Ben Goodrow

Infinite # 263

Infinite Rating

∞ 1179.29

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 987.41
Total Infinite Points 109
- Profile Points 64.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 8.00
- Course Review Points 0.00
- Course Rating Points 0.00
- Top Discs Used Points 0.00
- Condition Updates 0.00
- Disc Review Points 37.10
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

0.00 (Total Reviews:0)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.67 (Total Reviews:9)

Courses Played 1
Rounds Played 4
Holes Played 0
Eagles 0 (0.00%)
Birdies 0 (0.00%)
Par's 0 (0.00%)
Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Double Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: I started playing disc golf after college. I spent a few years playing occasional tournaments, however I haven't been able to compete in a while. I am looking forward to playing more in the near future.
From: Mattawan, Michigan, U.S.A
Years Playing: 7 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: 66121 PDGA Rating: 966
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 400 Max Driving Distance: 470
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Total NG Points: 337.00
Number of Events Played: 1

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Escape Aug 22 2019 12:42PM

Great disc. Flies very straight at 80%, and with a nice S curve above that. Go to fairway for me. I think this would be an excellent main driver for ...

Luna Aug 8 2019 6:36AM

I picked one of these up yesterday and played a round and a half with it. I had no intentions of buying one, but the plastic is very stiff and I real ...

Enforcer Jul 24 2019 10:08AM

Great disc for head wind shots and anything you want to Hyzer out hard. Feels very similar in the hand to a Trespass. Very consistant.  ...

Catapult Apr 4 2016 3:31PM

I have to start out by saying I rarely rate discs, and even more rare is when I add a high speed driver to my bag after the first day of trial...this ...

Nova Sep 16 2015 1:36PM

Buyer beware. This disc profile is HUGE. I have medium sized hands, and sometimes this disc comes out straight and flies beautifully...but sometimes ...

Sinus Nov 7 2013 7:18PM

This is an amazing disc. When I took this out for the first time and let it rip, it flew pretty much like a 'Wasp' but with a bit shorter fli ...

Anode May 7 2013 7:32AM

This disc is great for putting, excellent for approach shots, and awesome to use as a driver for holes in the 200-250 range. It is grippy, soft (I ha ...

Astra Apr 22 2013 11:42AM

Best an-hyzer disc out there. If you have the room, you can put a suttle anhyzer on this disc, and then watch it hold that line and slowly fall back ...

Nuke Apr 22 2013 10:47AM

The Nuke is my go-to driver. It does require a lot of "umph", but this disc consistantly goes where you want it too right off the batt. I u ...


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