Jeremy Knighton

Infinite # 59020

Infinite Rating

∞ 944.47

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 912.63
Total Infinite Points 448
- Profile Points 73.00
- Add Course Points 25.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 34.00
- Course Review Points 43.80
- Course Rating Points 32.00
- Top Discs Used Points 0.00
- Condition Updates 3.00
- Disc Review Points 237.20
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.38 (Total Reviews:8)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.00 (Total Reviews:30)

Courses Played 13
Rounds Played 40
Holes Played 468
Eagles 2 (0.43%)
Birdies 211 (45.09%)
Par's 214 (45.73%)
Bogeys 32 (6.84%)
Double Bogeys 9 (1.92%)
Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: Full Time Dad, Techie, Discer, Gamer. Love being in the mountains, whether on a course or just enjoying the outdoors.
From: Smithfield, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 8 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: 79408 PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 400 Max Driving Distance: 500
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 9 9 100%
10 12 12 100%
15 4 4 100%
20 1 2 50%
25 5 5 100%
30 1 3 33.33%
≥33 4 6 66.67%
Green Hit %: 66.67%
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Total NG Points: 0.00
Number of Events Played: 0

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Catalyst Nov 3 2020 7:35AM

Note to the flight numbers... One could look at this disc's numbers and think, A glidey Shryke, or faster Beast. Stop right there... Pe ...

Ruin Nov 3 2020 7:21AM

I'm so glad I waited to write a review on the Ruin. I originally bought the ruin last winter. When I took it out, I had a hard time seeing where ...

Challenger Jan 17 2020 12:18PM

NOTE: Throwing Putter review. While I did putt around with it, and was pretty solid within the circle, I wanted to focus my review on approach/tee s ...

Delirium Jan 16 2020 9:30AM

Short answer: My max distance with this disc capped at about 425ft, and is a very overstable disc for my arm. Long answer: I love the wide ...

Elk Ridge Park May 14 2019 6:06AM

Some technical gaps, and some shots that are wide open. Well designed layout. Still no signage, so you need a guide the first time around if you want ...

Corvette May 13 2019 1:32PM

I have been holding off on writing this review for a few weeks now. My initial "Out of the box" throws were somewhat underwhelming, so I wa ...

Spark May 13 2019 1:22PM

This is the first Control/Fairway driver that I have found that has actually earned a spot in my bag. I have never had this thing turn over on me unl ...

EMac Truth Sep 25 2018 8:11AM

I have only thrown the EMac Truth a handful of times right now, so take my review for what it is worth.  My midrange game primarily consists of ...

Teleport Sep 25 2018 8:03AM

The Teleport is a fun disc that I carry in the bag. As I've grown in disc golf I appreciate more, the discs that require a little more commitment ...

Tantrum Sep 25 2018 7:53AM

While I would only currently give this disc 3 stars, I need to start by saying, I LOVE this disc. For me, out of the box, it was a little more stable ...

Excite Sep 25 2018 7:42AM

I have been throwing the Excite for a few weeks now, and it lives up to its name! I really like how this disc carries in the air. The glide is someth ...

Dimension Sep 25 2018 7:34AM

I bought the dimension right before our annual family disc golf tournament at Lake Walcott, and right from it's maiden flight, it has been a stap ...

Sunrise Meadows Sep 7 2018 1:59PM

great ...

Stud Apr 10 2018 7:31AM

When the Stud came out, I grabbed one because I putted primarily with the colt, and I figured something a little more stable. I noticed with my xt co ...

Pharaoh Mar 1 2018 11:02AM

When I got the InfiniteDiscs email about the Pharaoh, I stopped by the warehouse after work to grab one. But with the Utah Weather this year, I ...

Willard Bay Jul 22 2017 2:31PM

The course has a lot of potential. Really technical 9 hole course with good distance. The major pitfall is looking for discs. The course looks like i ...

Daedalus May 31 2016 11:35AM

I have loved having the Daedalus in my bag! A must-have for me. While it is understable, I feel that it still requires some decent arm strength ...

Pine View Park May 9 2016 2:26PM

Found the course while on a vacation in St. George, great course. The park seemed a little under construction at times so the layout was confusing. & ...

John Adams Park May 9 2016 2:17PM

One of my favorite courses. While it only has 9 holes, it has long and short holes and has a good blend of open shots vs. obstacles. Great park to in ...

Riverpark May 9 2016 2:12PM

Great course. Honestly I hadn't played it for years, because of what was said by buddies who went and tried to play it by themselves the first ti ...

Mulligan's Creekside Disc Golf Course May 9 2016 2:05PM

First things first, as others have meantioned, Hazards. I really like playing at Mulligan's, because it has a certain difficulty and mental-game ...

Harrisville Park May 2 2016 12:53PM

Harrisville is one of my favorite courses to practice technical and accuracy-type shots. Lots of trees and with the change of elevation, the shots ca ...

Buzzz SS Sep 22 2015 2:19PM

Don't get me wrong with the 3 stars. Everyone should definitely give the Buzzz SS a try, but if you're like me, sometimes it just doesn't ...

Buzzz Sep 22 2015 1:59PM

I have heard many people, at events, on courses, at stores say "I can't have too many Buzzz's." Which I would have to agree.  ...

VRoc Sep 16 2015 6:51AM

The VRoc is my most recent ace'd disc. Not to contradict what I said about the Roc3 (which is that the it has a nice grip to it) but the VRoc is ...

Roc3 Sep 16 2015 6:12AM

I have really liked the Roc series. Currently I throw both the Roc3 and the VRoc. The Roc3 is a great addition to any bag. I currently carry a max we ...

MD Sep 15 2015 2:35PM

The Discmania MD is a great overall midrange. It is my newest middie in my bag so it is still fresh (5-6 rounds of play). It flies very much like my ...

Nuke OS Sep 15 2015 2:01PM

The Nuke OS (Elite Z 175g) was my first driver purchased from Discraft. Truth be told it was one of my first disc purchases ever. Needless to say, th ...

Nuke Sep 15 2015 1:50PM

The Nuke is (titanium 175g) is my go-to disc currently with forehand shots when I need some serious accurate distance (400+ feet) and want to finish ...

Nuke SS Sep 15 2015 1:30PM

The Nuke SS was a purchase made based on my usage of the Nuke OS (elite Z) and the Nuke (Titanium). I can tell that there is a lot of potential with ...

XS Sep 15 2015 10:45AM

Rating (3 stars) NOTE: Not because of quality - but because I don't feel like it is necessary. The XS is a recent disc that I wanted to try out. ...

Colt Sep 14 2015 4:27PM

I have struggled my whole disc golf 'career' (Almost 6 years) finding a good putter. I have gone from the Innova Aviar, Discraft Soft Magnet, ...

Force Sep 14 2015 1:14PM

I can really see the potential of this disc, but I release a majority of my RHBH drives at a slight hyzer angle. This results in my drives with the f ...

Katana Sep 14 2015 8:28AM

The Innova Katana line has always had a sweetspot in my bag. Starting with a Pro Katana, moving to the Champion Katana, and then my Star. I have alwa ...

Crank May 29 2015 1:56PM

The Crank has quickly become a favorite for my backhand drives. It is very consistent for me. I can focus on getting the power for max distance, and ...

Katana May 29 2015 1:49PM

The Katana is a very trusted disc for a forehand shot. If I am looking for anything that is a straight shot, or tunnel shots that are out of rea ...

King Cobra May 29 2015 1:36PM

I recommend this disc to anyone who is looking for a midrange that is consistent. It has a better (more comfortable) rim for the mid-range grade, and ...

Beast May 18 2015 2:14PM

The Beast was the first disc that I played the game with. Great disc to learn how to drive, for varying arm speeds. My Beast is very consis ...


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