Disc Information

The Westside King is one of the FASTEST golf discs on the market. While this ultra-fast disc is overstable, it has a decent amount of turn, allowing it to glide and fly further than most discs this fast. Although the King has a 14 speed rating, it's rim is a moderate 2.3cm. This is an excellent disc for intermediate and advanced players who want to get more distance on their drives.

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Tournament Recycled Muovi Details

Westside Tournament Muovi R (Recycled Plastic) is the equivalent of Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 Recyled plastic. This plastic feels very similar to traditional Tournament, but being made from recycled materials is not quite as durable. 

Tournament Recycled plastic is a one time limited release. The discs we have were overruns from those produced for stores in Europe.


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