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Product Type : Starter Sets

This affordable package of discs is perfect for the family or group of friends who want to get some basic discs to start playing disc golf. The package includes 4 Narwhal putters which are excellent for putting, or as easy-to-throw discs for beginners. Plus it includes 4 Kraken drivers for players who want to work on airing out the disc on some great drives. The Kraken is a great disc for new players or as a control driver for experienced players.


Each family set includes 4 different colors, with a putter and driver in each color. That way, your family members or friends can each pick a color and easily tell their discs apart from the others during the round. It is great fun for casual play, for new players, or for a 2-disc challenge round for experienced players wanting to try something new.


All of the discs are in premium Max Grip plastic which combines durability with great grip. This is a higher quality option than many other bulk sets that are made in low-quality plastic.

Our Price: $49.99 - $49.99


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