2021 State of Disc Golf Survey

The Covid 19 pandemic caused havoc for disc golf during 2020. Its effects strained the supply chain, disrupted tournaments, and even closed many courses. But the effects of the pandemic also caused unprecedented growth for the sport.

With disc golf growing at an unprecedented pace, your input matters more than ever. The results this survey provides are beneficial for sponsors, tournament directors, disc golf companies, and parks departments considering adding disc golf.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close on January 31st.

To review topics covered in past State of Disc Golf surveys, click the “State of Disc Golf” category in the sidebar for any appropriate year, or just click this link here.


Disc golf related prizes of all types will be given to random winners who fill out the survey. Past years prizes have included discs, bags, and portable disc golf baskets.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and disc golf social media groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey within this blog post, click this link  https://forms.gle/FxYv3w5zDfL9pC9R8 to open the survey in a new tab.


  • Brian Lee Phillips

    Simple and fun little survey, worth taking

  • Favorite survey to take each year. And I always look forward to the results.

  • I take this survey every year. But I felt like the tournament-related questions didn’t really fit well for 2020. It asked whether I played a tournament in 2020. I did not, because I play local monthlies, and they were all shut down due to covid-19. Then, because I answered ‘no’ to 2020 tournaments, it asked why I don’t play tournaments. None of the answers were relevant to me because I DO play tournaments. I just couldn’t in 2020.

  • Looking forward to the results.

  • Why don’t you play in disc golf tournaments?

    Due to covid most tournaments in my area were cancelled. Squirrel Creek at Condon Park is my home course.

  • Love taking the survey each year. Thanks

  • Would enjoy playing a tournament, but because if MT age, there are no brackets in tournaments in my area. I would be put in a age bracket where I would have little or no chance.

  • Nice survey! One small thing, the matrix with Very Understable on the left fried my brain — Very Overstable goes in the left column, Very Understable goes in the right, lol.

  • I answered yes to tournaments, and no matter what number I said that I had played, my next page was, “why not tournaments?”

    I left it at the 16-17 that I played, but it seemed like the wrong page for the response.

  • Your oldest age group is 61-70. It is a little demoralizing as I am 72. The group I usually play with are all over 70.

  • I didn’t play in any pdga sanctioned tournaments, might have done 1 or 2 but COVID. I did play in my local club championship. Also I was sad to miss out on tournaments like trilogy challenge, and mvp vs axiom die to cancelations.

  • These survey results help me convince parks departments that disc golf is popular and deserving of more courses. Keep the data coming!

  • The reason I don’t play tournaments is because I am 75 years old so unless I am willing to pay almost $100.00 to play a PDGA tourny I am not going to play against anyone near my age..

  • Did 20 out of 34 pages and then the drop down won’t appear under the “how many discs do I own” section, and won’t let me go forward because it’s required. I see the link to try a different way but it looks like I have to start over. Gah!

  • The survey froze several times. I couldn’t finish it!

  • Question about how COVID impacted my employment did not apply as I am retired but it is a required field.
    I also do not really have a “favorite” brand of disc as I throw a mixed bag of whatever discs work best for me.

  • Favorite tournament format? Doubles.
    how do you feel about nighttime disc golf? I love it.
    Do you wish there were more glow discs? Yes.

  • Seriously you don’t have ESTONIA in “Where do you live?” question?????
    What the actual frick

  • Shawn Christophersen

    On the tournament questions . . . I play a lot of tournaments as many as I can. In fact I would play more but one thing that keeps me from playing in a tournament that was not specifically on the list is but may have been implied is if there are tournament rounds on Sunday. It seems more and more this is happening and for me if this is the case I choose not to play in them. I know that I am certainly in the minority in this regard but I think it would be an interesting statistic to look into? Just my thoughts. Thanks guys great survey I enjoy participating and seeing the results.