Infinite # 148083

Infinite Rating

∞ 909.44

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 904.52
Total Infinite Points 970
- Profile Points 76.00
- Add Course Points 25.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 778.00
- Course Review Points 35.50
- Course Rating Points 40.00
- Top Discs Used Points 0.00
- Condition Updates 1.00
- Disc Review Points 15.00
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

4.28 (Total Reviews:10)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.67 (Total Reviews:3)

Courses Played 3
Rounds Played 5
Holes Played 18
Eagles 1 (5.56%)
Birdies 9 (50.00%)
Par's 7 (38.89%)
Bogeys 1 (5.56%)
Double Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Triple Bogeys 0 (0.00%)
Penalty Strokes 0 (0.00%)
Basic Information
Biography: Passionate Disc Golfer, dedicated to growing the sport and driven to be successful. Instagram Golfer @yo_yo_micah
From: Woodbury, Minnesota, U.S.A
Years Playing: 14 Skill Level: Professional
PDGA #: 88538 PDGA Rating: 966
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Left
Typical Driving Distance: 430 Max Driving Distance: 480
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 0 0 0.00%
10 0 0 0.00%
15 0 0 0.00%
20 0 0 0.00%
25 0 0 0.00%
30 0 0 0.00%
≥33 0 0 0.00%
Green Hit %: N/A
# of Aces: 14 (77.78%)
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Total NG Points: 315.00
Number of Events Played: 1

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FD3 Oct 29 2017 7:21PM

My go to fairway driver! Not too much beef but will never flip over. Very very controllable hyzer disc! Love this disc. ...

DD2 Oct 29 2017 7:19PM

The c-line I have thrown is insanely overstable. I use this for forehands only right now. It is as overstable as my PD2's it just comes ...

Almon Park DGC Oct 29 2017 7:07PM

Fun fun fun! great course in the northwoods! WARNING! Mosquitoes can be very bad. Baskets and teepads are very nice. Most holes require mids and putt ...

Adelaide Park Oct 29 2017 7:02PM

Very fun course. Some water holes which makes it kind of tough for beginners. But there are also a lot of open shots. Sneaky creek running along hole ...

Brandy Lake DGC Oct 29 2017 6:56PM

Very fun pitch and putt course! There's not really any far holes but some very fun lines and beautiful pin placements! Great course to learn ...

Pettibone DGC Oct 29 2017 4:20PM

Very fun course! Not the greatest baskets, chains are pretty worn out. Many different shots with a great mix of forehand/backhand/Long/short. ...

Justin Trails - Classic DGC Oct 29 2017 4:16PM

Great course! Great use of the elevation change! Many different shots but quite a few dead straight shots! One of my all time favorite courses! ...

Silver Creek Park Oct 29 2017 4:13PM

2 Beautiful 18 hole layouts! Just an amazing park! Played for the first time at Silver Cup and it did not disappoint!  ...

Rollin Ridge Oct 29 2017 4:09PM

Love this course! Make a few trips up a year and look forward to it every time! Very tight lines! Great Pro shop as well!. Beautiful wooden structure ...

Heritage Trails County Park Oct 29 2017 4:00PM

Very fun course, almost a ball golf feeling. Very open and lets you air it out at times. Great mix of shots! Definitly one of my favorite to play! ...

Gator Oct 26 2017 9:17AM

Consistent hyzer flight! If you need something that will never flip in a head wind but still flies pretty far without wind, this is a fanta ...

The Willows Oct 25 2017 7:36AM

A course designed around Lake Winona (East) utilizing the space pretty well. Walking paths run through the course a lot so look out walkers, bikers, ...

Crystal Lake Park Aug 26 2016 2:06PM

Good mix of lengths for beginners. Fun course that uses elevation on some holes. Also includes holes that need unique approaches. ...


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