Top 50 Best Selling Discs of July 2021

As a replacement to the Top 20 Tuesday, we now have the Top 50 monthly best sellers. This should be a more complete comparison of what was hot at Infinite Discs during the month, rather than a weekly stock report. We’re excited to see how it goes.

As was customary, we will count the disc AND plastic type for each spot, so it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each time in a different plastic type. This also helps you to know which discs sold the most in which plastics.

Here are the top 50 bestselling discs of July 2021 at Infinite Discs:

Top 50 Best Sellers – July 2021

#1 – Neutron HEX
#2 – R-Pro PIG
#3 – D-Blend ALPACA
#5 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#6 – Opto RIVER
#7 – Signature Glow C-Blend SCEPTER
#8 – Halo Star WRAITH
#9 – I-Blend MAYA
#10 – Titanium Swirl FLX ZONE
#11 – Star DESTROYER
#12 – R2 Neutron ANODE
#13 – ESP XS
#14 – R2 Neutron ION
#15 – Z Glo Sparkle UNDERTAKER
#16 – Royal Sense FAITH
#17 – R2 Neutron SPIN
#18 – Tour Series Z BUZZZ OS
#19 – I-Blend X-Out MAYA
#20 –Eclipse 2.0 REACTOR
#21 – Star WRAITH
#22 – Royal Grand TRUST
#23 – Jawbreaker ZONE
#24 – Jawbreaker FORCE
#25 – Halo Star LEOPARD3
#26 – Tour Series Metallic Z FIERCE
#27 – Signature ESP ANAX
#28 – Tour Series Metallic Z LUNA
#29 – I-Blend X-Out PHARAOH
#30 – Z Line AVENGER SS
#31 – Ground Plastic RUNE
#32 – I-Blend SPHINX
#33 – Cryztal FLX Sparkle BUZZZ
#34 – Tour Series Galactic AVIAR
#35 – DX AVIAR
#36 – Tour Series ESP NUKE OS
#37 – CryZtal HEAT
#38 – Tour Series ESP IMPACT
#39 –Tour Series Metallic Z NUKE
#40 – Z Line METEOR
#41 – Tour Series ESP ARCHER
#42 – 400G D2
#43 – Fission PHOTON
#44 – Cosmic Neutron PHOTON
#45 – Prime Burst DEPUTY
#46 – Champion FIREBIRD
#47 – Opto DIAMOND
#48 – Big Z ZONE
#49 – Nebula PATHFINDER
#50 – Quantum DRACO

The number one spot for July goes to the HEX by Axiom which was debuted during the month with a regular and limited edition. In the number two spot on the chart is the R-Pro PIG which was finally restocked after a long absence. The D-Blend Alpaca putter, a special edition of the Buzzz, and the Halo Star Destroyer finish out the top 5. The chart was dominated by a lot of Ledgestone Edition discs from Discraft, with a good mix of MVP (some new R2 Neutron recycled releases), Innova, and Infinite Discs in there, among other brands. Latitude 64 made a good showing with a couple of good restocks like the Opto River and Opto Diamond, as well as the new Royal line discs, including the Trust mid-range and the Faith putter.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands showed up in the Top 50 for July:

The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

— This month we had asked for a guess of the #3 spot. That spot was taken by the D-Blend ALPACA by Infinite Discs. The winning guess was from Aaron F who wins the gift card this month GOOD JOB!

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #4 spot for August, then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments. Thanks!

New Disc Golf Accessories- Wild Discs

Wild Discs is a new disc golf brand as of this past year. They’ve introduced a handful of new discs to the market as well as some of their own branded disc golf accessories. They are a new brand that takes on some social responsibility. For every item sold of theirs, they are contributing a portion of their sales to a wildlife conservation organization. Whether you are throwing their plastic, or using their gear. You are helping them to contribute and preserve this planet that we live on.

At Infinite Discs, we have added a few more disc golf accessories from Wild Discs. We now carry their microfiber waffle towel, and their grip sack. Providing you another way to get some disc golf gear and support wildlife conservation.

Wild Discs Grip Sack

The Wild Discs Grip Sack will remove moisture from your hands easily in any weather condition. With its clay based filler this will remove moisture from you hands. It will also limit the the amount of powder that will escape the grip bag. This bag will keep your bag clean, and provide better grip on your discs.

This grip sack is only $8.99 and available for purchase at Just look for it under Accessories – Grip Enhancers


Wild Discs Microfiber Waffle Towel

This Wild Discs Microfiber Waffle Towel is a polyester and polyamide blended towel designed to clean dirt, dust, and dry the disc. Build to last with durable and thick material that will keep your discs or hands clean while out on the course. Easy to attach to your bag with a grommet and clip.

This towel is available for purchase on under the “Towels” section. You can buy it for $15.99.

Top 20 Tuesday Takes a Break…for Now

We’ve had a lot of run reviewing the Top 20 best-selling discs every Tuesday for years now. But we’ve decided to take a break from Top 20 Tuesday for the reasons explained below. But first, we need to congratulate JEFF who won the final guessing, picking the Signature Glow C-Blend SCEPTER as the #3 best seller. Good job!


Here’s why we’re taking a break…

For more than a year now, the best-sellers on the Infinite Discs store has basically been reduced to a stock report. Whatever came in that week was usually in the top 20, simply on the merits that it rolled through our door. We are living through a time of serious disc shortages, so weekly “best sellers” often have little to do with popularity and more to do with availability.

That’s not to say that the discs hitting the top 20 aren’t worthy. But often they are only there because they were available that week. Yes, they beat out other available models, but we’re not really seeing the most popular disc models duking it out week after week. In fact, some of the most popular disc models can go many weeks or months without being available at all. Imagine if certain disc like the P2 or the Zeus were actually available to purchase? But they don’t hit the chart simply because we don’t have them.

Here’s what we’re going to do…

Instead of posting what has amounted to weekly restock reports, we’re going to let the entire month go by and then compare sales. Having a month of sales data might create a more meaningful sales comparison. Of course, there will still be popular discs that won’t hit the monthly charts just because they were not available that month. But we feel like there’s a better chance for realistic comparisons this way. Plus, we’ll show the top 50 discs (with plastic types) every month.

You can still guess…

We’ve been giving away a $10 gift card to the first person to guess certain chart positions each week. We’re going to keep the guessing going on the monthly best-sellers. If you’re the first to guess the position for the monthly chart, we’ll send you a $20 gift card!


FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, if you can guess the #3 spot correctly, giving the disc model and plastic type, then we’ll set you up with a $20 gift card after publishing the list. You have to be the first person to guess that particular combination to win. Place your guesses in the comments!

Shipping to the EU Currently Unavailable

To our customers living in the EU, we are sad to announce that we will temporarily disable shipping.

We currently do not have software that will allow us to be compliant with the new VAT requirements effective July 1st. Until we can get an adequate software service, we will be unable to ship any products to countries that belong to the EU.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Top Twenty Tuesday for June 29th 2021

Welcome to the Top 20 Tuesday chart! Every week we take a look at the twenty top-selling discs on the Infinite Discs website, broken down by plastic type as well. So these are the top sellers for the last seven days in order.

Top Twenty Tuesday for June 29th 2021

#4 – Ethereal PATHFINDER
#5 – Cryztal FLX Sparkle BUZZZ
#6 – Z Line BUZZZ
#7 – Tour Series Z NUKE SS
#9 – Big Z CRANK SS
#10 – Prime Burst EMAC JUDGE
#11 – Cryztal Sparkle BUZZZ SS
#12 – DX AVIAR
#13 – Champion MAKO3
#14 – Active Baseline SENSEI
#15 – Tour Series Galactic AVIAR
#16 – Champion TEEBIRD
#17 – Neutron REACTOR
#18 – Big Z ZONE
#19 – Star WRAITH
#20 – Proton INSANITY

The big winner for the last week of sales was the PATHFINDER by Thought Space Athletics, hitting the Top 20 with four different positions with all four plastics and taking the #1 spot. Discraft took a share of the chart with a mix of restocks and Ledgestone editions. Innova took a number of spots with their popular models, though our supply has diminished.

The weekly chart continues to be driven by new releases and whatever happens to come back in stock that week, as supply continues to fall behind the demand for discs. Here is a look at how many times the different brands appeared on the chart this week:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – This week the #11 spot was the Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz SS. We’ve seen fewer correct guesses lately as the discs that hit the chart almost entirely reshuffle every week depending on what comes in stock. Nobody won this week, but give it a shot for next week.

NEXT WEEK: Guess the #3 spot for next week. The first person to get it right (include the disc model and plastic type) will win!



Welcome to the Top 20 Tuesday chart! Every week we take a look at the twenty top-selling discs on the Infinite Discs website, broken down by plastic type as well. So these are the top sellers for the last seven days in order.

Top Twenty Tuesday for June 22nd 2021

#1 – Jawbreaker BUZZZ GT
#2 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#3 – Halo Star WRAITH
#4 – Prime Burst JUDGE
#5 – Prime JUDGE
#7 – Cryztal FLX BUZZZ
#9 – Cryztal FLX Sparkle BUZZZ
#10 – Tour Series ESP SOL
#11 – Z Line BUZZZ
#12 – Champion Glow FIREBIRD
#13 – Star WRAITH
#14 – Gold Line RIVER
#15 – Neutron REACTOR
#16 – Cryztal Sparkle BUZZZ SS
#17 – Ground RUNE
#18 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#19 – Tour Series Z NUKE SS
#20 – ESP NUKE

The #1 spot this week was a blow-out by the special run of Jawbreaker BUZZZ GT discs. A pair of Halo Star discs from INNOVA come in at #2 and #3, followed by the popular JUDGE putter in 4th and 5th place.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands hit the charts this week:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – This week the #10 spot was the Tour Series ESP SOL. Nobody picked the signature SOL to come onto the chart this week, so we do not have a winner this time.

NEXT WEEK: Guess the #11 spot for next week. The first person to get it right (include the disc model and plastic type) will win!


Team Infinite Player Spotlight: Taylor Aubuchon

When I started my journey down the rabbit hole of learning about disc golf and buying discs about 2 years ago, Taylor Aubuchon was the first reviewer I came across. I appreciated Taylor’s succinct reviews that had no extra fluff in them: 60-second reviews, a couple throws from different release angles, flight trackers, and good descriptions of the feel and flight of a specific disc.

The more knowledge I gain, or think I gain, I still find myself looking forward to and immediately clicking on any new videos from Taylor. Taylor can pack just the right amount of information into a short and easily digestible video. Most of Taylor’s videos also end with a discount code to be used at

I reached out for a brief interview to better introduce Taylor to other Infinite followers that may not be aware of his content, social media presence, and mission to grow the game.


What is your disc golf origin story?

In late middle school/early high school (2007/2008), my group of friends and I were introduced to the game through our church’s youth group. I also took my dad and brother out to play and we were all hooked instantly. We were really lucky to have a great course just a few minutes away and started to play relatively seriously early on. Our youth group started a weekly bag tag series, and I even started to run a small doubles charity tournament within that first year.

How long have you been working with Infinite Discs?

Fortunately for me, Infinite started to support me after just my first review video, which was in March 2019. I’ll never be able to thank Dylan enough for believing in the plan I had for a different take on review videos! It’s pretty crazy to see how far I’ve come and how much it’s grown since then.

When did you start posting disc golf videos?

I started posting in March 2019, right when the first run I-Blend Emperors came out. This was a disc I was really excited about and thought it needed some more light shed on it. It was a mediocre video, to say the least, but it got some great feedback and I’ve been trying to improve and refine my style ever since.

How did you develop your signature and succinct review style?

I think as most content creators develop their style it starts out being mostly self-serving. After taking an extended hiatus from the game, my brother introduced me to the Infinite brand. I was hard-pressed to find any reviews or really any content focused on their lineup. Most YouTube reviews I was watching seemed quite long for their purpose, and I couldn’t find any review content on Instagram at the time. I saw an opportunity to create a more concise format that would be able to be pushed to the more underutilized avenues of social media. The original plan was actually to only post them to Instagram. I only created a YouTube channel to be able to share the reviews in Infinite’s comment section.

What disc surprised you the most after reviewing it? (You weren’t expecting to like, flew differently than expected, etc)

Definitely the Aztec. I had never really thrown that kind of straight control driver that still had good distance potential. When the I-Blend test run came out I loved the feel and flight it had, but it beat in just a little too quickly to be super reliable. Thankfully, the color glow run came out shortly after and I’ve had at least two in my bag ever since. The Aztec gives me the control of the Exodus, while not sacrificing much of the extra distance I’d get from bumping up to an Emperor of Pharaoh. If they’re ever looking for a name to put on the color glow Aztec, I know a guy that’d be pretty interested.

What is your favorite Infinite disc?

The Tomb without a doubt. I power grip everything but putts, so the Tomb is a perfect throwing putter for me with its shallow rim. Right now I’m bagging a Splatter S-Blend for overstable, C-Blend for stable, and D-Blend for understable throwing putter slots.

Check out Taylor’s Tomb review here:

Infinite Discs D-Blend Tomb Review

What is your favorite non-infinite disc?

I’ve had a full infinite bag for a bit over a year now, but the hardest disc for me to take out was the Westside Discs Pine. I enjoy a taller, more overstable feeling Midrange that beat into straight fliers. Taking the time to beat a disc into that perfect spot gives you a level of confidence and trust in it that can’t easily be replaced.

Who is your player on tour?

I always look forward to watching Drew Gibson shred out there. Best backhand form on tour!

Do you compete in tournaments? Discuss some local events, results, experiences, etc.

Unfortunately, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve played a local event, but I’m hoping to get back out there soon! 

What are some of your disc golf goals?

Since really diving into content creation, most of my goals center around growing my presence to be able to share these awesome discs with as many people as possible! It’d be awesome to hit 1000 YouTube subscribers someday, but I try not to focus too hard on any specific avenue as there are so many outlets to push to. As far as disc golf specific, I’m always tweaking something in my game. Right now the goal is to develop a more consistent forehand, there’s a reason you’ve never seen me throw a forehand in any video…

Check out Taylor’s full video catalog here:

Taylor Aubuchon – YouTube

What are some of your hobbies outside of and other than disc golf?

Before disc golf, my biggest passions were music and video games. I played in local bands throughout high school and dove pretty deep into music production afterward. I’ve also streamed via Twitch off and on since around 2015. Although music has taken a bit of a back seat recently, I still stream regularly at and would love to talk disc golf, gaming, or music with anyone that wants to stop by!



Be sure to Subscribe to Taylor’s YouTube channel and Follow him on Instagram(tayloraubuchon)!

We will be continuing this series, spotlighting members of Team Infinite from all 4 levels: Signature, Elite, Ambassador, and Core Teams. Please share this article and comment below which player(s) that you would like to hear from!


Get outside and throw some discs. Have an awesome day! 

Morgan Leonard

Molenny Disc Golf

Drew Gibson Apparel

Infinite Discs is now carrying more disc golf apparel. This apparel is unique as a portion of these proceeds will go to Drew Gibson. These proceeds will continue to help Drew tour as has been, the same concept as the tour discs. There are a variety of clothing items that sport his various logos, all to ensure that you can find a style or apparel that suits you. Whether for playing or for lounging, there is somethings for you.

We have a section within the apparel menu that is dedicated to these items. You can find all of Drew’s clothing under “Drew Gibson Apparel“.


There are a variety of caps available. Whether you need a cold weather beanie, a stylish flat brim, a comfortable floppy dad hat, or a good baseball cap; you’ll be able to find a hat that suits your needs.


Drew provides a wide selection of shirts. There are short and long sleeved shirts. They are all cotton based shirts ensuring a good comfortable fit. Be sure to check these shirts out.


The Evo Tie Dye Shorts is a sweat type short that is meant to be comfortable. Its tie die offers a stylish look as well. These shorts also offer a back pocket and hand pockets. You may place a pre-order for these now for $35.00.

  • 9 oz., 80/20 cotton/polyester blend
  • Relaxed fit with tapered knee opening
  • 100% cotton 30 singles face yarn
  • Elastic waistband with flat drawcord
  • Sewn eyelets
  • Sewn fly detail
  • Back pocket & jersey lined hand pockets
  • Woven label
  • Due to the nature of tie dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. We therefore strongly recommend washing these garments only with like-colored garments, as some of the tie dyes may stain light or white colored garments in the wash cycle. Washing the garments in cold water will reduce the possibility of staining.


There are a handful hoodies, some lightweight and others a little bit thicker. There is a variety of colors, and different styled logos.


All preorder items have a tentative shipping date of sometime in the month of June.

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