New InZone Kwik-Stik Retriever

In Zone has recently released a new retriever. There are a few things that make this retriever different from their past iterations. The frame head is mounted on a swivel point. This allows the frame head to move out of the way while not in use, or to be used as a hook for tighter gaps where the frame does not fit.

The Kwik-Stik XXL reaches up to 21′ and can collapse to 18″. This pole also has new an improved joints to prolong the life of the retriever. Extending the life of this retriever.

This is now available for $64.99 at

Moving Day Jersey

Discmania has recently released another set of signature jerseys for Simon and Eagle. These jerseys are made of the same material as their Feature Card Jerseys.

The Moving Day Jersey is the next jersey in the signature series for Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte. This sublimated 4 Oz, 100% Micro Polyester Jersey. Making this breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy shirt. Providing a comfortable fit and allowing for easy movement while playing or going about your day.

Be sure to check out their feature card jersey as well, here.

To ensure product longevity, please consider and follow the instructions below:

– Warm/Cold water wash- Keep water temperatures under 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Garments that are stained due to grass or playing conditions should be washed immediately to avoid stains from drying and setting. Leaving garments in kit bags will cause odors and possibly permanent stains.
– Extremely stained garments should be pre-soaked with regular detergent or non-bleach based stain removers, then rinsed in cold water, and washed immediately after without allowing the garments to dry in between stages.
– Air dry and/or hang dry garments- tumble dry on low heat if absolutely necessary.
– Socks and/or any dye-knitted garments separately. Washing with lighter colored sublimated items in particular, could cause dye migration from socks to sublimated item.
– Do not Iron
– Avoid abrasive surfaces- Do not wash with equipment, and take special precaution to avoid Velcro in particular.

Be sure to check out all other apparel on Infinite Discs.

Disc Golf Gift Ideas for the Holidays

As the end of the year approaches so does the gift giving season. Whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or some other occasion; this disc golf gift guide is to provide you with some disc golf gift ideas. You’ll find a list of disc golf items that we feel will make most disc golfers happy.

Within this gift guide, I’ve broken the gift ideas into a few subcategories: Necessities, Training, and Excellent Accessories.

Disc Golf Necessities – Gifts


Disc golfers love new plastic, they like trying new discs or receiving more of the same mold that they love. Knowing where to start may be difficult though, as you may not know what your disc golfer likes to throw. A good place to start may be to look at some of the popular molds, special edition discs, limited editions discs, or holiday discs.

These are a few of popular discs that may be a good option: Destroyer, Zone, Wraith, Buzzz, Alpaca, Pharaoh, Emperor, Wizard, Chariot, or Aviar. These disc molds are among the top 10 selling discs for the 2021 year, which makes them a great disc golf gift idea.

Beside the popular disc molds, you could also look at purchasing limited run discs. A disc is limited because of the limited stamp on it or the unique plastic it is made out of. Some of these discs are a limited run, or they’re signature discs that help raise money for touring pros, or tournament discs that helps raise money for tournaments, there are even holiday special discs. You can check these discs out through the links below:

Check out the Limited Edition Discs Here
See the Signature Series Discs Here
Browse Pro Tour Tournament Discs Here
View United States Disc Golf Championship Discs Here
Peruse Halloween Discs Here

However, limited edition discs may prove difficult to get, as the effects of the 2020 pandemic are still in effect. Which means that the disc shortage is still a major hinderance in purchasing discs.

Mystery Boxes

The above options are an excellent choice if you know what you’re looking for. One of the best gifts purchases from Infinite Discs are the Infinite Discs Mystery boxes. There are two sets that do well, the 5-Disc Budget Box and the 7-Disc Deals Box. Within these packages you’ll find a variety of discs, and discs from different brands. They may have stock stamps, tournament stamps, or even misprints. However, we are still experiencing effects from the 2020 pandemic. As such, manufacturers have had difficulty making discs to use for these deals boxes. Resulting in a limited supply of these mystery packages. I suggest checking regularly to try and snag one.

Disc Golf Bags

Disc Golf bags are a necessity for disc golf, as they are what you need to use to carry your discs while playing or for storage. Making this an excellent disc golf oriented present, additionally, there are a lot of differing price points that will help to ensure that you may find a bag that suits your budget and your disc golfer’s needs.

Depending upon what your disc golfer’s preference, or their need, there is a bag that will suit them well. There are mainly two types of bags; shoulder bags and backpacks.

Shoulder Bags

Here are some of the best disc golf bag gift ideas that are budget friendly:

Slinger or Deluxe Slinger are similar bags where the Deluxe Slinger is made of better quality materials. These bags are an excellent bag for quick rounds, or your go to bag; as it can hold around 10 discs in the bag. These bags are comfortable and comes in a large variety of colors.

The Starter Bag is a great bag for the beginner or the casual player. This is a shoulder bag that offers a lot of color options, and good disc storage. All the while being an affordable bag. Within this bag you’ll find storage for other items outside of discs as well. Such as a spot for your wallet and keys, or a mini marker and pen/sharpie.

The Easy Bag is a similar concept to the starter bag. However, this bag is the minimalistic bag. It is designed to just hold discs and nothing else. Its simple, easy to use, and works well out on the course.

Backpack Bags

Backpack bags are the most sought after bag within the disc golf community. It is a great way to hold the discs. As it distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders.

Within the backpack market, there are a lot of really expensive bags as well as budget friendly bags. Ensuring that you can find a great disc golf backpack bag present for your disc golfer.

The Huck Pack from Infinite Discs is an incredible bang for the buck. This bag holds around 20 discs, which is around the average amount of discs people carry on the course. All the while being a rather inexpensive backpack. Making this bag an excellent option as a disc golf oriented gift.

Then there is BP-2 V3 backpack by Prodigy, it is one of the most popular backpacks that is sold on Infinite Discs’ website. Which makes sense, being around $80 makes it somewhat affordable, and it holds a lot of discs (around 28), all the while having room for other items. Making this an excellent bag, as it isn’t terribly expensive, but it will hold basically everything that you would need out on the course.

The Paratrooper is a bag that is in the same price point as the BP-2 and offers a lot of storage for discs and other disc golf needed items. This bag has room for more than 18 discs, two large or small water bottles and some side pockets for whatever items you may want to bring with. Making this another popular bag that is sold at Infinite Discs.

And the BP-1 V3 by Prodigy is another bag that has been a popular disc golf gift in past holiday seasons. This is a well recognized bag by most players, for good reason. This bag has one of the largest disc storage capacity, with additional storage for other items that you would want with you while play disc golf. Despite it being from a well-known brand, and its large storage capacity, this is the most affordable premium backpack on the market. Due to this, the BP-1 is an excellent bag to use, resulting in it making a great present for your loved disc golfer.

Disc Golf Training Gift Ideas

Part of the allure of disc golf is the path of improvement. Disc golf is a sport that its measurement of success is easily identifiable. Meaning, I can compare my progress easily to what I have done in the past. Whether that is through keeping track of my score, or measuring how far I can throw, or by how many putts I can make at a certain distance. These gift ideas are some items that will help your disc golfer train and become better.


This present fits under discs from above. However, this is quite specific to your disc golfer, this will require you to know which putter they use when they’re putting. Once you know the mold and the plastic type (sometimes there are plastic options), just buy them more of those putters. Every disc golfer wants to have more putters with which to practice. It is real convenient to practice putting and limit the amount of times you have to retrieve your discs from the basket and its surrounding area.

There are a few things to make note of; some people like a pair of putters – meaning they want two identical looking putters and that weigh the same. While other people only like putters that are a certain color. While other people care about nothing except weight. Or, they prefer to have a certain plastic type. So be sure you know disc golfer’s preferences; whether they want an identical pair, certain color, certain plastic type, certain weight; or some combination of these points.

Miscellaneous Training Gear Presents

ProPull is a tool designed to increase a disc golfer’s muscles to help them achieve greater distance. All the while helping the individual improve upon their form. This is essentially a resistance band training regiment that you can use to practice your throw indoors. Making this a great off-season gift as not everyone can go out and play during the winter months. Helping your disc golfer be prepared for the new season.

To see the ProPull in use, check out the demo video here.

A rangefinder is a helpful tool during a round and during training (or fieldwork). There are two options available at Infinite Discs website: the Busnell Edge Disc Golf Rangefinder or the Apex NF600 Rangefinder. Both of these tools work wonderfully well and will help your disc golfer know the distances of their throws or landmarks on the course.

This is helpful for fieldwork as it will help the disc golfer know how hard to throw a disc to achieve a certain distance. Helping them to become more accurate in their throws and to replicate what they do in practice out on the course during an actual round. Because of the value this brings during training and during a round, most any disc golfer would be thrilled to receive this as a Christmas present, or gift for any other occasion.

Disc Golf Accessory Gift Ideas

The Big Presents

While most things related to disc golf aren’t terribly expensive, there is some gear out there that does cost a pretty penny. These big ticket items are worth the money, and will definitely surprise your disc golfer.

Portable Baskets

Any disc golfer would love to receive a portable basket as a gift. As having a portable basket makes disc golf activities all that more accessible to your disc golfer. Allowing them to set up a hole or two in the backyard, practice putting, or to take out on a trip.

DGA Mach Lite is one of our favorite and the best-selling collapsible basket. This collapses into itself and slides into a shoulder bag for easy transport. Despite it being a portable basket this is sturdy and well-constructed.

Black Hole Pro or Axiom Pro, these are highly popular practice baskets, offering excellent durability and great sturdiness. Out of all the portable baskets, this one is probably the most similar to course baskets in terms of catching the disc.

Streamline Lite, Axiom Lite, or Black Hole Lite; these baskets are quite similar to the afore mentioned pro baskets from above. However, these baskets are lighter than the pro baskets. Making them easier to transport and carry around.

Disc Golf Con Pass in Las Vegas

Have you heard of comic con? Well Disc Golf Con follows the same concept as those but its focus is on Disc Golf. There will be pro players, panels, clinics, brands, a vending room, quick and easy tournaments, and swap meets. Basically, this means that you can show up, watch the pros play, learn from the pros, swap disc golf gear, and learn about disc golf.

This event will take place February 15 – 19, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more about this event check out this page detailing all of the events, tournaments, and the players who will be there. You may buy the tickets here. This event will be fun and will definitely leave a lasting impression as a disc golf gift.

Budget Friendly Presents

Budget friendly disc golf presents are pretty ample. These are the top gift ideas for items under $40. Some of these items are small enough that they would make for a great stocking stuffer item as well!


These are incredible tools that save a lot of discs, which in turn saves your disc golfer from having to buy more discs due to losing a disc. These are essentially an extendable long pole with a hook, designed to save your disc from unreachable places. This accessory is a must have as it comes in handy so often.

Dynamic Discs Retriever is a stainless steel retriever that can reach up to 16 feet and collapse to around 2 feet. This is an incredibly long reach and doesn’t take up too much space. The hook on it is pretty good at grabbing the discs and bringing them back to safety. Because of its length and ability to grab discs, this makes for a great gift idea for your disc golfer. One thing to mention, the hook screws onto the pole, we advise to use some Loctite to keep it screwed on and secure.

Dryve Disc Retriever Pole is a unique retriever. This one is made out of carbon fiber and can reach much further than others currently on the market. Where it is made out of carbon fiber, this retriever is lighter than all of the other retrievers on the market as well. Making this an easy tool to add to a disc golf bag. Making this a great disc golf present.

Additionally there are some retrievers that compact small enough that they could fit into a stocking as well. These are generally the “toss-and-drag” type of retriever. Like the Disc Claw or the Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, these have been out of stock for some time though.

Where manufacturing and shipping are still struggling to catch back up, there are still shortages throughout everything. Because of that, there aren’t as many options as there has been for retriever selection. Be sure to check back if you don’t see a retriever that you would like to purchase for your disc golfer.

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

Grip Enhancing Bag – These little bags are an excellent little gift for your disc golfer. These are designed to improve the grip of the thrower. Whether that is by putting chalk on the hands or by removing moisture. The most popular of these is the Whale Sac, but all of the grip sacks essentially do the same thing. These are small enough to be a great stocking stuffer.

UV Light – This light is a must have if your disc golfer enjoys night rounds, or wants to play night rounds. This helps charge glow discs quickly and can be useful to find them out on the field in the middle of your night round. This light also doesn’t break the bank, making this an excellent disc golf gift. This is another small enough item to be a great stocking stuffer.

Prodigy Practice Bag – This bag is a great present for any disc golfer who has a lot of discs. This bag allows for easy storage to hold a lot of discs. Beside its ability to be a storage device, this bag also makes for a great fieldwork bag. Allowing an individual to fill it with their favorite discs and using it while doing field work to limit wasted time gathering discs.

Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 make these bags as well, and they’re just as good also.

Gift Cards

if you’re unsure what your disc golfer has, or you’re out of ideas; you could let them pick the disc golf item for themselves. Gift cards let you do exactly that, you’ll give them a gift and they’ll be able to chose the item that they would prefer. Infinite Discs allows you to give a gift card in two ways:

E-GIFT CARD – This will send an email with a code in it. Which can then be used on the website. You can have Infinite Discs send the email directly to the individual, or you can send it to yourself to give to your disc golfer later.

PHYSICAL GIFT CARD – With a physical gift card we will ship out a plastic card that has a code on it. This card will allow you to wrap it, put it in a stocking, or hand it to the receiver.

We Want Your Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Let us know in the comments as to what you would like to see as your ideal disc golf gifts.

What would you all like to receive as your gift for that special occasion? Is there anything particular that you would like to see for your disc golf Christmas present?

Dynamic Discs & Handeye Supply Co. Bags

Dynamic Discs has recently released some new patters for some of their bags, all the while Handeye Supply Co. has released a new bag of their own. These bas are quality made bags, that have been designed with the disc golfer in mind. Which will give you the features that you need while on the course, and will last you a long time. So be sure to check out these new patterns, and Handeye’s latest bag:

Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Bag

The Mission Rig is Handeye’s first “big bag”. This bag has all of the things that you would need in a disc golf bag. This can hold 18-20 discs along with a lot of storage for other needed items.

The top pocket in front of the putter pouch is a large and deep pocket. Within it you can fit more discs, a hoodie, or any large item that you have with you while out on the course. While the three side pockets allow for the smaller needed items. Such as towels, sharpies, wallet, keys, or a phone.

Along the handle there are two D-rings of which you can use to clip towels, bag tags, or your Bluetooth speaker. The water bottle holder is large enough to hold most water bottles. Additionally it has a cinch strap to allow for it to hold small water bottles too. Check this new Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig bag out today on our site for $149.99.


  • 3 different pattern options
  • An upper storage compartment that can hold extra discs, multiple jackets, or towels
  • A zippered putter pouch that is easily accessible
  • Removable lightweight disc divider located inside main disc compartment
  • PVC Handeye Supply Co Patches
  • Large adjustable water bottle holder
  • Exterior Towel Clips
  • Two interior mesh pouches
  • Two exterior pockets for discs or larger items
  • Three medium exterior pockets
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Reinforced feet and water resistant bottom to keep your bag upright and dry
  • Exterior mesh and canvas pockets

Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag

This isn’t a new bag, but there are a lot of new patterns to show. Dynamic Discs has released 8 new patterns: Desert Guide, Expo, Jungle Guide, Mirage, Mountain Guide, Ocean Guide, Prairie Guide, and Trail Guide. Be sure to pick your favorite DD Topper Bag, they are available for $39.99 -$49.99.

The Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack is a great introduction to the disc golf backpack styled bags. The Trooper is an affordable option for those Disc Golfers looking to upgrade to a backpack bag.

The Trooper holds 18+ discs in the main compartment as well as 4 more putters in the top compartment. The water bottle pocket has a drawstring to adjust to popular bottle sizes. The Trooper has two smaller side pockets for storage of keys, phones, minis, snacks, and anything else you need on the course. The Trooper has a lightweight frame and a sturdy base, making it a durable, easy to carry backpack.


  • Low center of gravity to avoid tipping
  • Padded straps and back panel
  • Main compartments holds 18+ discs
  • Upper pocket holds 3-4 discs
  • Two external pockets
  • Reinforced haul handle
  • Drawstring-enclosed water bottle holder
  • Zipper pulls on all zippers
  • Velcro tabs keep the front flap out of the way
  • Three accent colors to choose from

Dynamic Discs Combat Sniper Bag

Even though the Combat Sniper bag has been around for some time, DD has made it available in some new patterns: Rainbow Skull, Geo Stitched, and Midnight Camo. These Combat Snipers are available now on our site starting at $149.99 – $154.99.

The Combat Sniper starts with the original Sniper design with a 16+ disc main compartment, two water bottle holders, and a deep top zippered pocket and takes it to a new level with new elements like the top putter compartment, two side pockets, a front flap pocket for a go-to disc, oversized feet for stability, and additional padding on the backpack straps. Aim for lower scores with the Combat Sniper.

New T-Shirts

Here at Infinite Discs we are working to increase our apparel collection. As we know that people like to wear clothes that represent who they are and what they like to do. As such we have added a few new t-shirts. These are available now on our site.

Innova Shirts

Cypher Tee

This Innova branded tee is a made out of a moisture-wicking tri-blended material. Making this a comfortable tee for on and off the course. With the digital themed Innova branding and the Prime Star, you’ll be sure to look good out on the course.

This is made out of 4-ounce, 55/34/11 cotton/polyester/rayon material.

This shirt is available online and it comes in 3 different colors; Black, Gray, and Navy Blue (listed as blue on our website). You can purchase this shirt for $24.99-$28.99, check them out here.

Crush Drives Tee

This “Crush Drives” shirt doesn’t necessarily help you achieve excellent distances. This tee is a tri-blend shirt that offers a fashionable graphic and comfort.

This is made out of 4.5-ounce, 50/37/13 poly/cotton/rayon material.

This shirt is available online and it comes in 3 different colors; Blue, Gray, and red. You can purchase this shirt for $24.99-$28.99, check them out here.

MVP Shirts

James Conrad Commemorative World Champ T-Shirt

The MVP James Conrad Commemorative World Champ T-Shirt commemorates his throw-in on hole 18 during the 2021 Worlds tournament. This tee shirt is a comfortable and well fitting shirt.

This shirt is now available on our site for $24.95, chose your size here.

Other Apparel Items

If these shirts are not what you’re looking for, we do have other clothing from which you may chose the one(s) that appeal to you. You can see our full selection of apparel items by clicking here. On that page you’ll see the different departments and see all that is available, clothing wise.

As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to help; email or call us:

(435) 754-7424

Brand Spotlight – Divergent Discs

There are few things in this world that beat throwing a disc well. It is just wonderful to watch it fly through the air. It creates such a great feeling of amazement, tranquility, and accomplishment. Disc golf combines this feeling with a way to measure improvement and work towards a goal. All by tracking the number of strokes it takes to complete a hole.

In its heart disc golf is a very simple sport, throw a disc from the teepad to the basket while avoiding the obstacles. However, the gear involved in disc golf is where the sport becomes complicated. Among all of the different manufacturers there are a multiplicity of discs. To make things more complicated, there are a handful of different plastics within each brand and these plastics can affect the flight of the disc. Even the same mold can fly slightly differently because of the plastic. All the disc molds and the plastic types make for a huge variety of options. Additionally, across brands similar disc molds do not perform the same. Which makes everything quite complicated and can make decisions difficult.

Divergent Discs is a brand that started out in 2021, they see the complexity of the disc golf world and aim to make things easier. It is a brand that focuses on simplicity. Their main focus is on manufacturing “quality disc golf discs for the rest of us.”

Divergent Discs Purpose

Starting back in 2019 Divergent saw a need that isn’t fully met within the disc golf community. There are a lot of disc golf brands, and the majority of these brands focus on providing discs that are professional grade. Resulting in discs that have a greater amount of overstability, which makes it more difficult for a disc golfer to throw.

They base this claim off the “State of Disc Golf” survey done in 2019. This survey is done on a yearly basis, where the participants are disc golfers of all ages and are from all over. This shows that most disc golfers’ average throw is around 300 feet.

Thus, Divergent Discs works to resolve these issues of a complex selection, and lack of discs designed for the average disc golfer. They have three points on which they focus: simplicity, easy to throw, and affordability.


One of the issues that Divergent Discs works to resolve is that of the complexity of selection. This complexity partly derives from the vast selection of different types of plastics and weights. To resolve this, Divergent provides their discs in one plastic option only, and a much smaller weight range.

They do provide plastic options, but the disc molds are only made in one plastic type. They have two plastics: Max Grip and Stay Put.

The Max Grip is more in line with the typical plastics. It offers a lot of grip, durability, and a comfortable amount of flexibility. On the scale of base plastic to premium plastic, this would be classified as a mid-grade plastic. Despite being the only plastic option for the majority of their discs, this makes a great all-around plastic.

As Max Grip plastic provides great grip for putting. This grip will give you confidence while putting. And when the disc hits the chains, the plastic will grab them sufficiently to stay in them and fall into the basket. At the same time, the Max Grip is hard and stiff enough that it can handle hitting hard surfaces. You will be surprised with how long this plastic can last.

The Stay Put plastic is a unique rubber blend. This blend provides a lot of flexibility and durability. The idea behind this plastic is that it will provide little to no ground play. Giving you a disc that won’t roll or skips as much as the typical plastic disc.

This plastic works well for putting, driving, or approach shots. Giving you a disc that offers great grip for putting. A blend that will grab the chains as much as most other putting plastics. While at the same time, this rubber blend can take a hit. Unlike the typical plastics, this rubber blend doesn’t really show damage, unless it is severe. It is quite soft and formable, which means that this doesn’t really “dent” when it hits a harder object. Because of its softness, it is quite the durable rubber blend.

Easy to Throw

Divergent Discs spends its efforts in designing discs that will fly in the air easily. Resulting in discs that have a lot of glide and turn.

Glide refers to the discs ability to float through the air. Or its ability to stay “. . . maintain loft during its flight.” To me, this flight rating on the disc refers to the disc’s desire to stay in the air. The higher the number, the more willing the disc wants to stay in the air. Additionally, the higher the glide means that less effort/power is required to get a good disc flight.

Turn details the disc’s tendency to fly to the opposite of the natural flight path. For a right hand backhand throw this means the disc’s tendency to fly to the right. Or for a left hand backhand, the disc’s tendency to fly to the left. The lower the number the higher its tendency to fly to the opposite side of the natural flight path. The lower the turn number the less effort/power required to throw the disc well.

All manufacturers are aware that high glide and low turn makes for a great beginner disc. Divergent Discs focus is to provide discs that have high glide and low turn. All in an effort to provide some of the best beginner friendly discs on the market. Discs that fly well even for beginners.


As of late, all manufacturers have increased their prices. Making disc golf more expensive than what they used to be. Just a few years ago, I remember that an expensive disc was $16, this was only 5 years ago. Now, an expensive disc is $30, it is crazy the increase that has happened.

Divergent Discs are reasonably priced and offer good quality. The Max Grip plastic provides a lot of grip and good amount of durability. I’ve seen these discs hit trees and come out with little to no mark. I’ve also seen large marks after it hit a tree. While the Stay Put blend offers an incredible amount of durability. This blend I have yet to see physical damage done to it regardless of what it hits.

The majority of the discs can be purchased for around $12 for the Max Grip blend, and $16 for the Stay Put blend. Providing a multiplicity of discs available at a lower price point that can handle the wear and tear of the disc golf course.


Divergent Discs is a brand that is focused on providing discs that are meant for the beginner. Removing the complexities of disc golf. Making discs that will fly in the air easily for those who do not have the power to throw far. These discs are meant to provide a full flight, longevity, and enjoyability. Disc golf is a fun sport, but it can easily lose its appeal when you can’t throw it as far or you don’t achieve the results you are looking for. Divergent Discs will help you achieve the distance, and find simplicity within the sport of disc golf.

Be sure to check them out on their website, they may be a good fit for you.

The Ripshot Disc Golf Bag

There has been a new type of disc golf bag that has recently started to gain traction, “holster” style bags. These holster type bags sit on your waist and hip. They hold a small amount of discs, as they are designed to be slim and allow you to throw without the bag getting in the way too much.

Here at Infinite Discs we have recently added the Ripshot Disc Bag to our product listings. Be sure to check this bag out on our site, these are available for $33.99.

The Ripshot Disc Bag is a holster type bag, designed to hold 4-8 discs. You wear this snuggly on your hip and thigh. This bag is designed to stay out of your way while throwing. All the while securing your discs in the bag throughout all motion.

The Ripshot Disc Bag cuts down on the bulk of disc golf. This bag makes for a great bag for the minimalist, or for your quick round of just go-to discs.

New Tournament Seat Available

After a long time of having no tournament seats available, we now have one available. Check out the Infinite Discs Tournament Seat that is now available on our site. This is available for $35.99.

The Infinite Discs Tournament Seat is an excellent seat to have during a back-up during a tournament, or to simply wait for your friends at the course This is a very durable seat that folds into its self, allowing for easy storage and carrying. Making a great disc golf tournament seat that will be comfortable, portable, and durable.

This seat sits a little higher than others, allowing for an easier sit down and up. Check this out on Infinite’s website today.

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