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Product Type : Retrievers

The M-RETRIEVER is the newest disc retrieving device on the market! When collapsed, the M-Retriever is only 20 inches long, allowing it to fit in almost every bag conveniently. When extended, it reaches out to 14 feet!

The stainless steel "disc trap" will catch your disc whether it's in a tree, or in the water hazard. The disc trap shape allows it to hook the disc underneath the rim, allowing you to easily pull it up and out of any situation. This is one of the easiest to use and most compact retrievers on the market!

Plus, the disc trap is attached with an "action cam" mount, allowing you to put your compact sports camera on the pole to record your rounds or to grab footage from 14 feet in the air.

You'll be everyone's best friend when you take the M-Retriever to the course!

Our Price: $45.00


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