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Total Infinite Points 315
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4.33 (Total Reviews:42)

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Basic Information
Biography: New to playing, just trying to compete with my friends.
From: Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.A
Years Playing: 1 Skill Level: Beginner
PDGA #: N/A PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 250 Max Driving Distance: 300
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Saint Jun 11 2022 8:27PM

The base plastic helped it turn up easier when I started out, this is the second disc I bought that wasn't from a starter pack. The seven glide r ...

Undertaker Jun 11 2022 8:19PM

This is my primary driver, as everything fit perfectly for me. For how flat the disc is, the glide feels insanely forgiving. The rim feels smaller th ...

Valkyrie Jun 11 2022 8:14PM

I would say that this is more of an intermediate disc than something I'd recommend for a beginner. Potentially a problem of mine being in the mor ...

Hatchet Jun 11 2022 8:09PM

The glide made me feel like I threw farther. The turn was really slow and also helped it carry longer. I like the hand feel personally as it's ju ...

Spear Jun 11 2022 8:01PM

I'm not sure where the diamond plastic lands in the range of durability lineup for gateway, but I expected it to be less durable than it is. I ne ...

Roadrunner Jun 11 2022 7:40PM

Feels fantastic with how smooth everything transitions, from the dome to the wing and even the rounding on the edge. Absolutely a beginner disc, but ...

TeeBird3 Jun 7 2022 11:43AM

Does exactly what it should even in champion plastic, not more overstable or less. Even more proving for it, not any more or less stable now that it& ...

F1 Jun 7 2022 11:29AM

My experience comes from an F1 that my friend loved, and had loved for a while. This disc was definitely beat in a way that I didn't think it wou ...

Eagle Jun 7 2022 11:24AM

The eagle is an amazing disc that feels like the definition of a fairway driver. Definitely feels like a classic mold from the 90's. My favorite ...

Leopard3 Jun 7 2022 11:19AM

I wasn't a huge fan of my leopard3 experience as I believe I got mine too early. I wasn't able to turn it over or even get it up to flat. I d ...

Leopard Jun 7 2022 11:06AM

I started with the innova starter pack that included this disc. I started out with it, and it gave me confidence by letting me throw straight with pr ...

Warship Jun 7 2022 11:01AM

There's a lot of good going for this disc, but in a little bit of a boring way. It's everything it says it is, does what it's supposed to ...

Roc Jun 5 2022 7:42PM

There's been a lot said about the roc, and I believe it all true. Overstable to start and beats in to straight and eventually turning over. Great ...

Maiden Jun 5 2022 7:37PM

Great feel for a thrower, both backhand and forehand.Really nicely rounded edge and smooth transition to the bead. I don't personally putt w ...

Pure Jun 5 2022 2:45PM

This disc is a bit of a weird place for me as an intermediate player. The feel is nice with everything from the rim depth, the plastic feel, rim widt ...

A4 Jun 5 2022 2:34PM

Maybe the weirdest possible rim shape for a four speed. The rim feels like that of a midrange with the bead of a putter. It sounds as weird as it fee ...

Deputy Jun 5 2022 2:28PM

I love it for throwing, my partner loves it for putting. Versatile is the best word to describe it. Beadless makes it feel easier to power grip and s ...

EMac Judge Jun 5 2022 2:23PM

My first putter that I loved the feel of that stayed in my bag until it turned into a throwing putter. Great plastic and hand feel for putting confid ...

Magnet Jun 5 2022 2:18PM

I actually like this disc as more of an approach disc, or one that you use to make sure it lands and stays put. The hand feel is a little too strange ...

M Model OS May 30 2022 1:11PM

Just how infinite recommends, the m model os is a disc for intermediate players. The plastic is way more durable than expected. Super smooth feel on ...

RocX3 May 30 2022 1:03PM

I bought my rocx3 to be my most overstable mid, and it does that very well. It may be too overstable to be a constant in my bag, being best in wind r ...

EMac Truth May 30 2022 12:53PM

I keep three in my bag, one prime burst that I have beaten up to stand up and ride, one newer prime burst that flips up but still has stability, and ...

Wasp May 30 2022 12:45PM

I bought a wasp to be a compliment to my main mid in the Emac truth. I wanted it to be more overstable, but it turns out to be almost exactly like th ...

MD3 May 30 2022 12:35PM

Holds lines very well, but doesn't flip up. I really enjoy the plastic and flight, but that's not enough to keep a spot in my bag.The main pl ...

Mako3 May 30 2022 12:29PM

It's practically just a buzzz. I love the feel compared to the buzzz. The mako3 has a more rounded rim making it feel better for a beginner as it ...

Hex May 30 2022 12:25PM

Everything that the Buzzz does, but "technically" better. The gyro is definitely noticeable for pure distance.I love how it seems that ...

Buzzz May 30 2022 12:20PM

There's a reason that most pros midranges are only buzzz's. The different plastics allow for different flight paths and shot shape-ability. G ...

M3 May 30 2022 12:17PM

The 750 plastic is great in its feel, being slick but flexible. It's very forgiving if it's not being released with enough spin because of th ...

Tursas May 30 2022 12:11PM

I love this disc, as it is my go to turn over disc. The plastic isn't too grippy to keep it in your hand and comes out clean with backhand releas ...

Meteor May 30 2022 12:07PM

I love recommending understable discs to beginners, especially in premium plastics. You can keep it forever and learn how discs beat in as you get be ...

A2 May 30 2022 12:01PM

If you never liked the feel of the zone, this may be the best alternative. But if you are trying it before the zone, you may find the feel to be fair ...

Zone May 30 2022 11:57AM

Flies true. Every. Single. Time. Does exactly what you would expect from the forerunner in overstable approach discs. I personally like how they beat ...

Harp May 30 2022 11:54AM

Probably meant to be like the zone, but feels straighter. Crazy deep and good feel for forehand, but maybe a little less for forehand depen ...

Tactic May 30 2022 11:49AM

Flies how you would think with the flight ratings. I would recommend it as the first overstable approach disc. Since it comes in mostly base pla ...

Bounty May 30 2022 11:44AM

Great disc to learn angle control. Flies as it says, and beats in to be great for holding turnover lines. If you like more shallow discs, than it' ...

P Model S May 27 2022 5:33PM

I use it for an approach disc with how great it feels. Low profile for easy forehands, and great rounding for smooth backhands. I'd recommend to ...

PA-3 May 27 2022 5:30PM

My preferred putter for hand feel. Very straight up to 40 foot jump putts.Only downside is the "prodigy problem" of flashing still being on ...

Luna May 27 2022 5:26PM

Great as a throwing putter. The fade numbers seem a bit misleading, definitely less fade than advertised. Very controllable with holding whatever lin ...

Pig May 27 2022 5:20PM

Marked as a putter, but better for an approach disc, or even a throwing putter in general. Very strong fade, but very straight until it slows down. E ...

Judge May 27 2022 5:16PM

Absolutely perfect disc to be put into a starter pack. In the more base plastic, is even straighter than stated. ...

Pilot May 27 2022 5:13PM

Great for an approach disc or a putter. I use it as an approach disc, holds every line. Great feeling plastic for a throwing putter, beats in to feel ...

Swan 1 Reborn May 27 2022 5:09PM

Great for beginners, especially in the hard plastic. It beats in for a great turnover disc, but is a great straight flyer in the meantime. Great for ...


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