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Total Infinite Points 249
- Profile Points 65.00
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- Rounds Played Points 0.00
- Course Review Points 25.70
- Course Rating Points 32.00
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- Disc Review Points 125.70
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3.38 (Total Reviews:8)

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3.34 (Total Reviews:29)

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Basic Information
Biography: nukes bby
From: Temple, Texas, U.S.A
Years Playing: 10 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: N/A PDGA Rating: 0
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 425 Max Driving Distance: 550
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Teebird Sep 20 2021 9:02PM

Rim was uncomfortable in my hand, and was too overstable for a 7 speed disc imo. ...

Harry Meyers Sep 10 2021 8:49PM

Beautiful course with great mix of holes. several layouts with great shots on every hole. design is top notch and well kept after too ...

Lindsey Park, Dogwood (Gold) Sep 10 2021 8:46PM

This course is hard yes but not impossible by any means. You are going to hit trees and that is the only expectation you need to have going into play ...

Purser Park Sep 10 2021 8:42PM

Good mix of pitch and putt and about two actual holes that require a driver. Good baskets and well maintained. kind of confusing layout though. ...

Lion's Park Sep 10 2021 8:40PM

Great mix of holes with lots of variety and fun holes too. Some baskets are jacked though, and some holes are unplayable during rainy season and even ...

South Temple Community Park Sep 10 2021 8:37PM

Good course for intermediate to beginners. Nice variety, okayish baskets. will make you throw lots of different shots. ...

UMHB Sep 10 2021 8:33PM

Fantastic putter/mid only round. Great course to learn disc golf on or just play a quick 9 round course. beautiful scenery and always well kept ...

Crossroads Park Sep 10 2021 8:30PM

Terrible layout, they just thought that more trees was a good thing a never really thought about adding fairways to the course. Not enjoyable just a ...

Heritage Park Belton Sep 10 2021 8:28PM

silver series and now borderline elite series course that is a great test for intermediate players and advanced too ...

Judge Sep 10 2021 8:11PM

People rave but i cannot stand the rim feel of this disc, to edgy and shape. Just not for me, straight flier for sure though. ...

EMac Truth Sep 10 2021 8:09PM

slightly overstable out of the box and beats in to hold straight really well with a touch of fade.  ...

Wizard Sep 10 2021 8:07PM

popular for a reason, good bit of stability without being to much and comes in every plastic that you never knew existed. nice beaded rim and what i ...

Raider Sep 10 2021 8:05PM

good feeling plastic, throws like a destroyer to me. pretty OS as well ...

Rive Sep 10 2021 8:04PM

a little bit less stable force, great feeling plastic too ...

MX-3 Sep 10 2021 8:01PM

Not a prodigy fan by any means but I did enjoy my time with the mx-3 before switching to a buzzz. this thing carried a hyzer really well without bein ...

Aviar Classic Sep 10 2021 7:58PM

good beginner disc but beyond that I really didn't like much of anything about this disc besides that it was cheap. flies alright but nothing to ...

Lion Sep 10 2021 7:56PM

Had this thing in star and expected it to hold up to some torque and be a little OS, nah it ain't even close turned over waaayy more than I had e ...

Valkyrie Sep 10 2021 7:54PM

Such an easy disc to flip up with minimal power, beats in to be quite flippy and really good for woods shot if its tight ...

Thunderbird Sep 10 2021 7:53PM

fantastic long pushing overstable fairway driver. Love this disc. it beats in to fly even further too. would recommend in the 170 range for more dist ...

Wraith Sep 10 2021 7:39PM

I cannot recommend this disc enough for those that cannot drive a destroyer. this is what you need. For stronger arms this thing will BOMB. great for ...

Destroyer Sep 10 2021 7:36PM

This disc is alright and i think that not beginner should ever pick up this disc. I really feel like there is way to much variance in plastics and ru ...

Maestro Sep 10 2021 7:32PM

Im not sure i would ever recommend this disc to anyone. Feels shallow and gross in the hand, cheap feeling non durable plastic, awful flight. ...

Wasp Sep 10 2021 7:29PM

SO i purchased the gorgeous looking Ti swirl ledge stone wasp in the hopes that it would be overstable, but it just wasn't:/ Instead it was just ...

Undertaker Sep 10 2021 7:25PM

FANTASTIC DISC AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT HAS TAKEN ME THIS LONG TO FIND IT. Seriously though this disc is greeeeaat in Titanium plastic and ESP, ...

Heat Sep 10 2021 7:22PM

great great feeling disc with a sweet stamp from Les White. Good added stability in cryztal z but still a heat. Would recommend the heat without hesi ...

Stalker Sep 10 2021 7:19PM

good straight tunnel disc in the woods, have since moved to an undertaker because i think it does everything the stalker does but better and farther. ...

Anax Sep 10 2021 7:13PM

Straighter thunderbird imo. Good straight flight and then OS towards the last 3/4 of the flight. good lower speed driver for those that dont do well ...

Punisher Sep 10 2021 7:08PM

Had this thing in Big Z plastic and it was pretty beefy, not massively overstable but good enough. Felt to in between force and machete for me. Comfo ...

Flick Sep 10 2021 7:06PM

Had this thing in Z line and it was straight to SLIGHTLY overstable. Maybe i got a weak run but pretty sure these things are supposed to be beefcakes ...

Force Sep 10 2021 7:03PM

Love this disc for slightly overstable drives, especially in headwinds. Not quite as overstable in ESP or Z line like I see some people say. Has ...

Avenger SS Sep 10 2021 6:52PM

Rollers and turnovers shots are what this disc does. Weaker arms will probably love this disc as a distance driver, but for the stronger arms this is ...

Jokeri Sep 2 2021 9:30PM

Exactly what I was looking for in a premium plastic OS putter. Not a beefy Zone and not a flukey not OS Luna. Deep rimmed and great feel in the ...

Banger GT Sep 2 2021 9:28PM

Got this disc in jawbreaker and was hoping for a dsic that was straight tho maybe undertsbale but out of the box the thing was really dang beefy even ...

Warden Sep 2 2021 9:15PM

My favorite throwing putter to date. Is not as OS as number say and flies so straight with maybe a tiny bit of fade when new. Feels great for a large ...

Zone Sep 2 2021 8:56PM

This is the best disc in disc golf. There I said it. I have never found another disc that is as good as this disc is. It really OS and that is a ...

Nuke Sep 2 2021 8:52PM

This is in my opnion the bombiest disc there is. Simply put if you got the arm to yauch this thing it will GO. Highly recommend for someone that has ...

Kon Tiki Sep 2 2021 8:47PM

You want understable out of the box? Ya this is it. Cheap and replaceable this disc is fantastic for super tight woods golf where you NEED a hyz ...


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