Sales Impact of Paul McBeth Leaving Innova

We all heard the big announcement yesterday. Paul McBeth and Innova have parted ways for the 2019 season. Where will he go? It has not been confirmed yet, but the biggest speculation out there is that he will join the ranks of Team Discraft.

But, how does this effect sales? Let’s take a look! We snagged the sales data over the past week for Star Destroyers and the entire brand of Discraft to take a look. Let’s start off with Star Destroyers. (Like always, we cannot disclose exact sales numbers, but can show trends.)

Star Destroyer sales rocketed through the roof on Halloween after Innova’s announcement. People are stocking up on the McBeth stamped discs. We also saw higher trends in Roc3s, Thunderbirds, Novas, and even Kraits. While it is unknown how many of these discs remain at Innova’s warehouse, people aren’t taking any risks. Some people see these discs as an investment, and others as a piece of history.

Now let’s take a look at the Discraft sales for the week, just for fun.

Discraft did have a bump in sales after Halloween’s announcement, but not nearly as massive as the Star Destroyers. This is likely because it is not confirmed where McBeth will make his new home. However the rumors and speculation most often place him with Discraft.

Will these trends change going forward? We will see!

Disc Data: Top Selling Trilogy Molds

We’re back again with more Disc Data! This time we take a look at the top selling molds from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. (Aka: Trilogy). We’re going to break it down by brand first, and then show them all compared together. Plus, at the end we will look at a summary of the three brand sales compared to each other.

Let’s kick it off with Dynamic Discs:

Right off we see that three putters, the Judge, Warden, and Deputy take the top three spots. To me this isn’t too surprising, as these putters have always sold well. The Deputy is the newest of the three and has climbed it’s way up the ranks since it’s release. Nothing else too crazy here, just cool data.

From Latitude 64 we see that another putter, the Pure takes first place by a good margin. The River follows up in second place. This isn’t too surprising, as this is a super popular disc for beginners and lower arm speeds. The Dagger has taken a fall though- it used to be the best seller of Latitude a couple of years ago due to Ricky Wysocki’s growing popularity. Recently the Dagger has slowed down a little bit, but still remains the third highest selling Latitude 64 disc, which is nothing to scoff at.

Wow. The Harp has truly shown it’s dominance this year by holding that number one spot and beating the Destiny by about triple. The best sellers drop off fast here, and then remain fairly steady throughout the rest of the molds. People really love the Harp, what more can be said?

But what do these sales look like against each other? Let’s take a look at all of the brands compared side by side:

Here we see that putters capture the top 5 spots of all three brands. The Judge still squeaks ahead of the Harp for the top spot! Do you see anything that intrigues you? Let me know in the comments!

Finally, let’s look at the brand sales compared to each other.

I thought this data was interesting. We start off with discs sold by brand. This is the total number of units sold by brand compared to each other. (Sorry, can’t reveal exact figures.) The second graph shows how many molds each brand has in production. A mold was counted if we sold any of it during the last year. So some OOP molds may still be counted if we still have remaining inventory to be sold.

The last graph represents the average number of discs sold per mold. We took the number of discs sold over the last year and divided it by the number of molds this brand produces.

This data shows some interesting things. First of all, Dynamic Discs holds 42.2% of the sales of the three Trilogy brands. However, Latitude 64 has 56 molds as compared to 32 and 31 from Dynamic and Westside. With nearly double the molds, but only a third of the molds sold, this shows as Latitude has the lowest average number of discs sold per mold. Westside Discs overtakes in this final category, proving that its few molds still hold a lot of power. This could be due to the Harp alone, or because of their unique stamps.

Do you notice anything else interesting? Let me know! Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks’ Disc Data!

Disc Data: Best Selling MVP & Axiom Molds

Here we are again with some more Disc Data for you! These time we’re taking a look at MVP & Axiom molds! I chose the last 12 months for this data, so it’s Sept. 2017 to Sept. 2018. Here’s the data, then we’ll discuss!

So what do we notice? I noticed two main things:

First off the Envy! The number one selling mold is by far the Envy, and rightfully so. The Envy is Axiom’s most popular Putt & Approach disc, most commonly used as a driving putter. The Envy sales about doubled those of the Volt, the top selling driver.

Second, let’s talk about the three top selling drivers, the Volt, Photon, and Tesla. These are all awesome discs that are widely loved among MVP & Axiom fans. What I find interesting, however, is that these three molds are the only three molds that are produced in Fission plastic. Even more interesting, though, is that the top selling plastic for each of these drivers is Fission plastic! That begs the question, would MVP & Axiom fans want more molds produced in Fission plastic?

Leave a comment with your opinion and any questions you have!

New Disc Golf Disc: DGA Tempest

DGA has announced a brand new disc, the Tempest!

The Tempest is a new understable distance driver, with the flight numbers of 13, 5, -3, 2. This is DGA’s third new mold of 2018, and we’re super excited for it’s release. This disc looks like it should achieve maximum distance for slower arms and huge turnover shots for big arms. While we haven’t thrown this disc yet, its numbers suggest big glide, lots of turn, but still a decent amount of fade.

The First Flight edition will feature artwork by John Dorn with only 750 available. There will be regular First Flight stamps in the mix as well, before they switch to the regular stock stamp.


The Tempest is set to be released on Friday, September 14th.

If you are waiting for these discs to be in stock, be sure to set up an inventory alert here on the Tempest page. You can also see some finer details, such as the dimensions of the disc.

Top Selling Discs in 2018 (So Far)

Since we missed the Quarter 2 post, we decided to dig a little deeper and give you an update on the best selling discs of the year… so far. (Aug 27, 2018)

Without further ado, here’s the chart. Some comments will be below!

Here are some notable mentions:

  • The Destroyer is still killing it, by a lot. It trumps the overall category and dominates the Top 10 Distance Drivers by almost triple the #2 spot.
  • 63.6% of Destroyers sold are regular Star plastic. The next best selling Destroyer plastic is Star X-Outs. So Star obviously dominates the destroyer market.
  • D-Line and P-Line P2s are pretty close in popularity. It just depends on what your preference is.
  • 61.9% of Firebirds are Nate Sexton Champion Color Glow Firebirds. That does say a lot for how the Pros and their Tour Series discs can influence the market and the discs people use. A recent example is…
  • The Sonic comes in at #11 on the Putt & Approach Category, just missing the charts. This is entirely due to massive amounts of Pre-Orders for the Garrett Gurthie Signature Sonic that will be shipped early Sept.
  • 62.8% of Aviars sold are of the McPro variety, reiterating the fact that Professionals have a big influence. This stat on our chart reflects only the regular Aviar mold. KC Aviars, for example, are their own mold and rank by themselves (#18 best selling putt & approach).
  • The P2 holds strong as top selling putter this year.
  • The Buzzz holds its regular spot at the top of the mids, with the Comet coming in at the #10 spot.
  • The Lace made the top 10 Distance Drivers. Why? Because Vibram stopped producing Disc Golf Discs and the Laces are being gobbled up. At this point in time we only have 2 Laces left in stock. R.I.P.
  • The Pharaoh and the Exodus both made top 10 sellers in their categories… but they are only sold by us at this time. Regardless, they are awesome discs and sold very well. Hopefully a deserved spot on the lists, as people have seemed to like them!

That’s all until the Q3 results in October!

New Disc Golf Discs: Anvil & War Horse

Westside Discs releases two new molds!

The Anvil and the War Horse are now out in the wild, and so far, the feedback is great! Both discs bring a new level of stability to Westside Discs‘ lineup.

The War Horse – 13, 4, 0, 4

The War Horse is Westside Discs’ most overstable driver to date, boasting a 4 fade. This is a thick rim, very stable disc for those big arms out there. This is the perfect disc for tackling strong head winds, or getting big distance with big throws.

To me, I feel as if the Warhorse fits right between the Giant and the Stiletto.  It throws how I wanted the Giant to throw, something really overstable, but not so much that it will fade out unless I get everything I have into it.  I was consistently getting more distance than I got with my Stiletto and way more consistent finishes than with my Giant.  It’s like a mellow or a real beat in Stiletto, something that will no doubt finish with a good fade, but won’t come out of the turn too fast.


     – MeyerTech, Infinite Discs Review

Click here to see full details and reviews on the brand new War Horse!

The Anvil – 4, 2, 0, 4

The Anvil is a brand new, very overstable mid range disc. Built to have more overstability than the Bard, the Anvil is Westside Discs’ answer to the Dynamic Discs Justice. The bead-less rim feels very comfortable in the hand and makes for a clean release.

Even before the Anvil was released, it was being compared to the Justice from Dynamic Discs. As Westside is part of the Trilogy, this made a decent amount of sense. I own a Justice, and it sits around collecting dust because I have no need for such a beefaroni. It was with trepidation, then, that I picked up an Anvil. Being a total sucker for Westside Discs, I am pleasantly surprised with this disc, and it made the bag straight away!


– BigCountry83, Infinite Discs Review

Click here to see full details and reviews on the brand new Anvil!


Jessica Weese Tour Support Signature Stamp

We’re excited to announce that we now have Jessica Weese’s Tour Support Signature Stamps available on four molds:

Star Destroyer
Star Wraith
Champion Thunderbird
KC Pro Aviar

Click “Select Your Disc” and find her stamps! Alternatively, you can use Advanced Disc Search and sort by Stamp and Brand and find her stamp, as well as other Pro stamps.

Jessica picked these four molds that she wanted to see her tour support stamp on. These stamps support Jessica’s on her tour! This is the first time we’ve had a Pro Signature Stamp made to stamp on several molds, and it’s a program we hope to continue with many pros. (Be on the lookout for a cool Garrett Gurthie stamp soon!)


Axiom & MVP March 2018 New Releases

March has been a big month for MVP and Axiom! Axiom has released one new disc, and MVP has released some molds in new plastic types.

Let’s kick it off with the Tantrum.

The Tantrum is Axiom’s first 24.5mm rim distance driver. Basically, it’s the first of the really thick rim discs for Axiom. MVP released discs of same rim width last year- so it’s looking like this will be the year for big rimmed Axiom discs.

They picked the perfect mold for debuting the big rims- the Tantrum is a stable to straight long distance bomber. Coming in around 14, 5, -1, 2, you can use this for maximum distance. Even with a lower arm speed, it’ll fly straight for a good while before fading. This disc should be accessible to most Intermediate players and up. Axiom describes this disc as “a longer Defy“.

This disc was released with a stock stamp, plus a special edition “Artist Series” featuring art from John Dorn.

MVP’s new contributions include the Matrix in Neutron plastic (with special stamp), the Catalyst in Plasma plastic, and a fresh Skulboy stamp on the Electron Atom.



We’re looking forward to the next new releases from MVP, Axiom, and Streamline!

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