favorite overall has to be the EMac truth. You could play with just that disc anywhere and hold it down.

  • Why does the innova wolf not get any love? That’s the best midrange I have. Yes I have a mako3 and roc3 just don’t throw them as much.

  • I have been throwing the Comet more since my skill level has increased. It does what you tell it to by the angle of release and speed. It is a do all!

  • Dynamic Discs EMac Truth best mid range on the planet. Bag both the buzzz and the prime truth and emac truth but prefer the straightness and reliability of emac truth. My go-to disc!

  • My favorite midrange is a Westside Pine. It flies extremely straight with a gentle, predictable fade. I can put it on any line, and excels at all of them. I will never take it out of the bag. Westside is the best side!

  • Favorite mid is a drone! Because it is so versitile and reliable. Backhand or forehand. I find my self using it a lot in scramble situations which let’s be real, is probably half of our round if you are an AM!

  • The eMac truth especially in lucid. It feels great in the hand almost like a fairway driver and it flies so straight it’s truelly the one mid you need.

  • eMac truth. I’ve never owned one but love to take it out of my dads bag when we go out!

  • I’ve never thrown a Buzzz. I’d like one though

  • Love the buzzz!

  • Innova Roc for sure. Hands down

  • Definitely that EMAC Truth for me. What a great disc! Just can’t get enough of those.

  • Roc 3 is a mid id like to try

  • My favorite is the Roc. Hands down. For me it has a very reliable and predictable flight path. Never a surprise.

    If chosen for the giveaway, I would like to choose a Buzzz. I hear good things and wouldn’t mind adding it to my bag.

  • I think the best midrange in the game is a Buzzz, just because of its utility, it is also a big reason I throw discraft

  • Truth is the disc id like to win

  • I love my Roc3.

  • I like the emac truth best

  • Buzzz os, it is a very reliable overstable disc. However, the new md5 has been an awesome disc as well

  • Gotta be the Buzzz. So much versatility with a great hand feel. Had always been in my bag, actually have all three iterations, SS, OS, and regular.

  • Roc3 is my go to midrange it always gets me out of a jam and the fact it’s a dayglow means it easy to find

  • Caiman is getting a lot of my midrange shots lately. Predictable in the wind.

  • DGA Aftershock is the better version of a buzz in my opinion and it feels better in the hand.

  • Chariot is the single greatest mid I’ve had in a long while. It’s like throwing a lawn dart. Dead straight and long.

  • Love the mako3. Nice flight.

  • I have a very beat in roc that I would not trade for the world.

  • Only thrown the Buzzz on this list. Love to try the EMac Truth. Currently throw the Bard for most mid shots

  • My go to mid is my Z Flx Buzzz! It’s super straight can be thrown on smooth hyzer lines, gentle anny’s! I’ve played many 1 disc rounds with just the buzzz!

  • I like the Buzzz. It feels good in my hand and has a consistent flight in all conditions.

  • Innovation Roc3 is the best of that list, but I personally throw my Axiom Alias more.

  • Roc 3 is my go to but I also go to my rat in certain situations

  • I had the opportunity to throw a friend’s innova rat once. As a forehand dominant player, I have struggled to find a good bridge between mid-range and approach disc. I think the rat would fill that void nicely for a forehand player.

  • I throw a glow buzzz but would like to win a glow truth

  • Im really loving the ra! I have the first proto the only one in 189 g. Yes you read that right. And have the metal flake team stamp in 180 g in orange and pink. It took out my emac truth.

  • Being newer and having weaker arm speed, I like the Mako3 best

  • DX roc. You can cover almost any mid range shot with DX rocs.

    The bee’s knees.

  • My favorite is Dynamic Discs Truth. It goes where I throw it. It’s amazing!

  • Mako3 is a good Mid-range

  • Love my lucid or fuzion emac truth. I need another fuzion though. New they hyzer and beat in they fly straight to a little anny depending how beat in.

  • Definitely an emac truth. I would like to win the emac

  • I really like the Rat for any layup or approach shot.

  • The warship is the best.

  • I like the Buzzz, it’s been a consistent mid range disc for me in that, it feels great in my hand and gives me that straight flight needed in any weather conditions. I have a collection of excellent decodyed designs, full color foils, and various cool stamped throwers. All in all, one of the best mids on the market. There’s a reason most ppl choose it for limited designed and themed versions. Buzzz it in for an Ace! Cheers.

  • My go to mid I’d the legacy gauge

  • Buzzz is amazing, I lost mine but I have a special place for the patrol o just aced with.

  • I bag 3 of these mods. It’s a great list!

  • I’m convinced that the buzzz is the best disc even made.

  • I bag 3 of these mids. It’s a great list!

  • Emac Truth for the win

  • Has the be the Buzzz. I have one in the new ESP plastic and it just feels so good in the hand and has great consistent flights. Basically any line I need a midrange distance throw on, I’m now reaching for that Buzzz.

  • Love the emac’s! Especially in air plastic!

  • Ghost is my go to

  • Love my Buzzzes, any plastic. I throw SS and OS, but my favorite is the straight Buzzz Z Glo.

  • eMac truth is always in my bag

  • I use a couple midrange, but I have the best shots and even an ace at the fort with the Innova VRoc. I use it on a lot of tunnel shots, it stays very straight for me.

  • The emac truth can do whatever you want with enough stability to be used friendly. Would love a fuzion emac.

  • The buzzz, I have one and it’s my favorite midrange, would love to add another to my bag

  • While I’m still a beginner (after 20 years), the Roc was the first mid-range disc I got. I have been happy with the results as I got to know what to expect from it. I would like to try the Roc3 and see if I could get more distance from it. Thanks for all your giveaways.

  • I threw my buddies m4 and have wanted one ever since then. M4 please!

  • My favorite mid is the regular fuzion truth. I like that it is a bit more understable than the emac. For my arm speed it is workable for more lines.

  • Lucid EMac Truth

  • Discraft Impact. I can only describe it as a buzzz light or rock light when thrown. The “flight numbers” don’t do this disc justice. It can hold a hyzer line, throws straight at full power, and that glide lets the anny come to rest without the fade back. Must be the knurling.

  • For me, it has to be the DD Suspect. It will fly straight and true no matter how I throw it, and it will reliably fade at the end for the flight. I’m taking EMac Truths out of the bag to make more room for Suspects!

  • My favorite mid is the Emac Truth. So straight and dependable! Love em

  • The first midrange I ever threw was a pink ESP Buzzz that was given to me to borrow. I promptly threw my first ace within the second round! I shot two more aces that summer with the same disc. I had only been playing for a few months at that point, so ease of use and comfort in the hand is a big factor. I’ve been playing for 8 years and the Buzzz is still in my bag! Obviously my vote is for the Buzzz. Classics never die!

  • I’d have to go with the Emac Truth for sure. Dependability is my first choice!

  • The first midrange i ever threw was an ESP Buzzz a friend let me borrow. I promptly threw my first ace during my second round trying it out! Needless to say, he let me keep it! I had only been playing a couple months by the time I received that mold, and I made good use of it by throwing two more aces that summer. I’ve been playing over 8 years now, and the Buzzz is still in my bag. Obviously my vote is for the Buzzz. It has a comfortable grip and is earth to throw and had staying power to remain a staple in experienced thrower’s bags. Classics never die!

  • My best mid is either a Buzz or Comet, I throw both pretty equally.

  • I normally use an Innova Atlas but those MD3s have been calling me lately.

  • EMac truth, because it’s.. Well the truth. Good flight and a predictable fade.

  • The Millennium Aurora MS. It does what the buzzz does and does it better. This is the most underrated disc out there.

  • I like the Justice by DD. I have a powerful flick, and I didn’t think I’d be able to find a midrange disc that I could put full power into without it flexing too hard or dumping. A friend let me try his Justice, and I knew it was “the one”. It’s the most overstable midrange made. Perfect for forehand up-shots and short flick drives.

  • Innova Rocs are still occupying my bag, but if several different variations, KC Pro Roc, Color Glow DX Roc, Star San Marino Roc, Metal Flake Champion Roc, and a Star RocX3.

    If I were smarter I’d be using those discs for 90% of my distance needs.

  • I go back-and-forth between the Roc3 and the Buzz. I have a Ra and a Chariot under my Christmas tree and I am excited to try them both.

  • Innova roc3 is my go to mid range

  • Hyzerbomb mortar frontline x plastic. It just has great feel and sits by the basket for flicks. Just have to have another 🙂

  • innova roc3 is my goto midrange

  • I would love a Fuzion EMac Truth! I have a Lucid, but would love to try a Fuzion!

  • Innova Rat is one I purchased this year. I’ve lost it a couple times, so a back up or diff kind of plastic would be nice to have in the bag.

  • Discmania md3 for sure. I always have at least 2 or 3 in the bag of varying stability.

  • I probably have more love for mids than any fairways or distance molds. This is because my game has always been: Drive 250’, approach with the right mid, putt.
    Here’s the opinion bit. Diacrafts Wasp and Hornet outperform the buzzz and comet. Gateway’s Karma has always been under-rated. The Streamline Runway is still full of surprises. Besides that, the EMAC Truth and the Westside Tursas are the deadly duo that never leave the bag. I wish the Tursas had mention above. If only there existed a <175g tournament Pine…

  • I throw a Buzz religiously and haven’t found a better one to throw yet!! But would love to try out the Truth!

  • Prodigy M3 the best of all !

  • Roc 3 plz. Love its flight but need one right out the box again.

  • My current favorite mid is the Emac Truth. I have a few plastics and stages of wear in my bag. BioFuzion is slightly beat in. It flies so straight. Great uphill and/or wooded shot choice. My Lucid is also slightly beat in. It turns a bit, but fades back a bit harder than the Bio. This is the mid that thinks it’s a fairway driver! It’s a long range placement disc. Also have a flat top Prime Burst, which is actually the most overstable of the lot. It’s a great flick approach or hyzer line disc. So with all that being said, there’s really not much the eMac Truth can’t do!

  • I think the comets the best because it’s so veritile.

  • The mako3 is my go to mid range, it flys true almost every time.

  • Love my buzz! It’s my go to mid

  • Love the comet, straightest mid there is. That MJ one looks awesome.

  • Mako 3, my metal flake champion flies and finishes dead straight.

  • The Buzzz is THE midrange disc

  • Comets are just amazing, I’m happy they made the list!

  • Buzzz! Threw my first eagle with a 177+ Big Z Buzzz

  • Love my swirly star Hyzerbomb Mortar. Meathook curve, hit and stop, works for me.

  • I would love a champ gator!

  • MD3 is my favorite. I have one that’s a straight flyer and one that’s more overstable. I like having one mold that flies differently.

  • MD3 is my favorite. So dependable and easy to throw.

  • For me, the mako 3 has a very straight flight, but can turnover with too much power. My Champion Roc 3 is too overstable. Based on the article’s reviews, I’d like to try an Emac Truth because it sounds like a more reliable stable disc.

  • I absolutely love the Kaxe! Super versatile. But I have really been digging mortars lately too.

  • I love the roc3, mako3 and md3 but I’d love to try a buzzz.

  • DX Roc. Holds any line I put it on when it breaks in, and is still forgiving if I’m a little off. Great disc for beginners and experienced players that has stood the test of time.

  • By far my favorite midrange is the KC Pro Roc. The only thing I don’t like it for is sidearms, but that’s what my mortar is for! I want to win a Roc!

  • I like the buzzz, it’s the disc I own the most copies of (mostly because of cool art). It just lands where I want it to on approaches, I just cant explain it. It just holds the line I put it on. I bag three. I would like to try out an emac truth though.

  • I’ve heard so many great things about the buzzz since i started playing 2 months ago! I have one midrange at the moment and i think the buzzz would be a great addition to my bag. Thank you for considering!

  • My favorite is Air Compass <3

  • For me it is my Emac truth.

  • My EMac truth is my go to.

  • Innova Roc3 is my go to. Smooth glide and consistent flight path every time I throw it.

  • MD3 is the best mid for me!

  • Lucid Truth is the BEST!

  • The MVP Matrix keeps finding it’s way into my hands. Very versatile and comfortable for both BH and FH shots.

  • My favorite mid range is the Buzz. Love it, have 5 now in different weights and plastics.

    I haven’t tried one yet, but I love to throw a Comet. I’ve heard continuous great things from my play group.

  • Love the Comet. Great for anhyzers or a variety of shots.

  • Buzzz is my fav Mid Range, I love the feel of it and it’s consistently straight when I throw it in all weather conditions. I have a variety of various miscellaneous stamped throwers, limited edition foils, decodyed full color versions, and many special edition Halloween Glow Buzzz’s. My 1st Ace was with a Big Z Stamped Buzzz , 1 month into playing last year. The fact that the most customized discs are Buzzz’s says a lot, ppl can’t be wrong to select this straight flyer as their choice when throwing a Mid or designing a unique design to put on this classic. When in doubt huck a Buzzz. Now go Buzzz those Chains with an Ace, I Did.

  • One of the best all around mids is the esp flex Buzzz.

  • Albert Sölvi Óskarsson

    Buzzz.. it goes well in the hand and it is a really reliable disc in any situation you come across with!

  • emac truth please

  • Fuzion Verdict. Love the feel of the disc and the dependable fade without being too overstable.

  • Always love me my TI Wasps. Consistent flight patterns every throw!

  • my favorite mid range would have to be my innova shark.. they are beginner friendly and beat into a nice straight flight.

  • Stingrays are my fav mid. Love how versatile they are.

  • MVP Matrix. Point and shoot. Goes anywhere you tell it.

  • My favorite is easily the Mortar. Consistent release and fade. These things can handle some torque!

  • Emac Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am a beginner and have thrown a lot of these discs on this list. In my opinion, the Mako3 has the straightest flight out of all of them but I just recently started throwing the EMac Truth and am extremely impressed so far. However, my Buzzz is probably my go to for most of the course.

  • I wouldn’t mind trying out the mortar finally!

  • The Prodigy M4 is comfortable in the hand. It has a straight flight with a touch of fade.

  • Adrien Sandercock

    I love Comets and would dig a swirly ESP MJ Comet

  • I’m loving my Rat. So sweet on the forehand .

  • My go to midrange would have to be my innovator foxbat. It is the straightest flying disc in my bad, the most consistant disc in all weather conditions, feels really comfortable in the hand, and when needed can be thrown for some pretty great distances. I’d love to have more of them in my bag!

  • Absolute best midrange and sadly Oop is the ESP FLX Buzzz. Holds absolutely every line its put on and has amazing grip! The FLX adds to the finish of the disc, no crazy ground or tree action. Sits and stays.

  • Crystal Buzz – a little hard to come by but it holds it line in all conditions and can take a beating

  • Westside Tursas. It holds the line that I put it on. It is listed as understand but mine is stable. Doesn’t flip.

  • Love to get my hands on that Discmania MD3

  • I would have to say the Roc3 is the best overall mid range

  • I bag multiple midranges but, for the moment, I’m in love with the Caiman! Hope to see it in a metal flake soon!!!

  • You simply can’t beat the RocX3. It does everything I need it to and I can crush it farther than my dad throws his drivers! (Sorry dad, but you know it’s true!)

  • I love the Atlas. It’s the most versatile disc on the market. Drives, approaches, putting, shot shaping, it does it all.

  • Christopher Rouse

    WESTSIDE WARSHIP!!! This disc will hold any line I put it on. I am loving this disc.

  • Its missing from my bag but need a Metal Flake Gator! Such a good overstable disc

  • My best performing is a wombat. It flies dead straight. i have others but i trust the wombat most.

  • New Favorite Mid: Innova Caiman

  • Comet is my go to.

  • Comet is my go to midrange.

  • Emac truth is my go to midrange for just about most shots. Very reliable disc.

  • I have found the Buzzz OS very useful.

  • The Innova Commander is the most underated midrange in the game imho. This thing is magic, an identical dependable flight in any wind condition (tailwind, headwind, calm or a hurricane). The flight numbers of 6/3/0/4 are spot on off the shelf and it beats in to get a lot more glide (yes, you read that right) and a slightly mellower fade. The high speed stability is dialed in on this beauty, she is laser straight (without the fear of turning over) with that dependable hard fade at the end. Do yourself a favor, and give this mid an opportunity to shine

  • Emac truth hands down best mid range on the market

  • Buzzz is a great disc

  • Roger Vartabedian

    Westside Warship is the best mid I have ever thrown. Laser straight, predictable, awesome.

  • The Roc3 is my go to mid range for it consistency in flight. Has the stability to handle both power and wind for most mid range shots.

  • Really hard to beat the Buzzz, but I will say I’ve had a lot of success with a couple that aren’t on your list – the MVP Matrix & the Streamline Runway.

  • Not on the list but my No. 1 purchase of this year was the Luster MD from discmania! Straight and stable with minimal fade.
    For more fade I dip into Dx rocs (Flattop) and Roc3.

  • My favorite mid is the MD3.

  • Emac truth is nice and straight with good distance. I prefer my caiman for flicks and hyzers, but emac for straight.

  • Lucid Emac Truth

  • Buzzes are nice but like my compass.

  • I have two of my three aces with the gator. This disc works well with both my forehand and backhand.

  • EMAC, very versatile

  • Love my prodigy M2. Have a test plastic, a proto, and my most thrown mid which is the 350g. Great grip, reliable, and now that it’s seasoned it’s super straight

  • Champ Gator! Love it for FH approaches and getting out of jail.

  • I’ve tried a fair number of these. I carry four mids normally.
    Champ Roc3 – My most used one, it’s a straight flyer after being beat up but still fades smooth.
    Star Mako3 – I own 4 and if I have to use one disc for a whole round this would be in. It doesn’t lie, this disc stays on whatever line you put it on until it has no speed left and stalls down more than fades.
    Champ Gator3 – If I need it to curve in a tight gap without caring what the wind does, this baby will get it done.

    Only other I carry isn’t listed but the Star Caiman, the best way to describe it is to say that it flies like a Sexton Firebird but less distance, same disregard for what the wind wants and less skip.

  • Buzz is my go to mid all day!!! 😀

  • Used to be a roc guy, until I tried a buzzz. Can hit more lines and the beadless feel offers cleaner releases

  • I’m a big fan of the Legacy Pursuit. Excellent OS forehand approach disc that beats into what I had always hoped for from the dynamic discs verdict.

  • Comets are easy to fall in love with, so are EMac Truths. The one that surprised me was the Vibram Ibex, comfy, great flight, and a little grabby when it lands.

  • A buzz or a Meteor if I need something a little more understable

  • Shawn Christophersen

    Ibex. Too bad they don’t make em any more

  • I like the EMac Truth

  • Comet is definitely my go to midrange disc.

  • Innova rat and compass are my go to mids

  • I’m big on the Buzzz, but my new go to mid range is the Westside Tursas. Love that I can put it on a slight anhyzer and trust it to finish right.

  • I throw the Buzzz, Buzzz SS, and Buzzz OS. Love the Buzzz family.

  • For me my eclipse axis is my go to mid-range. It flies straight with a little fade at the end. Great all round disc it will always be in the bag.

  • Love my infinite stamped Glow Mortar!!!

  • My Glow E-MAC MD3 is my absolute do it all disc. If I had to choose just one disc to play a round with, that’s it!!

  • The Prodigy M4 in 400G plastic is it. The disc is a really straight flyer that you have to convince to hyzer or anhyzer, but once you talk it into doing it, it performs with smooth dependable flight paths. Very predictable.

  • I’m carrying an MVP Matrix, which is nice, but I’m also looking to get a Caiman soon