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The X1 is an extra overstable maximum distance Prodigy driver. Prodigy fans have been calling for a crazy overstable driver ideal for big sidearm throws, overhand shots, and very strong headwinds. The X1 is designed to make their dreams come true. Compared with the existing Prodigy Driver line, the X1 has a substantially thinner profile. This disc is nearly half a centimeter shorter than the D1 standing just 1.5cm tall. The X1 has the same 2.3cm wing length of all the other Prodigy distance drivers.
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750 Details

Prodigy 750 Series plastic is similar in grip and texture to 400 series but has a firmer feel to it. This high-tech blend of premium resins that provide outstanding performance and predictability.This is one of the most premium plastc blends on the market.


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