Chris F.

Infinite # 490706

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Total Infinite Points 431
- Profile Points 76.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 0.00
- Course Review Points 41.40
- Course Rating Points 16.00
- Top Discs Used Points 13.00
- Condition Updates 0.00
- Disc Review Points 284.40
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

4.25 (Total Reviews:4)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.60 (Total Reviews:30)

Courses Played 3
Rounds Played 3
Holes Played 54
Eagles 0 (0.00%)
Birdies 17 (31.48%)
Par's 27 (50.00%)
Bogeys 9 (16.67%)
Double Bogeys 1 (1.85%)
Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: My name is Chris and I’m from New Jersey. I found the sport at the beginning of the pandemic. From the first time I played I was hooked. Two years later the sport has become more than just an obsession for me. I got my PDGA # and am currently beginning my tournament career by joining local c-tiers to see how I stack up. My goal for this next season is to develop my game further and start taking home wins at various local courses. I also intend to visit some of the pro level courses in the surrounding states to get a feel for what pro level distance and accuracy are. I am also hoping to develop long lasting friendships and relationships with various people within the disc golf community.
From: Lakewood, New Jersey, U.S.A
Years Playing: 2 Skill Level: Intermediate
PDGA #: 197863 PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 300 Max Driving Distance: 375
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 10 10 100%
10 5 5 100%
15 2 3 66.67%
20 1 1 100%
25 0 1 0%
30 0 2 0%
≥33 0 9 0%
Green Hit %: 38.89%
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Luna Jan 4 2022 11:13AM

174g Paul McBeth Special Blend Plastic This is my go to putting putter. It took me some time to get used to not having a bead but if you like beadle ...

Fierce Jan 4 2022 11:09AM

174g Paige Pierce Tour Series Jawbreaker Plastic I now understand how Paige manages to knock down longs putts from well outside the circle with ...

Raptor Jan 4 2022 11:03AM

A very solid disc. If you're looking for a predictable overstable disc then this is the one. I have two Ulibarri Tour series and they fly ju ...

Zeus Jan 3 2022 6:11PM

174g Signature ESP This disc basically became my Destroyer replacement. My first few throws sold me on this disc. Stays pretty level out of the hand ...

Pig Jan 3 2022 6:05PM

171g R-Pro Plastic Really great for backhand upshots that will stick to the ground once it reaches its destination. Pretty overstable. Thumb track w ...

Nova Jan 3 2022 6:02PM

167g XT Plastic Pretty decent  neutral/stable disc. Can have troubles in the wind. Hard to drive with. You can definitely get fun runs at the b ...

KC Aviar Jan 3 2022 5:59PM

175g KC Pro Plastic This is my go to putting putter. Basically a regular Aviar with an improved plastic that feels great in the hand and lasts forev ...

Dart Jan 3 2022 5:56PM

175g R-Pro Plastic Give this thing a whirl. It really is a straight shooter. Stability is completely neutral/stable like depicted and will multiple ...

AviarX3 Jan 3 2022 5:54PM

175g Star Plastic An awesome overstable approach or driving putter. Also makes for an incredible forehand roller to get you out of sticky situations ...

Aviar Jan 3 2022 5:51PM

The first disc you probably have ever used and one of the most consistent putters out there. I love this disc and it was the blueprint for my eventua ...

Animal Jan 3 2022 5:49PM

I'm pretty neutral when it comes to how this disc flies. I put it in my bag to be a stable putter for long attempts at the basket or for multiple ...

Shark Jan 3 2022 5:45PM

Probably the first Mid-range every beginner has thrown and also one the best. Its a great disc to introduce yourself to the sport with and will give ...

Roc Jan 3 2022 5:42PM

180g KC Pro Plastic Unfortunately for me Roc's just don't fly the way I've seen them thrown by others. Try as I might the flight charact ...

Rat Jan 3 2022 5:38PM

166g Star Plastic I think this is an excellent beginner disc. Pretty straight out of the hand with a manageable fade. Great in the wind and can hand ...

Rancho Roc Jan 3 2022 5:35PM

180g Rancho Roc Plastic I got this disc hoping it would act more like what I hear and read Roc's should fly like but for me it just wasn't h ...

Mako3 Jan 3 2022 5:28PM

180g Champion Plastic The straightest flying disc you will ever throw. I don't think I can accurately convey how straight this disc flies with ...

Lion Jan 3 2022 5:16PM

180g INNFuse Star Plastic This is an interesting disc. I bought it to fill the overstable slot in my bag and for the most part it did, until there w ...

Gator3 Jan 3 2022 5:07PM

175g Joel Freeman Champion Plastic This disc finally filled the void in my bag for a trusty overstable Mid. Regardless of the wind this disc goes&nb ...

Cobra Jan 3 2022 4:59PM

This was the first Mid-ranges I used and its was one of my favorites. In the beginning you'll enjoy the very straight flights it will give you wi ...

Eagle Jan 3 2022 4:55PM

170g Star Plastic One of my favorite discs when I was unable to get big distance early on. Its basically a mini Destroyer/Wraith. Once they beat in ...

Teebird Jan 3 2022 4:33PM

170g Star Plastic What an amazing disc. I believe everyone who has thrown Innova plastic has thrown this mold at some point. An incredibly accu ...

Thunderbird Jan 3 2022 4:21PM

174g Halo Star Plastic Every person I have ever talked to about this disc has said the same things to say, "I love Thunderbirds!!!" Or, &q ...

TeeBird3 Jan 3 2022 3:57PM

171g Star Plastic A wonderful disc that does exactly what is was made for. I love using this disc for straight, long shots in the woods or for a po ...

Sidewinder Jan 3 2022 2:29PM

174g Halo Star Plastic This is the best understable disc ever made! While the above was meant to grab your attention, I promise you this disc will ...

Firebird Jan 3 2022 2:17PM

174g Champion Plastic This thing is a meat hook. It has a fade that will bring the disc back to the target on even the most arrant shots that makes ...

Wraith Jan 3 2022 2:06PM

171g Star Plastic Basically if you want a Destroyer, but want something much easier to throw, pick up a Wraith. I have found this to be mu ...

Mamba Jan 3 2022 1:52PM

(168g Star Plastic) This is an incredibly fun disc to throw. If the wind conditions are right and you get a perfect release, this disc will soar pas ...

Destroyer Jan 3 2022 1:36PM

(170g Star plastic) Its one of the most popular discs for a reason and that reason is consistency. It, for the most part, flies exactly as it's ...

Corvette Jan 3 2022 1:15PM

(170g) This a very interesting disc. In the rounds I've used it, or when I've used it in my field work, I find it to fly almost exactly as it ...

Thompson Park Jan 3 2022 12:55PM

One of the best courses in the state. A definite must play. A beautiful park with delightful hills and trees that work in tandem to create  ...

Doc Cramer Disc Golf Course Jan 3 2022 12:31PM

One of the best wooded courses in the area. Great shot lines and shapes that challenge your abilities. Fairways are challenging but not too tight or ...

Wolf Hill Jan 3 2022 12:19PM

This was the very first course I ever played at. Pretty beginner friendly. Many of the holes are reachable if you 180-200 feet of distance. Very comp ...

Ocean County Park Jan 3 2022 11:08AM

Great course, definitely a must play. Challenging but fair. Plenty of long holes to test your distance. Great for shot shaping and decision maki ...

Beast Jan 3 2022 10:17AM

(175g) This was the first driver I ever owned. I thinks it's pretty beginner friendly however the 10 speed may be too much for most. I think this ...


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