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Product Type : Portable Baskets

The Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket is a new innovative basket from DGA! This is a lightweight, all-metal Disc Golf basket that can be shifted into three different catching positions:

Standard Shift Position: This is the standard catching size with two rows of chains.

Advanced Shift Position: All chains move to a 12" center ring and the outer chain holder is removed. This makes the basket a skinny target for practicing your center hit accuracy.

Pro Shift Position: In this extra challenging position, the entire chain assembly is lowered using a telescoping pole. Now the target is narrow and shorter than the average basket. This is sure to improve your pinpoint accuracy.

The Mach Shift has a high-quality powder coated base, lower pole, basket (cage), and chain holder assembly. The upper pole is weather resistant silver zinc coated. The inner band is available in blue or white.

This basket can do it all by meeting all of your practicing needs!

Our Price: $179.99 - $179.99


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