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Product Type : Portable Baskets

The Royal Basket by Viking Discs is a PDGA approved target that can be used for putting practice or for temporary course setup. It has heavy duty chains and a sturdy structure to withstand frequent use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to spot on the disc golf course with its white finish. 

Height Above Ground: 85.0cm

Depth: 24.6cm

Inside Diameter: 66.4cm

Maximum Size of Gaps: 20.3cm

Radial Reps: 12

Frame: Powder Coated Steel

Outside Diameter: 67.0

Deflection Assembly

Maximum Width: 52.0cm

Outer Chains: 18

Inner Chains: 6

Frame: Powder Coated Steel

Top: Powder Coated Steel

Maximum Size of Gaps on Top: 10.6cm

Target zone

Target Zone Height: 51.0cm


Material: Powder Coated Steel

Width: 4.2cm

Total Height: 143cm

Weight: 19 kg (42 pounds)

Our Price: $139.99


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