Best Disc Golf Discs for 2021 – Top 100

Best Disc Golf Discs for 2021

Today we’re going to take a look at the Best Disc Golf Discs for 2021. To learn which discs are the most popular, we are going to take a look at the Top 100 Sellers from 2020. All data is taken from sales figures. (We cannot show exact figures, but we can easily see which discs sell most compared to others.)

Last year, 2020, brought crazy growth to our sport of disc golf. With many disc manufacturers being temporarily shut down, plus the massive influx of disc golfers, popular discs became harder and harder to come by throughout the year. Some discs, like the Zeus, quickly became “out of stock”, thus dropping it’s rank on the Top 100. When we did get the Zeus in, it would sell very fast, causing it to go higher on the chart.

We believe the top 100 selling discs of 2020 will still be an excellent indicator of the most popular discs of 2021. These sales represent the data from old and new disc golfers, making them a great summary of the best disc golf discs.

First we’ll jump into the top 100 chart, then we’ll look at some broken down stats. Lastly, we’ll get to our recommendations for the Best Disc Golf Discs of 2021!

Top 100 Disc Golf Discs at

The Top 5 Selling Golf Discs for 2020

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Discraft Buzzz
  3. Discraft Luna
  4. Innova Wraith
  5. Discraft Zone

The Destroyer, Buzzz, and Luna took spots 1-3 respectively, making them the perfect Driver, Mid, and Putter combo… assuming you can handle a Destroyer. The Wraith and Zone were a close 4th and 5th place, showing that Innova and Discraft dominated the top five. The P2 dropped from it’s top 5 spot in 2019, and this was primarily due to it being unavailable for most of the year.

Ups and Downs

Next to each disc is an arrow pointing up, down, or right. These arrows and numbers represent how much each disc climbing or dropped in the ranks from 2019. Many of the top discs shuffled slightly, but not enough to make a big difference in the rankings. The #44 Aztec, #45 Raptor, and #45 Rhyno made the biggest jumps into the top 50. The biggest overall jump was the #87 Cohort, jumping 174 spots to make the Top 100 chart. The #91 Relay also made a big jump of 99 spots.

The Hades and the Fierce debuted in 2020 and claimed the highest spots on the chart for new discs, at #20 and #21 respectively.

Types of Discs Sold

What types of disc golf discs are most popular?


Top selling disc type graph in 2020

Putters were the top selling type of disc in 2020. We saw a big influx in putter sales. Putters made up 34% of all discs sold in 2020. Part of this may be do to the fact that many courses were closed for a time and disc golfers had more time to practice putting.

Control drivers came in second, at 28%. Distance drivers were at a close third at 26%, and mid ranges were by far the worst selling disc type at just 12%. Midrange discs are not the most glamourous golf discs. They do not wear out nor get lost as quickly as do drivers.

Top Disc Golf Brands

In terms of the best disc golf brands, here we list the number of times any brand had a disc golf mold that made our top 100 list.

Graph of Best Disc Golf Brands during 2020

Innova appeared on the Top 100 chart 33 times, while Discraft appeared 23 times. Infinite Discs molds came in third with 9 molds on the chart. Many other brands made the chart, showing that there are excellent discs from every manufacturer. Because most of the disc golf manufacturers were unable to produce discs at a rate fast enough to keep up with demand, there was often lack of availability of many of the most popular molds. These graphs would likely be very different if we were able to keep in stock all disc models throughout the year.

Best Disc Golf Discs for 2021:

Now let’s jump into our recommendations based on the best sellers! We’ve divided our suggestions here into best putters, midranges, and drivers. As skill level does effect ones ability to have success with different types of discs, we’ve also suggested different discs from our top 100 for different skill types.

Best Disc Golf PUTTERS for 2021

disc golf putter stacks

There are many great putters to choose from and they work for most, if not all skill levels. There’s a reason many of these putters have been top sellers for a long time. They work well, and people love them.

Recommended Putters For All Skill Levels:

Try something hot and new: Infinite Discs ALPACA

Best MIDRANGES for 2021

We’ll break down these midrange recommendations based off of sales, and skill level.

stacks of midrange disc golf discs

Best Mids For Beginners:

If you’re new too disc golf a straight to understable midrange just might be the most valuable golf disc to you. Consider trying one of these great, easy to throw, mids.

Try Something Hot and New: Divergent Discs LEVIATHAN

Recommended Mids for Intermediate / Advanced Players:

Once you have better throwing technique and a little more throwing power a stable/overstable midrange becomes the consistent choice for accuracy. Try these from our list of best midrange discs for 2021.

Try Something Hot and New: Thought Space Athletics PATHFINDER

Best Disc Golf DRIVERS for 2021

We’ll break down these driver recommendations based off of sales, and skill level.

stacks of disc golf driver discs

Best Drivers For Beginners:

Understable moderate speed fairway drivers are typically the best disc golf drivers for new players. Be sure to check out these recommendations for the best drivers for beginners.

Top Drivers For Intermediate Players:

For many intermediate disc golfers, the most important aspect of improving the disc golf game is getting more distance. Our suggested list of best drivers for intermediate players here provides some excellent choices for improving your accuracy and maximum distance.

Top Drivers For Advanced and Tournament Players:

Skilled disc golfers need consistent discs that will provide them with both accuracy and distance. The suggested top drivers below are consistent choices among some of the top players in the world.

LET US KNOW what your top picks are for the best disc golf discs of 2021! Be sure to tell us about your skill level and list what you think the best drivers, midrange, putters or disc golf sets are.


  • Generally my Destroyer is my go-to forehand disc while my backhand is an Archon. The Buzzz is always a go-to mid and the Aviar Classic for putting and long straight driving putts.

  • Wraith, Zone (if you count it as a mid), and Aviar

  • Wraith, MD3, and Aviar are all I need

  • driver- diskmania dd3
    midrange- buzzzz
    putter-diskmania link

  • I think that the destroyer is going to remain as popular as ever. I think the best midrange is a DD truth. Best putter is going to be luna.

  • For me at this point (pretty new) I really like my champ leopard for driving, Buzz for mid, and actually throw a Yikun Gui on my putts.

  • Distance: Destroyer (Beast for beginner)
    Control Driver: Exodus (Leopard or Relay for beginner)
    Mid: Buzzz
    Putter: Wizard

  • Distance- Innova destroyer / legacy icon outlaw
    Control- leopard 3 stable/ firebird or Starfire(ok ok it’s called Invictus now os)
    Mid- I like mako3 for stable/ buzz os for forhand
    Putter( there is only one choice, the wizard)

  • Putter: Judge
    Mid: Buzzz
    Driver: Volt

  • My top pics: Boss, Sol, Yeti Pro Aviar,

  • Distance Driver: Beast

    Fairway driver: Latitude 64 River

    Midrange: Emac Truth

    Putter: Wedge

  • I have always believed the best single disc for any new player is the Mako3. Truly rides any line you put it on and that helps immemsely with understanding angle control. So I’m happy to see it on there. For a distance driver I love the Hades all the way. Its flippy enough for beginners and retains its spot in the bag as you progress. For putter my choice is the Keystone, super glidey and also very neutral flight path allowing your form to develop around it.

  • My greatest disc discovery this year has been the Streamline pilot, Innova VRoc, Innova Teebird3, Latitude 64 Bolt and RPM Discs Kahu.
    Pilot super straight putter that glides for days into the heart of the ⛓️ chains ⛓️.
    VRoc is a dead straight disc that can handle power, glides really well for a 4 glide disc and a late gentle fade.
    Teebird3 I can’t say enough good things about this disc. Dead straight tunnel disc when beat in glides forever with a late fade. I use this on any hole 275 to 200 have had many near aces with it. I use this both backhand and side arm. When there is a shot I have to make I’m grabbing the Teebird3.
    Latitude 64 Bolt, where to start? This disc has the best glide in a driver I’ve ever seen. I have two in Frontline I absolutely love. If any one has Frontline Bolts let me know . Mine are flippy in the summer but straight in the winter with unmatched glide. Summer amazing hyzer flips winter throw hard and straight. Also an incredible driver for long panning anhyzer drives around a corner.
    Kahu is a mystery Disc I immediately fell in love with. For an unpraised manufacturer they sure do make amazing plastic and discs. This is my most trusted driver. No wind I can get a slight turn with smooth fade. In wind that is hard to trust this disc will turn nicely and always find it’s way back to some fade. Never turns into the ground if thrown flat. Get one today

  • Putter bb aviar
    Approach Zone
    Mid buzz and buzz os
    Fairway dm instinct and cline fd
    OS fairway dm fd3 doom bird
    Distance halo wraith star destroyer
    Max d. Beat up Colossus

    Innova makes the best putters and distance drivers
    Discmania has an awesome fairway lineup
    Discraft owns the midrange game.

  • Been playing for a few years and have been in the advanced division since 2020. I think these lists are very accurate! Here are my top pics for discs:

    Driver: Wraith for distance, Centurion for control
    Mid: DX or KC Pro Roc
    Putter: Myth for putting and Pig for throwing FH or BH

  • I’m a recreational player and try to play once or twice a week if I can. My favorite driver is the G blend Emperor. I can get a good flex on it and get some good distance out of it. For the midrange I use a Z line Buzzz. It’s very versatile. I can throw it on an anhyzer, hyzer, or straight. My personal favorite putter is a cosmic electron SL pilot. It glides very well and is versatile too. Great for putts and up shots. I am not really experienced with throwing putters off the tee.

  • I am an intermediate player and my best discs go as follows:
    Dynamic Discs Deputy
    Innova Aviar
    Westside discs Harp
    Dynamic Discs Emac Truth
    Latitude 64 Compass
    Discraft Buzzz
    Innova Wraith
    Innova Leopard3
    Dynamic Discs Trespass
    Innova Beast

  • Recreational player, I like the challenger, DGA Right and discmania DD3.

  • I throw under 300 feet. I was really impressed with the Discmania Essence this summer as a driver. Amazing distance and very straight flight. Unfortunately it’s been unavailable since July so that’s probably why it never made the top 100 list. I also love the Axiom Virus. The FD is a great fairway disc. I love the XT Mako3 for mids and it makes a great putter as well because of its straight flight and good glide!

  • Wraith as the best driver. Friendly for all arms, and at each stage of my game (When I was brand new, just getting better, and now as a full time recreational player) it has had a spot in my bag and many touring pro’s as well.

    Mako3 as mid range. Like the buzzz it just can make any shot. Pitch up straight flick, turnover, super anhyzer around a corner or a straight up hyzer finish. I’ve made due in the worst situation with it

    Classic Aviar as putter. Putt with it or throw it, and any beginner will be happy with it. as soon as I threw my white one in for an eagle at a tournament it found a permanent spot in my bag; and it should’ve been from day 1

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