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Product Type : Mystery Boxes

The MVP OUT OF PRODUCTION Mystery box includes 10 new discs from MVP's list of recently retired molds which includes:

  • MVP Limit - High Speed Driver
  • Axiom Thrill - 21mm Driver
  • MVP Amp - 18mm Fairway Driver
  • MVP Shock - 18mm Fairway Driver
  • Axiom Clash - 16.5mm Fairway Driver
  • Axiom Inspire - 16.5mm Fairway Driver
  • MVP Switch - 16.5mm Fairway Driver
  • MVP Axis - 13mm Midrange
  • MVP Vector - 13mm Midrange
  • MVP Vertex - 13mm Midrange
  • Axiom Alias - 12mm Midrange
  • MVP Tangent - 12mm Understable Midrange
  • MVP Tensor - 12mm Overstable Midrange
  • Axiom Theory - 12mm Midrange
  • MVP Particle - 10mm Putt and Approach Disc

​These Mystery Boxes may also include additional discs where the plastic type may be going out of production. 

The first 500 Mystery boxes sold by MVP will also include a limited edition bonus item including Watermelon Envy's, Citrus Insanities, Watermelong Pyros and Rainbow Foil Lab Second discs. 
The OOP Mystery box is available for pre-order and will drop ship directly from MVP Disc Sports on November 27th. 

Our Price: $99.95


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