Jose Miranda

Infinite # 252040

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∞ 829.88

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∞ 829.88
Total Infinite Points 228
- Profile Points 81.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 40.00
- Course Review Points 0.00
- Course Rating Points 0.00
- Top Discs Used Points 0.00
- Condition Updates 0.00
- Disc Review Points 107.50
- Referral Points 0.00
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0.00 (Total Reviews:0)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.50 (Total Reviews:10)

Courses Played 6
Rounds Played 20
Holes Played 0
Eagles 0 (0.00%)
Birdies 0 (0.00%)
Par's 0 (0.00%)
Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Double Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: Im jose miranda I have lived in teton idaho for most of my life. Its a small town about 15 minutes from Rexburg. I graduated south Fremont in st Anthony. And then moved to Portland Oregon. I picked up disc golf there milo was my home course I didnt play that often and was really any good. I lived there for 2 years before I moved back to teton. Once I got back there not being much for me to do here I picked up disc golf again and I haven't stopped since I been traveling to alot of different places to bigger events i really enjoy seeing new places and courses. I'm have two kids a boy and a girl my oldest is 4 and the other 2 they also enjoy playing with my discs. Hopefully when they get older they will get the hooked just like I did.
From: Teton, Idaho, U.S.A
Years Playing: 4 Skill Level: Intermediate
PDGA #: 109767 PDGA Rating: 881
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 300 Max Driving Distance: 420
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Total NG Points: 80.00
Number of Events Played: 2

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Mortar Feb 6 2021 6:29PM

This is an overstable mid range and id say can find a spot in most peoples bag. Its a flat disc. It isn't to deep and my favorite part no bead. Y ...

Sphinx Jan 5 2021 8:03PM

This disc out of the box is pretty flippy. Really comfortable in the hand. The glide on this disc is crazy. It gets sneaky distance. i throw this dis ...

Instinct Dec 28 2020 10:15PM

When I got this disc I was expecting a straight flight with little fade. Its has a lot more fade then I wanted and not much glide for me I only used ...

FD2 Dec 28 2020 10:07PM

so if your looking for something that will fly straight with a little fade this is the disc for you. The ones I have and have seen are flat not board ...

Hades Dec 28 2020 5:40PM

This disc is great for people that don't have very much arm speed. This is my max distance driver. I only ever use this on hyzer flip shots in pl ...

Black Hole Pro Dec 28 2020 4:58PM

When I first got this basket i noticed that the middle ring on the basket part wasn't fully welded all around the basket. After a year and a half ...

DDx Dec 28 2020 1:15PM

I have this disc in s line 171 g. Its a really straight disc for me. It has a ton of glide I can easily get this disc 400 ft. On anhyzer this disc wo ...

Origin Dec 20 2020 2:51PM

Don't be fooled by the numbers on this disc it is really understable. It is great for turn over shot. Has a lot of glide. Its comparable to a sol ...

Tomb Nov 28 2020 6:07PM

This is a flat shallow putter. It can really handle some power and it has a ton of glide. It won't flip in you. When thrown on a touch of anhyzer ...

FD Nov 15 2020 4:34PM

this disc out of the box will be really staight with a little fade. It has a ton of glide I can get it out around 340. It is a great disc for newer p ...


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