Top Disc Golf Discs of Q2 2015

The first half of 2015 is over. The disc golf industry continues to grow and evolve. In the first six months of the year, Infinite Discs has added 47 new disc models and countless number of new plastic types for existing disc molds. New discs and plastics generally sell best, but many of the older traditional Frisbees continue to find top spots in terms of overall popularity.

What are the best disc golf discs in 2015?

According to our sales figures, the majority which are online and include regions all around the United States, these are the top selling discs for the hot selling spring months of April-June:

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Top Distance Drivers

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Boss
  3. Innova Valkyrie
  4. Innova Tern
  5. Latitude 64 Saint
  6. MVP Inertia
  7. MVP Photon
  8. Innova Wraith
  9. Innova Beast
  10. Vibram Lace[/box]

Innova dominates distance driver sales, and holds the top four spots. The Destroyer is not only the most popular selling distance driver, but it is our number 1 selling disc period. While no particular plastic for the Wraith and Beast sell significantly well, the large number of available plastic types keeps these discs in the Q2 top 10.
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Top Fairway/Control Drivers

  1. Innova TeeBird
  2. MVP Volt
  3. Innova Leopard
  4. Latitude 64 River
  5. Innova Thunderbird
  6. Dynamic Discs Felon
  7. MVP AMP
  8. Vibram Trak
  9. Axiom Crave
  10. Latitude 64 Trident[/box]

With the exception of the TeeBird which is our #3 selling disc for the quarter, fairway drivers typically don’t sell quite as much as distance drivers. For this quarter’s stats, Latitude 64 River sales numbers are likely down from what they should be because for a few weeks Dynamic Distribution was out of the River in its most popular selling plastic, Gold Line. We couldn’t sell what we didn’t have in stock.

The Vibram Trak, which is on it’s way out of production, made the top 10 and while the Latitude 64 Trident filled the bottom spot for Fairway/Control drivers. It ranks 77th overall for all discs sold by Infinite during the second quarter of 2015.
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Top Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Roc3
  3. Dynamic Discs Truth
  4. Innova Mako3
  5. Innova Roc
  6. Discraft Buzzz OS
  7. Discraft Buzzz SS
  8. Discraft Comet
  9. Dynamic Discs Justice
  10. Latitude 64 Claymore[/box]

For those who have played disc golf for a while, it’s no surprise that the Discraft Buzzz is still the top selling midrange, and our number 2 selling disc overall. It’s their Midranges, especially the Buzzz family, that keep Discraft sales up. Discraft sales numbers were likely inflated for Infinite Discs as we are one of the exclusive dealers for limited Ledgestone Edition discs.

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Top Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Gateway Wizard
  2. Dynamic Discs Judge
  3. MVP Atom
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Discraft Zone
  6. Latitude 64 Pure
  7. MVP Anode
  8. Innova Aviar
  9. Prodigy PA-3
  10. MVP Ion[/box]

The Gateway Wizard is still our most popular selling putter despite the fact that we had supplier break downs that kept our stock from staying where it should have been. During this quarter the Wizard was our 5th most popular selling disc overall, just one spot ahead of the DD Judge.  Finding its way in the top ten, the MVP Ion was our 41st most popular disc for the quarter. With four of the top 10 putters manufactured by MVP, this fast growing disc manufacturer shows how mainstream GYRO is becoming in the disc golf world. The PA-3 is the only Prodigy disc that has made any of our top 10’s during the second quarter.

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Top Selling Plastic Types

  1. Innova Champion
  2. Innova Star
  3. Latitude 64 Opto
  4. Innova DX
  5. MVP Neutron
  6. Latitude 64 Gold Line
  7. Innova GStar
  8. Discraft Elite Z
  9. Axiom Neutron
  10. Dynamic Discs Lucid[/box]

Innova is still the leading disc manufacturer and produces four of our top selling plastics, including the top two. Latitude 64’s two major plastics also made the top 10 along with Dynamic Discs Lucid (which is the same plastic as Latitude 64 Opto, just branded differently). MVP and Axiom Neutron plastic also made the top ten and would have ranked even higher if our system didn’t separate them as different plastic types due to the variatons in branding.

The #1 selling disc plastic for the first half of 2015 is Innova Champion, fueled in large part by hot sales of the Champion Thunderbird, Teebird, Mako3, Roc3, Tern, Valkyrie, Destroyer, and Krait.

Star plastic is the #2 selling plastic, primarily because the Star Destroyer is such a hot selling disc. We sold more than three times as many Star Destroyers as the next most popular Star plastic model. Other top Star plastic discs include the TeeBird, Foxbat, Wraith, Tern, Boss and Mako.

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What is in OUR bags?

In the past few blog posts concerning the State of Disc Golf Survey, we have established that Innova is the most popular manufacturer in the disc golf world. It was chosen as the favorite brand in every demographic. However, even though Innova led all other manufacturers in popularity, according to our survey, less than 4% of us throw exclusively Innova. As we all know from interacting with other disc golfers, even though we may favor one brand, most of use throw discs from a variety of manufacturers. This blog will explore the variety of brands we throw and give us a good snapshot of what is in our bags.




First let’s look at the popularity of the brands that are in our bags. The survey didn’t ask how many discs we had of each brand ­— that would have been too time consuming. It simply asked which brands could be found in our bags. Not surprisingly, the brand that most of us throw is Innova, with 87% of us keeping at least one of their discs in our bag. The next most popular brand is Discraft at 69%. Latitude 64 has 42% of respondents throwing their brand. Dynamic Discs is the fourth most popular disc in our bags at 35%. Rounding out the top five was Prodigy at 28%. Westside, Gateway, and MVP were just a couple of percentage points behind Prodigy, sitting at 26%, 24%, and 23% respectively.


Although we can say that Innova was the clear winner with this survey question, it is important to point out the significance of the Trilogy brands (Westside, Latitude 64, and Dynamic Discs) taken as a single entity. Although these three companies are separate, they work together to avoid duplicating efforts, such as manufacturing, distribution, and sometimes disc design.



In our survey we asked about the “Trilogy” brands (Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside) individually. These are three separate companies, from three different countries, who work together to share some of the manufacturing and distribution workload. Although separate, they market themselves as members of Trilogy. Taken as a single entity, 58% of us have at least one of the brands in our bags. A significant number of us, 15%, have all three Trilogy brands in our bags. If disc golf sales are any indication of Trilogy’s popularity, we have seen their disc orders increase in the last two years so much that they rival Innova’s. Yes, that is counting the three companies as one. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues in the coming years.



It is certainly important to consider everyone’s favorite brand as we explore the current state of disc golf. If we favor one brand over another we are more likely to buy and follow that brand to the exclusion of other brands. However, taking a peek inside the bags of thousands of disc golfers can tell a slightly different story than just asking which manufacturer we prefer. Yes, Innova is still the king of the bag. But, with the knowledge that few of us are dogmatic about brands, other disc manufacturers can take solace (pardon the pun) in the knowledge that many of their discs are nestled comfortably alongside the undisputed champ. The question of how much competition in such a relatively small sport is too much may be a subject for another blog. For now, it appears that the competition is good for us as disc golfers. Let the manufacturers develop new molds or materials as they fight for their share in the disc golf market. Meanwhile, let’s go huck!

State of Disc Golf 2015: Do Our Demographics Affect Our Choice of Brands?

In a previous blog discussing the results of the 2015 State of Disc Golf survey, we focused on which disc golf brands we like the most and how that has changed from last year. (If you missed it, click HERE) This blog will look at who we are and whether that affects what brands we throw.

Who are we?

According to the survey, we are male (94%), live in California (7%), are 30-35 years old (23%), consider ourselves Intermediate disc golfers (45%), have been playing for 5-9 years (25%), played 10-15 different courses in 2014 (29%) and have a Bachelor’s Degree (35%). Half of us are currently married, while 43% have never been married.

We also belong to disc golf clubs (57%), own either 21-30 discs or 41-60 discs (tied at 14%), bought 10-14 new discs last year (18%), lost 1-3 discs (48%), chose disc golf as a favorite sport to play (85%), and football as a favorite sport to follow (35%. Disc golf was second at 27%).
After examining all the demographic statistics, we wanted to see if there were trends based on certain aspects of the demographics. For example, does the age of the respondent affect which brand they consider their favorite? Or the skill level? Or the education?

We considered most the attributes of the average survey respondent, listed above, and compared them to the overall list of favorite discs. And, spoiler alert, the results were kind of boring. Regardless of the demographic, nearly all of the results were within a point or two of the overall favorites. There were only a few exceptions, and even those were not extremely far from the overall numbers. They are worth mentioning, though, because of possible long-term ramifications.

Just to recap the previous blog, the top six favorite brands were: Innova (48%), Discraft (12%), Latitude 64 (10%), Dynamic Discs (6%), and MVP and Prodigy tied at 5%.

Disc golf experience

The first question we looked at was “When did you start playing disc golf?” We wanted to see if the length of time we have been playing had any effect on which brands we preferred. The biggest variation from the average results occurred among players who have only been playing a year or less. This was not a large sample size, representing only about 1.5% of the total respondents, so the overall significance of the results carry less weight. Still, this will be an interesting group to watch over the next couple of years. Players from this experience group still chose Innova as their favorite brand, but by a much smaller margin. Only 31% of respondents in this group picked Innova as their favorite, compared to 48% overall. Discraft and Latitude 64 results stayed close to the same as the total results. MVP, Dynamic Discs, Axiom, and Discmania all bumped up several percentage points (see chart for numbers).

Near the other end of the experience spectrum were those who have been playing between 35-44 years. This group made up 3.2% of the respondents. Among them, 42% listed Innova as their favorite, while 15% of them chose Discraft, 3% more than overall. MVP, Dynamic Discs, and Prodigy all held 8% of the vote in this group, which represented an increase for all three brands. Westside was consistent with their overall score.


Skill level

The survey asked respondents to list what division best represented their skill level. The four choices were: Beginner/Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional. For the most part, this category also followed the Favorite Brand category nearly exactly. The Pro’s, representing 8% of the total respondents, had the biggest differences. For them, Innova sat at 46%, Discraft and Latitude were 10%, and Dynamic Discs, MVP, and Prodigy held 7% of the Pro vote.


Since men represented 94% of the respondents, it’s pretty obvious their statistics would duplicate that of the overall results. For women, there were a few slight differences. Innova was the first choice with 46%, which was 2% lower than overall, Discraft took second with 11%, and Dynamic Discs rounded out the top three, finishing 9%, up from the overall 6%. Latitude 64 and Westside traded a couple percentage points, with Latitude 64 2% below the overall results and Westside 2% above.

Gender of Disc Golfers

The final demographic we’ll look at in this blog is the choice of Favorite Brand by age group. While all of the age groups between 18-40 years were close to the overall percentage, there were other groups with a few different numbers. Again, the differences were never huge, but enough to mention.

We will start with the youngest age group, 12-17 years old, which represented 2% of the total respondents. Like the newer players that we mentioned at the beginning, it will be interesting to see how or if the numbers in this demographic changes over time. The youngest players chose Innova as their favorite by 5% more than the overall respondents. The increase came at the expense of Discraft and Latitude 64, which were both down a little. Westside was chosen 3% more frequently, while Dynamic Discs was the same percentage as overall, 6%.

The next group to look at is disc golfers 41-50 years old, representing 14% of respondents. This group chose Innova at a slightly lower 43%, compared to 48% of average. Discraft was up to 14%, Latitude 64 was up a tick at 11% and Prodigy was 7%, which was 2% higher than overall.
The 51-60 year olds were a little more favorable for Innova, with 53% of the group choosing the brand leader. Discraft and Latitude 64 were a little less popular, while Dynamic Discs and MVP matched their overall numbers.

The most senior group we will look at is the 61-70 year old disc golfers. They make up 2% of the total and only 39% of them favored Innova. The extra percentage points went to Discraft (16%), MVP and Westside (9% each), and Dynamic Discs (8%). The fact that Discraft is higher is not surprising. But, if we were going to bet on a demographic that would have the highest loyalty to Innova, we would have gone with this one. Innova and Discraft have been around longer than the other brands and people in this age group grew up throwing those discs.



When we were looking through all of the data, we were hoping to find a few statistical anomalies that could be analyzed and discussed. Although this particular set of data did not have the extremes we were hoping for, just knowing that we as disc golfers are consistent throughout a variety of demographics is good information to have. We will certainly keep an eye on those groups that did vary from the norm to see what changes take place in future surveys.

In an upcoming post, we will look specifically at which brands people are throwing. Remember from the first survey result blog that only 6% of us throw a single brand. The rest of us have two or more brands in our arsenal. We will look at which brands people throw and which new discs people know the most.

Some of the Most Important People in Disc Golf

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

~Elizabeth Andrew

Recently, I was reflecting on all of the tournaments that I played in 2014. I won’t mention the total number in case my wife reads this. Let’s just say I was fortunate to be able to attend quite a few. Tournaments are an important part of my disc golf life. Beyond the competition, which I enjoy, is a wonderful social aspect. I met so many really great people throughout the year. It’s tough to beat the camaraderie, excitement, and atmosphere of a disc golf tournament.

While the size, cost, and weather may vary from one tournament to the next, they all have one thing in common: at some point, someone made a decision to organize and run the tournament, then put in a lot of work to make it a reality. I’m speaking of the wonderful Tournament Directors, or TD’s!

I really like the idea that people are so committed to this sport and their fellow disc golfers that they would dedicate their time and effort to run a tournament. I appreciate and respect that. More importantly, I want them to keep doing it! If you like to attend tournaments, I think you’ll agree that we should encourage our TD’s to keep up the great work. Here are a few things we can do for them:

  •  Preregister (if available). Preregistration is the ‘RSVP’ of disc golf. It lets the TD know how many people will attend and gives them time to prepare in advance. That helps them run things in a timely manner. It really benefits us, too, because when things will run smother, we get done sooner.
  •  Do your part by showing up on time, listening to the TD at the player’s meeting, and keeping a good pace as you play. These are more things that also benefit us as participants. Tournaments take up a big chunk of time, but we can help the TD and ourselves by getting there on time and not contributing to delays.
  •  DON’T COMPLAIN TO THE TD! We may have issues with how a tournament was run, but complaining is not the best approach, particularly on the day of the event. If we’re angry or dissatisfied with certain aspects of a tournament (players pack, payouts, cost, pin placement, etc.), taking a day or two to think about it or talking to our friends about it might help us realize our issues aren’t as big as we thought. Maybe what we were concerned about wasn’t even the TD’s fault. If we still think it’s something the TD should hear about, we should send them a respectful email discussing our concerns. Most TD’s I know would like to hear ideas for improving their tournaments. By offering calm, constructive suggestions, TD’s are more likely to listen. And, more likely to continue running tournaments.
  •  Thank the TD! At the very least, tell them “thank you” at the end of the tournament. It feels good, for us and them. At a few tournaments I’ve been to, some of the participants circulated a tournament disc for everyone to sign as a surprise ‘thank you’ gift for the TD. I like that simple way of showing them that we appreciate them and their efforts. They will remember the gesture and be more inclined to do it again.

Disc golf tournaments are a fun part of our sport. Let’s make sure they continue by making life a little better for the people willing to run them. I would love to hear your thoughts about TD’s, their hard work, and ways we can make their lives a little better.

New Golf Discs for 2015

As the disc golf world continues to grow, so do the number of new disc models. Last year there were more than 70 new disc models introduced by more than a dozen different disc manufacturers. If historic disc manufacturing trends continue, this number will only increase this year.

Here’s what we know about new discs that will be released in 2015:

InnovaInnova VRoc

From PDGA approval and promotional releases, we know that Innova will release a putter the Whale, the Colt, and the new midrange (VRoc). There is also rumor of a really beefy putter the Innova Hawg, which may be like or replace the Pig.

Innova has also mentioned that there will actually be three different VRoc versions released throughout the year.

On January 16th Innova will release there new Wombat Midrange. This disc is said to be very similar to the Foxbat, but with “VTech” technology that makes it less likely to turn over.


We haven’t heard any news about new releases coming out from Discraft, other than lots of new plastic varieties as limited edition fundraiser discs for the Ledgestone Open.

There will of course be a new release for the Discraft Ace Race this fall. Many disc golfers are hoping that this year the Ace Race disc will be either a putter or a midrange.


Trilogy Logo

Latitude 64:

Latitude 64 has already released a new ultra high speed driver, the Ballista, in the new Snow Line plastic. The catch with this new release that it is only available as a limited fundraiser for the Scandanavian Open. Word is that the Ballista won’t be available at retail prices in the United States until 2016.

As part of the Trilogy Challenge, a Latitude 64 putter called the Macana will be released.  This new disc will initially be available in Latitude’s new baseline retro plastic.

Dynamic Discs:

From the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast we learned that Dynamic Discs plans to release four new discs in 2015, plus the “Evidence” which will be used as the Trilogy Challenge midrange. This includes the Breakout (understable fairway driver), Justice (overstable midrange), and Convict (Overstable fairway driver).


Another new release that will be available in May for those who play in the Trilogy challenge is the Sampo driver. This disc will be released in the new ultra flexible Elasto plastic.

Westside will also be releasing three discs on March 1st:

  • Seer – Understable Control Driver
  • Bard – Overstable Midrange
  • Swan 1 Reborn – Understable Putt and Approach Disc


Vibram has been working on a new fairway driver the “Valley“. It seems as if development of a new fairway driver has been slower than desired, because they were not able to release it prior to the annual Birdie Bash. The Valley will be released at the end of June.

Later in the summer Vibram plans to release two additional new discs the Arch and Notch. Vibram also has announced a new rubber blend called “granite.”


In 2015 MVP has already released a very highly rated new putter (Atom) in a new baseline plastic. They have also introduced the new Plasma plastic for their Ion putter.

As seen in the video, MVP is planning to release four new drivers that will have thicker rims and be even faster than the new drivers they released in 2014. The names of the new MVP drivers are listed below.

  • Phase: Overstable Distance Driver
  • Photon: Stable/Overstable Distance Driver
  • Wave: Neutral/Overstable Distance Driver
  • Orbital: Understable Distance Driver



The Axiom family manufactured by MVP continue to spit out new plastic at an impressive rate. Not only will there be new MVP distance drivers, but MVP has announced that there will be four new 2.0 cm Axiom drivers this year: The Fireball, Wrath, Insanity, and Virus. It will be interesting to see how different these discs will be from the Motion, Tesla, Inertia, and Impulse.

New Legacy Prototype Discs 2015Legacy:

Legacy has shared on its Facebook page that it has plans for four new discs in 2015: The Enemy, Hunter, Prowler, and Nemesis. The first released in this batch will likely be a new putter, probably the Prowler, as Sarah Hokum hinted during a podcast on Smashboxx TV.  The Prowler will be a beaded putter with a round edge. The Hunter is a very straight flying putt and approach disc.

While we’re not sure exactly sure what the drivers will be like, the Nemesis is a slightly understable high speed driver and the Enemy will should be a very overstable control driver.


Gateway WarspearGateway has two new putt and approach discs, the Warspear and the Devil Hawk. These are unique overstable putters with a thumb track on top.

The Warspear and the Devil Hawk have not yet been PDGA approved.



DGA Steady PutterDGA has announced the release of its new putter the “Steady” because they have so much respect for Steady Ed Headrick, this beaded putter is supposed to be a really good one.

DGA will also release the Hellfire, an overstable driver.


Reptilian is a new disc golf company that had its first disc the “Scale” PDGA approved at the end of last year.

What other new discs are expected for 2015 that we have missed?

Best Disc Golf Discs – 2015 Edition

If money could talk, it would tell you that the best disc golf discs are those that are purchased the most. While we can’t guarantee that these are indeed the best discs for you, these were our top selling discs in the fourth quarter of 2014. Disc sale statistics used to determine the top discs include online purchases from all 50 states, as well as Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Germany.

[box] A couple of things to note, that skew the sales stats in a way that won’t give the most accurate representation of “the best discs”:

1. New discs tend to sell better. People like to try new discs, even if they might not actually be any better than their current discs.

2. During the holidays we had a several sales and promotions. Discs that are “on sale” tend to sell more than those that are not.

Top Selling Discs of Q4 2014

Our top 10 discs last quarter include a handful of the perennial top sellers, as well as a couple hot new discs especially popular among brand fanatics. While distance drivers are by far the most popular disc type sold, the top 10 includes a good selection of putters, midrange, fairway drivers, and the most popular midrange in the world.

Innova manufactures three of the top 10 selling discs. Also represented are Gateway, Legacy, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and up and coming MVP/Axiom.

1. Discraft Buzzz – The Buzzz has always been our top selling disc at Infinite Discs. It is no surprise that this popular midrange is still #1. This disc is available in a dozen different plastic types with the most popular being the Elite Z Buzzz.

2. Gateway Wizard. – It’s also no surprise that the Wizard came in at #2. While the Buzzz has consistently been the number #1 mid, the Wizard has consistently been the #1 putter. Super Stupid Soft was the most popular of the 11 different Wizard plastic variations we carry.

3. Axiom Envy – The Envy is a colorful new disc that was initially released by Axiom Discs at the beginning of 2014. This putt and approach disc is especially popular as a driving putter. While Envy sales were consistently strong all year long, fourth quarter sales really exploded with the release of the Envy in Neutron Soft plastic.

4. Legacy Outlaw – For Legacy fans, the Outlaw was one of the most anticipated disc releases we have ever seen. We had regular inquiries about this disc that began almost a year before it was actually available. This stable distance driver available in Icon plastic is said to be Legacy’s answer to the popular Innova Destroyer.
5. Innova Destroyer – The Destroyer is by no means a new disc, nor is it one of the fastest discs currently available, but this distance driver continually sells well. The Destroyer is most popular in Star plastic.

6. Latitude 64 Saint – Disc golfers are always looking to get more distance. While speed does not always translate into distance, the Saints glide rating of 7, keeps the attention of the disc buyer. The Saint is consistently a top seller that is most popular in premium Gold Line plastic.

7. Innova Thunderbird – The Thunderbird was Innova’s hottest new release of 2014. It’s fourth quarter sales were enhanced by its availability as a Halloween edition disc, and its recent release in Champion plastic. It also doesn’t hurt that 3 Time world champion Paul McBeth regularily throws this control driver.

8. Innova Aviar – Because there are so many different variations of the Aviar, it’s hard to really classify the Aviar as one disc. Enhanced by the release of some special edition Aviars at the end of the year, this popular putt and approach disc made the top 10.

9. Dynamic Discs Judge – 2013’s All Things Disc Golf disc of the year continues to be popular in 2015. With increased options, now available in seven different plastic varieties, including the new Fluid blend, the Judge was a hot item at the end of last year.

10. Innova TeeBird – The TeeBird continues to be the standard for disc comparisons. When people talk about new discs to be released, they always compare with the TeeBird. Even though this disc is more than a decade old, it is still one of the best discs and a top 10 seller on Champion was the plastic of choice for customers who purchased the TeeBird.

Listed below are the top ten selling discs of each disc type:

DistanceDriverProfileTop 10 Distance Drivers

  1. Legacy Outlaw
  2. Innova Destroyer
  3. MVP Inertia
  4. Innova Boss
  5. Prodigy D1
  6. Vibram Lace
  7. Westside King
  8. MVP Tesla
  9. Innova Tern
  10. Dynamic Discs Freedom

ControlDriverProfileTop 10 Fairway/Control Drivers

  1. Latitude 64 Saint
  2. Innova Thunderbird
  3. Innova TeeBird
  4. Latitude 64 River
  5. Latitude 64 Diamond
  6. Innova Valkyrie
  7. MVP AMP
  8. Dynamic Discs Escape
  9. Latitude 64 Saint Pro
  10. Prodigy H2

midrangeproflieTop 10 Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Atlas
  3. Axiom Theory
  4. Innova Mako3
  5. Prodigy M4
  6. Dynamic Discs Truth
  7. Discraft Buzzz OS
  8. Latitude 64 Claymore
  9. Innova Roc
  10. Axiom Alias

PutterProfileTop 10 Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Gateway Wizard
  2. Axiom Envy
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. MVP Anode
  6. MVP Ion
  7. Prodigy PA4
  8. Dynamic Discs Warden
  9. Axiom Proxy
  10. Prodigy PA3

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