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4.72 (Total Reviews:9)

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5.00 (Total Reviews:20)

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Basic Information
Biography: I love disc golf and have 2 aces.I always wanted to throw discs.I really love disc golf and go to courses almost every day.Make sure to check out my brothers youtube channel could Disc Golf Bros.
From: Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A
Years Playing: 1 Skill Level: Intermediate
PDGA #: N/A PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 265 Max Driving Distance: 285
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
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Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Morgan Sports Complex May 15 2020 6:57PM

Morgan is a very wonderful course.It has amazing scenery with the sand and water.Currently the back 9 is closed due to construction but the front 9 i ...

Gower Park May 14 2020 3:23PM

My review for Gower park: Gower is a very enjoyable course.It is mostly suited for beginners.My best there is 3 und ...

Envy May 14 2020 9:48AM

Review for proton envy: The envy is a outstanding disc.I love this disc for approach shots.It is a great turn over disc.It is also a great putting p ...

Meteor May 12 2020 5:46AM

The meteor is a awesome understable mid-range.I love it for turnovers.It is a very understable reliable mid.I love this disc for approach shots becau ...

A4 May 12 2020 5:40AM

The A4 is a very overstable reliable approach disc.I use it for putting and driving alike.It has stupid glide.I love this disc for approach shots.It ...

Furman University May 12 2020 5:30AM

Forman is a very easy course.Most of the holes are like 290 flat par 4.I love this course because when we go to Furman basketball games we play the d ...

Grand Central Station May 9 2020 6:41AM

Grand central is my favorite disc golf course.It is perfect for me because I like holes that start in a open field and then go into the woods.I love ...

Holmes Park May 9 2020 6:32AM

Holmes is a fun 9 hole course.It has one big tree that is funny lookin.It is one of the shortest 9 hole courses I've played.If yo ur kid doesn ...

Holston Creek Park May 9 2020 5:06AM

Holston creek is a very tough course.I didn't play well at all but shot plus 20.If you want a challenging course them bring it on.It is a long wa ...

Dolly Cooper Park May 9 2020 4:57AM

Dolly Cooper is one of my favorite courses.It has amazing scenery and is very kept.The front 9 are easy but the back 9 are slightly harder.If you liv ...

Timmons Park May 8 2020 12:07PM

Timmons is very close to my house so we go there a good bit.It is very well kept and organized.It is a very fun course.It is a very fun course to pla ...

Gower Park May 7 2020 1:17PM

I love gower.It is my home course.I go there almost everyday.It is a fun course to have fun.The first 5 holes are easy and then hole 9 is easy but be ...

Leopard3 May 7 2020 1:01PM

The leopard3 is a great point and shoot disc.I can throw mine about 255 ft.I love it for turnover shots with a slight bit of face at the end.I r your ...

Pilot May 7 2020 12:51PM

I think the pilot is a very good driving putter.It has awesome glide.I can throw it about 175ft.I would not recommend it for a putting putter because ...

Buzzz May 5 2020 5:19AM

The buzzz was one of my first discs.It is great for turnover shots.It is a very straight mid-range.It is a very reliable mid -range.It is a great ups ...

Leopard May 5 2020 4:52AM

A couple months ago I lost my leopard.The next week my brother found one on a course.I have thrown it ever since.It is the most beginner friendly dis ...

Surge SS May 5 2020 4:44AM

A couple months ago my grandad brought me to get a disc.I picked the surge ss.The next day I went out to a course and tried it.I did not like it at a ...

DD May 5 2020 4:34AM

The dd is a very overstable disc.Mine is signed by Simon Lizotte.I can throw mine about 250ft.I love it for forehand and backhands alike.I do not rec ...

Archangel May 5 2020 4:15AM

The archangel is a very flippy disc.It is a very good disc for rollers.Because it's flippy it is a good hyserflip disc.It is a very understandabl ...

TeeBird May 3 2020 2:12PM

The dx  teebird is a very reliable disc.It holds any line.It is one of the best beginner discs.If you want to throw it full power,you need ...

Breakout May 3 2020 2:02PM

The breakout is a very dependable disc.It has good glide,but probably not a 5 glide.It fights in the wind rarely well.It is very understable,at least ...

Thunderbird May 2 2020 11:39AM

The thunderbird fights the wind with no doubt.I love the thunderbird for stable to overstable  shots.It is a very reliable disc.I can throw it f ...

Banshee May 2 2020 4:44AM

?The banshee is one of my favorite fairway drivers.I have one car with mine.I use it for only forehands.I t feels really good in my hand.It is a nice ...

Shark May 1 2020 5:57PM

The school shark is a great beginner disc.It is a super straight disc.All beginners should have it.I know I'm not a beginner but I carry two.It s ...

Mako3 May 1 2020 5:53PM

The mako3 is a very straight mid.I like it for forehands.It is an amazing disc.It is super reliable.The mako3 can flip up on you if you don't exe ...

Comet May 1 2020 5:46PM

The comet is a very straight mid-range.It is such a underrated disc.Everybody should throw it.It  is a super reliable disc.It holds any angle.I ...

Aviar May 1 2020 5:32PM

The aviar is a great putter.I use it for a very flippy driver.It holds a good anny.The aviar is a very beginner friendly disc.Every beginner should h ...

Ion May 1 2020 5:27PM

The ion was my first putter.I carry two electron soft ion's.I love them both.They are very flippy.When I throw a forehand with it I almost have t ...

Judge May 1 2020 5:20PM

The judge was one of my my first discs.The classic plastic makes it super firm.It is an amazing driving putter.It is a very beginner friendly disc.I ...


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