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Disc Information

The Prodigy Disc X5 is an under-stable, low profile, high speed distance driver. It is the kind of disc that lends itself well to players at all levels. Those with lower arm speed will get great distance with added glide. Players with moderate arm speed will be able to throw the X5 with a slight hyzer flip. For players with faster arm speed, the X5 will flip early in its flight path and will turn to the understable side, with a soft finish for useful shot-shaping through wooded courses. It can also be used for long, consistent rollers.

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400G X-Out Details

Errors on the manufacturing side become your benefit when you purchase Prodigy 400G X-Outs. These discs come in premium 400G plastic with misprints or slight cosmetic flaws that don’t effect the discs flight.

If you’re looking to try out premium Prodigy plastic, but don’t want to spend the premium price, this is the place to look for cheap 400G.


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