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Product Type : Starter Sets

This is a complete 8 Disc Set from Viking Discs - featured in their Ground Plastic. This bundle includes the 8 original discs from Viking Discs, a Finnish brand with rising popularity. Buying the set allows you to save money over buying each disc individually, plus it's a great way to grow, or start, you collection! This set includes:

  • Viking Discs Ground Rune
  • Viking Discs Ground Knife
  • Viking Discs Ground Axe
  • Viking Discs Ground Warrior
  • Viking Discs Ground Ragnarok
  • Viking Discs Ground Cosmos
  • Viking Discs Ground Berserker
  • Viking Discs Ground Thunder God Thor

Viking Ground plastic has been designed to offer excellent grip in hot, cold, and even rainy weather conditions. This plastic grade is flexible and sticky compared with the other Viking plastic blends. Discs in ground plastic seem to have more glide and quickly break in to give you a straighter flight over time. 

Note: Color and weight of the discs will vary. Weights are generally 167+ (often in the 1

Our Price: $59.99


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