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Disc Information

The second version of the Prodigy H1 has been re-engineered to be a fast flying but consistently overstable driver. Compared with the original H1, theV2 has a different rim. The rim depth has been reduced to provide an easier grip, while the outside edge is now sleeker and more aerodynamic to provide faster speed, more glide, and more distance. The H1 V2 is a valuable disc for both backhand and sidearm throws. 

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400 Glimmer Details

400 Glimmer Plastic is a new "Special Effects" plastic by Prodigy. This plastic is similar in feel to 400s plastic, but includes tiny metal flakes in the plastic to enhance the discs beauty and appeal. This plastic adds a shine and sparkle not yet seen in Prodigy plastic. So far, this plastic has only been run on Limited Quantity discs.


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