Infinite Discs RUIN – Overstable Approach Disc


Infinite Discs is very excited to kick-off the 2020 year with a new disc release to help enhance your disc golf short game. We’ve been working with Innova, the manufacturer of the Infinite Discs line, to create a mold for a small diameter, overstable approach disc. We’ve noticed that a lot of players, including pro players, have turned from standard mid-range discs to approach discs that have dimensions more like putters. We wanted a disc that would fit that trend, with a relatively flat-top and manageable rim size for both forehand and backhand throwers. We also wanted the disc to be overstable enough that it could be thrown with speed and confidence to hold the line for a longer stretch and still finish with a solid fade.

Maybe you’ve watched players like Paul McBeth throw the Discraft Zone for shots approaching the basket from a couple hundred feet away. Or you’ve watched Ricky Wysocki throw some amazing approach shots with the Innova Pig (used to throw the Westside Harp for similar shots). The list could go on, with many players using overstable “putt-and-approach” discs to get through tight fairways or to make runs at the basket from longer distances. That’s what we wanted in our own disc line.


Several months passed while the mold was created and prepared for a test run. In late 2019 we received a small box of prototype discs from the Innova factory so we could test our overstable approach disc. It was exactly what we were hoping for. The profile was just right with a flat-top that would feel great for forehand approach shots, plus a rim size that was not too tall so that it could also be thrown backhand with comfort.

Some of us at Infinite Discs took the disc out to throw it around and see how it flew. It felt like a great overstable complement to the already popular Infinite Discs Tomb, which is more of a straight-flying approach disc with minimal fade. We could throw the new test disc even harder without turning it over and it had significantly more fade.

We made the remaining prototype discs available to Team Infinite and VIP Club members as “Infinite Proto Mold #15” and those few discs sold out immediately. Our office team sought feedback from outside players who picked up those prototypes, and that feedback was very positive. So, we decided to order a complete run in durable, long-lasting C-Blend plastic (Infinite Discs equivalent to Innova Champion plastic).


You may have noticed that the Infinite Discs lineup has been using names that primarily recall ancient cultures. The brand kicked off with ancient Egyptian references, including the Pharaoh, the RA, the Sphinx, etc. Some discs were named after elements that could move across different ancient cultures, like the Myth, the Tomb, or the Chariot.  In the second year, we moved into some ancient Roman names like the Emperor, the Centurion, the Cohort, etc. Our third year is intended to be themed with ancient American cultural names, like with the early release of the Aztec. But with the new approach disc, we again wanted to pick a name that would cross all of the cultures.

Plus, as an overstable approach disc, we thought it should sound dense, or heavy. Well, all of the ancient cultures we know about have left their mark on the landscape through ruins. The heavy, megalithic ruins tend to last the longest and are often more memorable. Whether the ancient pyramids, the ruins of the Roman Empire, or the impressive temples of central and south America, we can still see and visit the remains of those cultures today.

Thus, the RUIN was named and will feature artwork with any number of ancient cultural references. The name was first revealed with the PDGA approval announcement. We found some of the initial reactions to the name to be quite humorous. “This disc is going to RUIN your game,” or “this disc will RUIN the course.” Luckily, most of us at Infinite Discs think that disc golf should be fun and that making fun of names is pretty harmless. So, why not wreak wreck and ruin with your overstable approach disc?

The RUIN was born.


Infinite Discs has kicked off some of the previous disc releases with limited edition stamps. We thought the RUIN deserved the same treatment, so our initial limited edition will feature an XXL stamp. And what better way to ruin the ancient Egyptian ruins than with an alien invasion? Some of our stamps featuring Aliens taking over ancient cultures have been well received, so this fits right in.


Note: Some X-Out / Factory 2nd discs were made available in advance of the release, for those who wanted to try it early.

Also watch for a limited edition Las Vegas Challenge I-Blend RUIN to be featured in the am player packs at the event!



It’s time for the last TOP 20 TUESDAY post of the 2019 year. Thanks for a great year, and we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing which discs sell the most at Infinite Discs week-to-week. We love sharing the data with you. Once again, it is our customers that decide these rankings through their purchases– we do not alter the results for any reason. This chart covers a two-week period from December 18th to the end of the year. THANKS!

Top Twenty Tuesday for December 31st, 2019

#1 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#3 – D-Line P2
#5 – Star WRAITH
#6 – R-Pro PIG
#7 – Star ORC
#8 – Star CROC
#9 – Star FL
#10 – DX ROC
#12 – C-Blend X-Out RUIN
#13 – DX X-Out AVIAR
#14 – Star TEEBIRD
#15 – Swirly S-Line FD
#16 – Jawbreaker ROACH
#17 – Champion THUNDERBIRD
#19 – Star FIREBIRD
#20 – Star LEOPARD3

The chart seems to reflect a more common lineup of standard favorites, pretty heavy on the Innova brand, but with a couple Discraft / Paul McBeth models taking the top 2 spots. The factory 2nd C-Blend RUIN jumped in at #12 from people wanting to test it early, before the official release. Once again we see the Star FL hitting the chart as a couple of collectors seem to be stock-piling.

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #5 spot was taken by the Star WRAITH which has become a standard on the charts.  Congratulations to Andrew who guessed it right this time!

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #10 spot for next chart.  It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

Infinite Discs Stamp Wars 2020

It is time once again for STAMP WARS where we accept stamp designs from aspiring artists and then let the public decide which ones will appear on special runs of discs.  Here is a quick look at how it will work.


In order to submit your stamp design for voting, you must read and agree to the rules and submit THIS FORM along with your stamp design file.


It is important to understand the rules, so be sure to read them. Basically, you will be promising that your work is original, not taken from anybody else, and not including any copyrighted material or characters. We’ve had to disqualify some stamps in past years for being traced or flat-out copied from other people’s work. That included some clip art submissions and monochrome versions of existing photos. We will also disqualify any stamp that we consider tasteless, pornographic, or offensive. Please stick with your own, original designs and in good taste.

Get your creative juices flowing and get your ideas submitted. THE SUBMISSION DEADLINES IS JANUARY 15th, 2020!


Once the submission process is over we’ll begin the process of elimination through a voting process. The Voting will be open to all Infinite Discs customers. We will announce the voting each week through our social media. The field will be narrowed each week until there are only four remaining finalists.

You are welcome to encourage your friends to vote and to campaign as much as you’d like for your design. On our end, we’ll simply move the stamps with the most votes during each round of voting onward to the next level. Voters will not be able to vote more than once on each round. IF WE DISCOVER CHEATING then we can remove the contestant.


The final four stamp designs remaining after the voting process will be stamped onto discs to be released in the Infinite Discs store. We will stamp the same quantities on the same molds of the same brands in order to make sure that there is no unfair advantage for any of the four designs. Then the grand prize winner will be decided by which design sells the most or the fastest. We will either wait until for a period of one month if there is a close race, or we will declare the winner if the disc quantity for one of the stamps gets low enough that it becomes the obvious winner.


The prize for reaching the final four is a $100 gift card to the Infinite Discs online store, plus 5 discs with your design. The prize for winning 1st place after the sell-off is an additional $250 gift card to the Infinite Discs store. Plus, we’ll continue to use that winning design on additional runs of the stamp across several popular brands.

We’re excited to see your designs, so let the 2020 Stamp Wars begin!


  • To be usable as a disc stamp, please make your designs monochrome (black “ink”).
  • Do not submit full color or multi-colored artwork.
  • Do not make thick, filled patches in the artwork– those thick areas would trap bubbles under the foil which causes drop-out when stamped.
  • Any shading should be line-shading or half-tone shading, since a foil can’t “fade out”.
  • Stamp designs which fit nicely into a circle will typically look better on discs, rather than very wide or very tall images which “shrink” the circular space in which they are presented.
  • Incorporating an Infinite Discs logo in some way is always a plus.


Welcome to the Top 20 Tuesday chart! We take this opportunity to publish the top 20 best-selling discs from the previous week so you can see what is selling the most at Infinite Discs. We list the top selling discs by disc model and plastic type. This chart is entirely decided by the purchases made by the customers that shop from the website:

Top Twenty Tuesday for December 17th, 2019

#1 – Star FOXBAT
#2 – D-Line P2
#4 – Prism Plasma PYRO
#6 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#9 – R-Pro PIG
#10 – XT Mix NOVA
#11 – XT Mix X-Out NOVA
#12 – Champion FIREBIRD
#13 – Star WRAITH
#14 – Metal Flake C-Line FD
#15 – DX AVIAR
#16 – Base Grip P MODEL S
#17 – Metal Flake Glow C-Blend AZTEC
#18 – I-Blend SPHINX
#19 – P-Line Stiff P2
#20 – ESP ZEUS


In a spike of interest due to the Focus Friday discount, the Star FOXBAT jumped to the #1 spot for the last week. Other mainstay discs began moving back to their usual positions with the D-Line P2 taking the #2 spot and the Star DESTROYER taking #3. The new Plasma Prism PYRO took the #4 spot as a new release last week. A couple of the special edition releases from the holidays are still lingering on the chart, like the Banger GT and Buzzz GT, or the Metal Flake FD, etc.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands appeared on this week’s chart:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #3 spot was taken by the Star DESTROYER, a long-time chart-dweller.  We had a tie with two people (the first two guesses) choosing the Star Destroyer at the exact same moment, so congratulations to both Chris and Dustin for winning the $10 gift card this week!

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #5 spot for next chart, which will likely be posted AFTER Christmas. It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

Focus Friday – Innova Foxbat

We’re excited to continue our Focus Friday blog where we take a day of the week to look at specific discs. We may not get a focus put together every week, but we’ll try to keep some fresh discs in the spotlight on a somewhat regular basis.

Our New Focus Friday Features the FOXBAT by Innova

The FOXBAT is a classic mid-range disc by Innova which has kind of lost its original place in the spotlight to other straight-flying mids in the Innova lineup like the Stingray or Mako3. However, it held onto a faithful following of players who love it for it’s ability to handle touchy, precision shots. If you have low arm speed and just need an understable disc that will fly straight for a couple hundred feet, then the Foxbat is an excellent choice. Or, if you’re an experienced player who needs an approach disc for easy placement or for anhyzer flights, it can fill that spot in your bag.

But why would we choose to focus on this older disc model? Word on the street is that the classic Star Foxbat is planned for removal from the Innova stock lineup. It has been moved to their Factory Store as an out-of-production mold. So, we grabbed a bunch from the Innova warehouse and had some of our old, humorous “Beware the Foxbat” graphic stamped onto them. Some of the last Foxbats on the market have our fun stamp that looks like your pet dog with wings. Stock up while you can and collect this really fun mid-range disc. You’ll find it a useful tool in your game for years to come.

  • Speed: 5.0
  • Glide: 6.0
  • Turn: -1.0
  • Fade: 0.0



This week (until Saturday the 21st of December) you can get your hands on the STAR FOXBAT with a great discount of 20% OFF! Simply add the FOXBAT to your cart, then before clicking to “Checkout,” look below your shopping cart for the Discount Code box and enter this code:




Welcome back to the Top 20 Tuesday chart! We waited since November 19th to bring back the chart so that it would more accurately reflect the total sales for all of our Black Friday week-long sales. Now that the dust is settled, here is a look at what sold the most at Infinite Discs since November 19th:

Top Twenty Tuesday for November 20th – December 10th 2019

#3 – XT Mix NOVA
#4 – R-Pro PIG
#6 – Metal Flake C-Line FD
#7 – Metal Flake Glow C-Blend AZTEC
#8 – Tournament Burst MAIDEN
#9 – Champion THUNDERBIRD
#10 – ESP XL
#11 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#12 – Star WRAITH
#13 – Lucid X Chameleon JUDGE
#14 – 350G PA-3
#15 – S-Blend PHARAOH
#16 – Aura MANTRA
#17 – D-Line P2
#18 – Royal PROFIT
#19 – ESP ZEUS

It goes without saying that this chart is abnormal, since the results are driven largely by the special releases and exclusive discs offered during the sale. But it is still interesting to see how the sales panned out. The Banger GT and Buzzz GT by Discraft took the top 2 spots, punctuating a growing interest in Discraft in 2019. The XT Nova took the #3 spot because of the run of “Black and White” Novas that we featured in our ad, followed by the Innova PIG which has had a very strong year, thanks to Ricky Wysocki using it as his primary upshot disc. The Star Destroyer did well, as expected, followed by the Metal Flake FD by Discmania in the 6th spot.

The AZTEC by Infinite Discs enjoyed a debut release with the Alien Aztec stamped glow edition jumping up on the chart. The Tournament Burst MAIDEN by Westside also did well, as this was its first time in a premium, durable plastic blend.

Here is a look at how many times different brands appeared on the Top 20 chart:

You can see the clash of the 2019 titans with Innova and Discraft appearing 6 and 5 times, with several appearances by other brands taking 1 or 2 spots each. Not showing on the chart, but coming very close were the Kastaplast Berg and Reko which sold very well, but barely missed the chart.

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – We didn’t do the usual guessing contest for this chart, since it was a longer period with a lot of previous unannounced special releases. But we’ll resume for the coming week if you want to place your guess.

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #3 spot for next week. It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

Every year at Infinite Discs we try to put together a unique, fun list of gift ideas for disc golfers. Let’s take a look at the 2019 holiday ideas that we feel would please any disc golfer…the 2019 Disc Golf Gifts guide!


Of course, no disc golf will turn down more discs for the holidays. But where do you start if you don’t know which specific discs they need in their bag? You might as well get something that is fun to throw and collectible, or that shares a little holiday spirit. That way, whether they throw it, or keep it as a memento, they’ll be happy. Here are a few holiday discs you might consider:

PROFESSIONAL SIGNATURE DISCS — One of the fun gift ideas for any disc collector or player is a signature edition of a popular disc. A signature edition is a disc with the signature and endorsement of a professional player. Pretty much any major disc brand has sponsored professional players who will have special edition stamps and plastics run just for them.

TAKE A LOOK AT THEM HERE and FILTER for Your Favorite Brand

HOLIDAY EDITION DISCS — Several different disc manufactures make holiday edition discs. If your disc golfer prefers more of a spooky edge, we have a lot of discs that were released as Halloween discs. Or, if you want a more traditional “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” style, we usually have a few of those as well. But if you want a stamp with a little more edge, you may want to check out the selection of “SANTA CLAWS” stamped discs for 2019.

You can BROWSE THE HOLIDAY SELECTION HERE and filter by brand or disc type to find exactly what you like among the holiday editions.


DISC DEALS BOXES — Every year, without fail, one of the most popular gift purchases from Infinite Discs the Infinite Deals Box. These are 7-disc package sets with a variety of different disc models from different brands, including stock stamps, tournament stamps, misprints, and more. It is a great value and an adventurous way to give a pile of discs to a player so that they can try them out and possibly find some new favorites! We have four different Deals Box sizes to choose from:

This year we’ve also added a couple of other package sets, including the 5-Disc Bargain Box which features a selection of discs in base plastic for the shopper on a budget. Perhaps you’re just introducing a friend to disc golf and you want to give them a variety of discs to try without spending a lot of money, then the 5-Disc Bargain Box is for you. Or, for the very basics, we also have a very affordable Infinite Starter Set with a putter, mid-range, and driver in easy-to-throw, lighter weights for beginners.

MYTH 10-DISC PUTTER PACK — We also have a selection available of 10-Disc MYTH Putter packs. The MYTH is a slick, beaded putter by Infinite Discs, and we’ve had so many customers ask for bulk packs of putters that we made these as a way for people to get a lot of practice putters for a very low price. Why do disc golfers need so many putters? Because putting is one of the most important parts of the game, and it is easier to practice when you’ve got a big pile by your side.


TOMB 10-DISC PUTTER PACK — While the Tomb is well known as an approach disc that can be used either to putt or as a mid-range stand-in, we’ve had a lot of player requests for a 10-pack. It is becoming more popular as a putter to attack the basket, so this pack makes a great gift for those who want to get some practice time in, or to share with friends.



Maybe you have a crazy sense of humor and want to give somebody a disc that makes a statement about how long they take to find their errant throws? Or maybe you just have a sadistic streak? We’ve got a fun option for you too with an autumn leaf camouflage disc. These are available on the popular EMac TRUTH mid-range disc or the RAIDER distance driver (click on “Select Your Disc” to browse for the autumn leaf print).

Infinite Discs has the largest selection of custom stamps on a huge variety of disc brands. Whether you’re looking for a “tough guy” image (see the GREAT BEARD series for example) or something humorous (see the PIG STAMPS for an example) or a version of the popular Infinite Discs Bomber, or something with more of a focus on artistic simplicity (see the STORM stamp as an example), we’ve got something for you, or for your favorite disc golfer!


If you want to impress your disc golfer for the holidays, hit them with a big ticket item that they will love but might not have felt ready to purchase on their own.  Here are a few ideas:

ROVIC DISC GOLF CART — One of the newest disc golf carts this year is the ROVIC RV1D which was altered by a golf cart company to handle the demands and needs of disc golfers. It puts the disc golfer’s backpack on wheels and provides extra storage space for additional accessories. It also folds into a more compact size for storage and transport to the disc golf course. It comes in a few color combinations.


ZUCA ALL TERRAIN CART — One of the most popular disc golf carts for the frequent disc golfer is the Zuca cart which is built to carry a maximum quantity of discs, provides a place to sit during long rounds, and carries a variety of accessories. There are also many other features which can be added to the Zuca cart, like padded seat cushions, more drink holders, putter pouches, and more. There are color combinations available for any taste.


MVP ROVER CART — Maybe you don’t want to spend two or three hundred dollars and your disc golfer already has a backpack that he or she likes. You can simply grab them the new MVP ROVER CART to essentially give their backpack a set of wheels so it can be pushed or pulled around the course with ease. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles with this option, but it gets the job done.



PORTABLE PRACTICE BASKETS — Any disc golfer would be utterly impressed with a new portable disc golf practice basket. There are a wide variety of baskets available on the market by a lot of different manufacturers, all with the intent to provide an easy way for players to practice in their yard, set up small courses, or take with them on camping trips, etc. Here are some of the newest and most popular options:

Black Hole Pro with Transit Bag — The Black Hole Pro is a very popular practice basket by MVP and this year they’ve added a Transit Bag as an easy way to carry the broken-down basket from place to place.

Discraft Chainstar Lite — This is one of the newer portable baskets that is high quality with a few different color options to choose from. For your $150 range, this is one of the best options.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Basket — This new basket offering from DGA is unique because it can be changed from a standard size that has double-layered chains, to a narrow putting practice basket, to a macro-basket for an even smaller target. For those who want to spend a little more for a variety of configurations, it is the perfect choice. AND IT IS DISCOUNTED UNTIL THE END OF 2019!

DGA Mach Lite — This is our favorite and by far the best-selling collapsible basket. It is easily folded and transported inside a shoulder carry case, yet is very sturdy and well constructed. This year it was released in orange and green as new color options. AND IT IS DISCOUNTED UNTIL THE END OF 2019!


HYZER DISC RACK — Maybe you’re looking for a way for your disc addict to store their copious amounts of discs. You can help them keep their extra discs or collection organized with the new Hyzer Disc Rack. Think about it… you’ll be helping your disc golfer stay organized while also keeping your own domain a little less cluttered with discs. It’s a win win!

There are a couple of different designs available, including one with the Hyzer Disc Rack branding and another with Infinite Discs logos and branding. The shelf is very easy to build without tools and is designed especially for discs while also including extra hooks on the front for hanging towels and bag tags. The top shelf holds a bag or trophies for display.  While this is an item that might be a little bit outside of the casual disc golf budget, it definitely stands out as an impressive gift for the holiday season.



One of the more popular high-end products on the Infinite Discs website are the Adidas Terrex shoes. These are lightweight, but sturdy outdoor shoes that were designed for handling all kinds of terrain, whether mountainous or groomed parks. They are also able to handle a lot of side-to-side torque that is inflicted upon the shoes of disc golfers when throwing discs at high speeds. The soles are high quality and very long-lasting, plus you can get the most popular models with GTX for extra waterproofing against rain or dew-covered grass so your feet don’t get wet. We’ve selected what we believe are the best shoes for disc golfers from the huge Terrex line.

AX3 — one of the most popular and least expensive options available right now

AX3 GTX — the waterproof version of the popular AX2R

SWIFT R2 — a higher-end shoe that pro disc golfers have loved

SWIFT R2 GTX — the waterproof version of the awesome Swift R2

SKYCHASER LT GTX — this is the highest quality shoe we carry, with a long-lasting construction, waterproofing, and “boost” technology for extreme comfort when worn for long periods

AGRAVIC SPEED — the most lightweight option for fast movers and travel light but want comfort

NOTE: Not all shoe colors and sizes are available. Our selection is somewhat limited after the summertime rush.


We also have a couple of larger package deals that you might enjoy for yourself, or as a gift for another important disc golfer in your life. The Extreme Deals Box comes with a large bag to carry the 15 mystery discs that are included in the box. That’s about $10 per disc plus a free large bag!


Or there is a great Complete Disc Golf Set available with the Infinite Discs brand on which would be a welcome gift to new players who want a real boost to get them going:


We also have a set of 8 Infinite Discs branded discs that you can grab if you only need the discs without the accompanying bag. It’s also a great choice for yourself or as a gift.




One of the most exciting things you can give to any hard-core disc golfer or disc collector is a one-year membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club.  That way, the disc golfer you love will receive a unique, collectible disc every month, automatically, as well as discounts on the Infinite Discs website and access to exclusive releases in the VIP Club Store.

SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP HERE (select the pre-paid annual option, or pay month-to-month for as long as you want)


Maybe you don’t have a huge budget, but you want to get your favorite disc golfer something nice that is under $100. Here are a few fun ideas that will fit the bill…

INFINITE DISC SLINGER BAG — The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort for quick disc golf rounds. It provides a quality bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.  It is available in black or blue.

LARGE SELECTION OF APPAREL — Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, or sweatshirts, or jackets, or hats, there is a huge selection of apparel options from many brands on the Infinite Discs website. These choices fit any taste of budget. Check out those apparel options HERE

GRIP6 BELTS — One of the hottest new apparel items for disc golfers this year has been the Grip6 line of belts. These are long-lasting, flexible belts that provide comfort as well as dependability. They are designed to last a lifetime. They come in several colors with different style buckles. You can pick a specific waist size, or you can select the “own size” option where an extra long belt can be cut and prepped for your own, specific size.

M-RETRIEVER — Disc Retrievers have always been a good gift idea because pretty much every serious disc golf plays near water or trees and needs a way to get back the discs that have flown astray. The M-Retriever is one of the newest options on the market with a telescopic pole that can extend to an impressive reach and a specially-designed head which cups around the disc rim to pull the disc ashore. Yet some players are hesitant to spring the cash for a retriever that will save money time and time again when considering the number of discs saved. That’s where you come in– give one as a gift and that player will find endless occasions to use it!

Check out other Disc Retrievers HERE

TROOPER BACKPACK — One of the most popular entry-level backpacks comes from Dynamic Discs. The Trooper has been a top seller for any player who wants an inexpensive yet comfortable backpack to carry their discs around the course. Thought it doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, it covers all of the baskets and is perfect for players who have over a dozen discs and want a way to carry them inexpensively.

See Other Inexpensive Backpacks HERE

Disc Golf Books — While there haven’t traditionally been a lot of books available for disc golfers, we’ve been hunting some down. They always make an interesting, less expected gift. The newest addition to our small book selection is the new DISC GOLF REVOLUTION by Jack Tupp.

This is a book that presents disc golf’s irrefutable case as the ideal sport for the 21st century. If you see yourself as part of the ‘Grow the Sport’ movement, The Disc Golf Revolution is for you. Keep it on hand and give copies as a gifts to those who needs to know the full story.

ProPull Disc Golf Trainer — The ProPull resistance band training kit has become a popular item for serious disc golfers who want to improve their throwing speed and strength. It can be used anywhere that the bands can be secured to a pole or tree. Check out the demo video HERE and see if this is the perfect gift for your disc golfer.


These small items would be fun for little gifts to any disc golfer. They don’t take a lot of space, they aren’t expensive, and they can add a little fun to your Christmas morning…

Flight Towel — The Flight Towel is one of the latest trends in disc golf. These towels come with a fob attached, and each fob is made out of the rim of a popular disc. That way, the towel isn’t only good for drying discs, but it can be used as a warm-up tool where the player whips the towel through the air in a throwing motion. That helps warm-up the throwing arm with the player gripping the disc that rim that they love. It’s an interesting and fun accessory that should make any player pleased.

Other Disc Golf Towels — Towels are frequently needed by disc golfers to keep their discs dry, and we’ve got a variety of different towels, from lightweight to thick and absorbent. They can easily be stuffed into any stocking. Plus, there are towels that are branded for just about any manufacturer, so no matter which brand the player likes, there should be a towel just for them.


Pyrohyzer Glass Mini Discs — Another fun product that Infinite Discs started carrying this year is the unique glass mini discs by Pyrohyzer. Each mini is handmade and entirely unique. The prices vary depending on the amount of extra features, like “shatter” patterns, swirls, glow-in-the-dark, and etching. Though these glass minis are nice enough to display, they can be used as mini markers during disc golf rounds. They’re definitely a top-notch gift idea that fits into the stocking.  Also available in MICRO MINI sizes.


Whale Sac — These little, hand-sized bags are filled with clay to help players dry their hands during disc golf rounds, particularly when it is hot and fingers can lose a grip on the disc. While there are many similar grip-enhancing bags like this on the market, the Whale Sac has been one of the most popular because they are produced by professional disc golfers, and they feature a cool “tail” to use for tying them onto a bag, backpack, or cart.

You can also find a large selection of other grip enhancers HERE

Infinite Discs Metal Mini Marker — When a player is in a tournament, they’ll need to have a mini marker to mark where their disc landed, and what better way to stand out then with a shiny, golden metal mini from Infinite Discs!

Infinite Discs Wooden Mini Marker — Or, if the player wants to mark their lie with something that looks more natural, perhaps a wooden mini marker will stand out? These unique wooden mini markers have the “Infinite Bomber” logo etched into them for a fun, unique appearance.


Pocket Discs — Every year we see an increase in sales for Pocket Discs because they are such a fun little idea for disc enthusiasts to throw around the house. They fit in the stocking, or in a pocket, and are hand-woven as a floppy, soft, catch-and-throw disc. There is a regular sized indoor pocket disc for $9.99, or a larger, heavier “El Grande” pocket disc for $19.99 if you want more distance and higher performance.

Friction Gloves — While these might appear to be somewhat expensive gloves at first glance, they are actually worth every dollar for disc golfers who want to play when it is cold outside. They take the bite out of the cold air, but more importantly, they provide extra grip on the disc, even when the plastic is wet. That way, disc golfers can play in the gold without taking gloves off to throw and putting them back on again to warm up. If you don’t want to buy a pair of the Friction Gloves, they are also sold separately for single hands, so that the throwing hand can have the enhanced grip.

We also have the newest line of WARM FRICTION GLOVES which are thicker to keep hands and fingers warm in even lower temperatures which still providing the grip to play the game.

Demogrid Deluxe UV Flashlight

We’ve been carrying UV Flashlights for charging glow-in-the-dark discs for a while now. But this year we discovered the DemoGrid Deluxe UV Flashlight, and it is our new favorite because it has so many features! It has both a UV light for charging discs, plus a white light so you can find your way around the course at night. Plus it has strategically placed magnets so that you can attach it to your metal disc golf cart, the trunk of your car, or whatever you want to keep it in place while you charge up your discs. It has a fun handle and will fit into pockets of most disc golf backpacks.

But if you want something a little more simple, check out all of our UV Flashlights for Night Rounds.


Of course, if you’re out of ideas, or you simply prefer to let your disc golfer pick their own discs or accessories, you can count on gift cards. Infinite Discs has two options for gift cards:

E-GIFT CARD — Delivers a code to the specified email address which can be used to purchase product on the website.

PHYSICAL GIFT CARD — We ship a plastic gift card to you so that you can wrap it, put it in a stocking, or hand it to the recipient.


Please post in the comments below about your ideas as ideal gifts for disc golfers. We’d love to know, and there are other shoppers out there who are looking for great ideas. 


Black Friday 2019 – Full Week of Disc Golf Deals

Our biggest Disc Golf Sale of the YEAR is coming up! We’ve worked hard for months to make it one of the most exciting retail events for players and collectors. From Thanksgiving, to Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, and beyond, we’ll be focusing on great disc golf brands, exclusive runs, and super deals! Let’s take a look at the daily deals and provide you with some direct links.

PLEASE NOTE: The featured discs WILL NOT APPEAR on our website until the day they are featured. So, you’ll have to wait for the right moment to actually see all the individual photos. Also, please be aware that a disc is not considered “SOLD” to you until you complete checkout. Holding discs in your shopping cart for long periods during the sale may result in somebody else completing checkout with one or more of the discs you wanted. You’ll be notified BEFORE paying if something you wanted is no longer available.

Wednesday, November 27th – INFINITE DISCS DAY

We’ll start off our Black Friday Disc Golf Deals Week on Wednesday. The focus will be on the Infinite Discs brand, but also launch some of the week-long deals and offers! The Infinite Discs brand will continue on sale throughout the entire sale.

Infinite Discs Aztec

Infinite Discs Brand Sale

Infinite Deals Box and Putter Packs

Infinite Disc Golf Bags

All Week Deals

DGA Baskets On Sale


Metal Flake Glow C-Blend AZTEC (XXL Alien Stamp or Bottom Stamp)
I-Blend AZTEC (Limited Edition Stamp)
G-Blend AZTEC (Limited Edition Stamp)
Special Edition White S-Blend PHARAOH with XXL Hieroglyphics

Infinite Deals “Mystery” Boxes On Sale All Week
Myth Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Tomb Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Scarab Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Infinite 3-Disc Starter Pack On Sale All Week
Infinite Discs Next Gen Towels On Sale All Week for $3.99
Infinite Discs Rubber Wristband for $.99
Infinite Discs Lanyard for $1.99
Infinite Discs Starter Bag $9.99
Infinite Discs Large Bag $19.99
Infinite Discs Large Bag With Backpack Straps $24.99
Infinite Discs Slinger Bag $15.99
Infinite Discs Brand On Sale All Week
DGA Mach Lite and DGA Mach Shift Discounted Until the End of the Year
Free $20 Gift Card With Purchase of Disc Golf Backpack with value over $70
Free $20 Gift Card With Purchase of Disc Golf Cart

Thursday, November 28th – MVP / AXIOM / STREAMLINE DAY

On Thursday, we’ll focus on MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Discs. We’ve got a lot of fun stamps this year for the collectors and fans. The three-foil stamping makes these discs a perfect canvas for fun artwork.

Dino Brawl on MVP and Axiom

Marm O. Set Stamped Discs


“Smokey” Black Proton VOLT with Special Edition Stamp
Thought Space Athletics “Dino Brawl” Stamp on Many Disc Models
Marm O. Set “Mistletoe Scorpion” Stamp on Select Models
Marm O. Set “Santa Claws” Stamp on Select Models
MVP, Axiom, and Streamline On Sale All Day

Friday, November 29th (BLACK FRIDAY) – INNOVA DAY

Innova is very established as one of the most trusted and beloved disc brands in the world and we’re excited to throw the spotlight on them for Black Friday Disc Golf Deals with some special runs and stamps.

Black and White Novas and Destroyers

Innova Discs On Sale


Black and White NOVA
The “Bread” Trilogy – Firebread, Thunderbread, and TeaBread
The Infinite PIGS Stamp Trilogy
“Destroy!” Stamped White and Pink STAR DESTROYER
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber Stamp on Many Popular Models
Innova On Sale All Day

Saturday, November 30th – TRILOGY DAY

We’re excited to throw the spotlight on three top-notch disc golf brands on Saturday– Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs deals. We have some fun exclusive runs and specific “Door-Buster” disc deals prepared.

Tournament Burst Maiden

Mermaid Trident

Trilogy Door Buster Disc Deals


Mermaid Stamped Metallic Opto TRIDENT
Tournament Burst MAIDEN with 4 Different Stamps
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber on Many Popular Models

Door-buster Disc Golf Deals on Limited Quantities of These Discs:
Tournament Burst Shield $9.99
Classic Moonshine Deputy $9.99
Prime Burst Moonshine Warden $7.99
Moonshine Emac Truth $9.99
Biofuzion Truth $8.99
Biofuzion Sheriff $8.99
Origio Burst Moonshine $7.99
Fuzion Burst Warden $9.99
Lucid Captain $9.99
Moonshine Queen $9.99

Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs On Sale All Day

Sunday, December 1st – SUPER SUNDAY

There are simply not enough days in a week to spotlight all the great disc golf brands on the market. So, we take this special day to give a discount on some of the cool brands that you love to throw. Or maybe you’re just itching to try some of the discs by these brands.


Gateway Wizard

Kastaplast Berg and Reko

Mint Discs Disc Golf Deals - profit

Many Disc Golf Brands On Sale


Though Space Athletics Aura MANTRA New Release
Gateway WIZARDS with Special “Cool Wizard” Stamp
Kastaplast “Floating Island” on K1 BERG, K3 BERG, K1 REKO
Mint Discs Limited Edition Stamped PROFIT
Thought Space Athletics On Sale All Day
Gateway On Sale All Day
Kastaplast On Sale All Day
Mint Discs On Sale All Day
Legacy Discs On Sale All Day
Viking Discs On Sale All Day
Millennium On Sale All Day
Yikun On Sale All Day
HyzerBomb On Sale All Day
Daredevil Discs
RPM Discs On Sale All Day

Monday, December 2nd – DISCRAFT DAY

Discraft had a smoking hot year in 2019 and we’ve got a couple of fun custom run discs for you to check out, plus the brand is on sale all day.

Discraft Buzzz GT and Banger GT

Discraft Discs On Sale


ESP BANGER GT – Special Run
ESP BUZZZ GT – Special Run
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber Stamp on Many Models
Discraft On Sale All Day

Tuesday, December 3rd – DISCMANIA DAY

Discmania made some interesting moves this year as they started releasing discs manufactured in other parts of the world alongside their well known discs manufactured at the Innova factory. We’ve got a fun, exclusive run of FD discs for the fans on Tuesday.



Metal Flake C-Line FD – Special Run
Glow C-Line P2
Discmania On Sale All Day

Wednesday, December 4th – PRODIGY DAY

Prodigy has been making some moves recently with great performances by sponsored pros and some great new discs and plastics in their line-up. Be sure to grab a couple of the logo stamped special editions to end our week of sales.

Prodigy Special Edition Discs


Black 350G PA-3 with Prodigy Star Stamp
Black 350G MX-3 with Prodigy Star Stamp
400 Spectrum D2 with Prodigy Star Stamp
Prodigy On Sale All Day


Thanks for making these fun promotions and special editions possible through your support of Disc Golf as a sport and your support of Infinite Discs!

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