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Disc Light 10 Pack

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These lights are designed to be taped to the bottom of a disc. Clear, champion-like plastics work best. With a disc light, your disc will be many times easier to find in the dark compared to a glow in the dark disc. In fact, it's easier to find a disc with a disc light than it is to find a disc in the daytime. These disc lights DO NOT come with their own adhesive. Tape is required to attach them to your disc. This increases the reusability of the lights: You can just bring one light and a roll of tape and use it for all your discs if you wanted. We've found that clear packing tape works best. The batteries have up to a 24 hour lifetime.

There are three different versions of lights:

     1. Single color have three modes: fast blink, slow blink, and steady.

     2. 7 color lights can cycle through seven different colors when you click the button.

     3. Mood lights slowly transition between colors on their own.

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