Holiday Preparations 2018 – Halloween and Black Friday Hints

Here at Infinite Discs we have to start our preparations for the holiday season early. Since we try to put together an exciting lineup of fun discs and products for the period that stretches from Halloween to Christmas, we need to start making arrangements before the summer is even over.

While we can’t reveal what those special deals and limited editions will look like right now, we can tell you a little bit about what to expect. It is time to drop some hints…


There are some brands that have made it a tradition to release special, spooky edition discs in October, including MVP / Axiom, Innova, and Legacy. We do plan to make those available, though we are sometimes limited in how many discs we can get with those limited editions. We’ll do our best to make sure they are available for our customers. Check out what Innova has already announced for Halloween 2018:

We don’t know yet what is coming from other brands, but we’re on the lookout! But just to make sure you have a great variety of spooky stamp options, Infinite Discs is planning on releasing a very cool spider stamp on both Innova and Trilogy, as well as an decorative animal skull stamp on Discmania and Discraft. Here is a sneak-peek of the animal skull:

And here is a sneak-peek of the spider stamp:

We may unleash another surprise or two for Halloween, but let’s move onto a few hints on Black Friday 2018.

Black Friday 2018…

It has been our tradition to have a different sale for different brands every day, starting on Thanksgiving, and going through the next five or six days. Traditionally we have featured MVP / Axiom as the brand on Thanksgiving, and we are thinking of keeping it that way. After all, the three-color stamps we have lined up for that day are always exciting and the MVP fans are always very supportive of the sale.

As for the other days, we do plan on having an INFINITE DISCS day, which is a new thing this year, since we kicked off our own brand of discs in 2018. We have a couple of special runs on unique plastics with cool stamp designs, all lined up for release on Infinite Discs day. Plus…we might…just might…release a new, unique disc model on that day as well.

We have a great stamp lined up across multiple popular disc models for on Innova, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs, and you’ll see those unleashed on Trilogy Day (likely Saturday, Nov. 24th) and Innova Day (likely Monday, Nov. 26th). But on top of that, we do have a small run of a unique plastic type for an upcoming Trilogy disc that we will unleash, plus we have a special run of a very popular Innova model that will be featured with a unique stamp. We’re excited for those special editions!

We also have arranged with other brands, including Discraft, Discmania, and others (details still being worked out) to put out special editions. In fact, we are looking at making a very limited supply of an out-of-production disc available that week.

We will feature some of the other traditional brand discounts, plus the gift card offering for those making purchases of large items, like backpacks or carts. We want to make sure that you can get some great disc golf stuff for the holiday season, whether for yourself, or for the people you love. We’ll also make some spots available in the VIP Club for people who want to give the gift of a collectible, fun disc every month for a year!

Watch for surprises, and keep your eyes on our social media to find out the exact brand days and details of the week of features and sales.



And of course, we’ll post details on this blog, so if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll get an email letting you know every time we post something new.

Get to Know Nicole Dionisio – Pickle

In 2018, Infinite Discs was proud to sponsor professional disc golfer, Nicole Dionisio, also known by all of her friends as “Pickle.” She is not only a great player, but the kind of person that everybody loves to be around and play with. She gets along great with other players and loves to talk about the game of disc golf, as well as her collection of vintage discs.

If you haven’t heard of Pickle, here is a chance to get to know her through some short video clips. First, and Introduction…

Disc Golf Spotlight – Nicole “Pickle” Dionisio

 Nicole’s Sidearm Approach Clinic

Nicole Dionisio – In the Bag

Nicole’s Signature Disc

You can help to support Pickle by picking up one of your Signature Edition EXODUS discs. A portion of every signature disc purchase goes toward supporting her during her tournament travels. CHECK OUT THE COSMIC PICKLE STAMPED DISCS HERE


Best-Selling Disc Golf Shoes at Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs is still new to the shoe market, seeking out high quality shoes that disc golfers can count on to last through the rigors of the game in all conditions and on all fairways. Though we have not had much in the way of shoes to offer so far, we thought it would be worth sharing the ranking so far on the sale of those shoes we’ve had.

First of all, the Latitude 64 T-Link shoes still hold the top spot as best-selling shoes all-time through our website, but those shoes are no long available and customers have not been able to order them from us during most of the 2018 season. So, excluding the T-Link shoes, here is the current top 5 best-sellers, calculated from shoes currently available on the Infinite Discs website:

#1 – Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX

#2 – Adidas Terrex AX2R

#3 – Adidas Terrex Swift R2

#4 – Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed

#5 – Discmania Lunatic Disc Golf Shoe

By way of disclaimer, the sales figures for shoes are highly influenced by the sizes and colors available, and we have a limited quantity on hand. We will strive to increase the selection so that our customers have more shoe options, with multiple models, colors, and sizes available to fit everybody’s needs. But we will take a little time to grow the shoe selection, as a small, disc-golf-centric business. If you wear a certain size and desire a certain model in that size, just let us know.

You can browse the Infinite Discs shoe selection HERE.



Infinite Discs Introduces Charity Fundraiser Disc Stamp

Infinite Discs has released a special stamp that will be used across several different brands and disc models in order to raise money for specific charities. The idea came up when Will, the mailman who has been picking up packages from Infinite Discs for several years, mentioned that he wanted to put together a disc golf event to raise money for his niece with Leukemia. Of course, many disc golfers have put together similar fundraisers for specific as well as for general causes which are wonderful and that do a lot of good to help those in need. So, while Will wasn’t the first to use disc golf as a fundraiser, we wanted to do a little something extra to contribute.

Emma is Treated for Leukemia

Infinite Discs worked together with a top-notch artist to get a beautiful stamp design featuring a hummingbird hoovering by a flower. Not only will the discs with the stamp be used at the event itself, but they are being offered online to anybody who likes the stamp. That way, Infinite Discs can pitch in an extra $1 per disc sold to the fundraiser, paying directly to the family of the Leukemia patient.


The intention is to continue using the stamp from time to time, but with different worthy causes that can directly benefit individuals in need. While sales will directly contribute to the treatment of Will’s niece for a few months, it is planned to bring back the stamp for future charity fundraisers as well. Every little contribution helps when it comes to alleviating the emotional and financial stress that hits families in crisis.

Infinite Discs Partners with Thought Space Athletics

Infinite Discs is happy to announce that we have recently partnered with Thought Space Athletics, a disc golf design and special products company from Maine that has been adding some top-notch visual flare to disc golf products for a few years. They have a wonderful knack for putting together fun and eye-catching stamp designs and have also unleashed some great apparel and other accessories in the disc golf market.

Infinite Discs is kicking off the relationship by featuring a couple of their recent stamp designs in our online store. First of all, you can find the Elevation Ambassador mandala style stamp on a run of discs from Trilogy (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside).

We’ve also featured their fun Birdie Brigade stamp on a run of popular Innova disc models.


Infinite Discs will be running these stamps on other brands, with these two introductory designs switching from Trilogy to Innova, plus hitting other popular brands. We’ll also be sure to introduce other Thought Space Athletics stamp designs as they are created.

Also watch for some great stamps that Thought Space Athletics designed for Infinite Discs, including the Infinite Discs Scarab Mandala and the upcoming signature edition Garrett Gurthie SLAB.

Our goal at Infinite Discs has always been to provide our customers with the largest selection of disc choices, from different brands, to different models, to different plastics, to different stamp designs. We’re happy to work with Thought Space Athletics in that effort.

New SLAB and ANUBIS Add to the Infinite Discs Lineup

Two new discs in the Infinite Discs brand lineup were released on August 3rd, 2018. Here is a quick look at the SLAB Utility Driver and the ANUBIS mid-range.

Metal Flake C-Blend SLAB

While the SLAB boast a “speed 12” rim for higher speed release and would regularly fall into the “distance driver” category, we felt like the massive overstability of the SLAB merited a categorization of Utility Driver. Such an overstable driver also deserves a notoriously overstable plastic blend, so we launched the disc in Metal Flake C-Blend.

This is a driver that you’ll love whenever you want a hard, dramatic end fade. It will work wonders when thrown into headwinds and is a must-have for high, spike-hyzer throws.

We tried to make sure that this first run of Slab discs would come out with a very flat top so that it would feel comfortable when used to slice through the air either with a powerful backhand or forehand release.


On the opposite side of the spectrum from the Slab, the ANUBIS was designed to be a user-friendly mid-range disc that is flexible and easy to control for players at any level. You can direct the Anubis with the angle of release and throwing speed to follow about any path you put it on. We felt that the perfect introduction to this great disc would be in affordable yet long-lasting I-Blend plastic.

Try out the Anubis in lighter weights for beginners or for young players, or in the heavier, max weight for experience players who want an obedient mid-range for precision approaches.

SEE INFINITE DISCS Introductory 2018 Disc Lineup HERE

Support Garrett Gurthie with Signature Discs

Infinite Discs has been happy to help sponsor and support Garrett Gurthie for the 2018 professional disc golf competitive season. He has had a really impressive comeback year with a PDGA rating jump up to 1025 as of July 31st (see here for current rating).  We hope that he continues to play well and enjoy the rigorous life involved with travelling and competing in so many tournaments.

Signature Stamped Innova Discs

In the continuing effort to support his professional disc golf career, Infinite Discs is happy to present some Garrett Gurthie signature stamped discs. We now have four of Garrett’s favorite Innova disc models available with a unique stamp design. Every time you purchase one of these discs with Garrett’s stamp, you’re helping to financially support him.

Star DESTROYER by Innova

Star WRAITH by Innova

Star X-CALIBER by Innova

Champion ROC3 by Innova

You can browse all of the available Garrett Gurthie stamped discs HERE.

Infinite Discs Signature Disc Models

Earlier this year, Infinite Discs released only 100 Garrett Gurthie signature edition Pharaoh distance drivers as part of the first run, and they sold out almost immediately. We’re happy to announce that the 2nd run of Swirly S-Blend Pharaoh drivers are coming soon, and Garrett will once again have a signature edition with a completely new stamp design. Watch for the Garrett Gurthie signature Pharaoh, coming soon!

Garrett also loved testing the new Infinite Discs Slab and will have his own signature edition of the Metal Flake C-Blend Slab with his own, special stamp design. Watch for those signature Slab overstable utility drivers, coming soon!

Here is a sneak peak at the design for the upcoming Garrett Gurthie Slab:

Stylistic Disc Title Stamps on Trilogy

We’re always striving at Infinite Discs to carry a huge variety of disc makes and molds, but also a huge variety in terms of visual appeal. We feel like everybody has their own taste when it comes to the artwork that they prefer on their discs. Some people prefer stock stamps, while others prefer custom stamps with detailed images. Some people prefer simplistic, while others prefer intense. Some people even prefer blanks.

One of the new campaigns that we’ve started in 2018 is to include some simply, retro-style stamps on discs from Dynamic Discs, Westside, and Latitude 64 that feature the name of the disc. Here are the first ones, which have been received with positive feedback so far.

Dynamic Discs MAVERICK

Westside HARP

Dynamic Discs (Prime plastic) JUDGE


We have also run some basic, bar-logo stamped discs for both Westside Discs and for Dynamic Discs on their most popular disc models. So, if you love the simple elegance of the brand name stamped on your discs, you have that option as well.

Westside Discs Bar Logo

Dynamic Discs Bar Logo


As we add these new stamps, we’re trying to make them easier to search on the Infinite Discs website. Here are two handy links that will take you to the Dynamic Discs Bar Logo stamp and the Prime Judge stamp. For the other three mentioned, you’ll have to search within those disc models to find the special stamps.

Click Here to browse the discs available with the Dynamic Discs Bar Logo.

Click Here to browse the Prime Judges available with the special stamp.

Let us know in the comments which discs you’d like to see with a simple, appealing title stamp. We’ll do our best to keep the options coming!

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