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Product Type : Training Products

The DiscDot is designed to fit on the chains of your practice basket. They are to help make a target link more easily seen. Each set will come with the colors featured in the product selection photos. 

Classic color DiscDots are bright and UV resistant made to last years.

UV color DiscDots have UV reactive pigments and glow when exposed to UV light - making them easy to see in the sunlight **Does not Glow-In-The-Dark**

Glow-In-The-Dark DiscDots have Glow-In-The-Dark pigment that charges when exposed to UV (Sunlight and blacklight) - great for late night rounds and putting leagues!

These will fit most chain sizes, a minimum chain link spacing of 1" (space in between the links the long way) is required to fit a DiscDot. Please measure your chains to make sure the dot will fit your chains. DiscDot fits all the most common baskets except some "marksman" style baskets.

Our Price: $7.99


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