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Product Type : Starter Sets

This is a complete 8 Disc Set from Viking Discs - featured in their Armor Plastic. This bundle includes the 8 original discs from Viking Discs, a Finnish brand with rising popularity. Buying the set allows you to save money over buying each disc individually, plus it's a great way to grow, or start, you collection! This set includes:

  • Viking Discs Armor Rune
  • Viking Discs Armor Knife
  • Viking Discs Armor Axe
  • Viking Discs Armor Warrior
  • Viking Discs Armor Ragnarok
  • Viking Discs Armor Cosmos
  • Viking Discs Armor Berserker
  • Viking Discs Armor Thunder God Thor

Armor plastic from Viking Discs is a durable, yet very comfortable, opaque plastic blend that is very similar to Star from Innova, or Gold Line from Latitude 64. It is a top-notch plastic blend especially for drivers-- able to take a beating and keep performing.

Note: Color and weight of the discs will vary. Weights are generally 167+ (often in the 170s).

Our Price: $79.99 - $79.99


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