Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Choosing a disc golf disc isn’t as easy as it used to be. Over the last 5 years alone the disc golf industry has exploded with new manufacturers and molds that has given the disc golfer more variety and options than ever before. But what is a blessing can also be a curse for folks who are new to the sport. They might feel intimidated by complex flight charts and numbers. While working at Infinite Discs, I have often been asked by newer players, “Could you just tell me which is the best disc?”

Well, that’s the question this new series of posts will hope to answer. Over the next few weeks, we will be naming nominees for the best disc golf disc in a variety of categories and awarding one of the nominees with the title of The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc in each category. Will our nominees and winners be subjective? Absolutely, but we will do our best to be fair and impartial judges.

How will we choose our nominees and winners then? The two key words we will use to guide us in the nomination process will be popularity and utility. We want to select a popular disc that can be utilized by disc golfers at a large variety of skill levels and arm speeds. We will also try to avoid nominating similar discs from the same brand. For example, we won’t be nominating both the Destroyer and the Wraith from Innova. While they are two different discs that can be used differently, that difference is slight enough to not merit nominating them each individually.

Today, let’s discuss the best disc golf distance drivers. We will first take a look at the top 10 selling distance drivers of 2018, and then I will name our nominees.

Top sellers of 2018:

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Shryke
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Innova Boss
  6. Innova Tern
  7. Innova Beast
  8. Dynamic Discs Trespass
  9. Discmania PD Freak
  10. Innova Orc

If you have followed any of our sales reports, this shouldn’t be a very surprising list. The one that surprises me the most would be the Discmania PD. It wasn’t a new release this year, but its popularity has grown significantly over the last few years. This is a category that has been dominated by Innova for a while now, but as you will see in our nominees, there are other manufacturers that are producing high quality distance drivers that continue to grow in popularity.

So, without further ado, here are the nominees for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Distance Driver:

Discraft Crank

The Discraft Crank was originally released in 2013. Ever since then, it has been a staple in the Discraft lineup that has provided throwers with a long, slightly understable flight that works great for intermediate players who are just getting the hang of the distance drivers, but it still has enough stability for more expert throwers who need a reliable understable flyer that can just sail forever.


Discmania DDx

The DDx set the disc golf world on fire during the summer of 2016 with a hot release that was highly anticipated. The DDx is rumored to have been created by combining a Destroyer top and a Tern bottom. I’m not sure how true this is, but this allows for a great explanation for the DDx‘s flight pattern that is enjoyed by players of all skill levels. It isn’t too understable like a Tern is for some, and it isn’t too overstable like a Destroyer is for others. The DDx is a straight, stable flying disc with glide for days.


Westside Destiny

The Westside Destiny might be the most understable distance driver nominated, but don’t assume you have too much arm speed if you haven’t tried it yet. The Destiny offers higher arm speeds a reliable hyzer-flip disc that (in the right conditions) can turn over and sail a long time before slowly stabling up to have a soft fade to finish. If you’ve tried throwing the other discs nominated here and can’t seem to get the distance your more experienced friends are getting, try out the Destiny.

Innova Destroyer

The consistent king of the sales charts, the Destroyer definitely ranks high in popularity. It has an impressive performance as well that nearly all disc golfers can incorporate into their game. It may not be considered the most beginner friendly, but this disc is available in a wide variety of weights and plastic types that make it accessible for nearly all skill levels, and it is a disc that players do not outgrow. There has been some speculation already that the Destroyer will suffer from the recent Paul McBeth news, but they have a short memory. The Destroyer has been a game changer since 2007, and I think it will be just fine without the McBeast.


Discraft Nuke

The old question in the distance driver world was do you prefer the Nuke or the Destroyer?

Since then the distance driver world has gotten much more crowded, but the Nuke still remains a favorite for lots of disc golfers who prefer the higher speed and larger rim that it offers.

Like the Destroyer, Discraft has made the Nuke available in a wide variety of plastics and weights.


Dynamic Discs Sheriff

The Sheriff came to town in 2017 with a very welcomed reception. The Sheriff offers a little more stability than the Westside Destiny, making it one of the most utilizable distance drivers in the trilogy lineup.

The Sheriff can be hyzer-flipped by the big arms, and it offers reliable distance for nearly all skill levels.


Innova Shryke

The Shryke has had a somewhat sneaky climb into prominence. It rose above other understable high speed drivers that Innova released before by offering that perfect balance in stability that allows higher arm speeds to still enjoy and maximize the distance in the Shryke.

For many players, the Shryke has become  the Destroyer light.


Dynamic Discs Trespass

The Trespass was one of the first discs that Dynamic Discs released when they began manufacturing discs in 2012. It has been a strong seller ever since, and it was one of the first discs that really disrupted the “Nuke or Destroyer” train of thought. It disrupted the market with a similar flight in the now popular Swedish plastic blends, and now the Trespass has become a household disc golf name.

Those are the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc:

And the winner is….

Best Distance Driver of 2018




No upsets here. The Innova Destroyer was a game changer when it was first released over 10 years ago, and it continues to be a force in the disc golf community. It is available in nearly all plastics and weights, so if you haven’t given this disc a shot, you should be able to find a Destroyer that will fit for your game. We have thousands of Innova Destroyer’s in stock in dozens of fun and limited edition stamp types.


  • MVP Photon is my distance driver of choice. I don’t have the strongest arm, so a fission Photon is getting me the most distance. It is available in MVP’s most durable plastics (Neutron, Proton, Fission, & Plasma) in a variety of weights. It’s stable-overstable flight is great for all skill levels as well; with strong arms getting slight turn before fading. For me it is nice and straight before before fading. I know exactly where it is going to go.

  • Ddx is my go to distance driver. I feel like the the smaller rim gives me a better grip and its the most consistent flight in a distance driver i have yet to see. If i want it to turn over, it will as for going straight it holds that line and the glide is impeccable with a small fade at the end. For me it feels like a fairway driver that i can rip as hard as i want and will not lose all control in doing so.

  • I throw forehand and the Star Archon is my best distance driver. I have recently been also using the Shryke which is very similar for me. I have been throwing the Archon for several years and made many aces with it but after several years playing I have been searching for different drivers for different shots. I have even started throwing backhand and using a pro Destroyer among a couple others. I am 63 and do notice my arm speed is less in the last couple years so always looking for something that will get me over the 300′ distance I throw with my Archon and Shryke.

  • The Star Wraith has slowly been edging out the Star Destroyer as my all-time favorite distance driver. I started with a max weight Star Destroyer as the go-to in my bag but then my buddy let me try his Wraith and I feel in love. It has the perfect amount of turn before always fighting its way back to the right (LHBH). The pop top feels so comfortable in the hand, it’s the best!

  • The Shryke has quickly become my go to. I’ve tried and own almost all of the discs listed above and the Shryke has out performed all of them. When I received my first Shryke I heard all the hype and thought alright it can’t be that good. It must be great marketing. So I took it to a field and threw all the drivers I had at the time and low and behold it out performed all of them, not just out performed , but blew them away. It was crazy. The only real issue I’ve had with the Shryke is it needs room to run. She’s is going to go out wide and come back at the end, which doesn’t make it great for tight lines. But, if you wanna tee one high and watch it fly and don’t have a 400 foot arm, the Shryke might be the disc for you.

  • The Infinite Discs Pharaoh would be my pick for sure. It can be a bomber in the hands of a skilled professional, but it can also get some amazingly easy distance for the lower arm speed and newer players. It is more of a beat in destroyer, so it can fit in up there with the big bombers. I love throwing this forehand and watching the beautifully long flight it gets as it soars through its throne at the basket. The S-blend plastic feels great in the hand with good grip and excellent durability. I hear a MF C-blend version is coming out, which should give me a more OS version to play with! NICE! Choose the Pharaoh!

  • I throw cranks, Thrashers, and nukes. My go to is definitely the crank, it works perfectly for my throw, its stability is right in between the other two, so it stands up just right and it’s the most consistent disc in my bag. It was also the first disc I ever bought, but I stopped using it when I started getting a better grasp on the game and my arm speed wasnt quite there yet. That’s what led me to the thrasher, which I still throw a lot, since I can get it out farther than the crank in the right conditions, but it’s very under stable so if I put too much on it without enough hyzer it tends to turn and just keep going. I still bag my nuke but I’m going for it less and less these days, it’s a good disc but I have a punisher that i really like for my more overstable shots, and a legacy cannon which is just a meat hook, but it’s so fast by the time it starts to fade it’s already gone 350, I dont use it a ton but it’s super consistent and fun to throw.

  • I know everybody likes to hates on Prodigy, but the 400s D1 has been my go to since it came out. It was the first distance driver that I could comfortably throw forehand. Totally changed my game. For longer distance the 400g D3 is my baby. Love those Prodigy distance drivers.

  • Go to has been the Star destroyer as my most consistent distance disc. However I’ve thrown both 400G Prodigy D1 and D2 and am loving those!

  • Christopher Lehmann

    I am an intermediate player and can’t seem to get distance with the Destroyer, however, the Tern does the job for me, just understable enough! Thanks Innova!

  • Relatively new to disc golf, I really dove in this year and did a lot of research, learned the numbers and read about tons of discs and bought a number of different speeds and stability drivers, in different plastic. It may seem like a ‘no duh’ statement, but plastic and weight can make for a totally different disc. I think you can’t go wrong getting a Destroyer, and my experience is that it is exactly as reported — a difficult disc to get used to, not beginner friendly, that needs to break in. My forehand is my more powerful side and where I usually drive from, so I need a disc that can handle more torque. After 3 months of practice with the Destroyer I am realizing it is the also as reported — the gold standard of accurate distance. I think is it also important to consider what kind of course you are playing. I most often play, and prefer to play tight wooded courses. So throwing huge hyzer, or wide S power is not really useful, except on maybe a hole or two. Other discs I have worked with that I think can be really useful to beginners — the Krait, very accurate, long, not as hard to learn to work as a Destroyer, I like it from my backhand side where I don’t have as much power. But perhaps the best beginner driver is a Valkyrie, you can learn to work it left, right or throw it low and dead straight, and it still bombs. It used to hold the world record. And if a Valkyrie is even a little overwhelming, I think dialing down to a speed 8, Teebird3 is an amazing choice, I think it is an amazing combination of straight and long with just a gentle fade — mine is Metal Flake Champion at 172, and it was perfect right out of the box. If you don’t like the stable–overstable end of the spectrum, but still like higher speed, a Mamba, and also the Daedalus are interesting discs to work with. The Daedalus in Champion will actually do fairly tight S’es, and go 300+ without crazy power. My sense is there are very good reasons people love Wraiths and Shrykes, Photons and Teslas, and many DD options, but every time I think of ordering more discs I realize I should just keep working with my Destroyer.

  • Star Destroyer is my go to distance driver. The consistencey of it was really what makes it work for me. It is the disc I have thrown the most. I know what it is going to do forehand or backand. I even know what its liek to putt with. When I was a cheap college kid I used it for everything. Hitting a 60 foot sidearm “putt” with my old star destroyer is something ill never forget. I also love the look and feel of the star destroyer. It is a stellar disc.

  • Gotta go with a Wraith for Distance. Very clean.

  • Flows and Shrykes are great, but I just recently started throwing 400G D4s, and those things bomb, for me at least. I see people saying they throw them as rollers, but I’m not quite there.

  • I was a firm innova destroyer thrower for years until I picked up the fusion sheriff from dynamic discs. This is definitely my go to driver because of the distance and control. There is no other driver that complements my game.

  • As I just started playing half way through this summer, I haven’t thrown many drivers yet. I am focusing on form and sticking with slower discs to start. I have thrown a Glow Destroyer and a Dax Valkyrie a few times but I throw almost as far with my Leapord and with far more accuracy.

  • Of the nominees, I am going with the Destroyer. I have a beaten in one, and I can see why McBeth carries 42 ( jk) of them in his bag. Really can hit all ranges of flippy-ness in a great disc.

  • I have been playing for almost 3 years now… My game git better when I started playing with better plastic, lighter weights (as I am a female ) and specific drivers such as The term, destroyer, Valkyrie, mamba, shryke….. As I gained knowledge of how these handled in head winds and tail winds, rollers, hyper bombs and another throws… I began to excel.. The “light bulb” went on and I was hooked… I want acquire a roc3 soon… Everyday is a new day to make great aces…

  • I happen to think the Giant is one of the most well rounded distance drivers out there, it’s got great glide good stability and can handle a lot of torque.

    Of those listed above I think the Destroyer is probably the best, but Tresspass is very close. They are both excellent versatile discs that can get you where you need to go if you have the arm, and be great wind fighters if you don’t.

  • My favorite distance driver is the star wraith. I recently switched to the wraith after testing them along side of my favorite destroyers. The wraith just suites my arm better. I don’t have to throw it at 100% power to get good distance and accurate distance. I found myself over doing it with the destroyers, not hitting my line all of the time and I just didn’t get the consistency that I wanted with my drives. The wraith has gotten me more consistency, more distance and more accuracy. I currently have 3 wraiths in my bag ranging from a slightly understable one that I hyzerflip, a straight one and a stable to overstable one. I didn’t totally omit the destroyer through, I still bag a super flat, stiff bottom stamp destroyer for overstable drives and windy days and s flat softer pro destroyer for those touchy shots, standstill shots and forehands since my forehand isn’t very powerful.

  • Prodiscus Razeri. Big time bombs

  • I love the Trespass but lost my favorite one a few months back. Just because I haven’t tried to many MVP discs I picked up a Catalyst and have really grown to love that disc over the last couple months.

  • I am newer to disc golf and am older than most (in my 50’s). I haven’t been able to get much speed so my driver of choice is the Innova Valkyrie. I have tried others but I still throw my old broken in Valkyrie further and straighter than all the rest.

  • My favorite distance driver right now is the G-star Mystere. I don’t throw a lot of innova but for my arm speed it is my farthest driver for now. Great dependability for a flex off the tee and lots of turn if necessary.

  • I use the sheriff, and it works great for flex sidearms. And of course I have the trusty firebird for hyzers and headwinds

  • The Westside Destiny is by far my favorite distance driver. I can pretty much do whatever I want with it, put it on any line I choose if the conditions allow. As it breaks in, it gets more understable. This combined with the high glide make for huge distances if thrown correctly. Sometimes a bit touchy, but super happy it made the list.

  • The Legacy Canon and Outlaw bomb for me in consistent fashion

  • I believe that the Innova star destroyer is the best disc golf distance driver In the game. It does all you need for a distance drive. You can bomb it out there and always depend on it to come back. I think it is the perfect mix of distance and control for a driver. Sure you could grab a blizzard boss and throw it farther than a destroyer, as even the pros do the same thing, but they don’t use the same discs for max distance competitions as they do for a max distance tournament shot. I have 5 star destroyers that vary in flight from under stable to overstable. I use them for any shot I need to go far. Forehand or backhand. Max distance or control drives.

  • The Champion Boss from Innova is the best distance driver. The first reason is it can be thrown a great distance using backhand or forehand. This allows for more adaptability and dependability on the course no matter what situation you are placed in. It is overstable enough to fight though windy conditions without worry of turning over. It has the perfect amount of glide and speed to stay airborne for a long time and is perfect for anhyzer shots that you know will fade back at the end.

  • The Beast is quite underrated for great distance when you don’t have a super strong arm, like me. I confess I haven’t sampled dozens and dozens of different drivers – but of my most consistent favorites (Saint, Pipeline, Tern, Krait), the Beast probably comes out on top.

  • Discmania TD is the best in my opinion. It’s good for slower arms, but a firm C-Line stays pretty stable and essentially performs like a long FD. Rim width is just right so you can get a ton of snap on it!

  • Innova Star Shryke.

    Living in higher elevation requires to have a monster arm or throw light/understable discs to get that max D flight out of a driver. The Shryke is fairly neutral at higher elevations in the 170-175 g range and is a great distance driver in weights lower than 170 for my arm speed. I bag around 4-6 of them in differing plastics, wears, and weights. If you are struggling with finding a distance driver and live in high elevations, give the Star Shryke a try.

  • Best distance driver is ballista!

  • The Innova Champion Boss is my favorite distance driver. It holds such a straight line for a long period of time. Also since it is so overstable I am able to throw it hard on a anhyzer and watch it flip over to maximize the distance.

  • Love my Destroyer & Wraith, but I only have Innova in my bag. Would love to add a Pharaoh or a DDx to my arsenal.

  • Kenneth "Chainseeker" Kelly

    Innova Destroyer has been my favorite as it is very controllable and accurate. However, I can throw an Unlace by Vibram way farther… just not as accurate.

  • The Axiom Insanity is a slightly understable driver. Works great for my backhand and sidearm. Also great for beginners.

  • The Pharaoh has surprised me and become my most consistent distance driver. I get turn but no too much turn, (it’s never turned too much and rolled) and the fade is consistent but gentle. I’d say the fade is a 1 but it’s always there, which is amazing.

  • Infinite discs pharaoh is my go to distance driver right now. I have a first run and a Gurthie signature and use them for different shots. My first run is definetely flippier and I can throw it with hyzer and it flips up and rides out a nice long flight with subtle fade at the end. My Gurthie I use for similar shots but with my forehand mostly.

  • I have to agree with the destiny. it was the first disc i was able to break 400’ with (and still the only one). once they beat in you have a good roller disc as well. i still love my destroyers and shrykes.. but on calm confitions.. its the destiny i pull out for big distance.

  • Westside HVAC! Thing has crazy glide. Rip it hard on a hyzer line then grab a sandwhich and eat it because it’s going to cruise! It will flip up and slightly roll over. Then about mid flight when that drink cart comes around a second time it starts to fade back right at your target line. You can throw it on nice low lines through narrow gaps like that Rebel Pilot on Star wars that refuses to let up when the Imperials are chasing him down. “Stay on Target”. Oh but it has to be OPTO plastic as the Goldline is too flippy. The old Goldline model was a bit more stable but at some point they got flippy so had to switch to OPTO.

  • For my Intermediate arm speed, my Innova Champion Tern has been the most consistent long disc in my bag. It’s understable enough to easily flip up & flex for incredible distance, and the fade at the end is forgiving enough if I don’t flip it up as much as I wanted to. I even use it occasionally for hyzer-to-flat forehand tunnel shots. 10/10, do recommend.

  • The prodigy D1. Gives great distance while always finishing left. Especially into a light head-on breeze.

  • I don’t have the power to throw distance drivers. So my vote will be a Control Driver: Glow Champ Valkyrie. It’s more stable than the other Valkyries I’ve thrown.

  • I like the DDx for it’s consistency, but I complement it with a Pharoah for long bombs.

  • Destroyer was my old favorite, but now its all about the DD2 I can get it to reach 425 consistently. The DD2 frenzy stamped if you need something that wont flip over and glide.

  • I think this is a flaw in the thinking: “We want to select a popular disc that can be utilized by disc golfers at a large variety of skill levels and arm speeds.”
    The same disc is often NOT so useable by different arm speeds. I’m a weak arm and I love the Sidewinder but big arms can’t through it even as a turn over disc because it turns too much for them.

  • I really like the Pharaoh!!! I got my hands on a first or test run! Love the way it feels in my hand great color! I can let this puppy rip and it goes forever for me! Love it!

  • Champion Valkyrie – Durable, useful, reliable, far-flying. The disc that almost any player can grow into, master, and use in new ways throughout their development. It’s one of the few discs that makes a great first driver that can still be useful in advanced player’s arsenal.

  • Destiny if there is no headwind… Pharaoh for headwinds. I can get both near 400 consistently. I will caveat the headwind rule with this… I have noticed that the Tournament Burst Destiny is more overstable than any of its other plastics and I’ve been bombing it in any wind. Also, the I-blend Pharaoh flies more like a tournament Destiny and almost always matches distance. But, the Tournament Destiny is by far my most consistent distance driver… 400+ avg with a solid 20-30 ft skip and finish. (I traded out all my old drivers (Destroyer and Mystere) for this tag team though! Team Destiny/Pharaoh for life).

  • Air Bolt for sure. In my advanced age and deteriorating arm, it’s my farthest and most accurate driver. I bag 2 of them at all times. I’ve tried about everything out there and nothing has kicked them out of my bag yet.

  • For headwinds – for me – the Destroyer.
    As long as there is no headwind, the Daedalus is the best I’ve thrown. It will turn and fly every time.

  • Innova gstar destroyer is in my opinion the best. I have thrown many distance drivers to try to get a feel for it as I am fairly new to the sport. I used to use an innova beast and threw on average 200-300 ft but quickly found I have much greater distance with a forehand destroyer shot. I recently hit the basket for the tee pad on a 426ft hole. This disc greatly impressed me with a super comfortable feel in the hand. I would have never found out about this disc if it wasn’t for a infinite mystery box a family friend got me. The destroyer has now become my go to driver.

  • Always depends on the wind conditions but assuming it’s a relatively calm day, the Pharaoh gives me the most distance. I used to throw an average 425ft with a Shryke, a Destroyer or even a Knight but I’m able to reach 465ft with the Pharaoh. Crazy mix of speed and glide.

  • For a beginner a dx sidewinder worked wonders for me, was able to get it to flex out for good distance and it was also easy to turn into a roller on an anhyzer release. Must have for a backhand only player!

  • My go to distance driver is the big z discraft thrasher. For me being a middle aged man who has done manual labor his entire working life is strong but beat in. For my arm it goes the furthest in any conditions. Tunnel shots, anny flex, long “slow” hyzer, holds any line my busted body can get behind reliably every time. A friend gave me his glow esp thrasher after beating it to death and becoming to flippy for him. It’s now my hyzerflip machine dead straight 300’. The only disc I can rely on as much is the new musket it’s just a little shorter for my arm by 20’ or so. Besides that I love Val. Stupid Doss stole her heh.

  • I have just begun my disc experience, so i will be purchasing a Westside Destiny next in order to improve my game. It seems to have endured the test of many players.

  • I don’t have a big arm (normally 280-320 ft) so for me it’s definitely the Twin Swords from Yikun. This disc flexes for big distance, but it does need a wide fairway to work its magic. I can get it out in the 330-350 feet range if I get a good pull on it and if I have the room to let it work. If I power down just a touch, it’s laser straight with a reliable fade at the end for an easy 300ft. This is by far the most consistent driver I’ve thrown.

  • The Orc has been a game changer for me. I can bomb this baby out to 320+ with consistency(bh). It goes the same distance as my Thrasher and usually lands one foot in front of it, but the weird thing is that it doesn’t flip as hard as the Thrasher. Its also great for low ceiling shots and low hyzer flip forehands. I love the pfn Champion and star orcs and I cants stop buying them from!

  • A gummy star destroyer with a slight dome max weight. These are usually thee best distance drivers and get better as they beat in.
    A brand new first run pharoah. Note: maybe the new metal flake glow pharoahs will be even better and beat in slower!

  • Air Bolt is the first disc I could throw far enough not to be embarrassed when playing with my younger buddies who can bomb it. It needs a little room to work but it is so nice to have a 13 speed disc that weak armed older guys can throw a long way! Keep trying to find something longer for me and keep coming up empty except possibly the now defunct Vibram unlace. Air Bolt flies long and true and is definitely a disc I suggest you try!

  • Hands down the Dynamic Discs Captain is my best distance driver. I can sling it as hard as I can and it never turns over, but at the same time I can go 75% power and get it to fly straight pretty much the whole flight with just a little fade at the end. It’s like a laser.

  • My Star Destroyer @ 160g has been my most consistent driver to date. With a lighter weight it will flip up and sail most of its flight before fading out.

  • The Wahoo is the best distance driver ever. If you suck at disc golf, but need to throw over 200ft of open water, you can rely on the Wahoo to faithfully float in the water allowing you to stay dry until after you throw a more trustworthy disc from the drop zone. Yes, grab yourself a Wahoo, you won’t regret it. This is just a personal experience, but one time, my friend was drowning in the ocean during a tournament, and I threw my Wahoo right too him. He was able to use it to stay afloat until the coast guard came and delivered him to the next basket. He went on to become the rec. division world championship. True story. Get yourself a Wahoo, save a life.

  • The Westside King was the first distance driver that I was able to consistently get farther than 300 feet and started to really hoard. In Tournament Plastic, the King is really understable and great for distance for weaker arm players who have trouble breaking 300 feet. For a little bit more stability but still excellent power, the Destiny became my other main distance drivers. Now I just use the IBlend Pharaoh for both spots, in lighter weights it’s really understable and in heavier weights it’s really similar to the Destiny, but I love the feel of I-Blend plastic more. It’s super grippy and I feel I get more spin and distance throwing the Iblend Pharaoh compared with other distance drivers and even the Pharaoh in other plastics.

  • I came to disc golf late in life. I’m 66 and have been playing for about 3 years, usually only 1 round on a weekend, so I’m clearly an amateur with a maximum distance of a little over 300′. Because of my slower arm, I use several discs for different circumstances but rely heavily on the DGA SP Line Sail. I’ve thrown it over 330′ with a nice skip and although I can make it go seriously right, it will give me a terrific S curve as long as I give it a proper hyzer angle on the launch. I always carry two in my bag, one relatively new, and it’s my most used disc.

  • The shrike is my go to distance disc. At 66 I can still pump it out about 300 to350 at 160 to 167 grams.

  • Christopher Lehmann

    I am an intermediate DG player and am working my way up the speed ladder. Right now the disc that works most consistently is the Innova Beast. Had one in DX and it became severely understable as it beat in. Now using a Star plastic model that will retain flight characteristic longer

  • I’ve been playing for about a 1.5 yrs and I can crush my MVP Excite. I love that disc and even had my first ace with it. The local disc golf shop owner talked me into it even with the higher speed rating and I just love it.

  • Currently loving my glow Falk, it feels great in the hand. I don’t have much of an arm so its understability is great for me. If only it had a nicer stamp!

  • Innova Wraith for distance all day, I usually rely on my Blizzard Champion for easy distance. Or max weight Star Wraith for windy days.

  • MVP and Axiom drivers need to be on this list. FH/BH does not matter . I throw 3 mvp’s (Teleport longest, Impulse Long Stable in neutron, and an Axiom Insanity is also a 400 footer. I have thrown almost all of the discs mentioned above and Trilogy= MVP AXIOM, STREAMLINE(Single mold only)

  • As a forearm thrower, I have to go with an Innova Firebird. It allows me to throw a hard anny that can flex out for long distances. It’s stable enough that I know that it will always come back right.

  • I throw RHBH and the innova Shryke was the first high speed driver that i could throw 300+ consistently. For my forehand shot I like the Streamline Trace.

  • DDX – I max out around 375′ – 400′ and the DDX is the most reliable disc for me. 170g S Line for tailwinds or slight right finish, 175g S Line for when I need to air it out or forehand, and 175g Glow C-Line for headwinds.

  • The Vulcan in Blizzard Plastic – between 160-165 – will glide and hover for miles.
    I can see Spock in the cockpit when its flying at warp speed.

  • I love my max weight MVP Catalyst in plasma. I don’t have a huge arm, but the overmold design really helped me get more snap on the disc. I could forehand and backhand it up to flat, and the high glide would just let it sail. But apparently it liked to sail too much, because one day it grip-slipped right into the middle of a lake. Never coming back. :'( But I would definitely recommend the MVP Catalyst for those looking for a high speed driver but don’t have the power to flip a Destroyer or a Nuke.

  • We all have our favorite discs for certain shots and big distance and my nomination is no exception. The Innova Orc is great for all armspeed players, forehands and backhands, and utility shots. I throw mine in 175g champion plastic and have gone through a few in the last couple years (my current one being yellow with black spider web). This is the first disc I could ever get past 250 and remains my go to forehand driver.

  • It would be remiss of me if I did not leave a comment with respect to the Missilen and Raketen from Latitude. I personally think that there is something to the “hex” tech with these discs that other companies need to explore.

  • For me, I can’t think of a more versatile driver than the DD Sheriff. I am able to throw stable hyzers with my sparkle lucid, long S-lines with my standard lucid and rollers with my fuzion. The disc is a must in my bag at all times!

  • MVP inertia is my most reliable disc for distance. The gyro design really helps it stay aloft

  • The Fuzion Sheriff is my favorite driver. It doesn’t have as much stability as a Boss, which helps me get more distance, and I know it will always fade at the end. I can throw it about 330-350 with a forehand. I have tried many drivers before, but none of them have had the same feel and flight of the Sheriff.

  • I’ve thrown all of the above discs at one time or another and seeing the list I’m thinking I need to revisit some of them.

    Personally at this time I’m voting for the Sheriff

  • Richard aka Chain Male

    New to disc golf so my discs are evolving, but right now when thrown correctly #1 is MVP Plasma Wave and #2 Innova Star Wraith. This is distance with accuracy combined.

  • trespass is my go to when the escape just isn’t enough

  • Christopher Lehmann

    As an intermediate DGer my Mamba annd Tern are the best for me!

  • My go to distance driver is a first run fury very versatile leaves options open

  • I like the Nuke,Crank,Trespass, and Destroyer in that order. But I use a Krait and Sampo as Distance drivers for their consistent stability. Unfortunately, as many may know, Innova is not consistent in their manufacturing process. A lost disc can be hard to replace.

  • I think the best is the Tern (or the slower Beast), It can be used effectively by beginners, intermediate and advanced.

  • the innova BOSS

  • MVP teleport and also MVP octanes