Best Selling MVP, Axiom, & Streamline Discs – October 2020 Edition

Best Selling MVP, Axiom, & Streamline

It’s time again to look at the best selling disc golf discs from MVP, Axiom, and Streamline! All three of these brands are made at the same location, under the general brand of MVP. On the chart, each disc will be color coded to its brand, and each bar represents the sales of that disc.

Disclaimer: All data is from October 27, 2019 to October 27, 2020 from sales figures. Due to rules and regulations, we cannot show exact numbers, but can show the comparison in sales between all molds.

The Top Sellers

For the third year in a row (since doing these charts), the Envy takes the #1 spot! Not only did it take the cake, it sold nearly double the amount of the #2 spot, the Wave. The next couple of spots where close: the Pilot took #3, the Atom took #4, and the Proxy followed up with #5.

It is great to see that each of the top 3 spots where taken by a different sub-brand. Each sub-brand was also spread out throughout the chart, showing that each brand has some strong selling molds.

Discontinued Molds

All of these discontinued molds were announced in August of 2019, but we have been selling the remainders of them for the past year. The MVP Axis and Amp are the highest ranking discontinued molds, taking the #16 and #17 spots respectively. We have had a lot of the Axis and Amp in stock over the past year, but soon they will be gone for good.

Your Bag?

Let us know what you are throwing? Where do your discs fall in on the chart? Do you prefer the lesser-known discs or the ultra-popular ones? We’d love to hear from you!

Disc Golf Sales Data: Zone, Harp, Envy, Pig

Zone vs. Harp vs. Envy vs. Pig

Today we are looking at sales data for the Zone, Harp, Envy, and Pig! We are going to look at data from September 2017 to August 2020. Let’s see how it all panned out:

Axiom ENVY

The Envy (yellow line) started off strong, with a big surge during 2017’s Black Friday sale. MVP / Axiom always get a huge surge on Black Friday, with everybody buying new limited edition stamps and discounted discs. The Envy is a big seller every Black Friday, as seen by bumps in the line just before each “January” marker.

The Envy has always been a consistent seller; it is a go-to disc in most MVP/Axiom bags. It has sold well for years, and when Covid-19 hit, it took a rise in sales (along with every other disc golf disc).

Westside HARP

The Harp (blue line) was a staple in many peoples’ bags for years. Ricky Wysocki threw the Harp until 2019, helping the sales stay high. From the chart, we can see that the Harp started to decline in sales in early 2018, with not much recovery until early 2019. The recovery didn’t last long and Harp sales stayed lower, but consistent, compared to the other approach discs.

Discraft ZONE

The Zone (red line), has been around for years- selling well, but not amazingly well. When Paul McBeth switched to Discraft in January, 2019, sales exploded for nearly every Discraft mold. Zone sales, especially, went through the roof as McBeth added it to his bag. The Zone became a Paul McBeth Signature Disc, which made it very popular, and consequently, harder to purchase.

While the Zone popularity was surging, Covid-19 and Brody Smith came along and added fuel to the fire. Disc Golf sales in general surged, and factory shut downs caused major supply chain issues. The Zone was suddenly a harder commodity to purchase. We would get them in stock and they would sell out the next day. Luckily, we kept a fairly steady trickle of them in stock, making the Zone a steady best-seller on the chart in 2020. There are some dips and rises, as the stock went out and in.

If there was a clear winner on this chart, it would have to be the Zone. While it mingled with the rest of the Approach Discs early on, in 2020 it has separated itself from the pack.

Innova PIG

The Pig stayed silent for years… barely making the sales charts until the summer of 2019. Why 2019? The answer is Ricky Wysocki. The same Pro who may have contributed to the Harp’s demise, was now bringing the Pig to light. Wysocki chose the Pig as his Harp replacement when he switched to Innova, causing Innova fans to take a second look at the disc. It started off slow, but the Pig made it’s way into the mix by mid-2019.

We also released some special Pig Stamps in 2019 and 2020, causing some small spikes in sales. While the Pig may not be the Zone league yet, it has improved vastly from 2017 and 2018.

That’s it! Do you notice any other takeaways from the chart? Let us know in the comments below!

Discraft Top Selling Discs – September 2020 Edition

Top Selling Discraft Discs

It’s time to look at the past year of Discraft Sales and see what the top selling Discraft discs are! We’ve included every mold that sold at least once over the past year (Sept 2019 – Sept 2020). We have also included a few other statistics on the chart. Let’s take a look and then discuss!

graphs showing top selling discraft discs

The Top Sellers

The top five molds are no surprise- the Buzzz takes first place as it usually does, while the Luna comes in at a close second. The Luna had some stock issues throughout the year, leaving us wondering if it could have taken the first place spot, had it been in stock more often. In third place, we find the Zone. In fourth and fifth place we find the Undertaker and Zeus respectively.

The Heat claimed the 6th place spot, as it has become a very popular choice for an understable driver over the past year. Do any of these positions surprise you? Let us know below in the comments!

Buzzz Sales by Plastic

We broke down the Buzzz sales by plastic type, to see which plastic sells the most. As you can see in the chart above, ESP took the cake with Z Line in close pursuit. These have always been the most widely available Discraft plastics, but ESP has been looking better and better every year, which may make it more appealing than Z Line.

Big Z, Z FLX, and Titanium plastic are other staple plastics in the Discraft quiver, and they claimed the next three spots.


Sales by Disc Type

The next pie graph down shows us the percentage of sales of each disc type (putter, control driver, distance driver, and midrange). Discraft is a little unique in this aspect, as most brands sell putters and/or distance drivers the best. Midrange discs usually come in last place, but not with Discraft.

Discraft starts off with Putt & Approach discs at 32.2% of sales – the Luna and Zone accounting for most of those sales. Midrange discs come in second place at 26.6%, followed by control and distance drivers.


Signature Discs vs Stock Discs

Finally, we compared the sales of the Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce signature molds against the rest of Discraft’s molds. We only included the unique pro molds, not stock discs with a signature on them. This includes the Anax, Hades, Luna, Malta, and Zeus for McBeth, and just the Fierce for Pierce.

It turns out that 22.5% of all of our Discraft sales are attributed to Paul McBeth Molds, and 2.6% are Paige Pierce Fierces. Combining these, we find that just over a quarter of all Discraft sales are from these six Signature Molds.


Let us know what else you find interesting in the comments below!

Tracking Distance Driver Sales for Destroyer, Wraith, & Zeus

We recently took a look at putter sales over the past couple of years. Now, it’s time to compare the sales of the top three distance drivers. For this data, we picked the top three selling distance drivers from 2019 and 2020 (so far). These turned out to be the Innova Destroyer, Innova Wraith, and Discraft Zeus.

In the chart below, we’ll look at sales from Jan 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020. We will see the impact that Covid-19 had on sales, as well as some supply chain issues.

Here is the chart showing the sales from Infinite Discs:


The Destroyer (blue line) has a long history of being the top selling distance driver. For the past two years, this is no different. The Destroyer did lose some momentum right at start of 2019 when the Zeus (Kong, at the time) was released. It then had steady sales with some minor ups and downs. With all three discs, we see a sharp uptick when the pandemic started to take hold.

The Wraith (red line) has always had steady sales; it’s a popular staple in a lot of players’ bags. However, towards the middle of 2020, it really started to take off. In August of 2020, the Wraith overtook the Destroyer in sales. The release of the “Solar Wraith” stamp definitely gave the Wraith a large boost in August 2020.

The Zeus (yellow line) had a strong start in March of 2019. There were many times when we ran out of stock of Zeus, due to popular demand, causing the sales to drop in some months. The Big Z Zeus was released in August of 2019, causing another massive spike. The pandemic did cause Zeus sales to rise, along with every other disc, but due to supply issues, it never reached it’s full sales potential. Even now, the Zeus is out of stock. (Hopefully we get more soon!)

Supply Chain Issues

The pandemic has admittedly helped the growth of disc golf. Every mold went up in sales, the popular molds sold out, and starter sets became very hard to find. You can see on the graph, that the start of the pandemic in March/April of 2020 caused the sales of all three molds to begin to climb. However, in mid-2020, the supply chain started to slow down, and discs became hard to get in stock. Now, in August 2020, we have began to restock many needed molds.

Let us know your thoughts, and/or which discs you’d like to see compared next!

Best Selling Disc Golf Discs – Top 50 – First Half of 2020

Top 50 Disc Golf Discs

It’s been a while since we have posted a data article! It’s the perfect time to reflect upon the best selling disc golf discs of 2020.

As many of you know, Disc Golf has experienced immense growth this year! With a pandemic on hand, many people are looking for ways to get out and recreate! A lot of new  people wanting to purchase all kinds of discs, starter sets, and baskets. This, mixed with the fact that some major manufacturers were required to shut down operations for many weeks, cause for a shortage in certain disc golf molds.

Many molds sold better than ever before while many molds sold out for weeks at a time, causing their sales numbers to drop. When you take in the data, remember that half the battle of these molds was simply staying in stock.

This data will show exactly which molds sold the most in the first half of 2020. Ready? (Unfortunately we cannot show exact sales figures, just relative data to show which discs sold better.)

top 50 disc golf discs chart

The best selling disc golf discs during the first half of 2020.

The Results

The Discraft Buzzz took first prize, while the Innova Destroyer and  Discraft Luna took second and third. We definitely struggled to keep these molds in stock, but their sheer popularity took them to the top 3.

The Judge, Hades, and Mako3 were just some of the molds that could have made it much higher on the list, but our low stock issues kept them further down. That’s just how 2020 has played out!

Best Sellers by Disc Type

Let’s take a quick look at which type of disc sold best:

best sellers by disc type

Yep, so far it has been the year of the putter! We saw a crazy run on putters during the early stages of the pandemic. Many people were staying at home and needed putters to practice putting with. For some people, it was the only way to enjoy the sport they love!

Distance Drivers took second, as always popular molds. Everybody wants to throw further! Control Drivers took third, while Mid-Ranges took last place– even though the Buzzz took first place in the overall Top 50.

What do you think? Did your favorite discs make the Top 50? Was there a disc that should have made it, but didn’t? Let us know!

How to Make a Disc Golf Flight Tracker

Flight Tracking

Have you ever watched professional disc golf footage and wondered how they make the line that shows the disc’s flight path? Now is your chance to learn! If you have Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, you can even do it yourself. Here’s our tutorial on our method of making Flight Trackers that are featured on our YouTube channel.



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State of Disc Golf 2020 – How Do We Carry Our Discs?

How Do We Carry Our Discs?

It’s time for our look at how we carry our discs in 2020! We’ve asked this question in several surveys past, so we’ll have some good data to compare. For this data, we’ve broken down the results into five main categories: Backpack Bags, Disc Golf Carts, Small Bag, Large Tournament Style Bag, and Miscellaneous Bags (usually homemade or not made for disc golf).

2020 Survey Results

Backpack Bags take the cake with over 51.03% of people saying they use one. Disc Golf Carts took a close second place, at 18.62%, with Small bags being surprisingly high, at 18.4%. Large Tournament Style Bags only represent 8.3% of the results, with the last 3.65% being miscellaneous bags.

Let’s break it down! Backpack Bags being so heavily used is not a huge surprise. Most people at the disc golf course are using backpack bags these days. They are widely available and come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Even a beginner can afford a cheaper backpack bag, so many people are skipping over the Tournament Style Bag, which used to be a hot commodity.

Small Bags take a surprising 3rd place. But maybe it’s not so surprising with how many new players are taking up the sport. Most people are starting with a $15 – $20 starter bag and then upgrading once they have enough discs to warrant it. We think those upgrades are going directly to backpack bags. More on bag upgrades/replacements later.

Bags Over the Years

Let’s take a look at the trends over the years. We have data from 2020, 2018, 2017, and 2015 to show the trends. Let’s take a look:


Let’s look at the first takeaway- the decline of the Tournament Bag. Back in 2015, Tournament Bags were all the rage, taking up at least a third of the market. Over the years these bags have been used less and less, till now when Tournament Bags are only used by around 8% of people.

Small Bags have declined over the past few years, until this year. They made a big jump in the 2020 Survey. This is likely due to more and more new players getting into the sport. Some people, may also have opted to simplify their bag.

Disc Golf Carts have been raising in popularity ever since their introduction. ZUCA takes the majority share of Disc Golf Carts, offering them not only as ZUCA branded carts, but Dynamic Discs branded as well. More and more players are opting for carts now.

Backpack Bags steadily increased over the past years, and dipped a little bit this year. Backpack Bags seem to be the staple of Disc Golf Bags, so we don’t foresee them dropping off the charts anytime soon.

Replacing Our Bags/Carts

In the 2020 Survey, we asked people how many times they had replaced their bag/cart in the last 10 years. Let’s see the results:

The chart starts off with those people who have never replaced their bag. Quite a lot!

We were surprised at how many people stayed loyal to one bag over the course of 10 years. But, when you pit the people who replaced bags against the people who haven’t, it looks like the graph to the right. 32% of people did not replace their bag in the last 10 years.

Back to the upper chart- it seems like a perfect decline in people who replaced their bag multiple times. With each replacement, the number of people dropped, until 8+ times, a few bag-crazy people took it up just a notch on the chart. Where do you stand on the chart? What’s your preferred bag? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for joining us on this State of Disc Golf 2020 article. Stay tuned for more data!



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