2019 State of Disc Golf Survey

While the United States federal government might not be ready for the State of the Union address, we are ready to start gathering data for the 2019 State of Disc Golf Survey. A lot has changed in the disc golf world in 2018, and your input matters. The results this survey provides are beneficial for potential sponsors, tournament directors, disc golf companies, and parks departments considering adding disc golf.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.


Large and small prizes will be given to random winners who fill out the survey. Past years prizes have included discs, backpack bags, and disc golf practice baskets.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and social media disc golf groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey Click this link to go directly to the survey.



  • I have multiple bags. Different sizes and styles. And a cart too

    • Same here. First, I don’t much care about scores—just like the feeling of good shots. My skill level can be either Beginner/Recreational, Intermediate, or Advanced depending on the type of shot (as an old, slow arm I don’t throw very far but can beat most players I encounter at a 150 foot mid-range shootout, especially with obstacles).

      Second, I really enjoy seeing what different discs do, either the same type of discs from different manufacturers, or a selection of discs from the same manufacturer. I currently have full Discraft, MVP and Vibram bags I might use on different days (have enough discs to form an Innova bag but haven’t bothered to put one together. But I do carry a blended bag more often than not. I do usually use a cart (a smaller one—Zuca Compact. Counting from the round I played yesterday, currently seventeen Vibram, MVP, Discraft, Innova and ABC discs, though I could tuck in another 3-4. Was all Vibram the day before.).

      That helps keep my home course interesting (I walk to it and play a couple rounds most days).

      This survey doesn’t come close to capturing all that but then, it would have to be much longer/more complicated to do so. For what it is, seems pretty good and I’ll be interested in the results

  • Great survey. Hope it helps disc golf grow. Would like to see it in the Olympics

    • D.G. would be an excellent olympic event.
      Kinda like discus but with weed and beer.
      Both of which I’m the favored gold medal winner

  • What will happen with these answers?

  • Disc is great I wish I had more time to play!

  • I have a double nut sac bag and a backpack, which is wearing out way to quick; next large purchase will be a cart and umbrella.

    tournaments are too expensive for recreational players, I play tournaments to check my PDGA rating. At my age, 61, multiple day tournaments are too exhausting in summer heat. I look for single day tournaments. Really prefer playing minis for competition and to meet people. I play twice a week with a buddy, and once more at a mini. I consider myself intermediate skill level for my age, but it does not match the actual ratings for younger players. There is way too much focus on being “professional”. We need an organization that caters to amateur players instead of the PDGA. Believe more courses and activities are needed for the”beginner” and non-enthusiast level players. Most clubs cater to the younger hard-core players, naturally, but this leaves out the casual players who need to be encouraged.

    • I agree with a organization that focuses on amatuers. PDGA takes money from amatuers and gives it to Pros in tournaments. An amatuer winner doesn’t even get their money back in prizes when they win in most cases. To much emphasis on courses designed for pros. 800 foot holes are a little to long for 12 year old girls and it discourages them from playing.

  • It’s free and my kids can enjoy going

  • I already filled out the survey, it is long and time consuming.! Everyone should get a $5 dollar voucher to spend at Infinite Discs,for their time and helping. I think Disc Golf is alive and well, and we are getting closer in 2019, for this sport to go go more mainstream.

  • Since infinite put out the Pharaoh I am really keeping an eye on them. What an amazing disc.

  • Most carts from Zuca allow you to use your backpack style bag with the cart.

  • Just a comment on a couple questions that weren’t designed well:

    The one that asks if you’ve played in a tourney in 2018, and then the follow ups that assume it meant you’ve never played in tournaments or don’t want to. Just didn’t work out last year!

    Same with the question about if “par” matters – yes! Because I like keeping track of my +/-, not because it changes how I play.

    • Agree. I’m not competitive and rarely track overall score, but I’m certainly interested in what the course designer designates as par on each hole, and enjoy trying to meet or beat par, hole by hole.

  • State of Disc Golf Survey Complete for Axiom Disc Basket Giveaway. Thank You

  • Brett Stone #12332

    Iam the OG in Emporia Kansas. Was one of 7 individuals to put the first course in Jones Park 1989 and have been so excited how it’s blown up here. For those who think more needs to beginners we have a bag tag league pay one time for the year $5. Everyone puts there tag in mix
    everyone up so pros play with ams, beginners, you meet new people hangout after talk about round if asked help the newer players it’s amazing. And for the younger kids alternate T-pads it’s only hard to make this sport not the way you want it is by doing nothing to make it the way you see it being better TD a amateur, beginners,tournamentmake your payouts toward those divisions. MOST FUN WINS! PEACE

  • Interesting survey.

  • Thank you for putting the survey together.

    My deepest passion in disc golf currently is to contribute as much as I am able to furthering the cause of maintenance and care of our courses. I want to see more Porta potty’s on the courses. I would like course maintainance with the playability in mind, like roughs which are difficult to play out of while still difficult to lose discs in.

    Poor maintenance of our established large courses and even small training courses will discourage new players from continuing to play. I have heard it said about some courses that play so difficult because of overgrown vegetation cause people to quit playing. Maintenance is fundamental to our growth. Another professional disc golfer I like is Clint Calvin who just shortly after winning a Championship was out doing course maintenance because I read the article in the San Diego Newspaper.

    My great pleasure to help at Disc Downtown Peoria in 2018 allowed me to meet members of the Peoria Frisbee Club. I was honored to be seeing the results from volunteers who maintain the courses and got to throw with a few. The courses there are very well done

  • Interesting survey..glad I was able to give some input and maybe help in some way…cheers

  • Fantastic survey! Would love to see the results when complete!

  • Such an american survey. When will you stop being so obsessed by yourself? Go abroad to learn something about the world out of US? No wonder ppl do not like Americans…
    I am from Czech republic. Discgolf is really growing here last 7 years. THere are aplmost no pdga sancioned events as majority of the courses are 9 holes only. But PGDA ignores that. Rating is therefore useless and almost impossible to get better locally… whatever. it would be long and useless anyway. Njoy your US bubble you live in…

  • Growing the sport one survey at a time. Loving it!! Great company and awesome discs selection!!!⛓-

  • Grow the sport. The world needs more disc golfers and courses.

  • Tried to take this survey 3 times. Got to page 30 and it kicked me all 3 times. Aggravated as Heck.

  • "Lightning" Don Bush

    I throw “Lightning” discs (Not on your list). I have a Grip bag and a jogging stroller.

  • I chose discs based on their profile and feel of the plastic. The brand doesn’t matter

  • Would love to see an “N/A” type option for some questions such as “have new courses been built in your area” and “have courses been removed in your area”. Frankly, I have no idea, and marking 0 skews the results. I also agree with a multiple bags/carts option! Excited to participate in this again. Thanks for doing this!

  • These types of surveys are more of what we need to provide insight into Disc Golf, and use for the bettering the sport! Great job as always infinite!

  • I just had double knee replacement – so I’m looking forward to playing more.