Alpaca Pack - Limited Edition Detail

Alpaca Pack - Limited Edition

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The ALPACA PACK is a limited edition release which includes the following limited edition items:

1 G-Blend ALPACA (limited 3-foil stamp)
1 I-Blend ALPACA (limited 3-foil stamp)
2 R-Blend ALPACA putters (limited 3-foil stamp)
1 Limited edition, black Alpaca Easy Bag with an embroidered alpaca logo

This special run of Alpaca discs with limited edition stamps in a bag is limited to 800 units. The R-Blend putters are extra grippy and semi-soft, while the G-Blend is a shimmering, flexible premium blend, and the I-Blend is Infinite's own durable, opaque plastic. 

NOTE: Disc and stamp colors will vary in each bag. Disc weights may also vary. This is sold as a "mystery bag" so that there is a sense of mystery and surprise with the disc colors you receive.

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