2018 Disc of the Week–Week 7–Westside Harp

Happy President’s Day! Time for this week’s Disc of the Week from Infinite Discs! And this week we are featuring one of the best selling discs in recent years, the Westside Harp!

The Westside Harp is considered by many to be the best approach disc in all of disc golf. The Harp is an overstable putt and approach disc that features a flat top and a somewhat deep dish. The rim is beadless, which allows the Harp to fit in the hand comfortably for both backhand and forehand grips. The Harp will fly straight when given a lot of power, but you can always count on it to have a strong and consistent fade at the end of the flight. As I previously mentioned, the Westside Harp has sold very well in recent years. There are a few factors that likely contribute to this. For one thing, it has become one of the staples in the bag of two-time world champion Ricky Wysocki. He has become famous for slinging his BT Hard Harps exactly where he needs to out on the course. Another contributing factor is the Harp is available in pretty much every plastic blend made by Westside Discs, including the new and beautiful Tournament Burst blend. No matter your preferences in grip and feel, there is a Westside Harp for you! And of course, maybe the most important reason this disc is a great seller is how it performs. This disc is a consistent staple in the disc golf world, and if you have been thinking about giving one a try, now is the time!

This week only take 15% off all Westside Harps in stock at Infinite Discs by using the discount code: DWHARP18. If you already throw the Harp and love it, this is your chance to stock up on some backups! And if you haven’t thrown it yet, take advantage of this offer and find out what you have been missing out on! And of course, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page later today to enter a giveaway!


Who Participated in the State of Disc Golf Survey – Demographics

We plan to spend the next few weeks and months looking over the data from the 2018 State of Disc Golf Survey and sharing the information with the public through this blog. To kick things off, let’s take a look at who participated in the survey this year.  First of all, there were 6,194 survey participants. That is down from last year’s participation, but still represents a large cross-section of players from many locations. Here are the top ten states in the USA in terms of survey participation:

#1 – California – 6.5%
#2 – Texas – 6.1%
#3 – Michigan 5.8%
#4 – New York – 4%
#5 – Ohio – 3.9%
#6 – Illinois – 3.8%
#7 – North Carolina – 3.3%
#8 – Colorado – 3.2%
#9 – Wisconsin – 3.1%
#10 – Utah – 3.0%

There were also several other countries represented with the Scandanavian countries outpacing others.

We were surprised to see Utah hit the #10 spot since it is the home state for Infinite Discs. We admit that we’re happy that our home crowd made their voices heard. That brings up the question, how did survey participants find out about the survey? Here is where they said that they heard about the survey:


That is a full 50% of survey participants coming from Facebook, with another 34.2% coming from either the Infinite Discs website or email newsletter. Other contributing sources were social media sites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, DGCourseReview.com, Instagram, as well as from notifications from the PDGA.

Other interesting demographics from the survey are the male vs. female participation, the age of participants, marital status, and employment status. The biggest gap was between males, making up 94% of participants, while the females made up only 6% of those who took the survey.

The majority of survey participants are also married or in a domestic partnership at 59.4% with 35.6% being single and 5% answering as widowed, divorced, or separated.

Here is the age spread from the survey participants:

We’re excited to see a wide age spread participating in the survey and in the sport of disc golf. We’re also happy to see that disc golf is becoming a popular activity even among those over fifty with survey participants reaching well into their sixties, seventies and a few in their eighties. We’re hoping to see more growth among a younger, teenage crowd, bringing up the next generation of exciting professional and recreational players.

2018 Disc of the Week–Week 6–Infinite Discs Exodus

This week is a very special one in Infinite Discs History! The Infinite Discs Exodus has been released TODAY!!! And we are celebrating by making it our disc of the week!

The Infinite Discs Exodus is the first disc to be released as part of our new partnership with Innova Champion Discs. This initial release of the Exodus is only available in the grippy and durable S-Blend plastic. We got in a few prototypes of the Exodus a few weeks ago, and we have been ecstatic with the way it has performed. It is a stable fairway driver that flies true to its flight numbers of 7/5/-0.5/2. In our experience, this disc will hold very straight for a long time–sneaky long for a 7 speed driver–and then have a strong and predictable fade at the end of the flight. Some of the old timers have even compared it to the old Eagle-L mold. So if this sounds like this disc could be right for you, give it a shot! This first run is only 800 discs, so we expect they will sell out fast!

For this first release week only, you can also take 15% off the Exodus by using the code: DWEXODUS18. And make sure to check out our Facebook page for a giveaway that we will be posting later today! We are pumped about this new chapter at Infinite Discs. Make sure you are a part of it by picking up an Exodus today!


State of Disc Golf 2018 Prize Winners

Infinite Discs has now completed the 2018 State of Disc Gold Survey, and that means we have some prizes to send out. These prizes were donated by some great brand sponsors, who we would like to thank once again for contributing to the success of the survey.

This year’s survey had 5,930 responding participants, so we have a lot of fun data to use as we share those results with the disc golf community in the coming weeks and months. We gave away a couple of prizes while the survey was in progress, to encourage participation.

Here were two of the prize winners along the way:

From the Infinite Discs FACEBOOK Page: Kim Zomberg won a Discraft Chainstar Lite, an excellent new portable basket!

From the Infinite Discs INSTAGRAM Feed: Kevin Stroud won a Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack, which is one of the top backpack bags out there.

Here are the winners from the random drawing at the conclusion:

Discmania Glow C-Line FD3 Winners:
Thomas Brown
Jacob Worlie
Zaq Jones
Christopher Coles
Caleb Miller
Justin Ponsor
Dave Bogaards
Nadia Coccaro
JT King

Innova Hat Winners:
Chad Klodowski
William Shinol
Daniel Panzer
Steven Poppler

Innova Starter Bag Winner:
Jason Bedell

Innova Heropack Winner:

Innova Super Heropack Winner:
Scott Hill

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack Winner:
Michael Eiting

Axiom Pro Basket Winner:
Andy Hock

THANKS AGAIN to these QUALITY BRANDS that donated prizes!



Discmania PDx Finally Available

The stock release of the Discmania PDx has been anticipated for a long time! It first made it’s debut in November of 2015 as a 2016 World’s Fundraiser disc. However, these sold fast and were not easy to get one’s hands on.

Their next appearance was in the form of a McBeast Fundraising disc- equally hard to acquire. Since these teaser releases, the public has been waiting anxiously for the stock release of the PDx.

Now, the wait is over! The PDx has been officially released in C-Line plastic and is now available to the public for purchase. Here at Infinite Discs we have a couple hundred ready to take to the skies!

The PDx has the speed and overstability of Discmania’s meat hook driver PD2 and the control and versatility of Discmania’s possibly best known all-around driver, the PD. The PDx is the perfect combination of these two Discmania favorites. It’s flight rating is shown as 11, 4, 0, 3.

To see our stock of PDx’s, click here!

Stock C-Line PDx

2018 Disc of the Week–Week 5–Dynamic Discs Sheriff

Time for another disc of the week from Infinite Discs! This week we are featuring one of the hottest new discs in the Trilogy lineup–the Dynamic Discs Sheriff.

The Dynamic Discs Sheriff was released in January of 2017, and it has been a pretty big hit. In fact, it was the best selling driver from Dynamic Discs in 2017. The Sheriff is an understable distance driver that fills a key slot for a lot of disc golfers. While it is understable, it isn’t so flippy that throwers with bigger arms can’t use it. But also, it is understable enough that some newer players and smaller arms have been able to get distance that they couldn’t get before. It has a large rim, but isn’t uncomfortably large and should fit and feel comfortable in most players’ hands. The Sheriff has been a consistent seller since its release, and it looks like that isn’t going to change anytime soon!

If you have been thinking about giving the Dynamic Discs Sheriff a “shot” (get it?), now is the time to do it! And if you already love the Sheriff, here is your chance to stock up! All Dynamic Discs Sheriff discs are 15% off this week only when you use the discount code: DWSHERIFF18. Also make sure to enter our Facebook page giveaway that we will be posting later today!

2017 Disc of the Week–Week 4–Gateway Wizard

Another week closer to disc golf season means another disc of the week! This one is another oldie but goodie–The Gateway Wizard.

The Wizard is one of my personal favorites, and I know I am not alone! The Wizard is one of the best selling putters of all time. The Wizard is one of the deepest putters on the market and features a significant bead on the rim. Part of what makes the Wizard so popular is its versatility. With great glide and a predictable straight flight path with a slight overstable finish, the Wizard is one of the best driving putters on the market. Also with a nice comfortable fit in the hand, this disc is great for the short game as well. Adding to its versatility is the plethora of plastic blends it is available in. Gateway is notorious for making tons of putter plastic blends, and they are pretty much all available in the Wizard. Pretty much any disc golfer should be able to find a Wizard in a plastic blend that is perfect for them!

This week only, take 15% off the Gateway Wizard by using discount code: DWWIZARD18. If you are an avid Wizard thrower like me, or if you have been looking for a new putter to try out, now is the perfect time to grab one! Also, it is the off season! So stock up on your practice putters! And as always, make sure to checkout our Facebook page for a giveaway later today!


STAMP WARS 2018 – Final Round Discs Are Available

The discs are here and the final round of STAMP WARS 2018 has begun! We have the exact same quantities of the exact same disc models for each of the four stamps, with discs from both Innova and Trilogy. The big winner will be decided by the quantity sold. The stamp that sells the most or the fastest will win. The champion will be declared either at the end of February when we see which stamp has the fewest remaining, OR when one of the stamps drops below 50 discs remaining (whichever comes first).

The grand prize designer will received a $250 gift card to Infinite Discs, and then we’ll continue to feature the winning stamp on discs from multiple manufacturers throughout the year. So, pick your favorites and influence the outcome with your purchases!

Here are the four finalists:

Shawn Christophersen – Infinite Dragon

CLICK HERE to shop for the STAMP WARS Infinite Dragon

Eric Beich – Always Watching

CLICK HERE to shop for the STAMP WARS Always Watching

Roland Resendez – Angler Fish

CLICK HERE to shop for the STAMP WARS Angler Fish

Alan Bodily – Lotus Skull

CLICK HERE to shop for the STAMP WARS Lotus Skull

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