Nick Lopez

Infinite # 786

Infinite Rating

∞ 955.82

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 934.64
Total Infinite Points 1908
- Profile Points 81.00
- Add Course Points 450.00
- Add Layout Points 616.00
- Rounds Played Points 306.00
- Course Review Points 115.70
- Course Rating Points 72.00
- Top Discs Used Points 130.50
- Condition Updates 5.00
- Disc Review Points 131.50
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.14 (Total Reviews:18)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.96 (Total Reviews:23)

Courses Played 25
Rounds Played 106
Holes Played 1393
Eagles 3 (0.22%)
Birdies 542 (38.91%)
Par's 737 (52.91%)
Bogeys 93 (6.68%)
Double Bogeys 16 (1.15%)
Triple Bogeys 2 (0.14%)
Penalty Strokes 7 (0.50%)
Basic Information
Biography: Team Infinite Discs - I was introduced to the sport in the summer of 2011 by a good friend of mine, Dan Kelly. We played a single round that summer but I enjoyed it enough to head out again early in the next year and start up one of many casual rounds with friends. Since the inception of the Street Team while traveling to GBO 2014 to represent Infinite Discs, the words 'disc golf' have coincided with Infinite Discs whenever I mention it! Disc golf has been a passion of mine for about a year and half now, since I first started prepping for my first tournament: Monster Energy Challenge 2013. Since then, I've contributed to the sport by helping out at local courses, spreading the word via social media and spewing as much info as possible with friends, family and anyone that will listen. I think that this street team will push Infinite Discs to the next level, making it not only one of the top online retailers in disc golf but one of the most known names in the disc golf period.
From: Midvale, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 8 Skill Level: Professional
PDGA #: 60929 PDGA Rating: 944
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 390 Max Driving Distance: 450
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 59 62 95.16%
10 46 46 100%
15 21 22 95.45%
20 23 25 92%
25 10 13 76.92%
30 14 20 70%
≥33 25 69 36.23%
Green Hit %: 38.89%
# of Aces: 2 (0.14%)
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Total NG Points: 400.00
Number of Events Played: 1

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Crown Jan 16 2018 10:05PM

2017 "Trilogy" putter of the year, despite all the hype around the Dynamic Discs Deputy. This disc is a really great, straight flying bead ...

Ahti Jan 16 2018 9:57PM

The first Ahti that I received prior to release was in VIP plastic and it was an animal! Very over stable and exactly what I was hoping for to take o ...

Pine Jan 16 2018 9:48PM

This mid range from Westside is fantastic and fit into my bag perfectly for a reliably over stable shot but not as "dumpy" as my Bard. Anot ...

Fortress Jan 16 2018 9:43PM

Immediately after receiving this disc from Westside, it became a favorite. I personally think it was the best "Trilogy" release of 2017 and ...

Exodus Jan 16 2018 12:59PM

Given that I'm a Westside Discs player, I won't be bagging this disc but I must say, it's a pretty great mold! I tested a 175g blac ...

Longbowman Mar 8 2016 1:09PM

VIP Longbowman 173g - Initial thoughts after one round at roughly 4,500' elevation: very similar to the Culverin. This one is going in the bag in ...

Catapult Mar 8 2016 1:04PM

VIP Catapult 174g - Initial thoughs on this disc after one round at roughly 4,500' elevation: Straight to the bag. This disc isn't as oversta ...

Destiny Mar 8 2016 12:45PM

VIP Destiny 171g - Initial thoughts after a round with this disc at roughly 4,500' elevation: It's long and easy to throw and it just made th ...

Emporia Middle School Feb 11 2016 7:25PM

This is a VERY beginner friendly course aside from the fact that it's missing baskets. It is the shortest course that I've played to date and ...

Mulligan's Creekside Disc Golf Course Feb 10 2016 11:52PM

This is a great course to play in Utah and a must for Advanced/Open players. The course has a Gold layout that is quite long with tons of OB. It' ...

Jolley's Ranch Feb 10 2016 11:36PM

This is a great course for anyone to play. It's in a great setting and has holes for everyone. Some long and some short. Some easy and some a bit ...

Fountain Hills Park Feb 10 2016 11:16PM

This review is based on the XL layout that is used in the Memorial Championship, as I have only played that layout. This is a really fun course with ...

Vista Del Camino Feb 10 2016 9:25PM

I'm basing this review on the XL layout for the Memorial Championship because that's the only way that I've played it. I enjoyed the cour ...

Fiesta Lakes Golf Club Feb 10 2016 9:07PM

I played this course for the first time during the Memorial Championship in 2015 and I really liked it! I heard rumors that it may not be back in the ...

Illinois Central College Disc Golf Course Feb 10 2016 8:48PM

I say this is an advanced level course because it's a pretty narrow/wooded course and may cause issues for beginners. It's pretty likely that ...

Washington Park Feb 10 2016 8:36PM

This is fun course that is pretty easy to navigate and not too difficult even for beginners. There are a few long holes that will keep things interes ...

University of Utah Feb 10 2016 8:11PM

This course is very beginner friendly due to being so short. As a 9 hole, it's a quick easy track to play and learn. There are limited numbers of ...

Greenway Disc Golf Course Feb 10 2016 7:52PM

This is a very small course that is very beginner friendly. There isn't much to challenge an Advanced/Open player but it's still good practic ...

Terrace Creek Feb 10 2016 7:41PM

I got to play this course for the Terror at Terrace Creek tournament in 2013(I think) and I really enjoyed it. It has varrying types of shots and dis ...

Valley Regional Park Feb 10 2016 7:28PM

This is a very beginner friendly course. Very flat and very open on almost every hole. The pin placements typically don't leave you stranded too ...

Jones Park West Jan 31 2016 2:19PM

This isn't my favorite of the Jones courses but it's still a fun course to play and can test you, espeically in the wind. There are a few sho ...

Peter Pan Park - Optimist Disc Golf Course Jan 31 2016 2:08PM

This is a fun, somewhat technical course with water on play on a handful of holes. It's not a super long course but does have a few holes around ...

Jones Park East Jan 31 2016 1:50PM

One of my favorite courses used at the Glass Blown Open. Varying shots from long to short and technical to relatively simple. This course is a ton of ...

Roots Disc Golf Course Jan 29 2016 5:32PM

This is a fun course to play in the Salt Lake Valley. There are a pretty good amount of shot types out there, ranging from somewhat long to fairly sh ...

Cache County Fairgrounds Jan 29 2016 5:14PM

This is a really fun course! There are varying shots for all different types, including some very short and quite long! There is a creek that comes i ...

Creekside Park (Walter Frederick Morrison DGC) Jan 29 2016 4:35PM

As the longest standing course in Utah, Creekside Park is definitely one of the most enjoyable and best designed. There are different shots for every ...

Evidence Jun 16 2015 12:05PM

I've used this disc(174-175) multiple times since getting it in a Trilogy Challenge pack and I'm loving it. I typically carry two Claymore ...

Macana Jun 16 2015 11:56AM

I tested this disc prior to playing in a Trilogy Challenge and after only two throws(drives), I immediately knew that it was taking over as the my ma ...

Halo Apr 14 2015 10:50AM

What a disc! This is one of the first Latitude 64 discs I ever owned and I rarely threw it because I didn't know much about it and I was still ne ...

Envy Jan 20 2015 10:26PM

The short version...this disc is fantastic! It's an amazing driver, mid, putter, etc. One disc challenge? Get the Envy. This disc will never do a ...

Trident Dec 10 2014 7:38PM

I believe that everybody should own this disc. I don't care what brand you need this disc! I have 3 in Opto and 1 in GL but I only ba ...

Freedom Dec 3 2014 6:53PM

I threw a Freedom for the first time today in Lucid plastic and it's a pretty cool disc. I'd say that the ratings are right on the money ...

Tursas Nov 24 2014 11:40PM

You need this disc! If you need an under stable disc and you're a thrower of Trilogy, stop searching. If you don't throw Trilogy and are ...

Theory Nov 24 2014 11:34PM

If you love MVP/Axiom and you need a super controllable under stable disc...this is it! I wasn't sure this disc wasn't going to be as under s ...

Hatchet Nov 24 2014 11:30PM

This disc is a great disc depedning on the needs of the course. I find myself using this disc for varying shots from long hyzer flips to long gentle ...

Trespass Nov 24 2014 11:28PM

I love the Trespass and I now keep two in the bag! The two that I keep are both Luid Air plastic that I bought specifically to use for the uphil ...

Villain Nov 24 2014 11:22PM

I have a large number of Villain's that I keep handy and I always keep one Opto and one Gold in my bag that run between 167-172g. I lov ...

Shield Nov 9 2014 1:52PM

I tried this disc in BT Medium plastic during the first Trilogy Challenge and I was instantly impressed. I bagged this disc after the first roun ...

Thief Nov 9 2014 1:43PM

I tried this disc in Recycled plastic during the first Trilogy Challenge and I couldn't figure it out at all so I stopped using it half way ...

Claymore Nov 9 2014 1:37PM

I tried this disc in Recycled plastic during the first Trilogy Challenge and I wasn't in love. I kept trying to bag the disc but I already h ...

Crave Mar 22 2014 8:04AM

I ordered two juicy Watermelon Craves and threw a 175 on release day and loved it. It's a laser beam that can ride out low ceiling shots and so f ...


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