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Product Type : Package Sets

If you know somebody who wants to drive right into the game of disc golf (even if that person is yourself) then this is a great package deal to get them going. There are 8 discs included, ranging form putter and approach, to mid-range, to four different drivers for short and long-distance shots. Plus, this package comes with an Infinite Disc Slinger bag to carry all the discs on the course. It's a very affordable way to get going.

Package Set Includes:

1 Disc Slinger Bag
1 D-Blend Myth Putter
1 D-Blend Tomb Putt and Approach Disc
1 D-Blend Anubis Mid-Range
1 C-Blend RA Mid-Range
1 I-Blend Exodus Fairway Driver
1 I-Blend Sphinx Driver
1 I-Blend Emperor Distance Driver
1 I-Blend Pharaoh Distance Driver

All of the discs included will have a weights ranging between 165g - 175g

**** NOTE: Disc Colors May Vary ****

Our Price: $71.99


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