Mel Doomis

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Total Infinite Points 2170
- Profile Points 72.00
- Add Course Points 100.00
- Add Layout Points 1092.00
- Rounds Played Points 94.00
- Course Review Points 293.80
- Course Rating Points 64.00
- Top Discs Used Points 14.00
- Condition Updates 21.00
- Disc Review Points 416.00
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.70 (Total Reviews:16)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.38 (Total Reviews:26)

Courses Played 6
Rounds Played 64
Holes Played 999
Eagles 0 (0.00%)
Birdies 45 (4.50%)
Par's 539 (53.95%)
Bogeys 330 (33.03%)
Double Bogeys 76 (7.61%)
Triple Bogeys 9 (0.90%)
Penalty Strokes 13 (1.30%)
Basic Information
Biography: Played a little about 10 years ago just picked it again lately. Seen a lot of places, a lot of music, especially the Grateful Dead. Disc Golf has been a way to get some exercise and stress relief while concerts are not going on. Still trying to get a handle of it but making progress in a short time.
From: Flint, Michigan, U.S.A
Years Playing: 2 Skill Level: Intermediate
PDGA #: N/A PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 250 Max Driving Distance: 350
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 221 221 100%
10 110 117 94.02%
15 38 80 47.5%
20 3 43 6.98%
25 8 18 44.44%
30 2 18 11.11%
≥33 5 16 31.25%
Green Hit %: 10.85%
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Envy Sep 10 2022 4:19PM

I grabbed an Envy in Plasma plastic mainly to be used off the tee on shorter holes. I needed something I could throw full power and hold a line witho ...

Dynasty Sep 10 2022 4:10PM

Absolutely amazing. The first few throws in the field and my mind is blown. Can't wait to make this disc a part of my game. I throw a Pharaoh qui ...

Buzzz Sep 10 2022 4:02PM

Not sure I can say anything about the Buzzz that hasn't been said already. However, the first time I threw this disc at a basket I connected from ...

Taymouth park Sep 10 2022 3:47PM

Pretty fun course in the middle of nowhere. When I went in the spring it was a little muddy and there was quite a bit of trash on the course. The cou ...

Boss Sep 3 2022 1:56PM

 I picked this up just for fun. I knew with my lack of power it would likely just be a meat hook.... so I decided to get Blizzard plastic ( ...

Flushing YMCA Sep 3 2022 1:37PM

There should basically be two separate reviews for this course. One for the front 9 and one for the "back 9" As for the front 9 you have t ...

Sanders memorial Sep 3 2022 1:22PM

I played here when traveling to Noblesville for a concert. I was not disappointed.Really nice park overall and lots of fun shots. Even the first time ...

Mott Park Sep 3 2022 1:12PM

Overall this course is playable but with a few hiccups along the way. Both short and long tees, but the shorts are challenging enough. Two big s ...

Firefighters Park Sep 3 2022 1:02PM

Very nice park and very nice course. Mostly shorter holes suited for beginners. Tee pads are beautiful and so is the scenery. A little creek running ...

Seymour Lake Park Sep 3 2022 12:48PM

I played here for the first time recently and really loved this course. There are TON of options for different layouts. Many holes have both long and ...

Taymouth park Sep 3 2022 12:37PM

This is a fun little course that you can tell someone enjoyed designing. The first hole has a raised basket and is totally ace-able. There's  ...

Goldenrod disc Golf course Sep 3 2022 12:25PM

I first played this course right before it's updates and think it was honestly better before. The concrete pads were a nice addition and much mor ...

Arthur Latham Park DGC Sep 3 2022 11:43AM

This course borders on the edge of really great and almost unplayable. It's easy to imagine that this course was really great at one time and it ...

Holly Woods Sep 3 2022 10:17AM

This is a such a beautiful course in a beautiful area. Signage is top notch, even has little facts about nature on each one. Tee pads are concrete an ...

Nuke SS Sep 3 2022 6:55AM

I have a beat in Nuke SS and let me say... THIS THING FLIPS! It's almost scary how much it flips. The angle I have to release on almost seems unr ...

Mentor Sep 3 2022 6:44AM

This is a great disc for beginners to get a little more distance out of their back hand. Just under stable enough out of the box to get on top of and ...

Thunderbird Sep 3 2022 6:30AM

I throw a lot of flip up hyzers with beat in discs and prefer my fairway drivers to have a bit more turn. However, I needed something for windy condi ...

Captain Sep 3 2022 6:19AM

I have to start out by saying I don't really have any other Dynamic Discs. I picked up an x-out of this disc on my journey for the perfect distan ...

Mamba Sep 3 2022 6:06AM

Picked this up as factory second and just thought a -5 driver what the heck? Now I have plenty of flippy beat in drivers bought but have trouble thro ...

Mako Sep 3 2022 5:47AM

Absolutely love this disc for up shots. The star plastic is great, plenty of grip and nice feel in the hand especially in a mid range. I can give thi ...

Mystic Sep 3 2022 5:37AM

To be honest I don't use an under stable mid range all that often. I prefer a back hand flick to turnovers especially on up shots. However, once ...

Samurai Sep 3 2022 5:27AM

I got this disc primarily for try and throw as far a forehand as possible. When I was slightly disappointed in the distances I was getting out of the ...

Journey Sep 3 2022 5:12AM

I originally bought this disc in hopes of using it on more open windy courses. The first thing I noticed upon receiving it is the nose/rim shape. It ...

Spear Mar 30 2022 1:44PM

This doesn't perform as well as some other discs when you first pick it up. I wouldn't suggest it if you are trying to get a handle on under ...

Leopard Mar 30 2022 1:28PM

One of the best flying discs in my bag. Fly's straight and predictable nearly every time. Just the right amount of turn to make it very controlla ...

Clutch Mar 30 2022 12:58PM

I grabbed this as a Cobra Strike X-Out just because you can never have too many putters to practice with in the yard. Despite being an X-Out it looks ...

Chariot Mar 30 2022 12:42PM

I got this in a weight that is a bit too heavy for my arm combined with this stability... so it tends to finish farther left than some of my other mi ...

Lion Mar 30 2022 12:35PM

Great feel in the hand both plastic and shape. Throws very nice. Not sure this disc will replace my Mako in most situations but I may have found my g ...

Pharaoh Apr 28 2021 8:20PM

I have a lighter version of this disc and so a full power driver it is not. It is also not nearly the grip I am used on some of my discs, it feels sl ...

Wick Park DGC Apr 28 2021 5:50PM

For a 9 hole course in a small park, its quite a bit of walking. Most holes are well over 400 ft and some tees are a decent walk from the last hole. ...

Magic Apr 22 2021 6:26PM

As others have done I had to get a Magic to round out my Gateway putter selection. I decide to go with SSS just for kicks. It definitely has it's ...

Voodoo Apr 22 2021 6:14PM

I picked up the Wizard and wanted to love it... but I heart fell for the Voodoo instead. This Hemp SS seems just the right mix of grip, glide, flop a ...

Wizard Apr 22 2021 6:05PM

Despite the Wizard being a very popular putter I prefer my Hemp SS Voodoo for most of my shots within 20 or 30 ft. I do get good tosses wit ...

Element Apr 22 2021 4:03PM

The perfect disc for the beginner stay competive with their experienced friends. The hemp blend grip is unbeatable for any skill level but espec ...

Assassin Apr 22 2021 3:51PM

After trying quite a few other discs I don't really come back to the Assassins often. I have both the sure grip and the hemp blend. I would say I ...

Slayer Apr 21 2021 8:16PM

I have an affinity for this disc. First time I threw it, it felt so natural. Without much effort at all I seem to be able to wing this thing with con ...

Apex Apr 21 2021 8:01PM

This is becoming my go to distance driver. I know that Gateway isn't the most popular or farthest flying discs but I really like their brand. I h ...

Kent State University - Trumbull DGC Apr 21 2021 7:39PM

Isn't my favorite place to play. Maybe it is just the attraction of Young's Run across the street and rather stark landscape in comparison. I ...

Clarence Darrow Park (Young's Run) DGC Apr 21 2021 7:28PM

The first place I ever played and still one of my favorites. This is a beautiful landscape with lots of variety, challenges, tees and baskets. The pr ...

Austintown Township Park Apr 21 2021 7:10PM

A good mix of challenging shots to test any skill level. The open layout allows a pleasurable day for beginners. While a fair amount of obstacles and ...

Mauthe Park Apr 21 2021 6:56PM

This is an OK course for a quick game, practice or a warm up. Not a lot of challenging shots but a lot of opportunities for Ace's and Birdies. No ...

Boardman Park DGC Apr 21 2021 3:38PM

A challenging yet fun course. The woods can be a little frustrating at time but plenty of opportunities for satisfying drives (and adjustments to the ...


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