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∞ 821.36

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Total Infinite Points 303
- Profile Points 75.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 4.00
- Course Review Points 20.20
- Course Rating Points 12.00
- Top Discs Used Points 35.00
- Condition Updates 2.00
- Disc Review Points 155.20
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

4.17 (Total Reviews:3)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.37 (Total Reviews:19)

Courses Played 2
Rounds Played 13
Holes Played 228
Eagles 0 (0.00%)
Birdies 18 (7.89%)
Par's 110 (48.25%)
Bogeys 68 (29.82%)
Double Bogeys 27 (11.84%)
Triple Bogeys 5 (2.19%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: I have played disc golf since 2018, and I am loving it. I throw a lot of forehands and hit a lot of trees. I hope to keep improving all aspects of my game.
From: Valdosta, Georgia, U.S.A
Years Playing: 1 Skill Level: Beginner
PDGA #: 117578 PDGA Rating: 861
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 390 Max Driving Distance: 460
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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D2 Sep 20 2019 7:27AM

So I bought my D2 secondhand.  It was very beat in.  I prefer my D2 compared to a Destroyer for distance shots.  I feel as if it flies ...

New World Sep 19 2019 4:02PM

This a great place.  You have the Green Course which is (so far) my favorite.  You have the Red Course (Brutal), and you have the Whit ...

Bard Sep 15 2019 4:52AM

The VIP Bard that is currently in my possession was bought secondhand.  That may have something to do with why my Bard is not a stable as I woul ...

D3 Sep 14 2019 2:35PM

I got my D3 from a tournament because it looked nice.  It was also a bowl.  No joke.  I could almost eat cereal out of this disc.  ...

Explorer Sep 12 2019 6:08PM

Very good disc.  I love it for forehands, but I did not keep this in my bag.  I felt like I wanted to have as few discs as possible.  ...

Musket Sep 12 2019 5:39PM

First, I HAVE THIS DISC IN GOLD LINE!  Second, I am so between loving and not caring about this disc.  I loved this disc.  Until. ...

Verdict Sep 12 2019 5:29PM

Let me start by saying that my Verdict is in BioFuzion.  I hate biofuzion for this disc.  If I had this disc in Lucid, I would probably lov ...

Evidence Sep 12 2019 5:18PM

This disc is so underrated.  Unfortunately, for this disc, I already love my buzzzs.  The Evidence I found is (I believe) fuzion plastic.&n ...

Captain Sep 12 2019 5:13PM

Let me start by saying that the Captain I am reviewing was found so it may be a little more beat in.  The hand feel is nice.  There is noth ...

Sword Sep 12 2019 7:42AM

The flight numbers are so wrong on mine.  I found this disc, but it did not feel super beat up, but it is just flippy for me.  This di ...

Buzzz OS Sep 12 2019 7:37AM

My favorite overstable midrange ever.  This thing is so good.  I use buzzz's, a zone, and a buzzz OS for my midrange game.  This t ...

Dupree Park Sep 12 2019 4:02AM

This course is just weird.  The first few holes are crazy short until one hole has a sharp hill right next to it.  Also water comes into pl ...

Lion Sep 11 2019 12:22PM

I thought this disc would be amazing.  I also only had this or three other discs to choose from during a tournament raffle.  First when I g ...

Ballista Pro Sep 11 2019 12:14PM

I thougth this would be a more overstable ballista; however, this disc to me is just not workable.  It does not have the beatiful glide of a Bal ...

Ballista Sep 11 2019 10:20AM

It is not a destroyer.  It will never be a destroyer.  It should never be compared to a destroyer.  Ballistas are great discs.  T ...

Zone Sep 10 2019 5:32PM

This is the best approach disc that I have ever put in my bag.  It is just too good to describe.  It is amazing for forehand approach shots ...

Firebird Sep 10 2019 5:29PM

A Firebird for me is just a utility disc.  Other people really love this disc; however, for me, it is just a disc that I use to get around ...

TL3 Sep 10 2019 5:25PM

The TL3 is probably one of the most underrated control drivers.  It has such a straight flight path when thrown right.  I cannot descibe th ...

Freedom Park - Valdosta Sep 10 2019 5:16PM

My home course. This course taught me how to play disc golf.  It has red, white, and blue tees on all 20 holes.  There are now four more ho ...

Buzzz Sep 10 2019 5:11PM

What can I say?  The greatest midrange that I have ever thrown.  I have had three Big Z, and two of them have aced.  I also have a new ...

Judge Sep 10 2019 5:09PM

The Classic Judge is currently my favorite putter.  It is not too stable; however, it is not crazy understable.  I use mine for short appro ...

Raider Sep 10 2019 5:01PM

I love my Raider.  I throw forehands around 400 feet, and the Raider is perfect for throwing anhyzer on a forehand with a predictable fade.  ...


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