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Product Type : Backpacks

The Westside Noble Backpack is a premium bag, featuring a lot of storage. Able to hold your discs, towels, accessories, water, snacks, and more.

  • 5 plastic feet and a water resistant bottom keeping the bag upright and dry.
  • 2 large zippered pockets for valuables on each side, which incudes an elastic mesh pocket on the inside.
  • 2 water bottle holders on each side, fitting up to 32oz sized bottles. Includes insulation and padding in the sides to keep your drinks colder. It can double as a stool holder.
  • 2 storage pockets on each side that are giant. Each pocket can hold 2-3 discs, towels, accessories, and more.
  • 2 additional storage pockets behind the other giant storage pockets.
  • Several fabric loops for securing items, attaching bag tags, accessories, towels, etc.
  • Heavy duty clip
  • A buckle for securing taller items like a stool or retriever pole, and it has a pocket for a mini and 2 pencil holders.
  • Quick access pouch on the front for your go-to disc.
  • Main disc compartment holds up to 22 drivers.
  • Top pouch for more discs, towels, jackets, etc.
  • Putter pouch on the very top in the zippered pouch.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Back padding that push the bag slightly off of your back for air flow.
  • Extra padding on the bottom of the back side for extra support.

Our Price: $199.99 - $199.99


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