Drew Gibson’s Finish Line Era Available for Pre-Order

The very first disc in Drew Gibson’s new Finish Line is under production. Everyone who has thrown Era prototypes is very excited about this new disc and its potential.

Finish Line Era Launch EditionThis fast, far flying fairway driver has an ability to stay straight longer than just about any driver on the market. It is easy to control, works for players of all skill level, and works well both backhand and forehand. The initial run of Era’s is in Finish Lines Forged plastic blend.

The Era will be released for retail sale by major disc golf retailers in March, but a limited number of pre-release discs are available for pre-order now. These discs will feature a special “Launch Edition” stamp and there will be no more than 500 of each color. This rare first disc in the new Gibson line will likely become collectible in the future.

Pre-Order Era’s will ship out in mid February.

*Note, if you order the Era along with other products, the entire shipment will be sent together. If you need other products now, please make the Era as a seperate order.

Eric Oakley Joins Team Infinite

We are very excited to announce that Infinite Discs is partnering with Eric Oakley!

We are proud to sponsor him as he competes in the upcoming professional touring season, and we’re also excited about all of the ways in which we’ll be able to work together for the growth of the sport.

You can expect a lot of helpful disc and product reviews, some fun signature releases, and tournament events in many parts of the country as Eric tours in 2022. We look forward to a great year with Eric!

Eric’s disc golf career really began when he was living in Utah. The first tournament where he ever cashed was the Infinite Discs Cache Valley Classic, located at the Logan fairgrounds — just blocks away from Infinite Discs headquarters. Eric was a member of the first ever Team Infinite discs for a short time before he signed with Discmania.

Eric will be a valuable asset to Infinite Discs by utilizing his online reach to grow disc golf and share product insight and reviews from dozens of different disc golf brands. Be sure to follow Eric on social media for valuable information and giveaways here:

Shipping to the EU Currently Unavailable

To our customers living in the EU, we are sad to announce that we will temporarily disable shipping.

We currently do not have software that will allow us to be compliant with the new VAT requirements effective July 1st. Until we can get an adequate software service, we will be unable to ship any products to countries that belong to the EU.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


2021 State of Disc Golf Survey

The Covid 19 pandemic caused havoc for disc golf during 2020. Its effects strained the supply chain, disrupted tournaments, and even closed many courses. But the effects of the pandemic also caused unprecedented growth for the sport.

With disc golf growing at an unprecedented pace, your input matters more than ever. The results this survey provides are beneficial for sponsors, tournament directors, disc golf companies, and parks departments considering adding disc golf.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close on January 31st.

To review topics covered in past State of Disc Golf surveys, click the “State of Disc Golf” category in the sidebar for any appropriate year, or just click this link here.


Disc golf related prizes of all types will be given to random winners who fill out the survey. Past years prizes have included discs, bags, and portable disc golf baskets.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and disc golf social media groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey within this blog post, click this link  https://forms.gle/FxYv3w5zDfL9pC9R8 to open the survey in a new tab.

Trying To Find The Discs You Want in 2021

Empty Shelves of Discs

My time playing disc golf has been defined by things that have changed. Course basket locations change, my form as a player has gone through many changes, and even the discs themselves have physically changed when I slam them into trees off the tee-box.

Although some of the changes we have seen during 2020 have been awful, there have been many positives for disc golf. PDGA memberships, discs sold, and interest in the sport are at an all-time high. The PDGA reports that memberships are up above 15% from the previous year and tour events are up over 15% worldwide (with a 12.91% increase in the USA, and at least a 20% growth in Europe, Canada, Africa/Asia, and Latin America). And I’ve been told that not everyone in that 15% growth is a former Ultimate Frisbee player, despite what you may be hearing out there.

Unfortunately, some of the changes haven’t been great for disc golfers. Higher interest in the sport means courses are seeing more traffic, tournaments are seeing larger waitlists, and it has become tougher to find new discs due to production and stock issues.

On the topic of finding new discs, it feels like this could be an easier problem to solve. The PDGA has strict technical standards for all disc manufacturers, so there are only a finite number of possible combinations in making discs.

Golf Disc Dimensions Explanation

If there are only a limited number of configurations allowed, then there must be discs that I would love out there that I haven’t tried to throw yet. It also means, there should be multiple options to replace my favorite lost, out of stock, or out of production disc.

In disc golf, sometimes great results happen due to skill, and sometimes they happen due to sheer luck. I need all the luck I can out on the course, so I will defer to the data in answering this question.

Using data from the Infinite Blog, I wanted to see what brands/discs were popular, and what other discs could be considered.

Let’s first look at what disc types make the Top 20 most often from the past 3 months.

Disc Types in the Top 20

Interesting to note that Control Drivers make the list the fewest number of times. Though I don’t have much arm speed or skill in general, I noticed that I also bag more distance drivers than control drivers.

Now let’s see which brands show up the most in the Top 20 data.

Disc Golf Brands in Top 20

The big brands make up most sales, but we see some other great, smaller brands too. Now let’s see which individual discs appear most on the Top 20 data we are examining.

Individual Discs that made the top 20 most often

So, given today’s out of stock issues and the rise of some great new brands, I wanted to identify which discs are just as worth throwing as the most popular discs using disc dimensions provided by the PDGA, flight numbers provided by manufacturers, and all other data I could find.

It was eye opening to see how many similar options were out there from both big and small brands. The below table shows some of my findings.

Disc Similar Alternative 1 Similar Alternative 2 Similar Alternative 3
Distance Driver Destroyer Discraft Surge Axiom Discs Defy MVP Photon
Control Driver Sphinx Discraft Heat Westside Discs Underworld Legacy Mongoose
Control Driver FD Latitude 64 River Gateway Assassin Kastaplast Falk
Mid Range Buzzz Innova Colt Axiom Theory DGA Squall
Putt & Approach Zone Dynamic Discs Suspect MVP Entropy Infinite Discs Ruin
Putt & Approach Aviar Discmania Link Yikun Discs Claws Infinite Discs Alpaca

If you’re interested in seeing alternatives for other discs, I’ve compiled this research into a web tool. This is a great tool to help you find discs golf discs similar to your favorites when they are sold out. Check it out here: www.TryDiscs.com

The quest to find my perfect disc is still ongoing. I may never get there but the journey of throwing and trying new discs is most of the fun.

This is a guest post submitted by Hasan Iqbal

Author Bio:

Hasan grew up in Georgia and has become obsessed with disc golf since he started playing in 2018. Hasan attended Georgia State University and the University of Delaware and is now working as a data scientist. In his spare time, Hasan has been working on Try Discs to help disc golfers find their next favorite disc. He can regularly be found on the wonderful courses around metro Atlanta with his dog, Scooby.

Best Disc Golf Discs for Ultimate Frisbee Players

Boy playing Ultimate Frisbee

With the global pandemic shutting down much of organized Ultimate in 2020, many Ultimate Frisbee players have picked up disc golf as a new hobby.

While these are both flying disc sports, the flight of Ultimate discs is substantially different than that of most disc golf discs. Ultimate Frisbee players are able to adapt to and excel at disc golf faster than many without frisbee backgrounds, but learning to throw disc golf discs can be a frustrating experience.

In this article we are going to discuss the best golf discs for ultimate frisbee players. We’re going to go over some of the different golf discs that fly and feel more like Ultimate Frisbees, and provide tips for helping Ultimate players transition to disc golf.

We’ve asked hundreds of Ultimate players for their feedback and have assembled our own local panel of players to help us determine the absolute best frisbee golf discs for the Ultimate player.

Best Discs Overall

The overwhelming feedback from Ultimate to Disc Golf converts is to start out with putters and midrange discs. From our online voting, these are the top 15 golf discs recommended for the Ultimate Frisbee player. Note that not a single driver made the top 15.

Rank Disc Name Disc Type
1 Innova Mako3 Midrange
2 Innova Sonic Putter
3 Discraft Buzzz Midrange
4 Discraft Comet Midrange
5 Infinite Discs Anubis Midrange
8 Innova Zephyr Specialty Disc
6 Discraft Buzzz SS Midrange
7 Discraft Meteor Midrange
9 Innova Aviar Putter
10 Innova Condor Specialty Disc
11 Discraft Zone Approach Disc
12 Innova Nova Putter
13 Innova Polecat Putter
14 Innova Fuse Midrange
15 Dynamic Discs Truth Midrange

It’s also interesting to note that almost all of the most highly recommended discs are made by the top two brands Innova and Discraft. It’s no surprise that a high number of Ultimate players choose Discraft as this brand is by far the #1 choice for Ultimate Frisbees.

Best Putters for Ultimate Players

According to our online feedback, the following are the best putters for Ultimate Players. In general, the more understable flying putters — like the Innova Sonic, and the deep dish putters were recommended.

1 Sonic
2 Aviar
3 Zone
4 Dart
5 Nova
5 Polecat
5 Rattler
7 Luna
8 Fierce
9 Myth
9 Sol
10 Banger GT
11 Birdie
12 Challenger
13 Cohort
14 Deputy
15 Ruru
15 Tui

Best Midrange Discs For Ultimate Players

When it comes to Midranges, neutral flying wide diameter mids were the most highly recommended.

1 Innova Mako3
2 Discraft Buzzz
3 Discraft Comet
4 Infinite Discs Anubis
5 Discraft Buzzz SS
6 Discraft Meteor
7 Latitude 64 Fuse
8 Dynamic Discs Truth
9 Innova Roc
10 Innova Shark
11 Innova Cobra
12 Prodigy M4
13 Innova Tomahawk
14 DD Emac Truth
15 Discraft Archer

Best Drivers for Ultimate Frisbee Players

While drivers are the most difficult for Ultimate Players to get used to, once they do they absolutely love getting the incredible distance that only a bevel edge golf disc can provide. While many like to recommend the low speed drivers that are best for normal beginners, many Ultimate players can handle understable high speed drivers after just a few throws. Listed below are the most recommended drivers for the Ultimate convert.

1 Infinite Discs Maya
2 Discraft Avenger SS
3 Innova Leopard
4 Innova Roadrunner
5 Latitude 64 Diamond
6 Innova Shryke
7 Innova Teebird
8 Innova Sidewinder
9 Discmania FD
10 Discraft Hades
11 Axiom Insanity
12 TSA Mantra
13 Latitude 64 River
14 Infinite Discs Sphinx
15 DGA Sail

What are the best golf discs for Ultimate players?

To help us out, we’re looking for feedback from people who now play disc golf who began with an Ultimate background. In the comments below, please let us know what disc golf drivers, midrange discs, and putters were best for you as you learn disc golf.

We’re gathering some more data and once we have it will provide a lot more data to help you determine the best disc for the ultimate player. Once we have that data, this post will be updated.



Disc Golf Beginner Tips from Dave Feldberg

In this disc golf clinic, professional disc golfer and coach Dave Feldberg discusses basic disc golf tips for beginners. These tips will help you to improve your disc golf skills and have more fun on the course.

Three Tips for New Disc Golfers

1. Choose a beginner friendly course. Disc golf is meant to be fun. It is not fun playing courses that are too difficult and frustrating for your skill level. It is not fun to lose, or even spend lots of time looking for your new expensive disc golf discs. Most disc golfers who learn to play on easy courses are the ones who become lifers and are still playing today.

2. Buy used and inexpensive discs when you start. Used discs are more understable and so generally work better for beginners. Until you have played enough that you’ve mastered basic control, you don’t really know which discs you should be getting anyways. Once you feel comfortable, head over to Infinite Discs where you can buy inexpensive disc golf discs. You can purchase on sale discs, x-outs, misprints, and bulk sets for extra savings.

3. Don’t Imitate but build good habits. Dave’s third disc golf beginner tip is don’t imitate. Everybody is different. You don’t have the same length arms, you don’t have the same body type, speed, height, or weight. Learn how to throw biomechanically, with the proper technique which does not have to be the exact same as the way someone else throws. When you throw biomechanically you are throwing like in any sport. There is a correct way to move your arms, your legs, your head, the timing and the whole thing. Be sure to build good habits as building bad habits is hard to break. If you learn the correct technique at the beginning it is harder to have moderate success in the beginning, but by the end you will be the better player.

Farthest Flying Putters and Top Selling Putters by Brand

What are the top selling putters for each disc golf brand and which one flies the farthest?

This is the question nobody is asking, but a lot of people are curious to find the answer to thanks to lots of extra Covid 19 stay at home time.

In this video, professional disc golfer Drew Gibson helps us answer these all important questions. He also likely sets the world putter distance record for about ten different disc brands.

If you’re concerned that you can’t throw a putter 500 feet, don’t be. Drew is one of the most powerful and farthest throwers in the world. Most disc golfers are happy to throw a driver the distance he gets the Stego to go.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters by Brand

For this video, Drew used our top selling putter, over the last six months, from each disc golf brand. We carry over 40 different disc brands, but several of those brands are mostly irrelevant or no longer producing discs, so we didn’t bother including putters of disc golf brands unless their best selling at least made our top 75 putters list. The big brands like Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic Discs have dozens of different putters that all sell well. By comparison the top selling putter from Viking is not as popular as the 17th best selling putter from Innova.

Note, the Reptilian Stego thrown in this video is not really considered a putter, but as you can tell, in terms of distance it doesn’t go nearly as far as a putter, so Drew thought it would be good to compare that unique utility disc here.

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