Best Disc Golf Drivers of 2020

Bag of Disc drivers

In this unprecedented year of pandemic, unrest, and shutdowns, we’ve seen people buying discs faster than suppliers can get them made and shipped. People are still playing disc golf.  What better activity for either staying home, with putting and upshot practice, or maintaining social distancing out on the course. Since people are still playing, and buying discs, we wanted to see what kind of impact the world situation might have had on our disc selections. For the next few weeks, we will look at the best discs of 2020, broken down by disc type. This week, we will look at the best disc golf drivers of 2020.

2020: What An Interesting Year

Since a bulk of the year was during the pandemic, we will see if our disc selections have been different than in years past. There would likely have to be something bigger than a global pandemic to get us to change our favorite discs. But, there are factors that do get us to change.

For example, if our favorite disc golf pro, who happens to be a world champion, puts out a new disc. Or puts out a new version of an old disc. Those kinds of things affect disc golf sales, as we’ve seen in the past. Let’s start by jumping right in and see who is the King (no pun intended) of drivers for 2020.

Best Disc Golf Drivers

Rank Disc Mold Sales Rank Star Rating Fan Vote Average
1 Innova Destroyer 1 1 1 1.0
2 Innova Wraith 2 2 2 2.0
3 Innova Teebird 4 3 7 4.7
4 Innova Thunderbird 9 5 3 5.7
5 Discraft Hades 7 9 3 6.3


How We Chose the Best Disc Golf Driver For 2020?

There are several different components to our rating system that we used to determine the best disc golf distance drivers for 2020:

  • First, we counted the sales volume. That makes sense. The mold that sells the most is certainly a contender for the number one disc.
  • Second we look at both how you have rated the discs, and how many reviews you have made for the top drivers to date on Infinite Discs website. A high rating and a lot of reviews translates into a desirable disc.
  • And finally, we will considered what you our blog readers and social media followers say when asked the question: What do you think is the best disc golf driver?

Best Disc Golf Drivers by Sales

According to online disc sales at, the following are the top drivers in disc golf for 2020:

2020 Sales Rank Disc Mold
1 Innova Destroyer
2 Innova Wraith
3 Innova Firebird
4 Innova Teebird
5 Innova Valkyrie
6 Innova Leopard
7 Discraft Hades
8 Discraft Undertaker
9 Innova Thunderbird
10 Discraft Zeus
11 Discraft Heat
12 Innova Beast
13 Discraft Force
14 Innova Shryke
15 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
16 Discraft Avenger SS
17 Discraft Anax
18 Innova Leopard3
19 Infinite Discs Emperor
20 Discraft Thrasher

Innova Wraith - #2 Rated Distance Driver

Best Discs According to Star Ratings

Based on user submitted reviews and star ratings, these are the top 10 rated drivers of 2020:

Rank Disc Star Rating # Of 2020 Reviews Weighted Score
1 Innova Destroyer 4.8 70 5.44
2 Innova Wraith 4.61 53 5.01
3 Innova Teebird 4.77 41 5.00
4 Innova Firebird 4.57 49 4.91
5 Innova Thunderbird 4.67 35 4.81
6 Discraft Undertaker 4.78 23 4.75
7 Discraft Zeus 4.69 22 4.65
8 Infinite Discs Pharaoh 4.72 18 4.62
9 Discraft Hades 4.77 14 4.61
10 Infinite Discs Emperor 4.7 16 4.57

While most of the top discs appear in both lists, two understable Innova fairway drivers — the Valkyrie and Leopard made the top 10 sales list but not the top rated discs list. Interestingly, the two discs that replaced them — the Pharaoh and Emperor are high speed distance drivers. It appears that website visitors are more likely to buy easy to throw fairway drivers, but more excited to review discs that provide maximum distance.

So, here we go with the breakdown of some of the top contenders for best disc golf driver of 2020 based on sales, reviews, and ratings. After we hear back from you in the comment section at the bottom of the page, we will update the blog to declare an ultimate winner of the best disc golf driver of 2020.

Infinite Discs Pharaoh - Best Infinite Driver

Top Drivers of 2020: Fan Choice!

For our third and final criteria we reached out to our fans in this post and on social media to let them have their say on what they think the best disc golf driver truly is. The results of the fan vote are as follows:

Fan Vote

Rank Disc Model Percent of Vote
1 Innova Destroyer 20.0%
2 Innova Wraith 19.0%
3 Innova Thunderbird 6.3%
4 Discraft Hades 6.3%
5 Discraft Zeus 5.3%
6 Discraft Undertaker 3.0%
7 Innova Teebird 3.0%
8 Streamline Trace 2.4%
9 Innova Katana 2.4%
10 Innova Valkyrie 2.4%

We’ve tallied your votes to determine the fan winner. We counted 127 votes on the blog and on Facebook. Garnering just over 20% of the votes is the Innova Destroyer. In a very close second place is the popular, and similarly flying Innova Wraith. The Wraith got just under 19% of the votes. In a tie for second place, with 6.3% of the votes is the Innova Thunderbird and the Discraft Hades. Just one percentage point behind those two molds is the Discraft Zeus.

The next few spots are occupied by the Undertaker and TeeBird at 3%, and coming in a 2.4% is the Trace, Katana and Valkyrie. Although the Streamline Trace is the only non-Innova or Discraft mold up to this point in the tally, there were 29 different molds that only received one or two votes. Those include molds from Discmania, Prodigy, Westside, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, MVP, Infinite Discs, Axiom, and Vibram.

Discraft Zeus Disc Golf Driver

A Summary of some of the Top Drivers

The Innova Destroyer

This perennial powerhouse made a splash when it was released over a decade ago, and has pretty much dominated the category ever since. Its popular flight numbers, giving a little turn with a reliable fade, has made this disc a winner from the beginning. The Destroyer’s availability in lighter plastics makes it a hit with people of all skill levels.

Innova Teebird

The only thin rim control driver in the top five of the best disc golf drivers of 2020 category, this reliable workhorse has a spot in the bag of many pro and amateur alike. It has been around for two decades, and clearly has a popular flight number. It has become a signature disc for a couple of pros, which might contribute to its popularity.

Innova Firebird and Thunderbird, Discraft Undertaker

These three molds are ‘tweener’ drivers, with thicker rims than traditional fairway drivers but not thick enough to be considered distance drivers. Whatever you call them, all of these molds are popular with people of all skill levels, helping them make the list of best drivers for the year.

The Thunderbird is a straight-flying disc that still has a decent fade at the end. It is the definition of ‘control driver’.

The Firebird could be called a more stable Thunderbird. Its ability to fight headwinds and deliver a solid fade has made the Firebird one of the most in-demand drivers for many years. Certain Firebirds, such as the Sexton Glow Firebirds, are popular for their added overstability, making them even more in demand.

The Undertaker has a little more turn than the Firebird or Thunderbird, but still has a good fade at the end. With a hyzer flip, the Undertaker can be shaped for some long throws.

Discraft Zeus and Infinite Discs Emperor

While the Destroyer has been the #1 rated disc for years, it’s no surprise that similar discs by other brands are also very popular.

It wasn’t long after McBeth moved to Discraft that they announced the newest disc to the Discraft line-up, the Kong. The name was later changed to the Zeus. With a flight number similar to the popular Destroyer and the Infinite Discs Emperor, the Zeus was an immediate hit. With its desirable flight, beautiful swirly plastic, and its endorsement by a world champ, the Zeus fought for the number one spot last year. And, it remains a contender this year.

With its Destroyer-like flight and popularity among professional disc golfers like Garrett Gurthie, Dave Feldberg, and Kona Panis, it’s no surprise that the Emperor achieved top 10 status for ratings this year.

Infinite Discs Pharaoh

This high-speed driver has been one of Infinite’s most popular drivers since it was released. It has a slight turn and a reliable, but not too harsh, fade. Available in several plastic blends, the Pharaoh’s distance is its strength. Fortunately, the mold comes in lighter weights, too, giving the novice player and touring pro alike and option for long-distance throws. Making its top-ten appearance for three years in a row, the Pharaoh is here to stay!

Discraft Hades

New to the Discraft lineup this year is the understable, but controllable, speed 12 Hades. With lots of glide and flight numbers that fill the needs of a variety of skill levels, the Hades has been a hit for Discraft. Introducing a disc with the name of a repeat world champion on it surely helps with sales. Then, mix in some popular flight numbers and you have a winning combination.  The Hades has flight numbers that are similar to the widely used Innova Tern. If you want a flip-to-straight flight with a solid fade, or a big turnover shot, the Hades would fill that slot in your bag. Of all the drivers in the top 10, the Hades has the most high speed turn by far.

Innova Valkyrie and Leopard

The Valkyrie and Leopard are known as Innova’s “easy to throw” drivers. These are the very drivers that are included in most Innova three disc starter sets. In their base DX plastic, these popular beginner discs can be very understable. With the huge growth of disc golf during the pandemic it is no surprise that these popular beginner discs made the top sales list. But do the Valkyrie and Leopard have what it takes to be considered the best disc golf driver of 2020?

Innova Thunderbird Photo

What Makes a Top Ten Disc Golf Driver

So, why do we like those discs? If we break down the flight ratings of all of the top ten discs, we can come up with an average flight, and see if that helps us understand why these discs are popular. The ‘average’ flight rating of these ten discs, using the common flight rating of speed, glide, turn, and fade, is 10.6, -5, -.9, 2.6. If we round those numbers, we pretty much get the flight of the Wraith, which is the second most popular disc on the list. The Innova Wraith is one speed slower than the Destroyer, which occupies the number 1 spot. As was mentioned, the Destroyer shares the same flight rating as the Zeus and the Emperor, as well as other popular molds that didn’t make the top ten, like the Trespass, Outlaw, and DD3. Apparently, we like that general flight.

The average flight is similar to the flight of 6 out of the 10 best discs. We like discs that give us a little turn, but also give us a reliable fade. We like wide rims, but not too wide. Other than the Hades, we don’t want a lot of turn. (Discs in the 11-20 most popular range have more flip, or turn, to them, such as the Beast, Valkyrie, Shryke, Heat, and Avenger SS) We also like some of our discs to have all fade and little to no turn, for utility shots.

In With the Old, In With the New

The first four molds on the list, Destroyer, Wraith, Teebird, and Firebird, were all released prior to 2008. They’ve been around for a while and have proven their value to the disc golf community. The last four discs on the list, Zeus, Pharaoh, Hades, and Emperor, were all released in the last couple of years. Only time will tell is they remain as popular in years to come. Probably so, since three out of four of them have the popular flight characteristics mentioned above. For the record, the average PDGA approval year for the top ten drivers is 2012.

Paul McBeth 5 claws best driver

Feel Free to watch this video which summarizes the results in a minute and thirty seconds:

Your Opinion: What is the best driver for you?

We want your opinion. What do you think the best disc golf driver is and why?  What weight and plastic do you like it in. How long have you been playing disc golf, how far can you throw? Please comment below.


  • Streamline Trace is probably the most underrated driver, and my favorite driver overall, specifically in proton plastic. I also bag destroyers, but to me, the trace is more versatile, capable of holding hyzer angle well for consistent power drives, while still possessing plenty of finesse for woods shots and tight lines; additionally, the trace makes an excellent long distance roller. Flying like a seasoned wraith out of the box with massive distance capability for an 11 speed driver. This disc makes an excellent first high speed driver for lower end intermediate players, but is a perfect go-to driver for about any shape of shot for both backhand and forehand.

  • Best driver is a destroyer, from the Pro, to star, to halo, Glow, and even blizzard. They do things better than all the rest.

  • Innova Wraith.

    • I have to say the Destroyer is my favorite out of this list, I have at least 2 in my bag always. I prefer star plastic and then pro

  • Champion Thunderbird definitely. One of the most underrated discs, particularly for a forehand. Can get one of these out toward touching 400′ which is something I never thought achievable with my arm.

  • The Discmania DD2 is the best driver of 2020 in my book. It’s great for both forehand and backhand shots and I almost got my first skip ace with it a few weeks ago! High quality disc!

  • I think the Discraft Zeus should be the winner. It is such a good looking disc with great feel. It feels a bit less stable than a destroyer, offering a flight you can trust without it being a meat hook. It is a disc I feel excited to throw wherever the opportunity presents itself!

  • My vote is for the Innova Wraith. It is the best driver on the market. It feels amazing in the hand, especially for those with smaller hands like I have. It also comes in many different plastics (DX, DX Glow, Pro, Star, Gstar, Echo star, Halo star, Starlite, Champion, Blizzard Champion, Glow Champion, and probably others) so you have many variations of the same disc, some with a touch more glide, some more turn, some more fade, some with grip in the rain, some that glow. The wraith has a ton of glide, a reliable fade, and a good amount of turn, that makes it perfect for all skill levels, backhand or forehand. I’m really glad to see some of the Innova pros picking the wraith back up, like Conrad, Gurthie, Queen and Wysocki.

  • Out of the top 10 my vote is for the Hades. I don’t think US drivers get enough love. The Hades is a good choice for newer players that want to throw distance drivers but might not have the arm for the higher speeds yet.

    My current favorite driver not in the top ten is the Discmania Essence. Similar to the Hades description but in my opinion much more controllable. When I’m looking for some easy distance it’s my go to disc, it really earns its 6 glide.

  • The Wraith and Katana have been my go to drivers for years with the Wraith being my primary driver. I’m not sure why but this year it has switched to the Katana in Star plastic, it flies the line you throw it on and is quite predictable

  • Valkyrie. It’s versatile. Easy to throw. Everyone has one!

  • Innova Wraith for me. It’s got the textbook flight characteristics of a Destroyer, but in a more manageable speed for my more amateur arm. I bag 6 of them in various weights and levels of wear, and while I have other drivers, I rarely find myself reaching for anything else.

  • I will second the Streamline Trace. This disc flies similar to the wraith with better glide and control. It is the only disc that I carry three of in my bag and is my go to control driver in the woods or out in the field. If I could only have one driver, the Streamline Trace would easily be my pick.

  • It’s gotta be the Wraith. Been throwing one almost since I began disc golfing. Started out with a DX, moved to Pro, and then Star. Something for everyone.

  • Casey Cloninger

    The innova star destroyer is by far the best disc on the market. I RHFH 80% of my shots, and actually was started out with a 171 star destroyer. It was a tough learn, but now after playing for a while I can bomb it forehand. I’ve learned to flex it, and it will soar. Intermediate recommended, but highly recommended. I can backhand my beat up destroyers also, once they become hard to forehand.

  • I don’t know if sales is the best measure. With discs like the Destroyer and Zeus people may buy them because for a collection or to have a disc with World Champ’s name on it. Most players do not need these bigger discs and it could actually hurt their game if they’re not ready for it.
    That being said my favorite has been the Echo S-Line DD3. It can be used by a wider variety of players and the Echo plastic seems to give it a little more glide. I currently have 2 and though not likely, I hope they make another run. It would be even better if they just brought back Echo Star and S-Line though.

  • As a newer player I enjoy the firebird, I am able to grow and learn alot from this disc. Backhand and forehand as my game grows this disc fills more roles in my bag. Also I see many veteran players use it. Unlike some of the higher speed discs it can be used by a lot of different players and fills needs of a reliable over stable fairway driver. Best in the game.

  • If I am choosing from this list, the Star Wraith is my favorite driver. As an amateur player, the ability to get a slight turn on this driver while in flight edges it slightly over the Destroyer. Though I will say if winds are above 8-10 mph, I’m grabbing a destroyer for any long drives.

    As far as my favorite driver, I am loving the Ballista Pro right now. Before I started using it, I could pump out a drive normally around 350, but with the Ballista Pro I am throwing 380-400. The increased speed over most drivers on this list, along with that good ol’ Swedish glide make this a bomber. I like it in both Opto and Gold line, but I’ll give the edge to Gold line as the plastic is easier to grip/control.

    • I believe the Innova Firebird is the best driver of 2020. I prefer this disc in the star plastic, due to little wear and tear. This disc is an over stable disc that is a distance driver. This disc is so utilizable, such as tomahawks, forehands, backhands, and a couple rollers. This disc can hug tight corners and also works well for long distance flex shots. I have three of these in my bag (all star plastic), and I use them just about everywhere I play. I can push them about ‘350 and I also love the hard fade at the end. This out of the sales and also great on star ratings for these reasons, I believe the Firebird is the best disc of 2020.

  • I think that the Zeus is by far the best overall driver out there. Discraft knocked everything out of the park with that disc: the ESP plastic is perfect, the swirls are beautiful, and the stability makes it a little more accessible for intermediate throwers whereas the Destroyer tends to be a little beefy.

  • The Innova Firebird has to be the best overall drive in my opinion. The flat topped champion version is the ideal forehand and utility disc with a great hand feel and the ability to get a great skip or with hyzer a hit and stick landing.

    It’s ideal for forehands, wind fighting backhands and even overhead shots where it pans very slowly and accurately.

    The Star version has a bit more dome and glide and is one of my favorite backhand drivers for windy days and skip shots. Into the wind it will fly like a fresh Teebird, but will be much more stable in normal conditions.

    It may not go as far as a glidy high speed driver but it the most useful overall driver.

  • Easily still the Destroyer. I love the Blizzard Champion plastic the most

  • The Discraft Z Xtreme! This thing is literally impossible to turn over.

  • Out of the ones mentioned here, Innova Leopard3 is my favorite.

    My overall favorite is Discraft’s Mantis.

  • While I try different drivers, my go-to is MVP’s Relativity.

  • Innova Wraith has to be #1 for me.
    A brand new one in Star plastic will be quite overstable and fight wind very well, but one you have had in your bag for a few months ends up beating in to a nice turnover disc.

    Also, the rim size is a comfortable size for for being an 11 speed disc.

  • I fought the hype as long as I could, but the first time (with correct, strong form) I threw a just SLIGHTLY beat-in Star Destroyer on a perfect line, almost laser straight and level for the first 2/3rds, then a dependable sharp fade at the end, I felt that full-body rush of endorphins which is what concretes our interest in this sport in the first place.

    When you reach the level of being able to handle the Destroyer, nothing feels better. You release it well and know, out of your hand, that you just crushed it.

    I’d take 2 Star ones at diff levels of wear over 6 other top distance discs any day.

  • Hard to argue with sales numbers. Although a ton of drivers have been released since, the Destroyer always seems to hold that top spot in sales regardless of the latest and greatest whiz bang drivers on the market. While I personally don’t throw Destroyers, they seem to be in just about everyone’s bag. Until it is usurped by something else, the Destroyer remains the king.

  • My favorite driver is by far the Ballista Pro! I can throw it at max speed and trust it won’t turn on me. It flies straight, holds the line I put it on, and then has a reliable fade at the end, but not too hard. I have other distance drivers I can throw a bit further (Trespass, Destiny, etc…) but my most trusted and favorite is the Ballista Pro!


    My go to driver and my vote is the Innova Wraith. I will also drive a Destroyer or Hades in some situations and quite like both.

  • I have three! I am an old baseball player that has only been playing a year. I throw sidearm/flick.
    Prodigy D1- I love the plastic with this one.
    Pro Detroyer-so long and flies through the wind!
    Nuke SS-my first driver it so easy to throw. It is not good for me in the wind at all.

  • If I need to choose from this list I think my favourite would be the firebird. But if I was to choose my favourite overall driver it would have to be the felon, it is such a reliable overstable disc and has gotten me out of so many bad situations on the course. Whether it be a forehand meathook or a backhand it always comes out reliably

  • Adam Schweitzer

    The Innova Wraith was the first distance driver I bought when I started playing about 4 years ago. I’ve had one in my bag ever since. The Wraith is simply the best and most versatile distance driver mold I’ve thrown.

  • First off the Destroyer was “the” driver I almost always went for. Then I found The Pharaoh was a new wonder that took over my drives. Then came along my true favorite, the Emperor. I started with the I-blend. It was great. Then I got my hands on the Emperor in S-blend splatter plastic. Wow I started to look like i new how to throw far. The Swirly S-blend is my preferred plastic for the Emperor but any plastic will do as long as the Emperor is in my bag. I actually carry 3. I-blend for my turnover and roller shots. A Swirly S-bldnd and Splatter S-blend in varying weights to cover most of all my driving needs. To sum it up the Emperor is my most trusted and used tool in my bag, yes even more than my putters. Go get one today! #TeamEmperor

  • I’m just getting started with disc golf, but the Innova Valkyrie looks very intriguing to me. I like that it’s only a 9 speed, and understable enough that I feel I could get good performance out of it even as a beginner. I’d go for the 161g GStar plastic, I think.

  • Pro Destroyer had been a great disc to learn on.

  • The best driver out of the current top is going to be the Destroyer by popularity and it being a good disc in and out of wind both backhand and forehand. Star plastic is my favorite as it has the best grip to durability ratio.

    My personal favorite driver right now is a Star Mystere. I get fantastic flight path out of it and did increase my distance quite a bit.

  • The best driver that I’ve thrown would be the Undertaker. I use a Heat more often, but I love the flight that I get our of the Undertaker.

  • I’ve been playing disc golf a lot recently, transitioning from what I would consider myself from being a beginner to now intermediate. From the beginner standpoint, I was throwing the Innova Wraith as my choice of driver as it gave great distance and good overall control. As I’ve been branching out to a wider variety of discs after improving my game, I am really loving the Discraft Zeus because it is hitting the mark every time I throw it, extremely predictable, combined with an excellent grip. I recently began playing with the Discraft Hades and must say, the amount of distance and control I get with it is similar, yet even better than the Wraith, so I would rank it a bit better.

  • I personally think the Destroyer is the best driver out there. I have many of them in different weights and mostly throw star plastic. It was my first high speed driver I purchased starting out and I now have at least 2 in my bag at all times. Great flight backhand and forehand, can’t beat it.

  • While the Destroyer (and it’s lil Bro the Wraith) are both amazing drivers and can give you some impressive distance, I have to give a shoutout to my ole’ trusty Star TeeBird. If you want to point and shoot a distance driver, this is your go-to. It gives me 100% confidence on a backhand or forehand that it’s going to go perfectly straight and fall right at the basket. With such a stable flight path, you can really learn the disc: Don’t want to go straight, throw it on a hyzer/anhyzer like you’ve practiced all year, and again, watch it go right where you want it.

  • Axiom Insanity has to get some love for the beginner players out there. The low, flat profile in Neutron plastic feels great. The flight is SO consistent with a little bit of turn and easy fade at the end. I’d guess that super hard throwers could find it too flippy, but for slower to average arms the consistency of the Insanity cannot be beaten.

  • I would definitely cast my vote for the Innova Wraith. It’s beginner, intermediate, and pro friendly. And it’s super cost effective. I like it best in the star plastic.

  • I am a noodle arm so have found great success with the Thrasher, Avenger SS, and the Saint. They have incredible flight without being finicky (good turn, no burn). They reliably max out distance for newer players and are good turnover utility discs for those more advanced.

  • I recently purchased a Pro Wraith by Innova, and it has become my favorite disc to throw for distance and accuracy. As a beginner, I think the destroyer is just a bit too fast for me to get to its full potential, so the wraith really suits my skill. I’m sure the Star Wraith is just as good, probably better. For me, it is no question that it is the best distance driver that I’ve had the pleasure to use.

  • The Innova Wraith.

    1) big Dawgs like Conrad, Ricky, Nathan queen and Ken Climo use it on the regular

    2) much more approachable of a disc for any skill level. it is my main distance driver and I am considered intermediate

    3) has got to be one of the coolest names out there for a disc

  • I have to go with the iconic destroyer. I have 4 of varying stability’s for forehands. I just wish they’d bring back echostar destroyers. With my noodle arm I find it’s easier to turn the echostar plastic

  • Alexander Bivolcic

    The Discmania Enigma completely reinvented my game! It’s much easier to throw than a destroyer and the accuracy is amazing! It’s by far my favorite disc in my bag.

  • My favorite driver is the latitude 64 explorer, but of the ones on the list, I’d say probably the Wraith. You can have one mold and several flights with different plastic.

  • Innova Wraith all the way. Very friendly from beginner to pro. DX plastic breaks in quickly for slower arms and Blizzard plastic also great because of light weight. Gstar and Star are my favorite plastics for control, grip, and durability. I have 3 in my bag at all times.

  • Being a beginner, my longest drives so far are Heat, wraith then leopard 3. Surprisingly they are all in list.

  • I’d have to go with the Discraft Zeus. I loved (and still do) the destroyer but with a little seasoning the Zeus edges it out in my opinion.

    The Trespass may be the best distance driver not on this list. For an intermediate looking to transition to a distance driver the combination of glide and turn will result in huge distance.

  • You’ve got a picture of it right there in the article! The Innova Wraith is easily the best driver as it can fill the needs of both Pro and Amateur in a better way than the Destroyer. I’d wager that about 90% of disc golfers don’t have the arm speed and form required to get a Destroyer to fly properly, but I think that number drops quite a bit once you go to the Wraith. While the flight numbers are almost identical, I’ve found Wraiths have a tendency to fly straighter for longer before reliably fading out, instead of dumping at the end.

  • Personally I like the Prodigy D4, it’s not too overstable like the Destroyer is for me. My D4 I just got a few weeks ago and brand new it turns just a little but holds a long straight line for great distance with just a little fade at the end compared with the hard fade of most high speed drivers.

  • This really isn’t a list of the best drivers, it’s a list of the most popular drivers. The most commonly purchased are the most reviewed. Personally, I love the Lattitude 64 Saint. It’s very consistent and comfortable to throw.

  • I’ve been a loyal Innova Star Destroyer thrower since the disc was released, but my vote for best driver of 2020 is the Discraft Thrasher. I love the control I have with this disc, I’ve been able to get big distance backhand and forehand, and throw tight lines down tunnels. It has earned a spot in my bag and could challenge my Destroyers for my go to distance disc.

  • Infinite Discs Emperor! Flies just like a destroyer but is cheaper and has several signature editions to support some awesome players: Feldberg, Panis, and Gurthie!

  • Michael McCracken

    Discraft Hades. Just got mine a few weeks ago. As a player who is moving from a beginner to more of intermediate skill level, this disc is the first high-speed driver that I have felt truly in control. I have added roughly 50’ to my drives right away. Highly recommended so far. Can’t wait to see how it performs over time.

  • The two favorite drivers in my bag are the Streamline Trace, and the Discraft Zeus. They are both so instrumental to my game, probably to much so, that it is hard to pick between the two of them. I would probably choose the Trace, simply because it is more understable, and a lot less known.

  • The best driver of 2020 is the Zeus and not just because it’s a great disc. This has been the year of Paul McBeth releases and the Zeus was a great one. On July 12, 2020 the Zeus officially turned one years old. Not only is the disc good but it marks a monumental moment for our sport.

    Paul moved sponsors, had them copy the beloved destroyer, and it immediately became a top seller at a significantly higher price point that every seller has struggled to keep in stock. Every other company has definitely taken note and has been in a frenzy releasing signature discs to try to compete with the monster that is now Discraft. Thanks to Paul McBeth it is now cool to throw Discraft and you cannot throw discraft without the staple in their driver lineup: the Zeus. Not only has the Zeus been successful in and of itself but so has the mold that was directly born from it – the Hades. My gut tells me that if the Zeus decides to have any more children, that they will succeed as well.

    We have witnessed history and disc marketing has been changed forever like it or not.

  • I like the Wraith from this list, but enjoy throwing the Escape and Catalyst quite a bit too.

  • My choice is probably different than most, but the Innova Katana (specifically the Blizzard Champion) is my favorite. I’ve been playing for a few years and it has stuck as my go-to driver. I love mine’s slighty understable flight, which allows me to throw it in a variety of different ways (especially since I have a bit of a weak arm). And boy, does it have a pretty flight.

  • I started in March, so am a Noob, but am playing 3-4 times per week now for almost 5 months. For control, feel, staying out of trouble, and giving me a consistent ~300 feet, my go-to disc from the tee is Discraft’s Undertaker. It helps that it’s bright pink so I can find it easily in long grass or the woods. Cheers to growing the game!

  • Colby Christophersen

    Destroyer is the best disc ever

  • McKenzie Baldwin

    Zeus is my favorite driver of 2020. Yes the destroyer is also my favorite but I feel like discraft has a better quality control and will make a disc which is more consistent. No wondering which of the 4 destroyer molds your going to get.

  • My vote goes for the Pro Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is a versatile driver that players of all skill levels can utilize, and the Pro plastic makes it even more accessible to intermediate players. I can throw a Thunderbird backhand, forehand or overhead and it’s reliable every single way.

    • I agree, it’s a favorite long control driver. But I’ve only ever seen it in my weights (around 140g) in DX and they lose their overstability in about a half-dozen rounds in that. Would love to see it in a 140g-range GStar, like Destroyers come in.

      • Update: Was checking “Newly Added Discs” (‘last 1 day,’ ‘0 to 150g’) last night and up popped a 141g Star Thunderbird—as mentioned, had never seen it in a premium plastic in that weight before so ordered it immediately. When it gets here will see how it flies (should be more overstable than similar-weight DX) and submit a review.

  • My vote has to be either the Sorcerer by Westside or the Pharaoh by Infinite. I have had countless drop-in birdies using both of them. Just need the Ace now!

  • I recently bought a champion thunderbird and it has quickly become one of my go to discs. I can put it on most any line and trust it to finish but not hook. One of the main reasons I find it so reliable is that i have decent control with it on a forehand drive which is one of the weakest parts of my game.
    A close second and one of the least talked about disc is my Westside Boatman. It’s the distance driver Verizon of a thunderbird. It has very little deviation from the line input it on which is great in the woods.

  • Star Leopard

  • My vote is easily for the emperor. That thing is a crusher and feels so good in the hand

  • Innova star wraith is the best driver. So consistent with a predictable fade. It can’t be beat!

  • This is a tough one but I’ve got to give it to the new Discraft Hades. This is obviously from my own experience, but the Hades has given me the ability to hit over 400′ on my drives for the first time. This disc is so sweet. It requires high speed to be able to get the intended turn, but once it does reach that speed, it turns and glides for so long, but still wants to fade back. It doesn’t just want to turn and burn and turn into a throwller. While I have heard that more domey Hades are more understable, I throw a very slightly domey Hades and it is so money. If you’re looking for huge distance, get the Hades!

  • I love my Innova Katana. I feel I can get a consistent throw even though I don’t consistently hit the correct speed with it

  • Going with the Hades as well. Throw it on a touch of hyzer, and then watch it work. I grabbed my non-disc-golf friends and made them come watch the beauty of the full flight. Gives that extra distance, even for beginners. Can’t wait for the drop of the first runs to complete the collection!

  • My favorite driver all year has been the Star Thunderbird, I don’t have enough arm speed to really power up on a thick-rimmed driver but I can get smooth reliable flights backhand and forehand with the Thunderbird.

  • I’m going with the Wraith. This is the go to driver out of my bag. I am an intermediate level player and couldn’t be more thankful for this disk. It fits comfortably in my hand and I can get this disc to fly on a great S-Curve. Forehand and Backhand this disc is a WINNER.

  • Russell Burright

    My vote is for the Wraith. As an improving intermediate player, a DX Wraith was the first distance driver I was able to consistently throw with an amazingly satisfying S-line. Its light weight (146-ish grams) and the less stable DX plastic made it easier to achieve its initial turn. The rim still feels great in my hand, and also the stock DX stamp is great!

  • We all know it’s the Destroyer. I own several in different weights and plastics and they all stay in the bag year round. Simply put: it is the most dependable driver that exists, which is why it’s the best selling.

  • Don’t let people tell you a slow arm can’t give justice to overstable discs. GStar Destroyer in light weights—137g to 145g—hits my sweet spot, as an experienced 66-year-old with a slow arm and small hands. The 2.2cm rim is a touch narrower than most comparable discs, which promotes more consistent release control. The flexible GStar helps with small-hand grip and cuts the overstability a little. GStar seasons faster than Star so can cycle them as they get more understable.

    My full bag (cart actually) currently has four Destroyers: in GStar, newer 137g, 147g (for windier conditions), and well-seasoned 141g (downwind bomber); and a more overstable 145g Star for headwinds/utility shots. Never have liked bubble plastics like Blizzard…they seem inconsistent disc-to-disc and tend to delaminate at the sharp edge.

    Other favorite slow arm/small hand drivers include the MVP Photon distance driver (2.2cm rim) and Tesla control driver (2.0cm rim), both in 142g-145g Fission. Also like to change up sometimes and carry a small all-Prodigy bag with the 2.3cm-rim D1, D2, and D3 distance drivers (141g-145g in 400G plastic)—their slightly wider rim is offset by the rim’s greater height, so also have a very good feel on release—and F1/F2 control drivers. My very farthest throws right now are with the 141g Prodigy D3, but only in a quartering light wind (it just glides and glides and glides with a slight turn, then finally flexes back and glides before finally landing with a big bonus skip).

    Infinite, I’d love to try the Emperor and Exodus in 137g-145g decent plastics, and will be looking out for those.

  • The Wraith is definitely the best driver. Its sister disc the Krait is also an excellent disc. I had a pop top Krait that got excellent distance, but some woman stold my disc when they told me to play through. I drive they picked up my disc and ran. Helena Montana women are the worse. The Wraith and Krait are accuracy discs for tight fairways. The Destroyer is not an accuracy disc. It needs a wide fairway for it to work. It is flippy like a Nuke, which is also a max distance driver. I get more distance with Cranks and Nukes, I prefer a Crank over a Nuke. But I carry a Krait in my bag because of the straight point shoot accuracy. Less fade than a Wraith. It all depends on your throwing style and arm speed. I see players throw a Sidewinder with no problems. For me the disc sucks in the wind and has too much turn. The Thunderbird is a tailwind driver in my opinion. Sucks into the wind. I also prefer a TL over a Teebird. But given Innova is inconsistent in their manufacturing, I have pop top Teebirds that have more turn than the flat top Teebirds, but get more glide and distance than flat tops. My consistent go to disc is a Sampo, which is like an overstable Orc to me. A more consistent point and shoot accuracy disc.

  • Yo, all about that Wraith. Happy to see it at #2, knowing there was no way the Deatroyer would be anywhere but 1. Seeing the Heat on there makes me wonder why no Sphinx. I love Zoe’s new signature version of it. I guess the DD3, PD, and FD3 aren’t big enough to get on here, which is kind of a surprise. They’re all fantastic.

  • You have to go with the teebird, such a smooth disc for any occasion and best of all very reliable on any situation.

  • Star Destroyer has gotta be #1. Can forehand or backhand, always consistent, it bombs, can’t go wrong

  • My favorite driver is the Zues. One of the under-appreciated aspects of the Zues is the quality of the mold lines that you feel with your grip. They are virtually un-detectable, and that spans from the proto, all the way to current produced discs.

    Being less stable than (most) Destroyers helps for me as well.

  • I love the Destroyer and it’s long distance and reliable behavior. As a fairly new player, it has upped my game and enjoyment considerably. Long live the Destroyer!

  • Even though it didn’t make the top 10 in weighted scores, I absolutely love the Discraft Heat. I play on wooded New England courses and I can make this disc do almost everything needed. From a hyzer flip to a turnover it always delivers. Just got a new ESP today to go along with my bib Z and threw it exactly where I intended.

  • Krait – It’s not a popular choice at all, but as a beginner and a primary forehander, it came in very low weights (blizzard) with a wider rim but yet was still maneuverable enough for a beginner and not too high speed. I still carry one (or more) in my bag – even if they are now 15+g heavier! (Currently have a pair of 157s but would love some 161/162s) It is also a very consistent disc to produce and therefore throw, unlike several other discs I have tried but couldn’t find any consistency between production runs. I have seen very minimal differences between the different ones I have bought over the years.

  • Discraft Hades it’s easy to control and has great glide. It added 30 to 50 ft to my drives.

  • I think it’s gotta be the Discraft Hades.

    Great review score, high sales in a shortened period of time.

    Useful to a larger range of players. Big arms benefit from it’s distance potential and shot snapping ability. Newer players or weaker arms get better distance even with it being high speed.

  • My favorite driver is the Innova Star Wraith, although I think the “best” distance driver varies from person to person.

  • Haven’t played in years but with the quarantine I’ve been addicted again. “Best” is relative but the best driver I have found this year is the Westside Hatchet. It isn’t super fast but so easy to flip. Just dial back a bit watch it sail. The glide is incredible for my arm speed (pretty slow). The turn and the fade really even out to be a straight control diver. I play mostly in the woods and this disc is an absolute maniac for drawing lines and weaving through the trees.

  • Innova Thunderbird. I got it as my first disc and have loved it since it is great all around the course from a tee shot to a upshot. Love the disc overalll.

  • Innova Star TL Seriously under appreciated disc.

  • Metal Flake Destroyer or Star Destroyer… wanted to vote for something different but they never leave my bag so…

  • It’s the Teebird for me. There’s no disc that I throw with more confidence; it’s so reliable. I like it in Star plastic a lot, but my favorite driver is my beat in, flippy DX Teebird that I can shape to fit any fairway.

  • For myself, my tye-dye champion wraith is my go to driver. It has been in my bag for over 2 years now. At first (as a newer player) with my lower arm speed and the champion plastic, it was a bit on the over stable side for me. But as my form has improved and it has broken in it has seasoned into a very workable and dependable driver.

    I now bag 3, 2 in champion (my seasoned tye-dye for straighter shots and a newer one for that more stable flight/finish), and the 3rd is star plastic for tailwind/powered down shots or when you need to stick the landing rather than skip or flare.

    Also for good headwinds I bag both a stable champion destroyer as well as a surprisingly straighter flying tye-dye champion boss. Both which are becoming more dependable as my form continues to improve.

    If you are a newer player looking to learn and break in a dependable disc that will grow with you, give the wraith a chance. And if max weight is too much/overstable step down into the 160 gram range and keep the max weight for headwinds and meat hook shots. Champion plastic in the 164-169 range is my sweet spot.

  • I only got into disc golf recently. A friend of mine who was more experienced swore by destroyers. And granted that is what I started out throwing. The destroyer always had the element of having to throw a certain style to me. I would really try to crank it when I threw a destroyer. However when I got my hands on a wraith I pretty much instantly fell in love. This is all just my personal preference but I feel I throw a Wraith much better than a destroyer. I don’t know if it because I let the disc do the work more but I just feel comfortable with a wraith. So wraith would have to take #1 for me. However destroyer is close second.

  • Whilst the Destroyer is notably the disc with the highest popularity, my favourite driver of these top twenty is a close call between the Valkyrie and the Leopard 3. I’ll go with the Valkyrie just beating the Leopard 3 though, because it’s available in Starlite, and Leopard 3 doesn’t seem to be. I think that Starlite is a great plastic for beginners, females and children, making the Valkyrie more suited for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced players. On top of that, my Starlite Valkyrie seems to glide fairly straight, making it easier to get through tight spaces. Although I get a similar distance with both the GStar Leopard 3 and the Valkyrie, I find my Valkyrie stands up to the wind a tad more predictably, feels very comfortable in the hand, and seems a great distance driver for a beginner to use. This was really hard picking one over the other! A fun little assignment for me to have a think though. Thanks Infinite.

  • My go-to driver is a Krait.
    Have just bought a Wraith but havn’t tried it as much, so at the moment the Krait is the “best” (for me).

  • It’s the Star Wraith for me. Trustworthy in the wind, comfortable in the hand, able to handle real power but still mellow enough to shape lines in the woods – if I had to pick one driver mold and give up the rest, there is no doubt that the Wraith would be it.

  • Brian Van Demark

    I love the destroyer! I may have too many in my bag but the 5 I have all are alittle different. From my forehand champion plastics to the star raptor I throw backhand.

  • I’ve enjoyed the destroyer since I may have 4 of them all different weights. I am suprised the katana didn’t make it. I think I can throw that farther and straighter. And then for a fairway it’s the eagle. But for sidearm it’s the Groove baby! All day. I have 6 🙂 hopefully the groove stays around.

  • I’m gunna shake it up and Prodigy D2. Their plastics are premium and transform this distance driver into multiple driving tools just by changing the plastic. Now account for wear and you have an extremely versatile driver for FH and BH

  • Undertaker in Z plastic. Versatile disc that’s great for many different shots.

  • Thunderbird is one of my favorite disc. It is very understandable and very easy for a beginner like me to understand.

  • Innova Teebird for me. I’m a newer player and once I figured out how to consistently throw nose down, this disc has been fantastic. Super predictable flight.

  • Innova Thunderbird all the way.

  • Innova Wraith in Star plastic with the awesome solar stamp

  • It’s not the longest driver, but I love my Axiom Crave in Proton plastic. It is a workhorse.

  • I love my Valkyerie over all others, so easy to throw for distance either forehand or backhand. It’s my very favorite driver.

  • I cannot believe NO ONE is adding the TERN to this. I love it.
    I alternate between the BOLT, TERN, and Wraith – depending on terrain and wind.
    I’d have to go with WRAITH most of the time, though.
    I carry a heavy one and a Star Light for steep up hills.

  • I think the Discraft ESP Zeus is the best. It feels great in my hands, it’s very reliable and very fun to throw.

  • For me it’s been the destoryer philo 2nd run 16.7-9 weight is money in my hands. I can get that to hyzer flip or flex for that full flight on open holes. Or throw it on pure hyzer to fight the wind an ut just stands an goes. I bag 3 different destoryers 2 philo’s 2nd/3rd run an a metal flake one. They are my go too for sure

  • Innova Champion Beast

  • Destroyer and Pharaoh are my top 2. Perfect combo

  • I have owned the following discs from this list: Destroyer, Wraith, Valkyrie, Leopard, Shryke, Avenger SS and Leopard3.

    Most everyone’s beginner driver was the Leopard, and I had one, too. I enjoyed it a lot, but outgrew it. Next, I tried the Leopard3, thinking I was stepping up a little in spped and stability, but never really liked it. I also had the Valkyrie and Beast early. I use both of them for FH now. Next, I played with a very beat-in Avenger SS I found. I LOVED that disc, but once lost, I haven’t been able to duplicate it with others I have bought, though I still play one occasionally. Recently, I’ve added the Wraith, Destroyer and Shryke to my bag. I like the Wraith so far. The Destroyer fades too hard for my beginner arm, but the Shryke, though higher speed, seems to fly well.

    My go-to BH driver is the GStar Mamba, which gives me the most distance.

    I just bought a Trace based on the recommendations in this thread…the search for the perfect driver continues!

  • Destroyer all the way. It’s been my favorite drive since I picked it up. Super reliable.

  • I love my Trespass, because I can get the same distance that I get from my destroyers, but it doesn’t have as huge of a fade. It’s one of the straightest drivers I’ve ever thrown.

  • Hands down Vibram Lace. RIP. G*Star good too.

  • Innova wraith has my vote.

    With pros like James Conrad, Garrett Gurthie, and Jeremy Koling all showcasing the Wraiths fight, this disc had not only made a resurgence in popularity, but also made it’s way into so many bags, for players of all power levels.

  • I’m going to slow things down and claim that the Teebird3 is the best control driver. There’s a reason it doesn’t make the top list for sales… they’re so controllable that you never lose them and need to buy more! It’s possibly the most predictable driver I’ve ever thrown, holding up to all wind conditions. And even though it won’t get out there like a Zeus or Destroyer, it’s the consistency that counts.

  • I’m primarily a RHFH thrower off the tee, and the Star Destroyer is my go-to #1 choice. It fits comfortably in my hand and the Star plastic gives plenty of friction to work with when snapping the disc out from the fingertips. If I’ve got the left-to-right room to work, I’ll aim to maximize my distance with a big anhyzer flex.

  • I would like to try out the Zeus and Emperor, but as of right now, the Innova Star Destroyer is the best! Honorable mentions to Gateway Apex and Spear!

  • I am in my first year of playing so I don’t throw high speed discs. I am learning the game from putters forward. But I have found two disc that are on the list, that work great for me. The Tee bird is fantastic. I can get a good rip on this disc, and can throw it ok for a forehand as well. I love the disc in the metal flake chamion. The translucent color with the flake is very nice looking. The second disc I have been happy with is the Discraft Undertaker. I have it in Zflx and it goes as far as anything I can control right now. The disc stays on any line I put it on. But my favorite is just ripping a flat shot. It stays straight so long, and the dumps out predictably.

  • Though I’m new to the game, my personal favorite driver at the moment (keep in mind I’ve never thrown a Zeus or Destroyer) is the Innova Star Wraith. This disc is understable enough to give most players at least some turn, but stable enough to withstand tremendous power. My Wraith has a flat top and as a result is very good for forehands, but domier Wraiths are probably better for backhands. Additionally, the 11 speed rim feels slightly more comfortable to me than 12 speed rims for my small hands. All in all, the Star Wraith is a great distance driver for players of all skill levels which is why I call it my favorite.

  • I definitely vote the Star Destroyer as well. I am new to disc golf and when I first started throwing this, I had no idea how to throw it. I was confused why it was banking hard hyzer everytime I threw it. I was done walking back to my vehicle one day and just pulled it out and threw a anhyzer forearm while walking. It flexed and I stopped with amaze of what it just did. This is what hooked me.

  • Point of view from somebody much newer to the game (Playing since 3 months ago, keeping up with “Intermediate” players in my group with years in the game).

    Innova Shryke! As a newer player with a slower arm speed than those that boast 400+ ft on all drives, I wanted a higher speed driver than my beloved Valkyrie that came with my starter set. I tried many, Destroyer I couldn’t get to fly correctly (All my friends use this disc a ton with success). I also tried the Tern, Thunderbird and several others.

    The one I can get to fly VERY well at first and only gets better is the Shryke (Star plastic). It is a 13 speed but flies like my 8-9 speed discs, just way further. IT glides forever, has great consistency even with my not perfect form, and I can get it to do what I need. Highly recommend for a newer player looking for a higher speed driver. Tried MANY and fell in love with that one right away.

  • It’s got to be the Wraith for me! Specifically in Star plastic. I bag 2. 1 that’s probably 3-4 years old and beat to hell, and 1 new domey one for stabler shots.
    I’ve been throwing the Wraith for years and it’s been doing work the whole time, as my form and arm speed improved. The old beat Wraith is my go to for distance, throws the most beautiful flip up lines and S shots. Just 2 days ago I parked a 465 foot hole with my domey Wraith on a slight headwind, downhill shot (hole 12, Beacon Hill). If you’re arm is just starting to pick up some speed, the Wraith is the way to go!

  • The Innova Destroyer is by far my workhorse driver. I have it in three plastics: DX, Champion Dyed, and Star. Of the three, the DX has broken in to a very reliable understable driver to the point where it will flip up and over and hold that line with almost no fade, the Champion I can trust to hold whatever line I put it on, and my new Star Destroyer, the most overstable of the bunch, feels amazing in the hands. I get why everyone says get a Star Destroyer.

    It’s also a Star Wars reference, but hey!

  • As much as i love my destroyer, i have 2 mvp drivers that i love more. the photon and tesla i think have a smoother transition coming out of hissers then the destroyer.

  • It’s the Innova wraith. Star or blizzard or dx. All around a great disc.

  • My Favorite disc has to be the Leopard. While it’s is one of the slowest drivers, it is easily controllable and is great for getting around trees with long anhyzer throws.

  • No love for Trilogy drivers here? I think the Dynamic Discs Escape is the best driver. Almost as long as a distance driver with better control. I can get an Escape out further than most of the overstable distance drivers like Destroyers, and I can land it soft. If you want a big skip around a corner, go with a Firebird or Thunderbird (or Felon..)

  • Gudbrandur Jonsson

    I love the Destroyer,he´s amazing disc,also i like the Escape and SS Journey

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