2016 State of Disc Golf Survey

Infinite Discs State of Disc Golf Survey 2016

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the past year and add your contribution to the biggest survey in disc golf. This survey is extremely valuable to us and everyone involved in disc golf. The results will provide beneficial data for disc golf manufacturers, tournament directors, promoters, and parks departments that need evidence of the growth and potential of disc golf. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close the last day of January.


Over $1,000 of prizes given away to those who fill out this year’s survey. Prizes include discs, backpack bags, and a brand new disc golf practice basket. Last year we had over 9,000 responses, and we hope that number will continue to grow this year. Please share this survey with all of your disc golf friends and social media disc golf groups. Again, the results to this survey are invaluable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey on mobile devices. Click this link to go directly to the survey.


  • The game is a retreat into God’s works

  • New to the sport love it

  • I want to say thank you for always having what everyone needs. Also a big thank you for sponsoring go ham disc golf. I know big John disappeared and stopped making videos but it was always awesome watching him open the new boxes from you.

  • Great contest! Thanks! I’m poor and an avid disc golf fan.

  • Just love to play the game!

  • Great survey with great questions. Hopefully we will see results from this survey.

  • Glad to see other people trying to get disc golf big

  • Steve baumgartner

    Good survey, covered a good range of topics.

  • I am hoping to see great things this year from Axiom and MVP. Infinitediscs.com your site is very influential in my disc purchases. Thankyou for all the information that is provided when learning about a new disc.

  • Great survey
    Always happy to help grow the sport

  • Good survey about general disc golf activities. I hope this helps to expand the sport in the future!

  • Need a NYC course

  • I have a friend who introduced me to disc golf. She passed away this year, and I’m planning to host a disc golf tournament in Utah as a sort of memorial for her. I plan 5k events so am taking some time to learn the tourney format so I do a decent job. Also – Scott Stokely came through here and offered a Disc Golf session for special needs players – I took my 15 year old daughter who has a mild left side paralysis and she loved it. I am truly appreciative that he offered this and opened up a sport for her.

  • Have been playing over 30 years. I am glad I learned, introduced to the sport

  • Good stuff guys! Looking forward to seeing the results

  • Thanks for doing these!

  • I love these surveys, it’s a great way to see the progression of disc golf year to year.

  • If I took this 5 years ago my answers would be different. The courses are becoming longer and my drives remain the same. So I have played less. I am dedicated to upping my play this year tho.

  • Ace Race Champs Hyrum Utah 2015 after one month of playing. Woohoo!

  • I plan on practicing more and entering more tournaments this year. It’s a fun sports to play!

  • Chuck plastic, live better, live longer

  • Thanks for your part in growing the sport!

  • Pretty thorough questionare should have some questions of if people’s local disc courses have trash recepticals

  • This was a very good survey I enjoyed taki it

  • I enjoyed taking his survey

  • Good survey. We just found dg this year and are completely hooked.

  • Love the sport and look to grow myself and the sport!

  • Good survey

  • Look forward to growing the sport

  • I like things.

  • Disc golf is getting ever bigger in my area, except in the winter. I’ve only been getting serious about playing the past few years, so still learning rules and regulations. You guys keep on keepin on. Disc golf is a great sport.

  • Hope I win! I’d love to grow my disc collection! I’m starting to consider joining the local disc golf club since I was asked about it in the survey and I never really thought of it

  • I love the sport of disc golf and hope to work with our municipality to install another course this year.

  • Chadwick Vandergalien

    Eat sleep and breath disc

  • Lots of questions

  • Love it, the sport is growing so much the past few years! With the amount of new people playing would love to see people pick up trash or carry out trash that you see or bring in, not that difficult! Lets keep the courses open and clean for all!

    • Love this survey. I believe it’ll help grow the sport even more with everyone’s opinions!

    • Just wanna say I love it when i see everyone having respect for the players and the courses. And just keep puttin your trash in the cans or your bags!Keepin it free, clean, hella fun AND real is Def the way to go!Happy chain banging,From “The WiNdY city”!

  • Let’s hope for a great year this year and hope lots will join in on the fun

  • Disc golf has been my favorite thing to do in my free time these last 10 years and can’t wait to try new courses this year.

  • This survey is a great idea.

  • Great Sport – Our group of players continues to grow.

  • I love disc golf! It has been a solid fraction of my life since 2013 and I don’t plan on stopping…hoping to get my son into it more this year…he is only 1 1/2 but he loves it already!

  • I got into frisbee golf at Morley field in San Diego back in the 80’s – took some time away and came back after the conversion to Discs. Now I play on the weekends with friends. I just love the sport.

  • Best sport I have been apart of. Love the family time you can have on a course. Love to play and watch tourneys. So many good and great players to watch huk. #PKDG #alaskathrown

  • Love to play disc golf. it’s relaxing and frustrating at the same time.. I’m not a pro but like to think I could be.. ( what am I kidding these pro’s throwing 500+ ) McBeast!!!.. I like though that no matter your age teen or elderly you can have a good time playing.

  • A little obsessed

  • David christensen

    I hope my answers help grow the sport of disc golf!

  • Great activity as a solo, but much better as a group.

  • Just started in 2015 and love the sport. Way more fun than ball golf, and the courses in our area we free, so I plan to keep playing for quite a while.

  • Best sport ever! Love that it is free to play and the challenge of the game.

  • more feedback on 2nd and third disc choices.

  • Disc golf is growing by leaps and bounds. We have an obligation to grow the sport and grow with it. We take care of the courses, fellow players, and ourselves. #JUSTBEAWESOME

  • Goes o so well with my ingress meandering

  • I would like to see each local club take ownership of each local course. Schedule work days in 2016 to properly maintain and keep each course clean and safe.

  • I love this sport. I love the skill it takes to play. I love the people who play. I would love to see new courses pop up. I do think we can always do a better job of promoting the sport. We definately need to be more respectful of the courses and other golfers by picking up trash and help keeping the courses maintained.

  • Let’s get disc golf to the top in the active lifestyle sports in the world! Keep on sharing discs with others and spreading the disc-ease (disease) haha!!

  • Anthony Alexander

    This is a pretty great survey! Maybe they should have asked preference for disc speed? I’m dropping down to 9’see for my drivers. Comparable distance for more control!

  • I think more private pay to play courses is the future for disc golf.

  • I new to disc golf last year. I Love It. Hope to keep getting better in 2016

  • Lost 70 pounds and gained lots of friends playing dg this year.

  • As I am only a third year player, but truly love the game. I am excited for anthing new that brings growth and exposure to the sport.

  • think you should separate beginner and recreational
    I am Not a beginner, but def. Rec.

  • The growth the disc golf has grown tremendously and will continue. look forward to getting out to throw/play again once the healing process is complete.. unability to walk is a detrament to playing this sport. perhaps i should say 18 baskets or more..practice is still a must which is accomplished

  • Like to grow the sport in our area to include high school teams, no luck with the system so far

  • Just started playing this year, own my own business and sell disc in my store through chux plastics.

  • One cannot explain discgolf to another. One must take a new player to the course and let them experience discgolf first hand.

  • I would love access to professional presentation materials, information, and statistics so that I can have the best chance when petitioning local government to authorize new disc golf courses and projects.

  • Thanks for doing this survey and making it better every year. Out here in Cali, we have an equally ambitious survey in progress for players to rate the courses which offer both disc golf and ball golf. And, just like yours, we’re giving away lots of prizes for participants, thanks to 14 different California-based sponsors. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2015calidualgolf

  • I love disc golf

  • Disc golf is healthy!

  • The game may have grown but not matured. Jump putters are exempt from footfault rule. Which is a major fault with rules. PDGA only has a 35% member retention level. PDGA is an elitist organization that discriminates against amateurs by giving amateur tournament money to pros. More development in Disc design is occurring which is a positive.

  • Agree that more input on 2d choices should be sought

  • A well thought out survey.

  • Would be interesting to see more questions re pay-to-play, particularly on ball golf courses. In 2015, dual golf blew up in California, where 9 out of 19 new courses in 2015 were installed in operating ball golf facilities.

  • Love the sport hope to start to see some new courses

  • Can you please make it so it reads MVP/Axiom? They are the same company owned and operated by Chad and Brad Richardson. I felt like I had to click back and forth between MVP and Axiom which takes away votes.

  • My rants:
    Two day tournaments are a burden to most disc golfers. Tourney days that run from 9am until 8pm are absurd. Pace of play rules need to be enforced. TD’s need to quit trying to play in their tourneys or they need a solid group of volunteers to help out if they do play.
    My compliments:
    The sport continues to grow. Municipalities are seeing the benefit of disc golf in their communities. More ball golf courses are putting baskets in to supplement their income.
    My dream:
    More pay to play courses.

  • I have been playing off and on for 20years, when I was first introduced to the game I was hooked! I played five days a week for three years straight.
    I quit playing for a while then I would start up agian.my ex wife threw my bag and discs away when I went to rehab for my addiction. I started playing agian in Oct of 2015 slowly buying plastic as it was available thru our club there are so many different choices out there it was hard to decide which to go with because I wanted to try them all but I’m on a limited budget lol. I decided to go with legacy because they do a lot of events and clinics in our area, also a few of our club members are sponsored by legacy so plastic and bags ect are more easily accessible for me I’m not an online shopper I need to touch it feel it before I buy it. I love this sport not only is it great exercise its a great way of life and the ppl I meet are always nice, helpful and respectful.

  • Heard of this sport years ago but didn’t start playing until 2015 due to lack of knowledge (location of courses/disc brands/etc.), but very glad I got into it.

  • I’ve been playing for 6 months straight. I’m addicted and can’t stop, literally. I have to play at least twice a week at least!!

  • Disc golf saved me from a deep depression probably wouldn’t be here today without the sport and the family I gained through the communitee

  • Wow, great survey. I could go on…but I won’t. Great survey, enough said. 🙂

  • I think legacy and Westside are my favorite brands right now.

  • Age discrimination should be addressed. If a protected division isn’t offered during online registration. You can’t sign up. Drive to tournament to find “you have to play up”. Why? The division wasn’t offered during sign up. PDGA has said “we offer protected tournaments”, yeah, like 6 hours away. B tier and above should offer all divisions. Also, why are non members able to play and members excluded in lower tournaments. Membership should have it’s privileges.

  • I would have included questions about course design in the questionnaire. The biggest problem in my area is drainage. If it rains, you will be playing in mud for days.

    Perhaps, too, a question about, “What do you intend to purchase?” I’m waiting out for a pair of shoes with a protected toe.

  • Ray "Sunny" Stout

    I’m glad we found this game. It has given my family something we can do for light exercise and outdoor activity.

  • Much better than last year, but it’s still a ‘By and For the Manufacturers’ survey. A ‘State of the Game’ survey would include questions about course quality, course pros and local instruction, player behavior etc.

  • Enjoyable. I second everyone else who said more info about 2nd choices. My first choices are oldies but goodies but many of my 2nd choices are newer up and coming companies like MVP and Axiom.
    I also don’t like the elite-ness of the PDGA. I really havnt seen them do much for the sport other than “run things” and many locals “run things” better.

  • cool survey, but it would of been nice to have a “blank” question at the end asking what other areas we feel are crucial going forward … a few of mine would be what effect(s) all of the competing tours are going to have on the evolution of the sport & the inconsistencies between runs of the same disc model in the same (supposed) plastic by a majority of the manufacturers

  • Disc golf is now an official sport!!! Very exciting for the community, hopefully the sport does increase popularity tremendously in this next year, hope that others will share this very fun game with there friends…