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Total Infinite Points 619
- Profile Points 71.00
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- Disc Review Points 547.80
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4.11 (Total Reviews:38)

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Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: Engineer. Gearhead. Blacksmith. Aging athlete.
From: Loveland, Ohio, U.S.A
Years Playing: 0 Skill Level: Beginner
PDGA #: N/A PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Forehand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 250 Max Driving Distance: 300
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Judge Oct 1 2020 7:34PM

175g Prime Burst.  Good putter.  Consistent.  Predictable.  Handles varying release speed well.  Can be used from the tee pa ...

Marshal Oct 1 2020 7:28PM

175g Classic Soft.  Very good putt and approach disc.  This is my 2nd favorite of the ones I have tried (only Viking Rune is better, althou ...

Ragnarok Oct 1 2020 7:21PM

171g Ground plastic.  Very good disc.  This disc is more forgiving to varying release speeds than some other distance drivers.  It cou ...

Axe Oct 1 2020 7:17PM

167g Ground plastic.  Very beginner friendly.  Very good midrange disc that could also double as a putt and approach disc.  Some midra ...

Escape Oct 1 2020 7:09PM

173g Prime Burst.  Cool looking disc.  Flight rating numbers seem to be accurate, although I don't see much (if any) turn out of this d ...

Truth Oct 1 2020 7:03PM

177g Prime Burst.  Cool looking disc.  A little overstable, but this disc can get some good distance for a midrange.  I very slightly ...

Torrent Oct 1 2020 6:46PM

175g SP-Line.  Good quality plastic.  I was disappointed in this disc at first, but have just started to be able to throw it well.  I ...

Swift Fox Oct 1 2020 6:39PM

160g Grip Performance.  Cool looking disc.  Great plastic.  Great quality.  Unless the disc has changed, the numbers are wrong.&n ...

Yeti Oct 1 2020 6:26PM

174g Flex Performance.  Cool looking disc.  Great plastic.  Great quality.  This disc has a funny feeling in my hand (the undersi ...

TD Oct 1 2020 6:06PM

166g S-Line plastic.  Very good beginner distance driver.  Similar to Innova Beast.  We like it, but rarely reach for it.  Beast ...

Ballista Oct 1 2020 5:48PM

173g Retro Line Burst.  Cool looking disc.  It's not beginner friendly, although it is more beginner friendly than several other high s ...

Wraith Oct 1 2020 5:38PM

151g Pro plastic.  Very good beginner distance driver.  Nice S-curve.  A few people have used this disc among our friends and family; ...

Mamba Oct 1 2020 5:29PM

My son (10) and I like this disc so much that we bought 4 (155g Star, 2x 159g Star, & 175g GStar).  The 2 extras are for friends or fam ...

Defy Sep 19 2020 5:33PM

173g Proton plastic.  Not for beginners.  I bought this disc before I really knew what to look for.  It seemed like a reasonable disc ...

X3 Sep 19 2020 5:26PM

159g 400G plastic.  OK disc.  It seems to have a lot of fade if not thrown with enough speed (this is normal, but not true of every distanc ...

D Model S Sep 19 2020 5:15PM

172g BaseGrip Ace Line.  There are better base plastics (Dynamic Discs and Viking Discs) and worse base plastics (Innova and Discmania).  I ...

Catalyst Sep 19 2020 5:06PM

169g Plasma plastic.  It doesn't have a lot of glide and needs to be thrown up (at least a little).  I had high hopes for this disc, bu ...

Diamond Sep 19 2020 4:53PM

158g Recycled plastic.  Good solid disc.  Fairly consistent.  Easy to get good distance.  I prefer Innova's Sidewinder, but t ...

Apex Sep 19 2020 3:49PM

I have this in a 178g Platinum plastic.  This is my go-to driver.  I bought this disc before I had any idea what I should buy.  I made ...

Focus Sep 19 2020 3:37PM

Our first putter was an Innova Rhyno.  Early on (basically 1 or two rounds), we shared Rhyno.  After we acquired some more discs, my 13-yea ...

Punisher Sep 19 2020 3:26PM

We have a 175g Big Z version of this disc.  It is extremely overstable and not a good choice for beginners.  My 10-year-old son and I are i ...

Skeeter Sep 19 2020 3:09PM

We have 155g and 162g DX Skeeters.  They aren't super comfortable in my hand, but these are good beginner discs.  When a beginner throw ...

Rhyno Sep 19 2020 2:55PM

This is from the perspective of multiple beginner players.  The first putter we purchased was a 166g DX Rhyno.  It has too much fade to be ...

Mako3 Sep 19 2020 2:41PM

We recently bought a 168g Star version of this disc.  My 10-year-old son pretty much claimed it right away.  It seems to be a good disc for ...

Sidewinder Sep 19 2020 2:32PM

I own a 173g GStar version.  This is a great control driver that I use frequently.  It works will with any release angle and seems to ...

Tern Sep 19 2020 2:18PM

This is a really good disc, but I purchased Daedalus (GStar 160g) and Tern (Pro 170g) at the same time.  There is very little difference, b ...

Daedalus Sep 19 2020 1:52PM

I recently got a 160g GStar version of this disc.  So far, it's great.  Predictable, slightly understable, with tons of glide.  I ...

Boss Sep 19 2020 1:28PM

We own a 138g Blizzard plastic version.  Despite the light weight, it still doesn't have much glide.  This is not a beginner disc.  ...

Mystere Sep 19 2020 1:12PM

We own a 166g Champion X-Out (Factory 2nd) version of this disc.  I don't normally comment on this, but it looks cool.  Ours is orange ...

Rune Sep 19 2020 12:24PM

We own the white 170g ten pack (ground plastic), a black 175g ground plastic version, and a pink 172g armor plastic version.  Viking's groun ...

Chariot Sep 19 2020 12:03PM

We own 2 167g I-Blend Chariots.  Both my son (10-year-old) and I decided that we liked it so much that we had to each have one.  My son is ...

Comet Sep 19 2020 11:45AM

We own a 175g Titanium version of this disc.  I'm disappointed in Discraft's Titanium plastic.  Without much use, it shows more sig ...

TL Sep 19 2020 11:23AM

158g Star plastic is what we own.  This is a great overstable control driver.  It's easy to throw and easy to control.  It's c ...

H5 Sep 19 2020 11:14AM

We own this in 173g 400 plastic.  The flight path displayed does not reflect a RHBH throw.  My son and I primarily use this as a forehand d ...

Leopard Sep 19 2020 9:45AM

We own 4 Leopards: a 147g DX, a 171g DX, a 175g DX, and a 150g Star.  These are great beginner discs.  As you get more advanced, Leopard ge ...

Sorcerer Sep 19 2020 9:11AM

I originally got a 154g Sorcerer for my daughter.  She didn't use it right away, so my son started using it.  I threw it a couple of ti ...

Beast Sep 19 2020 8:57AM

Great beginner driver!  We own 149g and 167g versions.  Both have good glide, but could have a little more even despite the light weights.& ...

FD Sep 19 2020 8:23AM

My 10-year-old son uses this disc.  It's his primary go-to disc.  If he throws it too hard, it can have too much turn.  Therefore, ...


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