State of Disc Golf 2017 Results – Who Took the Survey?

The time has come to start taking a look at some of the data from the 2017 State of Disc Golf Survey. The data will be analyzed and shared over the course of the next few months. By way of introduction, let’s break down the demographics of who participated in the survey.

With nearly 10,000 disc golf players surveyed, this year provided, by far, the largest pool of individuals that we’ve surveyed since beginning the annual State of Disc Golf survey. That level of participation really helps us to gather some very pertinent information and helps give a realistic snapshot of the disc golf market. However, when looking at results, we do have to realize that people who participate in this kind of survey are people who are passionate enough about the sport to take a few minutes of their time to share their opinions. In our estimation, there are a good number of casual players who do not participate in such surveys. Those more casual players may not be entirely represented in the results.

Male vs Female Survey Participants

Of those surveyed, a whopping 91.8% were male, leaving only 8.2% as female. Does that truly reflect the balance of men vs. women in the game of disc golf? Though it might actually be a fairly accurate representation, we can surmise that simply less women are passionate enough about the game to take a survey (as mentioned above). But it would probably be an accurate statement to say that among passionate disc golfers, only 1 out of every 10 is a woman.

Age of Survey Participants

Looking at the age of those surveyed, we were happy to see a very wide spread. Though the age group that participated the most was the 30-35 demographic with 22.6%, other age groups ranging from 18 all the way through 60 were quite well represented. For those of us inside the disc golf industry, that is a very healthy statistic– to see that passionate players exist within all age groups. There is ground to be gained in the 17-and-lower age group, but that again could be an example of a group of people who are not interested in taking online surveys.

Disc Golfers Married vs Single

The majority of those who took the survey are married, with just more than half, at 56.2%. Single came in at 37.2%, and the widowed / divorced / separated group came in at 6.6%. By the way, as of 2015, roughly 55% of all Americans over the age of 18 were married, so the players surveyed fall pretty much within the national average.

The Employment Status of Those Surveyed

When looking at the employment status of those surveyed, the vast majority are employed for wages, with a few being self-employed. There is a sizable group of students that took the survey, but thankfully, not too many are unemployed or unable to work.

So, why do we ask these basic questions in a disc golf survey? Though things like gender, age, marriage status, and employment be only be marginally interesting statistics on their own, we use this data help determine other factors which are more pertinent to the growth of the disc golf scene. For example, it might be interesting to see how marital status factors into disc golf practice time. Do married players get less putting practice and field work? Do single players play in more tournaments? Does the job situation or marriage situation factor into the amount that players spend on disc golf? Does the age factor into tournament participation or willingness to travel for the game? Once we start looking at some of the more interesting survey data, and then break it into categories based on these introductory questions, it becomes even more revealing. That is the kind of data we’ll start looking at in future weekly State of Disc Golf 2017 blog posts, so stay tuned!



2017 Pro Tour Limited Edition Discs

Are you looking forward to following the top professionals this year as they travel the country and compete in the Disc Golf Pro Tour tournaments? We are excited to see how 2017 pans out! Here at Infinite Discs, we’re particularly excited that the tour comes to Utah this year. It’s always fun when a major disc golf event comes to your home town or home state!

As part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour promotion, we now have a fun selection of limited edition DGPT logo-stamped discs available to order! Here is a list of the disc molds we have available with the stamp. Click to go to the web page for the disc mold, and then click “Select Your Disc” to scroll through available discs and find the Disc Golf Pro Tour editions:

Dynamic Discs Trespass in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Truth in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Warden in Classic

Dynamic Discs Judge in Classic Super Soft

Dynamic Discs Defender in BioFuzion

Dynamic Discs Defender in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Emac Truth in Lucid

Latitude 64 Pure in Zero Megasoft

Latitude 64 River in Opto

Latitude 64 Compass in Opto

Prodigy D1 in 400G

Prodigy D2 in 400G

Prodigy D4 in 400G

Prodigy F2 in 750

Prodigy F3 in 750

Prodigy F7 in 750

Prodigy M3 in 350G

Prodigy PA-1 in 350G

Prodigy PA-3 in 350G

The Day the Atom Bomb Dropped

In November of 2016, Infinite Discs arranged a special stamp release with MVP / Axiom to feature a variation of our “Infinite Bomber.” It was designed to look great as a 3-color stamp and was released as part of our Black Friday weekend sale. The stamp was nick-named the “Infinite Blitzkrieg” and it was received with open arms by the MVP / Axiom collectors and fans. There were hundreds of discs, in nearly all available molds, and they have continued to sell steadily. Those who own discs still share photos of their Infinite Blitzkreig stamped discs on social media.

That warm reception lead our Infinite Discs crew to look toward upcoming MVP and Axiom releases as perfect places to feature limited edition stamps. When the release of the Atom in Proton plastic was announced, we knew it would be a great place to features another variation of the Infinite Bomber because players who throw MVP had been wanting a Proton edition of that putter for a long time. We contacted MVP and told them that we wanted to do a small run of 150 Proton Atoms with a custom stamp, and they were just as supportive and enthusiastic about the idea as ever. That is when the “Atom Bomb” was born, quickly designed and prepared for the release by our in house graphic designer, Dylan Durrant. He combined the original Infinite Bomber which was designed by an artist with whom we’ve worked a lot, NEOmi-triX, with the iconic symbol of an Atom to create a great amalgam stamp design.

The Day the Atom Bomb Dropped

On Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2017, UPS showed up at the Infinite Discs warehouse at the usual time of day, around 10:00 AM. The Proton Atoms with the Atom Bomb stamp had arrived. We turned all of our attention to adding the discs to our online inventory, bumping them ahead in the photo cue.

Once we started snapping and uploading photos we noticed that a lot of the stamps had drop-outs on the nose of the bomb. This is a phenomenon that happens when there is not enough “relief” on a particular part of the stamp, meaning that the artwork is too thick, so an air bubble can become trapped under the stamp without any escape, except through the foil, which then comes off, leaving a hole in the foil. Or it can happen when the foil coverage (saturation) is too dense compared to the empty spaces, so the stamper cannot maintain the pressure enough for all parts of the stamp to stick. That is an explanation in layman’s terms. Regardless, as many as half of the stamps had drop outs, and we were disappointed that neither we nor the great folks at MVP had noticed the issue until the discs were in hand.

We left a small stack of discs out of inventory and went back to adding other disc inventory. We contacted MVP via email to let them know about the drop outs and they replied immediately to apologized that quality control had missed the problem. They’d been very focused on getting the discs to us quickly, rushing so that our Proton Atoms would arrive close to the general release date, and somehow it slipped through the cracks. We expressed our interest in doing more such custom stamps and promised to be more careful in our design, and MVP likewise promised to double-check our artwork submissions to make sure everything fell within stamp tolerances. MVP was extremely professional and understanding of the situation, and we look forward to doing a lot more with them in the near future. Yet, we still had these Atom Bombs. How would we present the fact that they were not all perfect?

Watch for Nuclear Fallout

Though we’d originally planned to sell the 150 Atom Bombs for a dollar more than regular price, we opted to keep the price at the regular Proton plastic price since many were less than perfect.

Dylan and Todd stared at a computer monitor, thinking of how to announce the release on social media when Todd suddenly said, “Our Atom Bombs have nuclear fallout.”

“What? That’s genius!” Dylan replied.

So the announcement was made: “Caution, Atom Bombs naturally may come with nuclear fallout.” We explained the flaws and proceeded to post the announcements. Todd directly posted an announcement on the MVP Fans page on Facebook. Then Dylan and Todd left to lunch, not knowing how the news would be received.

While sitting at Costa Vida eating sweet pork salads, Dylan checked the number of orders. Even though Adrian and Troy were still processing and shipping orders back at the warehouse, the order count had actually jumped up by a large number, and nearly ever new order was for Atom Bombs. In fact, they were selling so quickly that some had double and triple sold! With wide eyes, Dylan suggested that we get back to work quickly to help sort out the new orders and double-sells.

“Sorry, the disc you ordered triple-sold…”

The Infinite Discs website has the advantage of showing actual photos of every disc in stock. That is a blessing, but can also be a curse when it comes to dealing with multiple shoppers wanting the exact same disc. It is possible for different shoppers to add a specific disc to their shopping cart, because merely adding it to the cart doesn’t remove it from inventory– the disc is only removed once the customer “checks out”. So technically, if multiple shoppers add that same disc to the cart, they will all be able to checkout because there is not an immediate query in the programing to check the inventory once again. Thus the disc double sells. With the sudden flood of customers adding Atom Bombs to their carts, we saw a couple of the individual discs even triple and quadruple sell! This was a problem, because the first person to checkout gets the disc, and the disc is consequently gone when we come across an identical disc order.

The orders poured in so quickly that we decided to open another shipping station that would be dedicated only to shipping the Atom Bombs. Dylan took over the customer support and packaging responsibilities and Todd started pulling the discs together for the shipments. Dylan found himself having to call a good number of MVP collectors within the next few hours to explain the multiple sells and offer alternatives. Luckily, we turned to the small pile of discs that had not been added into inventory and started using them as back-ups. A lot of the MVP fans who had placed orders were still live on Facebook, and Dylan not only found himself in many friendly phone calls, but also chatting live on Facebook with some of those customers. A few hours later, most of the crew left, but Dylan stayed at work until 8:30 PM, finishing up the Atom Bomb orders and setting aside replacements, making sure everybody had been contacted and accounted for.

It had been a long, crazy, busy day. Only a few of the discs remained, and all of those sold out by the next morning. After shipping the remaining Atom Bomb discs the next morning, everybody was able to take a deep breath and look back at the rush with a smile. No, it had not gone perfectly, but we’d learned a lot through the experience. We were able to come up with a programing fix that we hope to have implemented in the future to avoid the double-sell glitch. We learned to be more careful in our stamp design specs, and most of all, we learned of the awesome outpouring of support and friendship from the MVP community. MVP / Axiom has been so helpful and professional through all of our interactions, and the community of MVP fans had blown our minds with their enthusiasm. The MVP Fans Facebook page has continued to buzz with excitement about the sold-out stamp, with photos popping up of treasured discs. Very few complaints have emerged about the drop-outs on the nose of the bomb, and a couple fans have even said that it looked good as part of the art.

That was the day the Atom Bomb dropped, and it will live on in Infinite Discs lore for years to come.

Presenting…The 2016 INFY AWARDS – Vote Now!

INFINITE DISCS is proud to introduce the annual INFY AWARDS! This is our fun end-of-year voting for disc golf awards to recognize the discs and players that made the year better.

We’re a little late in launching the voting for the 2016 INFY AWARDS because we were running the much more extensive State of Disc Golf Survey through the month of January, but in the future, the voting will take place right at the end of the year, so you can all have the year’s highlights fresh on your mind.

So, think back to the year 2016, and let’s take a look at the nominees…

If you’d like to freshen-up on the discs that were released in 2016, you can see a helpful run-down HERE. Then when you proceed to voting, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite putter, mid-range, and driver as well as for the disc that you consider the very best new disc of 2016.

You will also be given the opportunity to vote for both the female and male Pro Player of the Year. This would be a player that you feel made the biggest impact on the game in the year 2016. The players in the voting among the top-ranked by the PDGA. You will be able to write-in any player that you feel deserves the spot, if they are not listed.

Click Here To Vote in the 2016 Infy Awards

Now, let’s look at the nominees for Most Memorable Disc Golf Moment of 2016…

Paul McBeth Gets Revenge at Memorial

video: Smashboxxtv

In 2015, Paul McBeth lost the Memorial Championship in a one hole playoff to Jeremy Koling after having his bag stolen before the final two rounds. McBeth came back in 2016 and after battling back and forth with touring partner Nate Sextion on the final few holes, he managed to pull out a one stroke victory to take back the Memorial Championship title

Ricky Wysocki Sinks Long Putt on the Final Hole of Master’s Cup to Take Down McBeth

video: thediscgolfguy

Ricky v Paul–A rivalry that has been defined over the last few years by Paul finding a way to hang onto a lead or Ricky finding a way to squander his. But this moment was where things started to shift in Ricky’s favor. Tied going into the final hole, Ricky sunk a huge putt to put pressure on McBeth to hit a long putt of his own in order to force a playoff. McBeth couldn’t answer, Ricky found a win, and we all saw the birth of Ricky’s “Raptor Legs.”


Cam Todd Wins GBO–Shows He’s Still Got It

video: Jomez Productions

Remember Cam Todd? If you didn’t before the 2016 Glass Blown Open, he made sure that you will remember him now. The 2002 World Champion showed that he still has some magic left in him. He battled at the top of leaderboard all week long, and going into the final hole he led young guns Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki by one and two strokes respectively. He managed to hold them off, and take home the Glass Blown Open title.

“Chipmunk-Gate”–Epic Playoff Finish Between Michael Johansen and Bradley Williams at Vibram Open

video: Another Round Productions

What would life be without a little bit of controversy? The Disc Golf Pro Tour kicked off at the Vibram Open. It went to a playoff that had an unlikely ending. In watching live, Johansen’s approach shot took a very unlikely skip up and over a rock wall and out of bounds, which left the door open for Williams to get up and down and take hope the win. But take a closer look a that approach shot…

Philo Brathwaite Cans an Unforgettable Albatross on Par 5 at Beaver State Fling

video: Central Coast Disc Golf

The disc golf shot seen around the world. This incredible shot at the Beaver State Fling was featured on ESPN and a handful of other sporting and science shows. Philo Brathwaite hit an albatross by getting the 850ft Hole 6 at Milo McIver West in just two throws. Absolutely incredible.

Majestic Playoff at the Majestic–Nate Sexton and Ricky Wysocki

video: Prodigy Disc

In one of the most exciting finishes of the 2016 season, Ricky Wysocki and Nate Sexton battled for what felt like hours in a playoff where they went back and forth between holes 1 and 22. Sexton had a chance to take the win with a short inside the circle putt, but he clanked it off the front rim. The next time around on hole 22, it looked like Sexton would have another chance as Wysocki shanked his drive wide right, but Wysocki once again showed us what his range and “Raptor Legs” were all about with another long putt that Sexton could not answer.

Paige Pierce Gets an Ace During Pro World’s Doubles Competition

video: thediscgolfguy

Another highlight that was featured on the Sports Center top 10. Paige Pierce hit a beautiful ace at Jones East in Emporia, Kansas during the World Championships mixed doubles event. She and her partner Jeremy Koling would go on to win the event.

Valerie Jenkins Wins Her Fourth World Title–First Since 2009

video: Prodigy Disc

The Women’s Open field over the last few years has been primarily dominated by Paige Pierce and Catrina Allen, but one competitor that has consistently fought to not be forgotten is Valerie Jenkins. So this year at Worlds she showed that she still has what it takes to compete at the top level by grabbing her fourth career world championship, and her first since 2009.

Ricky Wysocki Gets His First Victory at Worlds

video: Jomez Productions

A day that Ricky Wysocki had dreamed of for years finally came to a reality this summer. The World Championships had been McBeth’s event 4 years in a row, but Ricky was determined to prove that 2016 was his year. Ricky played an incredible tournament from start to finish, playing nearly mistake free golf to prevent any late round heroics from McBeth to stop him. The elusive World Title was finally Ricky’s, and the stage was set for another epic battle for 2017.

McBeth Strikes Back at Ledgestone Insurance Open

video: Prodigy Disc

Just one week after losing the World Championships for the first time since winning his first title in 2012, McBeth was determined to show he still means business. He came out hot and stayed hot throughout the weekend, culminating in a course record setting final round at the notoriously difficult (and slightly controversial) Lake Eureka disc golf course.

Jeremy Koling Wins First USDGC–Final Round Cancelled Due to Hurricane

video: The Spin TV

Jeremy Koling had a respectable 2016 season, but it ended with a bang, and lots of rain. Koling fought to get ahead of fellow competitor Eagle McMahon to finish the third round. The entire event had been in suspense waiting for Hurricane Matthew. The Hurricane held off for the first 3 rounds, but the tournament directors decided the conditions were unacceptable to continue play, and cancelled the final round, giving Koling the title of United States Disc Golf Champion.

Click HERE to Vote in the 2016 Infy Awards!

State of Disc Golf Survey 2017 Sponsors and Prizes

We are now finishing up the final days of the 2017 State of Disc Golf Survey. If you have not yet taken the survey, you may TAKE THE STATE OF DISC GOLF SURVEY HERE.

Thanks to our 2017 Survey Sponsors!

Infinite Discs would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the sponsors of this year’s survey. These brand sponsors donate prizes and help us to reach out to even more participants.  THANK YOU for your participation! These are the contributors for 2017, and check out the great prizes they’ve donated below!

MVP Disc Sports

Axiom Discs

Dynamic Discs

Innova Disc Golf

Prodigy Disc

Vibram Disc Golf


Gateway Disc Sports

Millennium Golf Discs

Full Turn Discs

RPM Discs

The Faction

Awesome Prizes for 2017!

This year we’ve got a great assortment of prizes that will distributed randomly to some lucky winners selected from those who took the State of Disc Golf Survey. These are just a few of the prizes that will be distributed:

Black Hole Pro – Practice Basket

Prodigy BP-3 Backpack

Prodigy Tournament Bags

Discraft Gift Cards

Innova Heropacks

Dynamic Discs Ranger Bags

Various Vibram Discs

Various Gateway Discs

Full Turn Traveler Discs

Prodigy Apparel 

Various RPM Discs

Dynamic Discs Metal Minis


Set of Millennium Discs

Various MVP and Axiom Discs

Golden Retrievers

Assorated Faction Discs

Assorted Innova Discs


So, if you have not taken the survey yet, we encourage you to do it now, so you can be entered to win these great prizes. We look forward to analyzing all of the responses and getting a well represented snapshot of what the current disc golf scene looks like, and possibly what it might look like in the near future.

Thanks again from all of us at Infinite Discs!



The Aztec vs The Tommy Cat – Disc Stamp Duel

It all started in the break room at Infinite Discs…we’d just looked over a new stamp design by our favorite stamp artist, NEOmi-triX, and a couple of us were really excited about it– a stamp concept called the “Infinite Aztec”. But there wasn’t complete agreement on its appeal. We’ll just say that a couple of the younger members of the crew thought that Aztec art was, after all, very old-fashioned. They wanted something newer and more hip.

“Like what?”

“Like a cute kitty!”

To cut a long story short, it was argued that any disc with a cool cat on it would be more popular than Aztec art. The argument became heated enough that we decided on a stamp duel. We’d do a run of both stamps on popular disc models from Innova, with the same quantities of the same molds for each stamp. Then we’d let the disc golfers and collectors decide which was more appealing. Which ever sold the fastest would be the winner. Then we’d take that winning stamp on to other disc models from Dynamic Discs, Discmania, Gateway, and other popular brands. The losing stamp, on the other hand, would be banished. Once the remaining discs were sold, it would never be seen again.

It was a deal! But we were still missing one thing– a kitty stamp. The Infinite Aztec was ready, and had only gone through a couple of minor tweaks with the integration of an Infinite Discs logo on the forehead. But the kitty went through many variations and adjustments until it was finally turned in as a final stamp design called the “Tommy Cat.”

The original kitty concept was to have an over-the-top, cute kitty drinking from a bowl of milk. NEOmi-triX sent us a sketch of the original idea, which, when we looked at it, caused many laughing fits around the office. It wasn’t a finished piece and was missing things like whiskers and tufts of fur. It looked a bit like a pug, or a guinea pig. The stamp design changed vastly from that point, with the members of “team kitty” turning to a much tougher cat concept, rather than a cute kitty. A Tommy gun was added, changing the name to “Tommy Cat” and the cat eventually took over an entire cityscape before being fine-tuned into the finished design that focused entirely on the mafia-influenced cat.


The Infinite Discs crew is now split between TEAM AZTEC and TEAM TOMMY CAT and we’re excited to see which stamp wins the duel. We invite everybody to pick a side. There are Facebook Groups for each team, which you can join to show your preference:

Join the Team Tommy Cat Facebook Group Here

Join the Team Aztec Facebook Group Here

FIVE free discs will be given away to disc golfers who take a side, and join one of the Facebook groups. Only the winning team will earn free discs, so choose wisely.

The winning stamp design will be decided at the end of February. Whichever stamp has sold the most will be declared the winner. Future stamp runs for the winner will carry into the spring and summer months. So this is where customers will ultimately decide which stamp will carry on, and which will be forgotten.

How to find discs with Aztec and Tommy Cat Stamps

Advanced Search

You can search and shop for special edition stamps by using the Advanced Disc Search feature on the Infinite Discs website.

Check the “extras” box and then scroll through the list of stamps and check the ones you want to see, then click the “View Individual Discs” button to see all the discs in stock with the stamp you desire.  Click Here for a more extensive tutorial.

By using that Advanced Disc Search feature, you can also track which of the two stamps is selling fastest, simply by comparing how many discs are left of each. When you check-mark one of them, the number of discs remaining will appear to the right. Whichever one is lower, that is the one that has pulled ahead in our stamp duel.

Models with new stamps:


If you’re having trouble deciding which team to join, consider these arguments:

Arguments For Team Aztec

When I was a boy about 3 or 4 my favorite toy was a little white cat, and you can probably understand why — they are so cute with their whiskers, and their big adorable eyes.
Then one day, the old lady who lived next door died. A family with cats moved into her house and then I discovered what they REALLY ARE. I thought I loved cats, but when I went to pet the black and white one named Sister, it viciously scratched me on the arm. I still have scars from that nasty kitty.

As I grew older I began to realize their greater evil. Every time I am around cats, my eyes water, I sneeze uncontrollably, my eyes swell up, and I get hives. Just this morning as I walked into my garage to leave for works, I noticed an awful smell in my garage. And as I opened the garage door, I saw the culprit. I saw the cat tracks.

Now some of the marketing team at Infinite Discs have inserted these menacing beasts on Innova golf discs! To make matters worse, they’ve given him a GUN, a tool designed specifically for killing. This is not a message we want to send to our children and future generations.

We can do something to prevent this stamp from spreading like feral cats in the alley to Trilogy, Discraft, Prodigy, Gateway, Legacy, MVP, and VIBRAM. To stop the insanity, we must choose Team Aztec.

Please, make the RIGHT choice. Join TEAM Aztec.

-Alan Barker, Owner of Infinite Discs

Arguments For Team Tommy Cat

So, the solemn responsibility of defending the honor of the Tommy Cat stamp has fallen upon my shoulders. It is a weight that I bear with pride and dignity. As I look at this war that has begun and tore apart our Infinite Discs family, the words of the great Don Vito Corleone, “How did things ever get so far?” and just like the Godfather, I don’t know.

It seems as though the only argument that team Aztec can come up with is, “Well, I don’t like cats.” Well, I stand here before you all, and I can say with confidence, I do not like cats, but I am a proud member of team Tommy Cat. Are cats my first choice for a house pet? Just ask my parents how I greet their cats every time I go home to visit and you will know the answer.

But does that change the cultural phenomenon that cats have become in our society? Just ask our friends at Dynamic Discs which Dyemax designs are the best sellers. Cats are in right now. It is a fad that has taken novelty t-shirts by storm. It is a fad that has even tugged on my heart strings and wallet a few times–yes even I, one who has long held felines in contempt. It is a fad that unifies us all in a love for all things cute, funny, and adorable, but also appeals to the strong and fierce. And it is a fad that we at Infinite Discs would have been fools to allow to pass us by.

I believe if we had kept this campaign free of propaganda and lobbyists, the numbers would have spoken for themselves, and the Tommy Cat would have blown the Aztec out of the water.

So I stand here today not to change your hearts, but to search your hearts more honestly, and discover what you already know. The Tommy Cat stamp design put together by our talented artist is too good and too pure for us to allow it to fall out of production. This cat deserves to fly for years to come. And while I do respect the Aztec design, it does not sway the heart with the same emotional vigor that is contained in the Tommy Cat. So let us unite together, to send a message once and for all that bold and powerful stamp designs like the Tommy Cat is what we want to see in our future.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing the voice (purchases) of the people guide us in the following weeks.

Your Obedient Servant,

Jace Smellie, Assistant Owner of Infinite Discs (not to be confused with assistant to the Owner of Infinite Discs…)

Inventory Alerts On the Infinite Discs Website

Help Me Find What I Want!

Here at Infinite Discs, we encounter a lot of customers who buy discs for different reasons. Some are looking for very specific discs that they feel are perfect for their game. Others are building a stockpile of their favorites. Others want special edition stamps, specific colors, or specific weights. Others are collectors who like to snap-up the rare discs that show up on our website, like pre-flight discs, first runs, or swirly plastics, etc.

Sometimes we hear things like “I check your site every day to see if you get more Disc X in stock…” But did you know that you actually don’t have to check our site every day to find that specific disc that you want? Or, if you collect a certain model, or a certain color, etc. you don’t have to worry about hitting our website at the precise moment to get what you want.

Infinite Discs has a built-in Inventory Alert system that will notify you by email the moment the disc you want shows up in our inventory. Let’s say that you collect Star Destroyers, or Swirly S-Line DDX discs, or Moonshine Rivers. Or perhaps you’re waiting for us to get in a better selection of max-weight putters of your favorite mold. Or you want to know when that hot new disc shows up in our inventory? Whatever your motivation, you can set up an email alert so that you’re the first to know that we just got it in stock!

Here is an instructional video to walk you through the easy process:

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your email service recognizes emails from Infinite Discs as “approved” rather than as spam or “promotional” so that you see the alerts right away.


If you want to be notified of new disc releases, special offers, and other developments here at Infinite Discs, then be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter which shows up through your email. You can submit your email and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Happy Disc Hunting!

Best Disc Golf Mid-Range?

Why Not More Mid-Range Discs?

When it comes to mid-range discs, they are generally the overlooked and forgotten discs in a player’s bag. For a lot of amateur players, there is much obsessing over which putters will suddenly make all of those near misses fall in the basket, or which drivers will suddenly give them an extra fifty feet of driving range. But less often do those players think about which disc will navigate them through the twists and turns of shorter shots on tricky fairways, or fly moderate distances with great accuracy toward the basket. Mid-range discs really should be the meat and potatoes of most player’s games. Even pro’s often turn to mid-range discs for control shots and drives that they need to see land with precision. Yet for many players, it’s just hard to get excited about mid-range discs.

We can see in the sales statistics for 2016 at Infinite Discs, that certain mid-range models have won the hearts of the masses, like the Buzzz and the Roc3. But once you pass those top few best-sellers, the sales totals drop precipitously for other quality mid-range discs. It seems that many players purchase one or two of the most popular mid-range discs, and then consider that spot filled and move on to filling a bag with more drivers.

With all that said, here are the top 10 best-selling mid-range discs for 2016 at Infinite Discs, in order from first to last. This can help you discover which discs tend to rise to the top:

  1. Discraft BUZZZ
  2. Innova ROC3
  3. Innova ROC
  4. Innova MAKO3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Latitude 64 COMPASS
  7. Discraft BUZZZ OS
  8. Dynamic Discs EMAC TRUTH
  9. Discraft COMET
  10. Dynamic Discs VERDICT


1 21 22 23 24 25 28