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The Deals Box Extreme is a quick way to get set up with a full, versatile assortment of 15 discs along with a large disc golf bag in which to carry those discs! Your discs will include a mixture of brands and disc models in premium plastics (one or two putters may be in mid-grade or softer plastic). It will include at least two putters, four mid-range discs, and a variety of fairway and distance drivers from understable to overstable, in several different speed classes. The discs may include stock stamped discs, tournament stamped discs, and some misprints. 

If you break down the value, you'll see that you're paying only $10 per disc (quality discs that regularly sell for $10 - $17 each) plus getting a free large bag on top of it! You can keep all the discs and find ways to use them in your game, or share with friends, or use the box as a way to discover new brands and models you've not considered before. It also makes a great gift for any disc golfer who simply loves beefing up their disc arsenal. 

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