Black Friday Deals Week 2020

It is time for the Infinite Discs annual Black Friday Week of Disc Golf Deals!

It has been a challenge this year to put together a sale because of the scarcity of discs from many of the largest manufacturers. Because of that scarcity, there won’t be sweeping discounts across entire brands (it’s hard to discount something that we don’t have or can’t restock). But we’ve managed to pull together some exclusive stamps and special releases and runs to keep the week exciting.

Before jumping into the ad and the links, here are a couple important things to note:


We always get asked what time the special releases will “drop” on the Infinite Discs website. In the past, we’ve announced those drop times, but this year is different. Because we have had so many issues with our website locking up or completely crashing during drop times, we are randomly spreading out those times through the early AM hours. In this way, the featured discs will simply be available when you wake up in the morning on the day of the sale. We know that this may be less predictable, but we believe it is the only way to avoid those extremely frustrating crashes and freezes that are caused by several hundred people trying to load several hundred disc photos all at the same moment.

Thanks for understanding. We honestly feel like everybody will have a more comfortable shopping experience with the un-announced drop times this year.


We’ve mentioned that there will not be sweeping discounts across entire brands. While there will be some brands that are discounted on their featured days, on some of the days there will be select disc models on sale. In order to easily find what is automatically discounted at any given moment, simply CLICK HERE which takes you to this link:

Feel free to bookmark that link. It will not only be handy during this sale, but anytime in the future that you want to see what is on sale. We almost always have specific discs or accessories on sale, and that’s an easy way to find them.


Discount codes will not be utilized during this Black Friday sale. You will not need to worry about finding and pasting codes to take advantage of any sale items. As mentioned above, you’ll be able to see what is on sale and those prices will already be active without needing to worry about codes.


Our crew will be working hard for the next week to try and stay on top of the orders. We will even have graveyard shifts working to get orders out the door. However, we do expect order volume to be high this year and request your patience if your order takes a couple of extra days to process and ship. Also keep in mind that USPS, UPS, FedEx, and all shippers expect this to be the largest online shopping year in history, by a longshot, due to Covid-19 concerns. They will understandably be slower to deliver packages during the holiday season than the norm.

Thanks for your patience.

Now, here’s what we have featured for you this year:

Quick Link for Sale Items All Week HERE
All AZTEC BOMBER Stamped Discs (As They Drop)


Quick Links for Thursday 11/26/2020

Cthulhu III Stamp by Thought Space Athletics
Face of Cthulhu Stamp
Thought Space Athletics Brand Discs
Eclipse 2.0 Reactor (Release at Midnight)
Cosmic Neutron Relay (Release at Midnight)
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Friday 11/27/2020

All Infinite Discs Warriors (Filter by Brand)
All Tribal Bird Stamps (Filter by Brand)
Flying Rhyno Discs
All Infinite Discs Pig Stamps
All AZTEC BOMBER Stamped Discs
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Saturday 11/28/2020

Special Run Wizards
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Sunday 11/29/2020

All VIKING Discs
All RPM Discs
All YIKUN Discs
Cthulhu III Stamp by Thought Space Athletics
Face of Cthulhu Stamp
Nordic Warrior Stamp
Werewolf Stamp
Beep Boop Reko
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Monday 11/30/2020

Alpaca Putters
Swirly S-Blend Aztec
Metal Flake Glow C-Blend Tomb
Metal Flake C-Blend Sphinx
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Tuesday 12/1/2020

Lady Justice Stamped Judge
“Guilty” Judge Stamp
“Not Guilty” Judge Stamp
Judge Putter Six Pack
Skulboy Lucid Glimmer Verdict
Skulboy Metallic Moonshine Trespass
What is On Sale

Quick Links for Wednesday 12/2/2020

Cryztal FLX Buzzz
What is On Sale



It is time once again for our look back at the last week of sales. This weekly chart is generated from the sales figures at Infinite Discs – the purchases made by our customers are the only contributing factor to the statistics. We break the results down by disc model and plastic type so you can see which plastic types are selling the most. Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for November 24th 2020

#2 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#3 – DX X-Out SONIC
#4 – Discraft Prototype Putter Blend FIERCE
#5 – Z Line AVENGER SS
#6 – Star X-Out MAMBA
#7 – Star X-Out MAKO3
#8 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#9 – Halo Star WRAITH
#10 – Ground Plastic AXE
#11 – Star DESTROYER
#12 – Star WRAITH
#15 – Star X-Out TEEBIRD
#16 – Star X-Out LEOPARD
#17 – Neo ORIGIN
#18 – Moonshine DD VANDAL
#19 – Neutron RELAY
#20 – DX AVIAR

The chart for the last week has a surprising number of X-Out (factory seconds) from Innova. We did get a load of X-Outs that we wanted to add to the online store in time for holiday shopping, but it looks like our customers got an early jump on those deals. The X-Out Sonic even hit #3 with a total of five different X-Out molds on the chart for Innova.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands appeared on this week’s chart:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #8 spot this week was taken by the Halo Star Destroyer. There was a battle to select Star Destroyer, but Colby was the first to pick Halo Star Destroyer, so he’s the winner this week. Congratulations!

NOTE: There will be no Top 20 Tuesday for a couple of weeks as Infinite Discs launches the Black Friday “Week of Deals” that will features a lot of special edition releases. Because of the chaos surrounding this annual event, we will take a break from the charting until after the dust settles. Then we’ll come back with a Top 20 Tuesday that will show how all of the special editions faired. 


2020 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

Every year at Infinite Discs we put together a unique, fun list of gift ideas for disc golfers. Let’s take a look at the 2020 holiday ideas that we feel would please any disc golfer. This is your 2020 Disc Golf Gift guide!


Of course, no disc golf will turn down more discs for the holidays. But where do you start if you don’t know which specific discs they need in their bag? You might as well get something that is fun to throw and collectible, or that shares a little holiday spirit. That way, whether they throw it, or keep it as a memento, they’ll be happy. Here are a few holiday discs you might consider:

SPECIAL EDITION DISCS — One of the fun gift ideas for any disc collector or player is a limited edition disc, or a signature edition supporting a professional player. In 2020, signature editions became something of a rarity and sold out quickly whenever they became available. But you might be able to snag a good one if you hurry. Plus there are other limited editions and special editions, including fun tournament stamp discs.  Infinite Discs has a great selection of Pro Tour Championship Discs that make great mementos and throwers!

Browse Limited Edition Discs Here
Browse Special Edition Discs Here
Browse Signature Series Discs Here
Browse Pro Tour Tournament Discs Here
Browse United States Disc Golf Championship Discs Here

HOLIDAY EDITION DISCS — Several different disc manufactures make holiday edition discs. If your disc golfer prefers more of a spooky edge, we have a lot of discs that were released as Halloween discs. Or, if you want a more traditional “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” style, we usually have a few of those as well.

You can BROWSE THE HOLIDAY SELECTION HERE and filter by brand or disc type to find exactly what you like among the holiday editions.



DISC DEALS BOXES — Every year, without fail, one of the most popular gift purchases from Infinite Discs the Infinite Deals Box. These are 7-disc package sets with a variety of different disc models from different brands, including stock stamps, tournament stamps, misprints, and more. The downside in 2020 is that the disc supply ran so low with the top manufacturers that there were simply not many discs to use for Deals Boxes. So, our supply of Deals Boxes has been extremely limited. The most popular two packages are the following, and you can check back from time to time and see if you’re lucky enough to snag one:

MISPRINT DISCS and X-OUT DISCS – Sometimes you can find some real treasures at a discounted price by browsing the Misprint and X-Out discs that Infinite Discs keeps in stock. “Misprints” are discs that have stamp flaws, double stamps, or some kind of messed up artwork on them. “X-Outs” are factory seconds that have minor flaws in the plastic that shouldn’t effect the flight of the disc. You can even grab a bunch of these misprints and factory seconds as white elephants for disc golfers.


If you want to impress your disc golfer for the holidays, hit them with a big ticket item that they will love but might not have felt ready to purchase on their own.  Here are a few ideas:

ZUCA ALL TERRAIN CART — One of the most popular disc golf carts for the frequent disc golfer is the Zuca cart which is built to carry a maximum quantity of discs, provides a place to sit during long rounds, and carries a variety of accessories. There are also many other features which can be added to the Zuca cart, like padded seat cushions, more drink holders, putter pouches, and more. There are color combinations available for any taste.



MVP ROVER CART — Maybe you don’t want to spend two or three hundred dollars and your disc golfer already has a backpack that he or she likes. You can simply grab them the new MVP ROVER CART to essentially give their backpack a set of wheels so it can be pushed or pulled around the course with ease. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles with this option, but it gets the job done.


CART ACCESSORIES – If the disc golfer on your list already has a disc golf cart, there are many accessories that can be added.  One of the newest and most exciting add-ons for a player who wants to carry more discs around than anybody else is the POWER POCKET POUCH which can be added to the handle of existing carts to carry more putters or disc favorites. It’s super handy, and yes, excessive!


PORTABLE PRACTICE BASKETS — Any disc golfer would be utterly impressed with a new portable disc golf practice basket. There are a wide variety of baskets available on the market by a lot of different manufacturers, all with the intent to provide an easy way for players to practice in their yard, set up small courses, or take with them on camping trips, etc. Here are some of the newest and most popular options:

Black Hole Pro with Transit Bag — The Black Hole Pro is a very popular practice basket by MVP and this year they’ve added a Transit Bag as an easy way to carry the broken-down basket from place to place.

Viking Discs Royal Basket – The Royal Basket by Viking Discs is one of the newest additions to the family of portable baskets. It is a heavy duty basket that is built to last, but not too heavy to move around. It’s a great option for a basket that will catch discs as well as many course baskets.

Dynamic Discs Scout Basket — This is the latest folding, portable basket option and was released in 2020 by Dynamic Discs. It is collapsible and easy to carry around in the bag which is included with your purchase.

DGA Mach Lite — This is our favorite and by far the best-selling collapsible basket. It is easily folded and transported inside a shoulder carry case, yet is very sturdy and well constructed. The color availability tends to change from year to year, so you may find it in green, blue, orange, or other colors that DGA introduces from time to time.

Viking Discs Battle Basket Pro – For a lighter weight basket that is very easy to move around and set up for casual backyard play, the new Battle Basket Pro is extremely affordable. The chains are thinner, allowing for more “splash-out” putts, but it is a fun target at a low cost for casual play and practice. It’s also a great option for young players who are just picking up the basics of the game of disc golf.


HYZER DISC RACK — Maybe you’re looking for a way for your disc addict to store their copious amounts of discs. You can help them keep their extra discs or collection organized with the new Hyzer Disc Rack. Think about it… you’ll be helping your disc golfer stay organized while also keeping your own domain a little less cluttered with discs. It’s a win win!

There are a couple of different designs available, including one with the Hyzer Disc Rack branding and another with Infinite Discs logos and branding. The shelf is very easy to build without tools and is designed especially for discs while also including extra hooks on the front for hanging towels and bag tags. The top shelf holds a bag or trophies for display.  While this is an item that might be a little bit outside of the casual disc golf budget, it definitely stands out as an impressive gift for the holiday season.



One of the most exciting things you can give to any hard-core disc golfer or disc collector is a one-year membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club.  That way, the disc golfer you love will receive a unique, collectible disc every month, automatically, as well as discounts on the Infinite Discs website and access to exclusive releases in the VIP Club Store.

SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP HERE (select the pre-paid annual option, or pay month-to-month for as long as you want)


Maybe you don’t have a huge budget, but you want to get your favorite disc golfer something nice that is under $100. Here are a few fun ideas that will fit the bill…

INFINITE DISC SLINGER BAG — The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort for quick disc golf rounds. It provides a quality bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.  It is available in a variety of different colors. See the Disc Slinger Bag HERE

INFINITE DISCS DELUXE SLINGER BAG — The popular Disc Slinger bag now has a deluxe option. With longer-lasting materials, embroidered logos, and increased disc capacity, the deluxe model makes an even nicer gift!  See the Deluxe Disc Slinger Bag HERE

LARGE SELECTION OF APPAREL — Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, or sweatshirts, or jackets, or hats, there is a huge selection of apparel options from many brands on the Infinite Discs website. These choices fit any taste of budget. Check out those apparel options HERE

1000 Piece Frisbee Golf Disc puzzleDISC GOLF PUZZLES AND BOARD GAMES — Maybe you’re stuck inside for the winter months. Or maybe you just like disc golf enough to watch to play it on the table top. There are actually some fun board games now which are built around the disc golf experience. Plus there are 500 and 1000 piece puzzles that are a real challenge to put together, featuring every disc golfer’s obsessions…piles of colorful discs!  Check out Disc Golf Board Games and Puzzles HERE

THE KWIK-STIK RETRIEVER — Disc Retrievers have always been a good gift idea because pretty much every serious disc golf plays near water or trees and needs a way to get back the discs that have flown astray. The Kwik-Stik is one of the most popular options on the market with a telescopic pole that can extend to an impressive reach and a couple of different ways to trap and pull in the hard-to-reach disc. Some players are hesitant to spring the cash for a retriever even though it will save money time and time again when counting the number of discs saved. That’s where you come in– give one as a gift and that player will find endless occasions to use it!

Check out other Disc Retrievers HERE

INFINITE DISCS HUCK PACK — A great choice as an entry-level backpack for new players, or for experienced players who want an affordable option to carry more discs, the Huck Pack just came out in 2020. It features great disc storage capacity and two water bottle holders to keep you hydrated. Though it is affordable, it still manages to be a rather comfortable choice. But if the Huck Pack isn’t for you, there are other very good, affordable backpack options as well, like the Dynamic Discs Trooper, the Prodigy BP-3, The MVP Shuttle Bag, Latitude 64 Core bag, and more!




ProPull DISC GOLF TRAINER — The ProPull resistance band training kit has become a popular item for serious disc golfers who want to improve their throwing speed and strength. It can be used anywhere that the bands can be secured to a pole or tree. Check out the demo video HERE and see if this is the perfect gift for your disc golfer.

THE POWER POCKET POUCH — If you need a great gift idea for somebody who uses a disc golf cart, then the Power Pocket Pouch should do the trick. This handy cart accessory attaches to the cart handle and carries and additional 4-8 “go-to” discs as well as other items, like a cellphone, scorecard, mini marker, and more. See the Power Pocket Pouch HERE


These small items would be fun for little gifts to any disc golfer. They don’t take a lot of space, they aren’t expensive, and they can add a little fun to your Christmas morning…

Flight Towel — The Flight Towel is one of the latest trends in disc golf. These towels come with a fob attached, and each fob is made out of the rim of a popular disc. That way, the towel isn’t only good for drying discs, but it can be used as a warm-up tool where the player whips the towel through the air in a throwing motion. That helps warm-up the throwing arm with the player gripping the disc that rim that they love. It’s an interesting and fun accessory that should make any player pleased.

Other Disc Golf Towels — Towels are frequently needed by disc golfers to keep their discs dry, and we’ve got a variety of different towels, from lightweight to thick and absorbent. They can easily be stuffed into any stocking. Plus, there are towels that are branded for just about any manufacturer, so no matter which brand the player likes, there should be a towel just for them.


Pyrohyzer Glass Mini Discs — Another fun product that Infinite Discs started carrying this year is the unique glass mini discs by Pyrohyzer. Each mini is handmade and entirely unique. The prices vary depending on the amount of extra features, like “shatter” patterns, swirls, glow-in-the-dark, and etching. Though these glass minis are nice enough to display, they can be used as mini markers during disc golf rounds. They’re definitely a top-notch gift idea that fits into the stocking.  Also available in MICRO MINI sizes.

UV Flashlight for Glow-In-The-Dark Disc Charging

Many Disc Golfers like to play in the dark, and to do that, they often prefer to throw glow-in-the-dark discs. The easiest and fastest way to charge up a glow disc is with a UV Flashlight. We have a simple, affordable UV flashlight in stock that is just the right size to carry in a pocket or in a bag. Plus, we have other tools for night disc golf, like LED lights that can be taped to the bottom of discs, or glow-in-the-dark tape rings to stick on non-glowing discs.

Infinite Discs Chalk Ball – The Infinite Discs Chalk Ball is one of the newest grip enhancers on the market in 2020. Other grip bags have filling like beads, sawdust, or dirt, etc. However, this one features the equivalent of climbers chalk which enhances the player’s hold on the disc in all kinds of weather. Plus it can easily be clipped onto any backpack or cart with the carabiner that is included.



Friction Gloves — While these might appear to be somewhat expensive gloves at first glance, they are actually worth every dollar for disc golfers who want to play when it is cold outside. They take the bite out of the cold air, but more importantly, they provide extra grip on the disc, even when the plastic is wet. That way, disc golfers can play in the gold without taking gloves off to throw and putting them back on again to warm up. If you don’t want to buy a pair of the Friction Gloves, they are also sold separately for single hands, so that the throwing hand can have the enhanced grip.

We also have the newest line of WARM FRICTION GLOVES which are thicker to keep hands and fingers warm in even lower temperatures which still providing the grip to play the game.


Disc Dots for Putting Practice – The DiscDot is a new product that is focused on helping players to focus. These little plastic balls attach to the chains of a basket– the player picks the chain. Then when practicing putting, the player can focus on the little colored balls to hit exactly where they’d like. The 2-packs come with bright, neon colors that are easy to see when focusing on the chains.

Kneepad Stress Minis – Another easy, useful stocking stuff is a Kneepad Mini marker made out of stress foam. These multipurpose minis come in handy in several ways. First of all, they can mark your lie just like other minis, but they also provide a soft pad for when the player needs to take a knee to throw from under a low-hanging branch. In addition, since they’re made out of stress foam, they can be squeezed to release tension before or after putting. Plus, they are fun to throw and won’t cause damage when they hit something (or someone) because they’re light and soft. Put them on the ground, kneel on them, throw them, or squeeze them– these are fun little mini discs!


Of course, if you’re out of ideas, or you simply prefer to let your disc golfer pick their own discs or accessories, you can count on gift cards. Infinite Discs has two options for gift cards:

E-GIFT CARD — Delivers a code to the specified email address which can be used to purchase product on the website.

PHYSICAL GIFT CARD — We ship a plastic gift card to you so that you can wrap it, put it in a stocking, or hand it to the recipient.


Please post in the comments below about your ideas as ideal gifts for disc golfers. We’d love to know, and there are other shoppers out there who are looking for great ideas. 



It is time once again for our look back at the last week of sales. This weekly chart is generated from the sales figures at Infinite Discs – the purchases made by our customers are the only contributing factor to the statistics. We break the results down by disc model and plastic type so you can see which plastic types are selling the most. Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for November 17th 2020

#2 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#3 – EXO Hard LINK
#4 – Soft Lumen LINK
#5 – Swirly Star THUNDERBIRD
#6 – Z Line AVENGER SS
#7 – Discraft Prototype Putter Blend FIERCE
#9 – Tour Series Galactic AVIAR
#10 – Star WRAITH
#11 – C-Line FD
#13 – Opto COMPASS
#14 – Halo Star WRAITH
#15 – Star MAKO3
#16 – Prime JUDGE
#17 – KC Pro AVIAR
#18 – DX AVIAR
#19 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#20 – Champion FIREBIRD

Can you tell which popular disc got a restock this week? It was the ESP BUZZZ which quickly jumped to the #1 spot, with the Signature Cryztal ZONE at #2. The LINK by Discmania was also restocked and got some love to take the #3 and #4 spots on this week’s chart. Some other popular models hoovered around the chart, shuffling, but holding steady as long as discs were available to buy.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands appeared on this week’s chart:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #7 spot this week was taken by the FIERCE putter. It looks like Aaron was this week’s winner.

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #8 spot for next chart.  It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

Preparing for Black Friday 2020

‘Tis the season for all of the crazy sales, including Infinite Disc’s big, week-long Black Friday sale! However, as we all know too well, 2020 has been a strange year. While the interest in disc golf has exploded, the supply of discs has become increasingly thin. That shortage in supply will change the way this year’s Black Friday Sale will look, but you better believe we’re still going to have it!


Yes– as usual, the Infinite Discs Black Friday sales will last for several days, and each day will have a particular brand focus. A couple of days will focus on a handful of brands. With that say, there may be a couple of popular brands that will not have their own “day” during the sale. The reason for that is simple– if we don’t have discs available from that brand, it is kind of pointless to feature them. There are brands that are so behind with their manufacturing efforts or struggling with their supply chain that they don’t have discs. We can’t feature something that we don’t have.

So, if you don’t see a day when we feature your favorite brand, it is most likely because we did not have enough inventory on hand to justify any kind of feature. Or we were not able to get a special featured disc or stamp from the brand.


For the reasons mentioned above, our ability to get special releases for our annual Black Friday event has been a struggle. But most brands have done their best to get together some fun stuff for us. Rather than seeing a lot of special runs in unique plastics, the focus will be primarily on fun stamps. We’ve licensed and commissioned more stamp designs for our 2020 sale than any other sale we’ve had before! A few are designs you may have seen before, but on disc models that haven’t featured those particular designs. But plenty of the designs are new, with a mix of both intense and humorous. We’re having a lot of fun this year with the stamps!

Hopefully, among all of the stamp designs that Infinite Discs will feature that week, you’ll find something that suits your taste perfectly.

And yet, there will be a couple of special runs in plastics that are not the usual stock.


In the past, we’ve always discounted all the discs by the featured brands on each day. However, because inventory is so scarce, we’ll have to be more selective on the discs that are discounted. We won’t be able to do sweeping discounts on any inventory that we know we may not be able to restock. For example, if we can’t keep BUZZZ discs in stock (which has been the issue for a few weeks), then we certainly won’t be able to offer discounts. Chances are, any Buzzz we manage to get could be hard to keep in stock whether it is discounted or not. Plus, it’s always frustrating when a customer wants to get a disc or product that is advertised as “on sale” but there are only a handful available. We’d rather discount something that will benefit MORE of our customers.

In short, there WILL be discounts, but they will be on specific disc models or products that we have an ample enough supply that a lot of people will be able to benefit from the discount.


Yes! We’ve worked hard to make sure that the Infinite Discs Black Friday sale will be an adventure. Every day you’ll see something unique and fun, with a variety of cool stamp designs. You may have fun exploring brands and disc models that you haven’t tried before, and that’s always fun!




It is time once again for our look back at the last week of sales. This weekly chart is generated from the sales figures at Infinite Discs – the purchases made by our customers are the only contributing factor to the statistics. We break the results down by disc model and plastic type so you can see which plastic types are selling the most. Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for November 10th 2020

#1 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#2 – Discraft Prototype Putter Blend FIERCE
#4 – Lucid BOUNTY
#5 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#6 – Halo Star WRAITH
#7 – Cosmic Neutron TESLA
#10 – Z Glo BUZZZ
#11 – Cosmic Electron Soft PILOT
#12 – KC Pro AVIAR
#13 – Star WRAITH
#14 – Opto SAPPHIRE
#15 – Cosmic Electron Firm PILOT
#16 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#17 – Star MAKO3
#19 – Cosmic Electron PILOT
#20 – Tour Series Pro Color Glow ROC3

We’ve got a pretty diverse chart this week with the Cryztal FLX ZONE taking the #1 spot and the Paige Pierce FIERCE putter taking the #2 spot with the Star DESTROYER rising back to #3. The new Lucid BOUNTY by Dynamic Discs debuted in the #4 spot with a strong release. Also, the Streamline PILOT came out in Cosmic Electron plastic, hitting the chart with Soft, Medium, and Firm varieties. We continue to expect popular disc models to hit the chart and then drop off quickly as they come in stock, then sell out quickly.

Here is a look at the number of times the different brands hit the chart this week, with Innova taking the most spots:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #6 spot this week went to the Halo Star WRAITH. It looks like Owen won the guessing this week for the gift card. Congratulations!

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #7 spot for next chart.  It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

Disc Brand Sales Comparison During The Summer of Covid-19

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the different major disc brands would stack up in terms of sales during the months of April 2020 through October 2020. This year was crazy in terms of the growth of disc golf despite the Covid-19 pandemic and it definitely took a toll on disc supply. Most major brands faced growing pains and struggled to keep up with the demand for discs. Here at Infinite Discs we had to deal with the challenge of keeping popular models in stock, and there were definitely dry spells with brands like Discraft that sold out almost every time we restocked.


To keep things simple, we tallied the number of discs sold each month from each brand. We combined Dynamic Discs with Latitude 64 and Westside since they are manufactured in the same factory and sold in partnership. We also combined sales of MVP, Axiom, and Streamline since they are technically the same company with three brand names. Keep in mind, this is based entirely on sales through Infinite Discs which only represents a piece of the entire market. Here are those sales charted against one another.

While Innova (blue line) kept a steady increase in number of discs sold through the focus period, you can see that Discraft took some dips as supply ran out, only getting another lift with the new releases in October. This could be an indication that Innova simply had a deeper supply of discs stored in their warehouse to help them meet demand. However, new disc production eventually needs to meet the demand while stored product eventually runs out.

The Trilogy brands (Dynamic, Latitude 64, and Westside) saw a slight decline in sales at Infinite Discs  during the period. A possible reason is that we saw some of the most popular molds, including hot selling putters, run out of stock and vanish from restock order forms. But we fully expect production to catch up and for sales to grow steadily with the surge in disc golf players.

Discmania, Prodigy, and MVP held surprisingly steady through the period, through Discmania has  started to decline more recently with the absence of staples like the P2, PD2, etc. and their move of some signature disc releases away from other retailers to exclusivity on their own website.

Here is a closer look at the five brands that fell beneath the much higher Innova and Discraft numbers:

Note, the line colors changed on this focus chart. Blue is now showing the Trilogy pattern, with the green showing MVP and the orange showing Infinite Discs.  Discmania is he red line and yellow shows Prodigy holding fairly steady.

As the holidays approach it will be interesting to continue watching the battle of supply vs demand. It will also be very interesting heading into the 2021 season to see how manufacturers adapt. Will they get the change to catch up? Or will manufacturing approaches have to change and focus higher quantities on a smaller number of molds in order to at least keep the most popular discs in the hands of players? We will watch and see!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 


It is time once again for our look back at the last week of sales. This weekly chart is generated from the sales figures at Infinite Discs – the purchases made by our customers are the only contributing factor to the statistics. We break the results down by disc model and plastic type so you can see which plastic types are selling the most. Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for November 3rd 2020

#1 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#2 – Halo Star WRAITH
#3 – Signature ESP HADES
#4 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#5 – Z Glo BUZZZ
#6 – Star WRAITH
#7 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#9 – Egg Shell TRICERATOPS
#10 – C-Blend MYTH
#11 – Discraft Prototype Putter Blend FIERCE
#12 – Aura ANIMUS
#13 – I-Blend EXODUS
#14 – Opto RIVER
#16 – DX X-Out LEOPARD
#18 – Ethereal ANIMUS
#19 – Ethos ANIMUS
#20 – DX AVIAR

We’ve got the usual battle on the chart this week between whatever Discraft we managed to get in stock with whatever Innova we managed to get in stock, along with some other new releases. The Cryztal FLX ZONE had the #1 spot, with the Halo Star WRAITH close behind at #2.  The Egg Shell TRICERATOPS from Dino Discs sold out to take the #9 spot as those disc models for kids all did well during their introductory run. Two releases from Infinite Discs got on the chart with the C-Blend MYTH and the I-Blend EXODUS. Plus a restock of the Opto RIVER helped that disc to jump in at #14.  The new ANIMUS driver by Thought Space Athletics remained on the chart in all 3 plastic types this week.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands entered the chart this week:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #5 spot this week was the Z Glo BUZZZ which features the Halloween stamp. It looks like Scott wins for this week. Great job with the guess!

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #6 spot for next chart.  It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

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